Sunday, June 15, 2014

What I have seen in street fights

I decided to write this post after something I saw on the weekend, me and my family and some friends, went to a bar and pizza place mainly to chat and eat, I don't drink alcohol.

This pizza place is located in an area where there's lots of clubs and bars, after leaving the pizza place, we saw like 10 guys, they  were being held by the police, and one of these guys had brass knuckles on him, I didn't managed to see anymore weapons, we were also moving on car, which didn't gave us much time.
I'm 21 years old, the dudes being held by the police most likely weren't older than me.
And just a little bit further down the street there was a police bus, or something like that, I've never seen one of those before.
It looked like it was a big brawl.

These reminded me of my closest experiences of street fighting.

One was 6 months ago, I got invited to a small party, with bands and alcohol.
With the purpose of raising money.

I went with a couple of friends, and a couple family members.

When we got there, one of my friends recognized a dude in a group, who used to be in tons of street fights, because he had a classmate who did this stuff and who knew this dude, and as soon as we got there, one of the guys from that group guy started looking at us, nothing happened for like an hour or so, until bands started playing. We were facing the stage and we were sitting.

Suddenly someone grabs my head from the back with aggression, at first I thought it was a drunk friend, but then I realized it was an aggressor, at the time, I was injured, out of shape, and didn't train for months.
I managed to get him off my back, while sitting, by twisting his fingers, however since I was sitting and off my back, and still wasn't fully aware of what was happening, I reacted slowly, but one of my family members reacted while I was being attacked, and stopped the aggressor from coming back. I stood up, and was prepared to fight, I recognized the agressor, and was that dude from before that was looking, he was high as hell on cocain or something. Then like 30 people came behind this dude, we were 5 people against 30, luckily these other people came in to stop the fight, they were family members and friends from these guy, so a few of them stopped him from coming near us, and told us that he was leaving, then they took him out the place, and it was over.  Some people thought we started the mess.

Since then I have avoided clubs or anything like that, I carry weapons made by myself, and I have realized how different it is the competition fighting from the street fight, i had to resource to "dirty techniques" which are in no way dirty, and knowing what I know now, I would've broken his hand to try to minimize the damage he could make. I am also trying to be more aware of my surroundings.

Another experience I had a few years back, I wasn't directly involved in it, but some school mates were, not really classmates.

It was on a party that I went to.

Apparently one  of the school guys unintentionally pissed off a guy that was with his girlfriend, you know how guys act around women trying to impress them and stuff.

Next thing you know, this guys is trying to start a fight with the guy, with a big steel stick, some friends came over to help my the school mate, and the dude who was looking to fight brought some friends too, the fight was stopped before it happened, but then outside, of the house, the fight re started, it was 2 of the school guys against two, but then a third guy came in to fight, he was related to the other dudes. so it was 3 against 2, and one of my classmates stopped a fourth one.

One of the school guys broke his thumb against a wall, I wonder how that happened. And then it stopped after someone called the police, no major injuries were sustained

Anyways, the point is that, it wasn't a fair fight.

I'd like to hear some experiences of other people too.


  1. that what happens dude next time you see somebody that is looking weird get away and be clear on your surroundings this happen to me in my school and i get in trouble alot becareful

  2. it good that you stay away from the bars and stuff

  3. after when you have been sneak attack it make you feel angry dosent it right

    1. Yeah, it's a very cowardly move to make

  4. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Just a week ago, an 18 year old got shot and killed just a block away from my home. 5 shots were fired, Jenny and my son heard the shots. I saw the ambulance and saw the guy in the stretcher being put in the ambulance. He ended up dying.

    A few months ago, I heard about 10 gun shots right outside my Kwoon, 3 people where shot, 2 inured and one dead. I opened the door after the shots and saw two people in hoodies running away from the scene. 2 bullet holes were on top of my fathers van. The offenders were shooting over the top of my fathers van.

    A woman came in to train the day after she got jumped in the club by 5 girls. A man came into train a few years back after he got jumped in the alley by 6 gangbangers. A student of mine got held up by gunpoint in Brazil for his cellphone. A student of mine got jumped by 2 for his wallet but he was able to keep his wallet and not give it up. A student of mine got punched in the face from behind because the offender thought he looked at him the wrong way. Another student of mine got attacked by 3 people who hit him with pipes on the back of the head, he ended up in the hospital and did not recover for months. A bartender by my school got jumped by 2 guys with bats, he was put in critical condition and half his body was paralyzed.

    Chicago is known to be the #1 murder city in the nation with the most shootings and killings. People never fight by the rules here in the city. You really have to be careful where you go and who you hang out with, you always have to be aware of your surroundings. I don't look for trouble but sometimes trouble comes looking for you. I have received threats from people and I am always prepared for the worst.

    The concealed carry law has passed in Chicago and it is best to be armed, this is the ultimate way of self-defense other than the Art of Fighting Without Fighting.

    1. i wish there no brutality like this beacause i might get mad if someone tries to hurt me

    2. That's some really wild stuff, I wish that where I live gun laws would be like that, seems like the only weapon one can use to defend oneself in these days where a lot of people carry weapons and are multiple attackers.

    3. it very hard to defend yourself gun especially like alot of people that have guns its unfair i dont think a natural human being with no art can survive


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