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APOCALYPSE: The Second World War

Hello everyone

Here is the best documentary series that I have ever seen about the Second World War. The 6 part series "Apocalypse: The Second World War", will provide one with a good understanding and knowledge the of the major battles and events of World War 2 from 1939 to 1945.

I am sharing this documentary series with you for educational purposes. I am sharing it with you to raise an awareness of war. It has already been 100 years since the beginning of the First World War. And it has been 75 years since the beginning of the Second World War. The number of people who lived through the largest war in the history of humanity is decreasing. It is therefor important that we always remember the negativity that war brings to everybody. By having this awareness, I sincerely hope that in my lifetime and in the lives of future generations to come, no one will ever have to make a documentary about a Third World War. This is why we study history. To discover why the world is the way it is and to learn from the mistakes and successes from those before us.

1. Aggression (1933–1939): rise of Nazism and campaign of Poland, Phoney war:

2. Crushing Defeat (1939–1940): fall of Dunkirk and Campaign of France, Battle of Britain:

3. Shock (1940–1941): the Desert War, Invasion of Yugoslavia, Battle of Greece and Battle of Crete, Operation Barbarossa, Battle of Smolensk and Battle of Moscow:

4. World Ablaze (1941–1942): Pearl Harbor, Midway and Guadalcanal, Operation Fall Blau:

5. The Great Landings/The Noose (1942–1943): first failures of the Axis, Battle of Stalingrad, El Alamein, Operation Torch, Tunisia, Kursk and Italian campaign:

6. Inferno (1944–1945): liberation of France, invasion of Germany, surrender of Germany, atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and surrender of Japan:

* This documentary series is rated M in accordance to the Australian classification standards due to Adult Themes, War Footage, Sexual References and Nudity.  


A lot of people who practice Martial Arts wonder what does benching a lot of weight have to do with fighting?  They are overly focused on speed and technique.  Well to me, bench pressing a lot of weight for your size shows your ability to handle yourself properly when the opponent gets too close or if the opponent takes you to the ground, it shows that you are not a push over and that you can dominate them in the inside game and in the ground game if that’s where they want to take the fight to.  It is a quick demonstration to show:

“Even if you get your hands on me, I’ll still fuck you up.”  I can beat you from a distance with my weapons, I can beat you from a distance with my speed and technique in unarmed combat, and I can beat you in the inside game, and I can also beat you in the ground game.  No matter how you try to attack me, I’m going to beat you.  I am well rounded with my development, not only do I have speed and technique, but I also have strength and power. “

When I see someone that is weak in bench, I know for a fact that if I take that person down to the ground to fight, I will destroy them, all I got to do is find the right moment to attack.  Being weak in the bench is like being a Cheetah, fast as fuck but once he gets tired and the Lion gets a hold of him, he will get fucked up, he will die.  The Lion is representing the person who can bench press a lot of weight for his size. 

And just because you can bench press a lot of weight does not mean much if you are not strong pound for pound.  If you can bench press 300 lbs but you weigh 300 lbs, that doesn’t mean shit, that is nothing, that means you are still slow, because you cannot be fast pushing around 300 lbs.  But if you can bench press 300 lbs and you only weigh 150 lbs, not that person is dangerous.  That means he is fast and powerful, anybody who is fast and powerful is very dangerous.  If you get in a ground fight with this person, he will fuck you up.  I don’t even need to ground fight a person to know that they can ground fight.  All I have to know is, what can this person bench press according to his weight.  If he can bench press a lot of weight for his size, I know he will be a good ground fighter, so you need to plan your attack accordingly. 

All Martial Artists Must Be Flexible

A Martial Artist must be flexible, if they are not flexible, they are not Martial Artists, they may be something else, maybe a Boxer, a Fighter, a Gang Banger, a Bodybuilder, a Power Lifter, a Football Player, etc. But they cannot be Martial Artists without being flexible, flexibility is the physical representation of the appreciation and importance of yin/soft training within the Martial Arts that creates the necessary balance.  It is like having a car without wheels, the car is not complete without the wheels, the wheels are very important, the wheels enable the car to move, flexibility allows the Martial Artist freedom of movement, this creates gracefulness. 

