Tuesday, July 1, 2014

About Chloe Bruce

I saw a video of Sifu Freddie Lee speaking about Chloe Bruce, and how he supports her non violent expression of the martial arts.

I checked a few videos of her, and it surprised me to see on the comments. some people saying that if she doesn't fight then she's nothing more than a circus show and that people shouldn't call her badass because it's pure show and that's why they don't like the approach that the eastern martial arts take, obviously this guys know nothing about the level  of skill and practice necessary to do what she does. She can probably kick a lot of ass aswell, if necessary. Some people believe than being a fighter means being a martial artist, that takin part in violent competition makes you a badass.

I truly believe that this people who speak about fighting, and how fighting makes you a badass, and that if you don't fight you are not a martial artist, I think they know nothing about fighting, and they know nothing about the martial arts, I'm not saying that I am an expert in combat or anything like that. It's just that whenever I read or hear something like, it doesn't take much knowledge to know how lost this people are. how society has conditioned them to believe those things.

Another thing, in one of the videos I saw, she was demonstrating the use of weapons, nunchakus and some type of long staff, I'm not sure about the name of it. But her using that is far more effective than whatever combat sport those type of people think is so effective, in terms of real street fighting


  1. The reason people make such comments is because it is a deeply rooted feeling of jealousy. They see somebody do something that they cannot do themselves and it makes them feel very insecure within. People say it is a circus show, well a circus show is for entertainment, and so is two preying mantises in a cage fighting, just like in the movie "Enter the Dragon," it is for entertainment. Hollywood movies are for entertainment. Football and Basketball is for entertainment. Wrestlemania is for entertainment, and what else do you know, cage fighting is also for entertainment!

    Everything that we know of as combat sport is for entertainment. American Idol is for entertainment. Much of this world is revolved around entertainment. So people fighting in a cage is not much different than circus entertainers, it just so happens that they have chosen a more dangerous and violent way of entertaining the audience. Real fighting is truly brutal and ugly, it is in no way Artful. It is the jealous people in this world who will kill because they have deep depression inside. It is the school shootings, it is the suicides, it is the mass murders. This has nothing to do with Art. These people simply do not understand that the Sport Fighters of whom they idolize are entertainers as well, the only difference is that they are entertaining people in very idiotic ways. You have a cage fighter who puts his health in great risk for only $50,000 a year and then you have a golf player who doesn't have to put his life in any risk and he makes over 2 million a year.

    This world is revolved around making money in the easiest way possible. You have a fighter who puts his life at risk for $100,000 a year and then you have the person who sets up the fight and doesn't put his life at risk who makes $10 million a year. You have the store manager who makes $100,000 a year and you have the cashier of the store who only makes $20,000 a year. Fighters are like cashiers and the people who mow your lawn. If you are intelligent and educated you will find a way to make a lot more money doing something a lot easier. If the circus is paying you $5 million per year to perform some stunts and UFC is only paying you $50,000 a year to get your head smashed in, you are better off working at the circus. And if UFC is paying you more money, you need to really think whether or not it is worth the money to jeopardize your health and wellness.

  2. Yeah, thank you for your take on it, it is completely true.

  3. I am so jealous of her kicks man. You do not know how much I would love to have her kicking speed and flexibility. I do not know about her upper body strength but I am impressed by her feats. Thank you for talking about her Jaden. I think she got enough skill to fight somebody in the street. She has nothing to prove to these insecure motherfuckers!


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