Saturday, October 22, 2016

Something I've noticed watching boxers when not using gloves when training. When it comes to fighting they need to stick with the gloves cuz i always see these mistakes and it drives me crazy. They usually have a bent wrist and hit with the front of the fingers not the actual knuckles and its usually the ring finger and pinky. What i see mostly is the fact when they throw a vertical hook they strike with the palm area. Just some things i've picked up what do you guys think about this am i being ignorant or do you see this as well.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

My progress

Last time i posted about having weak legs i've been working hard past month or two on my squats and it doesnt seem like much but im doing 100lbs 5 reps before i think it was like 70lbs so im getting there. My benchpress has improved as well i recently been doing 150lbs 5 times and i maxed out the other day at 165lbs. Since ive been doing squats my kicks have dramatically improved but i can no longer do splits but my technique and power has increased. just thought i update you guys on what i been working on.

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Concept of 'Sacrifice'

I once watched a video of Sifu Freddie Lee mentioning the word 'sacrifice'. He basically defined sacrificing as giving up what you want to do to achieve success, lose weight or whatever. He cannot be any more right about that. I am experiencing this everyday: people are willing to do anything to be "successful". Here is the problem with sacrificing. It uses the mind to be successful. You cannot avoid using the mind if you want to get somewhere. You can be meditative as much as you can but to be successful, you have to ambitious in some ways. That is the deception of these so-called motivational videos. They are trying to get people to be more ambitious, more competitive, more cunning. Now, if I say this to a Westerner he might look at me and say: "Do you not ambitions yourself? Are you not as competitive as the rest of us?" In this world, competition is really hard to escape from. To get bread, you have to be in some sort of competition whether you want to be or not. I am going to sound kind of arrogant when I say this, but the difference between me and other people is that I have more awareness of this competitive energy. Because I put meditation first, I can never be controlled by competition. I already know competition is an illusion; however, the rest of the population see competition as reality! On top of that, they are willing to sacrifice friends, family in order to reach success. In other words, love is no longer important in their lives; success is, ambition is. That is where "duties" or "responsibilities" comes along. Speaking of duty, I once watched one of Osho's lecture. He mentioned that the word 'duty' is one of the most dirtiest words ever. He even discourage people from doing anything out of responsibility because doing so is not really from the heart, it's from reluctance. Anything you do should be out of love. I see it the same way. Any action performed only toward success. Someone who truly knows the know do not refrain from things like alcohol, drugs, television, or whatever by sacrifice. He refrains from it because he truly does not want to be a part of any of these energy draining activities. He will live a balanced life, which is the ultimate way of life.

Friday, June 24, 2016

New music; Go

My Confession

Hello, it has been a very long time since I wrote on this blog. I am writing this in response to one of Sifu Freddie Lee's video on why you should let children play video games. The video definitely resonate with me because that is the only to get the video game out the child's system. I grew up playing the first Nintendo console that came out! Yes, I had Super Mario Bros. I then played Super Nintendo and then Nintendo 64. The last Nintendo console I own was the Nintendo Gamecube. Honestly, I believe the Nintendo GameCube is the best Nintendo Console so far. It is much more fun, and there were tons of sound games than the Nintendo Wii. After the Nintendo Gamecube, I switch to the PS3. Currently, I am playing Sniper Elite V2. I like shooting games in third person mode although the first person mode is more realistic. In sniper elite, the sniping is a little bit more complicated because you have to take into account the direction of the wind and all that stuff. To me, that makes it more realistic that a lot of shooting games out there. I am sure there are continuing with the series and I would love to own them. I have not been playing PS3 since I am taking classes this summer. That will decrease your concentration in school.. At least that is what I experienced.
Also, in this video, if I remember correctly he said something about competition that I feel that it makes sense to me too. The only way for an individual to stop being competitive is to let him compete. You see if he competes too much, he will naturally be sick of it. Now in terms of combative techniques, I am not competitive at all. I feel that sparring is learning about which techniques work for you; you shouldn't try to beat down somebody to make yourself feel better. However, in sports, I am afraid I can get really competitive. Every time I mess up, it angers me because I tried to be so perfect. I am still trying to understand the root of this problem but I cannot. When I lose badly, it aggravates me even more. Maybe going pro is not such a bad idea for me. Maybe I will get to a point where I do not ever desire to compete within my favorite sport. Of course, my older brother would discourage me saying that it is too late for me to become pro. He probably lacks understanding of why I am really doing what I am doing. Other friends of mine encourage to go for it because to them it's never too late to go for what you really want. I feel the same way but to be honest, I am just going for it so that I can get that competitiveness out of my system. That way, I probably get to the point where I will play it in meditation instead of competition.

