Monday, June 16, 2014

Youtube self defense channels

I have noticed there's quite a few channels on youtube for fighting tutorials and stuff.

Quite a few of them include techniques from BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, because that's what is seen as most effective by most people. they rarely ever show how to defend against weapons and multiple opponents, and when they do, it's usually not a realistic approach at all.

A lot of these Self defense channels use stuff like BJJ and MMA to get more popular. They take advantage of the reputation of these systems.

I think that most of these people don't really care about the viewers, that's why they don't show the reality of combat or maybe they don't know it. Most of the time they cover one on one situations.And also, they are actually showing some techniques that can be use to damage somebody, like for example, how to do an armbar, how to choke, which is stuff bullies can use to their advantage.

As Sifu Freddie Lee has talk about, this stuff shouldn't be available to the public, not only that, but they aren't showing what truly works.

Usually they put out very short tutorial videos, how much can you learn from a short video?

I'm guessing these people don't have bad intentions, but they are definitely hurting society.

I understand if someone uploads tutorials for combat sport, and they specify that.

And a lot of these channels recommend to get into MMA, to get the feel of what it feels to get hit in the face, they recommend getting into MMA to learn how to defend yourself. sometimes even though they don't agree with that, they might just say it to get the approval of people.

IMO, real self defense channels wouldn't be preaching any of the combat sports training in order to survive a street confrontation. They might have like BJJ tutorials, boxing tutorials, muay thai tutorials for "self defense".
I don't think any of that will help against an armed opponent, or multiple  attackers.

I remember reading on a forum of one of these channels, and some guy recommended a person to use dirty fighting techniques, and a lot of people started talking about how they think dirty fighting is overrated, and doesn't truly works on a street fight, this just shows, how these channels brainwash people. The want a magic pill which immediately KO's people. And they believe that their ground fighting techniques, or the clinch techniques are more effective than attacking the most vulnerable parts of the body. Yeah, maybe one shouldn't focus only on that, but I'd say it's a huge part of the self defense, and most of these channels place very low emphasis on dirty fighting and ways it can probably save your life.


  1. there no point than using mma or bjj they already popular like some people who knows kung fu and use mma it has nothing to do with kung fu do you see someone tiger clawing there nuts out that the real shit

  2. It's a big business. Real self-defense techniques that actually work are essentially illegal to teach to the public. There is a lot of responsibility involved and you have to know who you are teaching and their intensions. For example, it is illegal for anyone to post a video teaching people how to make bombs, it is too deadly. It is illegal to advise someone to carry throwing stars and to use those as a weapon of self-defense. No instructor is allowed to teach the public to break the law in order to defend ones life but yet when your life is truly in danger, that person or person (s) that is placing your life in danger is breaking the law, so that means you may have to break the law yourself in order to survive and deal with the consequences later.

    Things like this cannot be taught to the public, it must happen in private. It is just like fornication, it is actually against the law to have sex before marriage but of course people do it anyways, that cannot be stopped, but no parent or teacher is allowed to advocate you to have sex before marriage publicly, it is against the law to do so. No adult is allowed to advise you to break the law.

    Real Self-Defense cannot be taught publicly in the way where the internet is setup where anyone can watch to learn, it must be taught privately. Every state has different laws, what is justified self-defense in one state can be considered a murder in another state. One technique of survival can be considered justified self-defense for one person and considered murder for someone else.

    When it comes to real survival with weapons and multiple offenders it is not a clear cut answer for everyone, it is very sensitive and it requires much responsibility and maturity; just like owning a firearm or even driving a car.

    Cage fighting for entertainment is basically the furtherest extent of violence of what the law will allow for use of entertainment. Notice that the law controls pretty much everything in our lives. The lawmakers know that the violence in cage fighting is absolutely nothing compared to the real violence of the streets, that is why they allow it. On the streets, imagine getting shot and killed just because you were seen holding the hand of a beautiful lady and somebody else just got jealous and decided to kill you. On the streets, imagine getting shot and killed just because you were seen driving a nice car and somebody else just got jealous and decided to kill you.

    You are a fool if you don't think this happens. People get killed over stupid things all the time. There are people on the streets that are ready to kill you just because you looked at them the wrong way. There are people on the streets that are ready to kill you just because you are wearing certain colors that they think they own.

    On the streets if you beat somebody down with your bare hands, be ready for the person that you beat down to seek revenge. Be ready to get shot and killed within the next hour or the next day. They don't teach you about that in sport fighting, they don't teach about revenge and retaliation.

  3. These fighters think they are hard, they are nothing compared to the real criminals out there in this world who really don't give a damn. They will shoot and kill you to gain respect and be accepted to be a part of some gang. Tupac got gunned down and murdered and they still couldn't find the killer, you think the same can't happen to you? You think it's easy for the police to find a murderer when all it really takes is a few seconds for someone to kill you with the pull of a trigger?

    Combat sport is really just there to stroke people's egos to make them feel like they are more powerful than they really are. When it boils down to it, none of these fighters are shit, they can die just as easily as anyone if not more easily. Their big egos will make it more likely that they will die earlier when they get caught up with challenging the wrong person. To me, all combat sport is bullshit. None of it is real Martial Arts and none of it is real self-defense. It is all just a violent way of entertaining people, just a little bit more brutal than football, that is it.

    1. combat sport advise you how to die you can show how to live and be peaceful right but i have not seen your video where some one is stabing a fake knife at you or a gun at you can lead someting beacause almost every thing out there i dont know how to survive you need to show directly towards us

  4. Yeah, SIfu Freddie Lee, what you are speaking of is how the streets are. And this people "teaching" combat sports are just in there for the money.


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