FMK Vimeo - The Rebirth

One thing I give credit to FaceBook for is freedom of speech and freedom of expression, because they are not paying you any money, you can pretty much say whatever the hell you want. But fucking YouTube, no way, they fucking booted me out for talking shit even though I was on there for 5 years straight dedicated every day to pumping out videos. Over 13,000 videos and 26,000 subscribers lost in a blink of an eye, and I'm banned forever! Sounds like some racist bullshit to me. But on FaceBook, even if you try to delete your account yourself, they won't fucking let you delete it! So I feel a lot more freedom on FaceBook to express myself honestly, even thought it is mainly just in writing. But now FMK is on Vimeo! Vimeo is like your high class restaurant that can only be visited at one spot, good ass food but only one location. YouTube is like McDonald's, bullshit food, but everywhere, fucking up people's health. Fuck YouTube, Fuck McDonald's, Fuck MMA, Fuck Northwestern, Fuck Racists. I'm promoting the healthy Way.

1 Thumb Pushup

If you can do this, I give you mad respect, I don't even need to fight you, I will know you can fight. That's what Mystical Kung Fu is all about, showing someone you can fuck them up, without actually having to fuck them up. It is a peaceful way of demonstrating your ability to destroy somebody if it came down to it.

10 Rack Handstand Pushups

I have mad respect for anyone who can do 10 or more of these.  This is something that those huge ripped up bodybuilders simply would not be able to do, but Martial Artists, Gymnasts, and break dancers should be able to do.  Martial Artists are supposed to be the strongest people in the world pound for pound, bodybuilders just typically look strong but they muscles don't really equate to anything functional and practical for everyday life and they have too much muscle mass that prevents them from being fluid and graceful when it comes to body movement, that is why many bodybuilders will get fucked up when it comes to hand to hand combat.  Notice Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Tony Jaa, and Maywehater are all lean and cut, they don't look that strong, but in actuality, they will fuck you up in a fight if it came down to it. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


People focus too much on different expressions or styles of martial arts. To me a punch is a punch or a kick is a kick their all similar. Two people may take different styles and one might be better then one another it just simply means he just has natural talent at expressing himself. The other may take longer to catch up, but this doesn't necessarily mean his art is any less than the others art. What I'm getting at is pick a expression of martial arts that best suit yourself and stick with it until you make it your own.

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The Way: The Strength of the Warrior's Path

Hello Bloggers

I'd like to share some wisdom from Taejoon Lee's book "Hwa Rang Do - Defend - Takedown - Submit.

Page #49

Continued on page #50

New Categorisation of Martial Arts #2

Hi all
Continued from "The Way: The Strength of the Warrior's Path" is Taejoon Lee's "New Categorisation of Martial Arts", from Hwa Rang Do - Defend - Takedown - Submit. This is a great list that really adds some definitive clarity to the Martial Arts.

Page #50

I wrote this blog about Taejoon Lee's new categorisation of the Martial Arts.

Spheres of Knowledge

Hello all

Here is the "Spheres of Knowledge". A great diagram from Hwa Rang Do - Defend - Takedown - Submit by Taejoon Lee, that assists in my understanding of the universe, in the Yin-Yang, in reality.

Page #51


Continued on page #52

I included content from the "Spheres of Knowledge" in this blog:

The Three Elements of the Self

Hi everyone

I'd like to share "The Three Elements of the Self from Hwa Rang Do - Defend - Takedown - Submit by Taejoon Lee.

Page #50

Continued on page #51

I used content from "Three Elements of the Self" in this blog:

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Iron shins

I haven't done iron body training in awhile now since i moved. Tonight i did a little training and to my surprise when i struck my shins it was as if my shins were numb they still bruised of course, but the pain was at a minimum.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blow Job Jujitsu is NOT Martial Arts!

Blow Job Jujitsu is NOT Martial Arts!

Flagged from YouTube but still available on the FMK website to give you a good laugh.   

Frequencies of Solitude

Here's my new beat; Frequencies of Solitude

Can you learn martial arts online? Response

I agree with a lot of things said in this video, however

in my experience, mostly, when the instructor is not good, or lacks certain knowledge, or simply doesn't teach something even though he knows it, I have found that you need to resort to learn some things by yourself.

When the martial arts instructor has  50 other students in the same class, there's a lot lot of things he won't teach you, he doesn't have the time to see everyone of his students and give personal advice.

He might see some things and correct them, and there's a lot more he will miss.

Also, he won't take the time to teach you the techniques properly, because he has a lot of other students that are more advanced, so he won't start teaching the mechanics of how to throw a punch, how to throw a kick all over again to 30 other students who have already been practicing poor technique for months, and the ones who have good technique are the ones who started to train years earlier when the martial arts gym wasn't that big, and you have to learn that stuff elsewhere.

Even when there's less students, like ten, a lot of times the instructors don't take, the time, I have had some who do, and others who don't.

Usually the ones who do are the ones who have fewer students, but not always.