Friday, April 29, 2016


I been addicted to soda for long as i remember maybe 10yrs. I get free soda where i work and i basically went through 2liter of mountain dew a day sometimes more. I recently wanted to get off soda for good i havent drank any soda in 4days. I've been getting these heavy headaches from not drinking soda hopefully they stop soon. Thats probably why i still have a lil belly fat is because of it. Im hoping i notice improvement in next couple weeks it will help motivate me to stop all together. I also cut out all fried foods and im trying to eat lean meats and snacks like chips i eat sunchips. My main course every day is rice and chicken which i herd some good things about it my friend said it will get you built so hopefully all this packed meals i do help. this is poorly written out lol but im in a hurry and lazy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Poetry: My thoughts on the recent MMA related incident

I see that an MMA fighter died in a match recently, so what
He readied himself up for the fight with confidence that he was gonna kick some butt
instead his body is in a morgue waiting to be buried six feet deep
because he thought his skills was sufficient enough to put his opponent to sleep

look at him now, dead in the dirt
all because he considered himself indestructible with that tapout shirt
Hope he didn't have a child for their feelings will be severely hurt
without a father they will be helpless like a thirsty man stuck in the dessert

Let this be a lesson towards fans of MMA
you will not always have a chance to fight another day
having to beat the living nightmare out of my opponent is not a game I'm willing to play
it's best to just abandon this combat sport & find another way

This corrupted method of competition is way to difficult to ignore
making money at the expense of someone's life is evil to the core
just another way for the rich to slowly but surely eradicate the poor
such despicable behavior should not be encouraged anymore

how many more cage fighting related deaths will it take for masses to realize the ugly truth?
cage fighting is a marketing ploy intended to cause chaos among the youth
& the death of this MMA fighter is the undeniable proof
yet the diehard cage fighter fanboys minds remain aloof

All parents need to stop letting their children watch this violent combat sport on TV
by doing so you're setting them free
without the ground & pound nonsense they can live their lives with glee
& not be in a tombstone at an early age being mourned by their family

you people for the sake of your lives better wake up
only muscle these degenerate promoters ever moved was their arm when it's time to drink from their favorite cup
deserving the worst of all damnations for their crimes against humanity that they perpetually commit
I'll always speak against corruption in the rhymes that I spit.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My feedback on the Cage Fighter's Death

I recently watched a video of Freddie sharing his ideas on the death of the cage fighter. I may appear to be very cynical, and maybe Sifu Freddie Lee will kick me out of this blog..or maybe not. That will be up to him. But my respect for Sifu Freddie Lee will never change. Here is how I feel about his death: freaking happy. How many times have we both warned you that this stuff is not good for your body, mind, and soul? About thousands of times isn't it? But no, you chose that path anyway because you think you know better than us and you probably think that makes you more courageous. But guess what? You died. Therefore, I do not feel any sympathy for you whatsoever. I think you guys should keep dying; that way, it will prove me, Sifu Freddie Lee and others right about this sort of activities. That's right keep dying. Some people might say I am sounding like the bad guy here but I am not. You cage fighting fans are the bad guys here because you are the one watching that stuff and enjoying it. Not me! You like to see blood and you like to see people being knocked out. Then when someone die, that's when you think it's messed up? You should be happy about that too and do not tell me you didn't expect someone to die. Come on, you don't think people fighting one another could lead to death!! You are not fooling me here. Not only I stop caring about the cage fighters, I do not even respect how sad you are about fighters death because you will just never learn. So if you really do not support this sort of death, stop watching combat sports all together. It's simple but why would you listen to someone like me? As for the cage fighter who died, I hope you see what I wrote about you. I hope you see how happy I am to write this. See me as an enemy if you like but I am just expressing how I feel right now. If you don't like it, that's your problem.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New music; Marginal

For this work, i've used some samples from the 'Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtrack' produced by Michael McCann. I invite you to buy this awesome soundtrack on
(Concerning the samples); All right reserved to Michal McCann

New Music; God

Monday, February 15, 2016

Is survival on the streets really martial arts?

