Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BJJ being used by the Police?

I found this, being shared on a Bruce Lee page, wtf?

This is a video of Gracie Survival Tactics and the description is hilarious:

"The simple truth is, the bad guys are learning. With the explosive growth of MMA around the world, basic submissions, positions, and fight strategies have never been so familiar to everyday people around the world. But unfortunately, when people are learning how to fight on YouTube, or at any of the hole-in-the-wall MMA gyms that are popping up everywhere, they rarely, if ever, learn the moral and philosophical aspects that will ensure the safe and ethical application of the techniques, and this presents a very serious threat to law enforcement professionals around the world "


  1. I think krav maga is more effective then this bs

  2. Police Officers don't have time to work out, they don't have time to go to the range to practice using their firearms. They work rotating shifts, they work midnights at times and are very tired, they don't even have time to have sex with their wives, they certainly don't have time to practice Blow Job Ju-jitsu. Why even bother to suck the penis of a criminal when you can just Tase or shoot him? They don't have time to molest criminals on the ground, they always have backup with them too, the criminal really has no chance. The Police have guns, knives, tasers, mace, batons, AR-15's, backup, etc. Do you really think being in the missionary position like you are getting ready to get fucked has any relevancy for the Police? Actually the criminal needs to practice Blow Job Ju-Jitsu so they can prepare for the male sex fest that they will be experiencing in prison. Actually Blow Job-Jujitsu Gay Sex Masters should be training criminals in BJJ, not the Police. It's the most practical method for criminals behind bars. They will learn the most effective ways to force sex on men that are unwilling to have sex.


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