Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pains when training

Hello readers and writers of the blog.

Was wondering if you guys have some advice for me, I've done Taekwondo for a while, I experience pain in my body when training, and doing different types of activities that involve the body, like swimming, or playing the guitar, not just the TKD, they don't have to be intense, but it's especially on the knees when an activity requires some knee involvement.

I have visited a few doctors who have gave me clearance for doing all of these activities, and visited some alternative medicine doctors aswell.

Since them I always do a good warm up, and train my techniques slowly, and use knee braces. And haven't been going to a martial arts gym, that way I can control the intensity of the entire training sessions, and don't have to follow along with other people.

Haven't had any injuries since then, but still feel some pain at times. Which is why I started training less and less. And there's some rare occasions in which the training session goes really well, i don't feel pain despite doing the exact same training routine.

I find that now, when swimming, it's probably the best one for me, since I usually don't feel pain, and feel better afterwards.

At times I feel there's a lot of stiffness or tightness in my body, which seems to be the problem.

Was wondering if you guys had some tips for being safe while training.


  1. Still sounds like a medical problem i would keep going to the doctor and explain to him im still having problems i know there is something wrong. This is just my opinion im not a doctor so i cant give advice, this is what i would do.

  2. Focus on exercises geared around healing the knees. Be careful with kicks and jumping which could aggregate it. Build the strength up slowly and then integrate more dynamic movements step by step. You will have to put yourself through your own type of physical therapy training.

    1. Thanks for your answer Sifu, could you give me some examples of those exercises please?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks man, I appreciate it, I think a lot of it has to do with the mental attitude aswell, of thinking that you are strong and healthy, instead of weak and sick.


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