Well I was just thinking, in order to survive one must be willing to do a lot of nasty things. In order to save one's life or to save a loved one. Real street survival and survival in general is nothing pretty or artistic, the  way I see you do what you have to do to survive, maybe that wasn't enough, you die or get badly injured. But usually when we think of martial arts, we think of something artistic, that looks nice and has a flow, but when it comes to surviving in the streets, I don't think that looks pretty or artistic at all. It's just pure violence.

Thoughts on this?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Freddie your opinion on glock

I was looking to buy a pistol which i already had a 45cal, but i didnt like it so i sold it mostly, because i needed money to move. I was looking into the glock 20 10mm handgun for conceal carry. I was wondering if you ever shot the 10mm if so what is your opinion on it. Also, what is your opinion on other calibers pistols in the glock like the 40sw, 9mm.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Leg progress

I have neglected my legs for years and im glad to finally see how important leg strength is. I just started doing squats over past two months and i could barley do 60lbs which is very weak i know. Todays work out was 100lb squats which i did 5 reps, then i went to 80lbs and did 5reps, then i went to 60lbs and did two sets of 5reps. I later did 30lb leg curls for 25 reps, 40lb for 15reps, and 45lb for 8reps. Then i did some foot work for around 30 to 45mins dont remember the exact time. I hope to be able to squat my bodyweight of 160 before summer gets here and i have completely stoped stretching so i can achieve my results sooner. If anyone on this blog reads this please dont skip leg day and be a weakling like me lol wish i had realized this much sooner in life i was so obsessed with high kicks now im suffering with chicken legs lmbo.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another year of improvement!

This year has been amazing for me, I had my first child in April, and our first holidays with her have been so blessed.

As I am always striving to improve, here is the latest
video of my revised empty hand form. This year in training, my movements have become more focused, precise and powerful. Any constructive
criticism is always welcome. Happy New Year to all!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Yes, yes, I know that was a tremendously clich├ęd decision to open a Star Wars post like this, but I just couldn't resist!!!

Okay, okay, okay, (I'm excited) let me tell you why I'm writing about Star Wars. Considered to be "a phenomenon like none other", Star Wars is a sci-fi/fantasy/space opera series of movies that has gone far beyond the walls of the cinemas. It is like a great big tree with many branches. These branches or extensions of the story that include television series, comic books and novels. All Star Wars media that isn't a movie 'Episode' is considered to be part of what's known as the 'Expanded Universe' or 'EU'. Star Wars has also spawned an empire of merchandise that ranges from, well, anything that you could imagine. However, if you are unacquainted with Star Wars and wish to explore this amazing world of imagination, I advise starting with the movies, the stem of the tree.

Assuming you haven't seen any form of Star Wars media and you want to investigate Star Wars, I recommend watching the movies in chronological order starting from 'Episode 1: The Phantom Menace' (1999), then to 'Episode 2: Attack of the Clones' (2002), and then to 'Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith' (2005). Once you have seen the prequel trilogy, you will need to go back to the original trilogy starting with 'Episode 4: A New Hope' (1977), then to what is often considered to be the best of all the Star Wars movies 'Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back' (1980). After that you will need to see 'Episode 6: Return of the Jedi' (1983). Alternatively, I suppose you could watch the original trilogy and then backtrack to the prequel trilogy. This should ensure that many of the twists in the original trilogy are not spoiled. If you manage to see the 6 movies relatively soon, then you might be lucky enough to see the first movie of the sequel trilogy 'Episode 7: The Force Awakens' (2015) while it's still in cinemas. I'm not much of a 'Movie Gower' but I did see 'The Force Awakens' yesterday. This movie had me on the edge of my seat and I was choking back tears throughout the film. Many people predict that Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens will overtake 'Avatar (2009)' and become the highest grossing movie to date. The Force Awakens LOOKS REAL. While computer generated imagery were used to enhance some effects, the movie heavily relies on practical effects to create the desired impact. Just see for yourself in the official trailer...