And with the ones who have 50 students in each class, and they give like 5 classes a day, you end up learning from students, instead of the master, because, again, he doesn't have the time to teach everyone, he's busy doing something else.

So I see online lessons, or DVD instructionals as valuable tools for supplementing instruction from a live master, or sometimes even replacing it.

But there's no replacement for  a GREAT teacher, who takes the time, is patient, really knows what he's doing and knows how to really teach.

But not everybody is like that.

Also like an analogy, like playing the guitar , you want to learn a certain song, there's a lot of songs your teacher has already told you, but you can't expect the teacher to teach you every single song you want to learn, you need to have the capacity to learn the songs by yourself, either by picking them up by ear or by music sheet, but in order to do that you need to have experience and develop that capacity to do it every time faster and faster.

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Check Out These New FMK Tanktops! Order Yours Today!

These tank tops will represent a new beginning for FMK.  Out with the old and in with the new.  FMK is on Vimeo now.  If you are interested in ordering one, visit the FMK website and click on "Shop."  I'm very satisfied with the new design.

Sifu Freddie Lee leaving Youtube

I saw the new videos on Vimeo,

I have to say it is absolutely great.

I think it's a great idea to keep the videos on Vimeo,  with this new approach, FMK shouldn't  leave Youtube just yet, I think this type of videos can bring a new type of audience, I don't see anything that haters can flag or report, and if they close it again, there's always the Vimeo channel.

So maybe uplaoding the videos on both hosting sites might not be a bad idea. The videos are looking great, and I think that with Youtube it can get to a larger audience, it's definitely a concept, that is rarely seen before.

But in any case, I think the new content is awesome.

Fuck YouTube! FMK is On Vimeo Now

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Thoughts on Current Happenings

Hi Freddie and Bloggers

Freddie, I seriously think that you should move your videos to Dailymotion or some other video sharing website. YouTube is censored and centralised now days. I think that it's absolutely corrupt that a possible reason as to why your 4th main YouTube channel has now been deleted was due to violating copyright laws just by reading out Oshu quotes!. Some people make tons of money doing "let's plays" (video game walk through's). They are using someone else's content and becoming successful. Everyone is okay with that. The fact that you are just reading out some quotes and that your channel gets deleted means that there is some sever corruption in YouTube.    

Dailymotion on the other hand is an independent video sharing website. No central authority controls it. I really do recommend that you consider a website such as Dailymotion for this reason. If you stay with YouTube and rely on it as your primary means of getting videos out there, then history will most likely repeat itself. Despite the fact that Dailymotion has more advertisements than YouTube, individuals can use an ad blocker according to my understanding.

I think that FMK has long outgrown YouTube. It's simply time to move on.

Freddie's Channel shut down again? WTF?

Can someone please tell me why Freddie's channel has been shut down again? What did he do this time? All I know is that he was sharing Osho's quotes. Did that had something to do with it? 
I haven't watched Freddie's videos in days so I do not know what is really going on. 

My preconceive opinion is youtube is BULLSHIT!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Opinion on martial arts teachers grading students and controlling attendance

So I've seen a few martial arts school, they have grade reports for students, they'll grade them according to how well they did on the class, they control attendance, for example if you were absent one day that you are supposed to go you have to justify your absence just like in school. In order to take exams to access higher ranks, you have to participate in at least 2 competitions on the training period before raking exams.

What do you guys think about this, do you think it's good to have this type of regulations?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Version of a Real Physical Game

I said physical game because basketball, volleyball, soccer and football use the body to play. There is a mental aspect to them but the mental is very slim. I have been thinking about this since yesterday and I want to share it with the blog. How should a real sport look like? Well the players can wear their jerseys and play their assigned position or whatever. However, there are couple of things that I would delete from the game: commentators, 'supporters', beer, hotdogs, Coca cola, Pepsi & & 7up..whatever type of soft drink. If there are people who are watching the game they should stay silent. Their mouth should completely zipped throughout the whole event!! We do not have time for people who needs to boost somebody's ego in the game so the player could feel better or worse about himself. You are watching them play and that's it. You are not here to judge how he plays. So keep your ass shut! The only noises you should hear are the noise of the ball and the athlete's feet stomping on the floor. Let's say we are playing soccer for example. I am choosing it because it is one of my favorite game to play. If somebody score a goal, everybody will go back to their position without saying anything or give anyone a hi-5. High-5 is enhancing a teammate's ego; we do not want that. Get it out of your mind. Also the team who got scored against will return to the kick-off without any yells or signs of anger or disappointment. The spectators would not clap or boo or do anything but to just watch. Also there would be no referee because the players would be their own referee. They know the rules already and they will respect them without any questions. No rules would be disputed. When the game is over, every player will bow to each other as a sign of respect. If someone ask a player: "Which team won?" The player will respond: "There is no winner or looser in this game. Only the game itself is the winner." My ideas can be applied to any type of sport no matter if it is football, basketball, rugby, name it. That is going to be too much to ask to the professional athletes, isn't it? Of course, they thrive off of winning against somebody, how could they understand what I am saying. The reason I see a real sport to be this way is because of the real Martial Arts. The Real Martial Arts are not for competition but for meditation. The people who are into sports can only understand me if they look into meditation. Otherwise, they will argue with me saying that my ideas are unrealistic and stupid. A Buddha will be misunderstood after all, especially with this unenlightened humanity.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fighters Are Always Against Martial Artists

