Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sifu Freddie Lee about Staying away from enemies, and how it relates to my life

This video got me thinking,

recently I took exams to get accepted on another college, that offers better education for my career which is music, the thing is that, some sacrifices had to be made, when changing to this college, and that was that the group of people in my previous college was friendly.

I used to be in a highschool, and I created a lot of rivals back then, a lot of them were bullies, but in terms of music, I created some rivals, we were always competing to see who is better, trying to put each other down in a sense, specially from their part.

In the present, when it comes to music and arts in general, I'm not about competing, I am against competing, and music for me has become something else, it's not a way to prove myself to others. I don't need that anymore. Now I view music as I view martial arts. It's to become the strongest version of myself, the best of me. A healthy individual free from attachments of other's people approval, free from competition, and a way for me to express myself and have fun, a way for me to meet new people, to have a good time with the audience.

Well, turns out, this exact same people belong to the new college I'll be attending to in a few weeks from now, I feel as if I had step into enemy territory.

Well I just hope they have changed, and that I have the strength to endure this uncomfortable environment for me.

I'm a different person than I was 6 years ago. I trust that my training in martial arts, and my different views on the world, and a lot of the knowledge that I have acquired watching Sifu Freddie Lee's video, have helped me strengthen my body, mind and spirit, to the point were I will no longer fall prey of the games of people trying to bring me down. Now I know, that we live martial arts on a daily, and that we can use it to grow in all aspects of our lives including music.


  1. Love the post and your thoughts on music and the relevancy to Martial Arts. To become a real Artist in anything is not easy. Music is a beautiful Art, stay true to yourself.

  2. This is a fantastic blog Jaden. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Yea freddie lee is trying to help people the best he can do


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