As you know by now, I love Star Wars. I love Star Wars because it has so many elements that are true to life and Martial Art. This is because Star Wars sprouted from seeds of real world phenomena including historical periods such as samurai orders and nazi imperialism, the nature of politics, culture and religion, mythology and philosophy; predominantly Eastern (as I interpret the essence of the 'Force' to mirror our own concept of Tao). The Eastern way of thinking plays a big part of defining Star Wars through the conceptual essence of the Force. The reason for this goes back long before the first movie was released. At this moment I only know the basic outline of the story. In the mid 20th century, there was a Western philosophical mythologist called Joseph Campbell (1904-1987). Campbell was at a university where he met an Indian man (don't know his name unfortunately) researching Eastern religion, mythology and philosophy. The two became very good friends and educated each other about their respective areas of knowledge. Unfortunately, the Indian man fell ill a year after their initial meeting and sadly passed away. Joseph Campbell carried on his friends research and and educating himself about Eastern religion, mythology and philosophy. Fast forward to the 1970s and there was a young film director named George Lucas. Lucas met and befriended the now old Joseph Campbell who taught Lucas much of what he had learned from his deceased friend and his studies of the East. George Lucas combined what Campbell had thought him and combined these concepts with his own inspiration from classical space opera movies. The end product was a movie released by LucasFilm (George Lucas's self made film company) in 1977 that broke all box office records called, 'Star Wars'. As a side note, I see many similarities between Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts.

So, almost 40 years on, why do people such as myself love Star Wars so much? I believe it's because there's something in Star Wars for everybody. The characters, especially in the original movies are so relatable and believable. I personally get emotionally invested with the characters, even those in the prequels. The concepts explored, whether it be political, philosophical, romance, cultural or even if it obviously takes inspiration from history or religion, all of this truly engages me. When I first got into Star Wars at the age of 9, the action alone, whether it be battles in space, inside spaceships, on fascinating and exotic planets and of cause, the epic lightsaber duels, were all enough to entertain me at that age. As I move through life Star Wars appeals to me in different ways. The continuity in Star Wars is immaculate. The movies link to each other so well. Even the comic books, novels, video games and TV programs are clearly connected to the theatrical movies. However, you don't need to explore the expanded universe to understand and enjoy the movies.

One thing I must also mention is that the the music for all the Star Wars movies is conducted by John Williams. His music for Star War feels so grand and spectacular that I get goose bumps when ever I hear tracks including 'Duel of the Fates', 'Across the Stars', 'Order 66', 'Yoda's and the Force', 'Imperial March' and especially the introduction theme at the start of every movie. When ever people hear this theme, most often, they automatically this of Star Wars.

While I'm on this topic, I'd like to state that I like ALL Star Wars movies. I'm well aware that the prequel trilogy has been received very negatively by the majority of the Star Wars fandom and even the general public because it's "not as good at the originals" and "they're just special effect reals" and so on and so forth as Bruce Lee would say. I see it very differently. I believe While the original movies focused on a smaller group of people, the prequels tell their part of the story from more of a societal point of view. I believe that all media, whether it be comics, novels, TV programs or movies in this franchise has something brilliant to contribute to the one, ongoing story millions know and love, Star Wars. I don't want to get into a debate with myself so I'll move on. Although, I might revisit this topic one day because I feel passionate about it and it is really mentally stimulating.

Back on track now. As I have mentioned, Star Wars is so true to all realms of life, including Martial Art. Yoda's teachings are a perfect example of this. I could have gone deeper into this, but I'd rather save this subject for another blog post. I predict the post to be long because this is such a diverse subject. I also don't want to spoil anything of the story of Star Wars for anyone who hasn't been introduced to it. If you haven't seen the Star Wars movies before, I highly recommend seeing them. From my perspective, you will only be enriching yourself by watching them. If you have seen the Star Wars movies or any related media, please, tell me what you like about Star Wars? Why is Star Wars so special to you?

Relevant websites...
Official Star Wars Website:


As always guys keep up the good work, thank you for reading and...

May the Force be With You.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wushu vs MMA

The real science of efficient unarmed combat is the science of street survival, where the law will allow you to do whatever necessary to stop the threat if it is a justified threat. The rules of MMA are minimal when compared to other combat sports but for someone who really studies the science of efficient combat on the streets, those minor rules will make huge differences. Look at people in the Olympics run the 100m dash, what makes the difference between first and 2nd place is a matter of milliseconds.