If Fighters were allowed, then they would not like Martial Artists on the earth at all.  They would kill them, they would toss them out of the boat - because the only danger for the Fighter is spiritual awareness.  The more people that become spiritually aware, the more fighting loses luster. 

The Fighter is after power and the Martial Artist is not after anything.  The Martial Artist wants to live herenow, and the Fighter is always preparing for some future, a future which never comes.  The Fighter is always after some utopia; chasing it, after some dream.  It never comes.  

Fighters are always against Martial Artists.  If they are not, that simply means Martial Artists are not Martial Artists.  Then Fighters are competing in the name of Martial Arts. TKD, MMA, Karate - all competing in the name of Martial Arts.  

A real Martial Artist wants to live herenow.  He is not worried about the future and he is not trying to bring any revolution into the world, because he knows there is only one life and there is only one revolution and there is only one radical transformation - and that is one's own being.  

He wants to love, he wants to live, he wants to pray, he wants to meditate.  He wants to be left alone, nobody should disturb.  He does not want to interfere in anybody's life and he does not want that anybody should be allowed to interfere in his life.

Nirvana the last nightmare pg 54 - Osho
"Politician has been replaced with "Fighter"
"Religious People" has been replaced with "Martial Artist" 
Edits by Li Shui Long

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Switching stance

In life we never really know what's coming. Ok sometimes we do, but most of the time we don't. In those times, we can either stay the same and try to face the music the way we are. Or we can reorganize, change some stuff. We have to refresh, just like when that internet page we are looking for is bugging like crazy. Like in training, sparring or whatever, when your stuff doesn't work, it is good sometimes to switch stances. Just like in ideological conflicts, sometimes, taking another stance on something is better. So here it is, my newest beat; Switching stance

A Martial Artist is...

I would like to thank Sifu Freddie Lee for sharing this message on a video on his old YouTube channel. It was on one of your earlier videos where you were displaying powerful unarmed combat techniques on a grappling dummy. It was a very cool video; one of my favourites in fact.

More importantly however, it was this message that really gave a clear definition of what and who a  Martial Artist really is. Whenever people ask me what a Martial Artist is, I simply show them this and most often their confusion disappears.

I think that as people who strive to be true Martial Artists, we should all read this at least once a week so that we always remind ourselves of the path. I also think it is worth memorising, because once this information is engraved in one's memory, I find that it becomes difficult to stray off the path and lose the way.

Remembering this statement makes life so much clearer. It lights up the path of a Martial Artist, and thus many uncertainties disappear. Freddie, by putting content like this out there, you are doing a great service to many people. Please do keep this sort of thing up. Thanks again mate!.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ninja nate

I'm not saying he isn't good in fact he's better than ill ever be. What i don't like about him is he does these speed demos or kicking demos and its so obvious he speeds up his recordings. It just pisses me off when people do this only to get views and not showing their real skill.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nunchaku Training

So I might go and buy the real nunchakus, I have only the foamed ones, I think it's times to try a couple of basic moves with the real ones, to get the feeling of it, and I think it's good because it forces you to be careful with it, with foamed ones you can go crazy and lose control without consequences, but with the real thing you can't, and I think that's a way to test your real ability to control the weapon.

I'm still gonna keep using the foamed ones to practice all my moves and strikes, with the real ones, I'm just gonna take it slowly, one step at the time.

Gonna wear some headgear and some elbow pads aswell, even with the basic moves

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Great Wall of China

Hi all
Here is a great documentary that I recommend viewing if you have the time. It has a lot to teach regarding history in China. I personally find it very interesting. If you watch it, please do comment on what you have learnt from this fascinating documentary about Qi Jiguang and the longest structure in the world - The Great Wall of China.
"A two-hour drama documentary that illustrates a pivotal period in ancient Chinese history, which culminated in the creation of the Great Wall, a structure that symbolizes the strength and ambition of the Chinese nation and the relentless focus of the ruler and legendary general Qi Jiguang. Interweaving dramatisation and interviews with the world's foremost authorities on the Great Wall and the Ming Dynasty, the film unravels the epic story of the world's single greatest structure -- 3,000 miles of an impregnable fortress."  - Description on YouTube

I was unable to insert the video so here is a link that will take you there. ENJOY!...

