Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ego exists in all arts

In martial arts there's always people that make it a competition, this style is better than this style, I can do this and you can't and it's the same for music, this genre is the best and this one sucks, I can do this and you can't, there's just a lot of competition, the same institutions want competition, you have the WTF for Taekwondo, you have boxing championships, kung fu tournaments, the UFC, the same with music,  music schools put people out there to compete with each other, they force them to compete, because there's rewards for the best ones out there. Rewards like more recognition inside the institution, but outside, in the real world is meaningless, you can be the best at you class in music, but out there, you are nothing, you can be a boxing champion but out there you are nothing. There's guns, knives, all kinds of weapons, and vicious attackers.
Why compete? why so much ego and competition, wanting to be on top of the other. Out there in the real world, we are nothing, nothing compared to the universe and everything that is out there.


  1. It's always good to keep things in perspective. These institutions tend to get bored, so they organise their own internal petty squabbles. It's important for individuals to see beyond this, to realise the truth. Great blog Jaden!


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