I'm sorry to say but MMA does not have the top athletes of the world, because they are not focused on any specific discipline but claim to be the competition for all disciplines, they essentially are rounding up the 2nd hand athletes of all disciplines.

MMA has not provided any answers on what really works in a real fight because MMA is still not a real fight. Real fights occur on the streets, not in the cage. Real street fighters will test their abilities on the streets, Real Wushu Artists will conduct their own research and studies in their own controlled environments and come upon their own discoveries.

How can anything possibly be real when you are only fighting people of your own weight class, how can any fight be real when it is all planned out and prepared for, real fights are spontaneous and clearly there are no weight classes. Even though the gloves are smaller than boxing gloves, the gloves they wear make a huge difference than fighting with bare fists. Having no mouth guards will also make a huge difference. People fighting with shoes on will make a huge difference. The fighting surface whether or not it is no the streets, sidewalk, grass, gravel, or snow will make a huge difference. Fighting outside or indoors will make a huge difference.

There are many spontaneous variables in a real fight that are not exemplified within that cage and people who truly study the methods of real survival will know this. One eye jab can make a huge difference, one kick to a persons knee can make a huge difference. Like a gun fight or a knife fight, in a real fight with someone who is highly trained, there is no room for mistakes. That is why Bruce was studying fencing before he died, he knew how real efficient combat is. You can try to grapple all you want, but if you are getting demolished by someone who has perfected his kicks or straight jab, you have no chance.

MMA rules are designed to make it appear that ground fighters are more effective than they really are. MMA is not the combination of the most effective fighting techniques, they are the combination of the most effective techniques specifically for fighting within that octagon. An eye jab for example is an extremely effective technique, but it is disallowed because apparently it is too effective. Hitting someone with your bare fist that is highly trained in iron fist is an extremely effective technique, but it is disallowed because apparently it is too effective.

MMA will have the ground and pound as long as the law will allow. If these law makers end up seeing many deaths occurring in MMA and even one of the lawmakers children ends up dying in MMA, then you can be certain that they will eliminate the ground and pound and potentially ban MMA across the nation. It's all about what the law will allow and will not allow. Laws change, so you can never say that things will never change.

MMA thrives off of the brutality in order to set themselves apart from Boxing, Kickboxing, San Sau, and Thai Boxing. But just because they allow ground and pound, it does not mean that the athletes of that sport are more talented, all it means is that they are more dirty, that they cannot fight clean to win, they have to fight dirty to win against the clean fighter. A truly great fighter can demolish anyone in any field. You wrestle with him, he wins, you play judo with him, he wins, you play boxing, he wins, you play kickboxing, he wins, you play thai boxing, he wins, you play tae kwon do, he wins, you play dirty fighting, he wins, you play street fighting, he wins, you play paintball, he wins, you play chess, he wins, no matter what you come at him with, he wins, he is a true Master because he has mastered everything. He never needs to fight dirty, because he can always win fighting clean, but if you fight dirty, then he will respond and beat you anyway. That is a true Master.

True Wushu Artists would never need a referee to intervene, they know when enough is enough and they stop out of respect and compassion. Masses of people are not meant to see this whole sparring session occur, no Master of the Arts is meant to be humiliated the way these fighters are being humiliated. This entire spectacle is a disgrace to the integrity of the Martial Arts. Imagine if your own father trained you to become one of the best in the world, would you beat the shit out of your own father for the whole world to see to get some more fame and fortune? Will you almost kill your father for fame and fortune? Everybody gets old and will eventually lose their physical abilities, people who take advantage of the old and weak is not what Wushu is all about. Wushu is about honor, respect, integrity, peace, love, and compassion, and absolutely none of that is being displayed in that cage.

You have left many lengthy comments to defend MMA and really there needs to be no defense, you are free to watch and participate what you choose to as long as it is allowed by law. I am not the law, I'm not here to tell people what they should do and should not do, I just want to share my perspective and connect with people who share my ideas so that we can grow together.

You seem like a very intelligent person that is capable of making his own decisions. I'm not a Sifu to anyone online here, so I have no say on anyone's choice of development. But I will say for my own children and for my own students, they will need to understand my perspective otherwise they will not learn Wushu from me. But as for everybody else, it is their parents jobs, their Wushu Master's job to make sure that they are representing Wushu with integrity.