My pumpkin this year

Hope it last carved it now because gotta move soon dont have time later

Natural Herbs

Im going to use this for a homemade dit da jow surprised to find it at Walmart a $1.12 a bag i will be using probably cheap bottle of vodka. The back of the bag states its good for bruises, cuts, and inflamation.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pascal Jaqoob

Does anyone know this guy?? he reminds me of Freddie... the hairstyle, the 1 thumb pushup and the human flag! lol

He also seems to have really strong fingers.... to be able to do pullups with 1 finger! WTF! (2 handed pullup on 1 finger..)

High kick

Felt like adding this in lmao :)


Wish i had a partner to hold my feet flat on the ground. My toes love pointing up as i start leaning back up straight


I used to do the dead lift until i noticed my lower back would hurt a lot. I'm glad to say i was never injured during those exercises. When performed the dead lift i made sure my back was straight as possible and i still had pain. For me the dead lift isn't worth the risk of hurting yourself over. I agree on Freddie's view on the dangers of dead lift their are other exercises you can do that target the same muscles as the dead lift and much safer.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I live in North Carolina in city of Fayetteville but will be moving out of state soon thank god even though it was under bad circumstances i care not to get into detail about it. My opinion of living here is not a good one. I said in numerous posts i walk to work and or bus to work. Everyday i walk to work or go to a store and I'm not kidding either. I get stopped by people bugging for cash sometimes 2 times or even! 3times!!! The people here seem lazy don't want to work bug for rides all the time making up lame ass excuses for money its pathetic. I sometimes gave money but i cant give everyone some especially up to 3times a day its ridiculous. If i go to walmart even on a bus ill be leaving out the doors and people be waiting out by the doors bugging for money its fucking crazy then they be like could you at least give me a ride smh then ill be like i rode a bus here. Where i used to live for years not one damn person asked me for money even riding two buses in a day to work im moving back this friday glad to get out this damn city.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Don't Advise

"Don't advise anybody: all your advise is dangerous because you don't knw what you are doing.  Don't try to change anybody, not even your son, not even your brother.  Nobody is in need of your change because you are dangerous.  You can cripple, you can kill, you can maim, but you cannot help transformation." - Osho

"Unless you are transformed don't move into another's life.  When you are filled with light you can help.  Really, then there is no need to make any effort to help.  Help flows from you just as light flows from a lamp, or fragrance comes out of a flower, or the moon shines in the night: no effort on the part of the moon, it just flows naturally." - Osho

"There is wisdom in not helping others, but to allow others to help themselves while you help yourself.  Every great teacher does not teach, he guides himself towards the light and allows others to guide themselves.  Let people be the way that they are, no change is required." - Li Shui Long

When You Change, The World Changes

"You can only change yourself, and the moment you are changed the world starts changing, because you are a vital part in it.  And when you are enlightened - changed, totally changed - you become more vital; you now have the supreme energy in you.  A Buddha simply sits under his bodhi tree and the world is transformed.  And the world will never again be the same as it was before Buddha." - Osho

"Training in meditation, in peace or sitting in meditation, in peace, is already enough to change the world.  There is no other responsibility other than this, if we can all be in meditation, the world will be in peace." - Li Shui Long

Do Not Be a Do-Gooder

"Doctors can kill you before your time; do-gooders can kill you before you are due, and do-gooders are always dangerous.  But you are all do-gooders in your own ways, small or big.  Everybody wants to change the other because everybody thinks the other is wrong; everybody wants to change the world.  And this is the difference between a political mind and religious mind." - Osho

"A political mind always wants to change the world because he cannot think that he is wrong: the whole world is wrong.  A religious person looks from precisely the other end.  He thinks, "I am wrong, that is why the world is wrong, because I contribute to the evil in it.  Through me the world is wrong.  Unless I change myself, there can be no change." - Osho

"The world is the way it is, I have contributed my wrong to this world, I must refocus my energies and bring them back in towards my personal development.  I must bring myself back onto the path towards the Way, I have been set off track and distracted by outsiders.  We must not seek to change others, we must change ourselves and be the change that we want to see in others.  The Way can never be forced, when it is the right time, people will come upon their own realization and lead themselves." - Li Shui Long