I do not approve of Boxing, I do not approve of MMA, I do no approve of Football, I do not approve of Thai Boxing, I do not approve of Wrestlemania, I do not approve of any forms of unhealthy competition, I don't approve of many things. But these are the standards that I live by and the standards that I will hold my children and students by, but as for all others, they need to establish their own standards and guidelines.

I'm sorry for all the disrespect that I have done in the past, now my aim is not to criticize but to simply share my ideas in a respectful way. Take it for what it is, if I'm not an Expert, if I'm not a Master, then who really cares what I say? Nobody needs to prove to me that MMA is positive contribution to this society and the Martial Arts community, my heart feels the way it does and I do not see that it will ever change. I do my best not to speak about MMA, but that's like telling a Master chef not to comment on what can be improved upon in a certain dish. I just see a lot of room for improvement in regards to how the "Martial Arts" is currently being expressed here in America and other areas of the world.

Arguing towards the justification for MMA can be the same justification used to legalize prostitution across the nation. Women can get paid to have sex, so why not? All women of this nation can aim to become prostitues, they don't need to go to college, they don't need to get an education, all they need to do is have sex for money. Sure it is a dangerous occupation but they know the risks that are involved. But with these same arguments, why haven't the government allowed this to occur? Well, there just seems to be something wrong with that, something where we are heading backwards as a humanity and not forwards.

Not only is MMA bad for ones health but the fact of them mass producing it to children and young adults to follow in the footsteps of these Fighters is part of the overall problem that I see. It is like encouraging a young child or man to deal drugs for a living, not just privately encouraging them but blasting it all over mass media in which to push that lifestyle onto them with maximum effort.

In my opinion, MMA fighters are not true professionals, Mayweather is a true Master, not many boxers that have ever lived will ever compare, ameteur boxers get destroyed in the ring, Masters just don't get hit. A true Master, if he did fight in MMA would not take much damage, there cannot be true Masters if already there are 194 or so UFC fights already logged. True Masters don't come back often, a Michael Jordan, Mayweather, Ali, Tiger Woods, Bruce Lee, they just don't come by often. Mayweather has been boxing his whole life, none of these MMA Fighters will ever compare, it is completely different. A person who has been practicing Wushu his entire life would never even go inside the cage, so the cage really will never see a Real Wushu Artist, unless you force him into it with a UFC video game!

Well it seems I am set in my ways and you are set with yours, lets just respect that. When I think about it, I may not be an expert or Master but the fact of me taking so much time to write about this and make videos about this shows that I really do care about Wushu and what it is meant to represent according to my eyes, and I just wish to share these ideas with the public.

It really depends on the fight, I can say that clearly not all fights respect is being shown. RR for example didn't even want to touch gloves with HH. Any time anyone is fighting out of Anger, that is not respect, and I know for a fact a lot of these fighters are fighting out of anger. Beating someone to a bloody pulp while they are laying on their back is not respect. If this is considered a sport, I will say it will be the sport that has the least amount of respectful athletes out of all sports, because the more violent you are, the less respect you will have.  Respect and anger do not really go hand and hand.  

They have competed in the Olympics in other sports, not in MMA, because MMA is not in the olympics. They are great athletes in other sports that have been suckered into fighting for money and fame through the expression of excessive violence, they have fallen from grace.  

A Mayweahter who stops being a Boxer and becomes an MMA fighter has fallen from grace. A Bruce Lee who stops being an Actor and becomes an MMA fighter has fallen from grace. An MMA Fighter to stops fighting in the cage and starts fighting in the streets has fallen from grace. Somebody who is in the NBA who quits and joins an ameteur Basketball Association has fallen from grace.  

There are people who move forwards and there are people who move backwards in life. Those who train in the Arts and then turn into just another MMA Fighter are Martial Artists who have fallen from grace. Like a Police Officer who becomes corrupted, he has fallen from grace. 

Actually I see a lot of corruption in the sport, they are not really genetically gifted in my eyes, they are simply dehydrated, on steroids, and performance enhancing drugs. In my opinion it takes a lot more skill to compete in Football, Basketball, Boxing and pure Olympic Wrestling, those who cannot make it in those fields end up settling for MMA.