Don't Change Others, Live the Change You Wish to See

"You go on looking on the other as darkness.  This may give you an illusory feeling that you are light, but it cannot give you light.  And if you try to make the other enlightened because you think he is in darkness, that is going to make things worse; it is adding insult to injury.  In the first place darkness is projected by you, and in the second place you are not light yourself so you cannot enlighten the other." - Osho

"So people who try to transform society are the mischief-makers; people who try to change the outer are always dangerous. They are murderers in a very subtle way, but their murder is so subtle that you cannot catch it.  They don't kill you directly, but they cripple you, they cut you; and "for your own good," so you cannot say anything against them.  Your so-called saints are just trying to destroy the darkness which is not in you or may not be in you, but which they see to be there.  They see a hell in you because that is the only way they can see and feel themselves as heavenly." - Osho

"We must not aim to change others, we simply need to live the change that we wish to see.  The Way cannot be forced, it simply must be realized within, and then lived.  The Way cannot be organized and structured, it is a state of being." - Li Shui Long

How We Try to Be Good

"There are two ways to be good: being good, that is difficult; then there is another way to be good and that is relatively: prove that the other is wrong.  You need not be good, just prove that the other is wrong.  That gives you a feeling that you are good." - Osho

"Hence we go on proving that the other is a their, the other is the murderer, the other is the evil one.  And then you have proved that everyone is wrong, suddenly you have a feeling that you are good.  This is a relative phenomenon: no need to change yourself, just prove that the other is wrong.  And it is very easy; nothing is as easy as this.  You can magnify the badness in the other; you can magnify it and nobody can prevent you from doing it.  And before that magnified, projected badness, evil, you look simply innocent.  That's why is somebody says about someone, "He is a bad man," you never argue against it, never, you simply accept it.  Rather, on the contrary, you say, "I always knew that that was the case."  But if somebody says something good about someone you argue, you require proofs." - Osho

"Jesus might have said "if you don't want to be judged by others, don't judge yourself." I say that even if you do not judge others, others will still judge you.  But as a sage, a sage should not be proving that others are wrong, then he becomes just like all the others who judge that are wrong.  The sage should simply be, he should live, through his being, through his living, the wrong that is expressed around him will show itself, without the sage having to identify the wrong himself." - Li Shui Long

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Followers Corrupt The Way of the Master

"You ask: "How did Tantra grow out of Buddhism, which as far as I know views sex as a hindrance o meditation?"  Precisely because of that.  It is a rebellion against Buddhism, and it is for Buddha.  It goes against the followers, but not against the master.  The followers were carrying the letter, and Saraha brings back the spirit.  Saraha is a reincarnation of the same enlightenedness as Buddha was.  Saraha is a buddha." - Osho

"Throughout the ages, followers have corrupted the teachings of great Masters.  We need to learn directly from the Master, not from his followers.  The followers corrupt the teachings of the Master.  No organized religion has ever been able to express the true Way.  No Martial Art style has ever been able to express the true Way.  The true Way is expressed only by the Master.  Only the Master knows, and you must become the Master yourself, you must not remain a follower." - Li Shui Long

This is Enlightenment

"This is enlightenment.  This moment - with no ideals, with no desires, with nowhere to go; this moment - utterly relaxed in it, herenow - is the moment of godliness, the moment of truth." - Osho

"The more you get caught up in the business world, the harder it is to be in the moment, to be in awareness.  The way of business takes us away from this moment.  We need to make time every day to relax and be present." - Li Shui Long

The Image

"The image is not allowing you to have space, it is not allowing you to be.  The image has to be thrown out so you can have enough space to grow.  The image has become too huge, too powerful; it has taken over your whole house and you are living on the porch, it does not allow you to come in.  And the image which you have made out of ideals goes on condemning you, the creation goes on condemning the creator." - Osho

"You create the image and then you see there is a problem when the son goes on condemning the father, while the father goes on condemning the son.  You create the image and then you see there is a problem when the student goes on condemning the teacher, while the teacher goes on condemning the student.  The image must be dropped, the son, the father, the student, and the teacher must simply be allowed to be themselves." - Li Shui Long

The Ego is The World

"When the world disappears, the ego disappears - together; they are part of the same game.  Inside is ego, outside is the world.  They cannot live apart, they are always together.  When one disappears, the other disappears simultaneously.  Now the ego is not there and the world is not there." - Osho

"Social media is all ego, for many of us, social media is the world.  If we eliminate social media, the ego will disappear.  If we eliminate ego, our desire to engage in social media will cease.  Ego and social media go hand and hand, they coexist.  Silence is the elimination of ego, the elimination of social media." - Li Shui Long 

Whatsoever Happens, Happens

"And these things don't affect me this way or that.  Neither am I detached, nor am I attached.  I let things happen - whatsoever happens.  I have no longer any plan, and I have no longer any style to impose upon life.  I live spontaneously; whatsoever happens, happens, and I have no judgment.  And I don't say, 'It should have been this way.' I have no 'shoulds,' I have no 'should nots.'" - Osho

"Everything in life happens for a reason, everything that came to an end in my life ultimately led to something greater.  I grow through my struggles and challenges in life, that's what makes me stronger" - Li Shui Long

Break the house down

When i feel like tearing shit up, all i gotta do is workout, make music, play some hardcore video game or whatch some hardcore flic. We don't need to hurt others when we are pissed off or when we feel energized. There's a bunch of ways to express peacefully our energy and emotions. If you really feel like tearing shit down, you can get a job in demolition. There's always a way. So here's my newest creation; Break the house down

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A True Disciple Must Trust

"People ask me why I don't talk to the masses.  I don't talk to them because I have something to share, and that can shared only in deep trust.  that can be shared only in deep love.  I can only talk with people who are in love with me.  Otherwise it is meaningless: they will not understand, they will misunderstand.  There is no way to make it understood.  It can be communicated only when you are ready to respond." - Osho

"When your hearts are ready, open, I can play on your hearts and a great music can be born.  But if you come closed, untrusting, doubting, then I cannot create that music.  It is impossible because you won't allow me to enter into your innermost core of being and play on your heart.  If you won't allow me, then the music will not be created." - Osho

"And then you want to know whether the music exists - and the only way to make you aware that it exists is to create it in you.  You say, Yes, I will trust if I can experience the music."  The problem is that you cannot experience the music unless you trust.  It has to be created, only then can you know that it is.  But before it can be known, trust is a basic requirement." - Osho

"There are many that misunderstand my expression but yet there are some that truly understand.  Those that understand have opened up their hearts, those that misunderstand are the ones who are closed.  Sharing to the masses has gotten me into a lot of trouble.  It has made my life very difficult.  Usually this honesty can only be accepted after your death.  Just as Bruce Lee's books were all published after his death.  And these books by Osho have been transcribed from his talks after his death.  It seems that the people are more willing to open up when the teacher is dead rather than alive." - Sifu Freddie Lee

Love and Trust & Real Martial Arts

"You cannot share everything with everybody.  There are a few things which you can share only in love, there are a few things which you can share only in trust." - Osho

"Love and trust is the foundation of what family is all about.  If there is no love and no trust, there is no family.  Real Martial Arts can only be shared with family.  Real Martial Arts can only be shared with love and trust.  The masses cannot be loved and trusted.  Therefore Real Martial Arts cannot be shared with the masses.  Real Martial Arts can only be shared with family.  Everything that the masses believe is Real Martial Arts, is not truly Real Martial Arts." - Sifu Freddie Lee

Real Dancing and Real Martial Arts

"Two dancers are dancing.  One dancer is dancing only to perform, to feel the ego - that he i a great dancer.  It is a performance.  He is looking into people's eyes to see what they are thinking.  He is waiting for their applause,  He is hoping they are going to applaud him.  They will help his ego strengthen a little more.  And there is another dancer on the same stage, dancing because he enjoys it.  He is not performing.  He's not even bothering about whether people are applauding or not, whether people are there or not.  He is absorbed, utterly absorbed in his dance.  Will it be possible for you to make a distinction from the outside?  It will be very difficult.  More is the likelihood that you will not be able to make any distinction.  It is possible you may even think that the performer is a great dancer because he is speaking the same language of the ego which you understand.  The nonperformer may look a little crazy.  The nonperformer will be so spontaneous that unless you know the language of spontaneity you cannot understand him." - Osho

"The nonperformer that Osho is speaking about is exactly what it means to be a real Martial Artist.  This is what Bruce Lee brought up in his interview as well.  Bruce said that it is easy to go and put on a show to be cocky but to honestly be yourself and to express yourself honestly is not an easy thing to do.  That is what it means to be a true Artist.  You express yourself truthfully from within, not looking for outside approval or disapproval, you are simply just truly honest with your expression from the heart.  True Art is rare, that is what I promote, true Art, and true Martial Arts." - Sifu Freddie Lee

When You Love You Can Be Angry

"When you love you can be angry.  When you love you can afford it.  If you love yourself - and that is a must in life, otherwise you will miss your life - you will never be repressive, you will be expressive of whatsoever life gives.  You will be expressing it - its joys, its sadness, its peaks, its lows, its days, its nights." - Osho

"But you have been brought up to be bogus, you have been brought up in such a way to become hypocrites.  When you feel angry, you go on smiling a painted smile.  When you are in a rage you repress the rage.  When you feel sexuality you repress that and you go on chanting your mantra.  You are never true to what is within you." - Osho

"I have developed myself to the point where I have become true to myself within, few people understand my expression because they are living false lives, they are not true.  Only the true can understand the true." - Sifu Freddie Lee

My Anger

"For example, you have been taught never to be angry and you think that a person who is never angry is bound to be very loving.  You are wrong.  A person who is never angry will not be able to love either.  They go together, they come in the same package.  A man who really loves will sometimes be really angry.  But his anger is beautiful, it is out of love.  His energy is hot, and you will not feel hurt by his anger.  In fact, you will feel grateful that he was angry." - Osho

"Yes I am angry sometimes, but that is what makes me human, that is what makes me authentic and real.  America represses anger and sex.  I do not, I express both, I know this is the way, even though America condemns me for doing so.  There is a certain beauty with anger and sex when expressed in the right way.  As an Artist, I just have to find the creative ways of expressing this energy that will be the greatest benefit to all." - Sifu Freddie Lee

Flexing and working out without a shirt

I like to flex because it shows my progress and to see if there is areas i could work on. I like to work out shirtless is because it gets to hot and uncomfortable. If anyone has a problem with that i dont care what you think. Its not my problem your insecure about yourself and dont understand what being proud of yourself means. This is not directed to anyone on this blog its just my thoughts at the moment and i felt like sharing.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

My New YouTube Channel

Moving again!!!

I have to movie again sucks ill lose everything again and have to start fresh again. Im at the point where i just dont give a damn about anyone or anything but my training it will always be their for me pretty much the only thing that makes me happy. Ill admit sucks only owning a cellphone and some clothes on my back i guess thats life im sure their are others out there worse than me trying to keep my head up. Its a struggle im trying my best to fight it. I got some things to straighten out i may add more to this later.

Sifu Freddie Lee's video on students being enemies.

I realize you can not control the martial arts school you choose, you have to do what the martial arts instructor tells, you are the one who chooses the school, if you don't like it then leave, you are free to do that,if you want to train how to punch people on the face while they are on the ground, why on earth would you go to a Taekwondo school, I see people who want to learn how to choke, how to break arms, and how to fight in MMA, yet they go to a Kung fu or Taekwondo, Karate school, and say that it sucks.
I f I had told my Taekwondo instructor if we could train BJJ, he would've kicked me in the face because he didn't like MMA.

If you want to learn how to handle different types of weapons you cannot go to a boxing school and then criticize it for not teaching weapons

If you want to learn how to do all kinds of punching, kicking, knees and elbows combinations and the muay thai clinch, you cannot go to a WTF TKD school and then criticize it because it doesn't teach you Muay Thai boxing, if you wanted to learn all the striking, grappling, self defense techniques of Taekwondo then you'll have to find a really good school, instead of going to the first one you find.

Bjj is not in the Taekwondo curriculum, stick fighting is not in the Taekwondo curriculum, the instructor migh've teach me a bit of Judo, because it's his school and he can do whatever he wants, I'm the one paying to attend his school. That's why you have to choose your school wisely, find out why you are training, are you training for self defense, for fitness. to compete, for health, to have a balance between body mind and spirit, to beat down people and get into bar fights, to train in weapons; and then choose the school accordingly to what you want.


Once you begin your martial art journey, there is no end. Those that say: "I used to be a black belt when I was 10", or "I used to practice martial arts when I was young", are no longer martial artists/are not martial artist.

Martial arts is not a sport, like basketball. In basketball, often a basketball players retires. For example Michael Jordon. Jordon only played for a certain time period, then decided to retire. Martial artist do not train for a certain time period then quit/retire. They train till they die. They make martial arts part of their life.  You will only see a martial artist stop training (other then rest day) when they are dead. When they are dead the martial arts die with them, like for example Bruce Lee.

Think also about the shaolin monks. They practice martial arts as a part of their life. In fact martial arts to them is life. If they die, their martial arts die as well.

 At the moment people can still consider Jet Li as a martial artist. But what happens in 10 years time?
Will Jet Li still be training? Or will he be Dead? IF he stopped training because he no longer has motivation, then he is no longer a martial artist. IF he stopped, because he meets death then that martial art dies with him but his spirit still remains, and will resonate over generation to generation.

Martial artist are also not those people at the gym or, the people who does a workout program at home like P90X, for a specific time period. Like for example when they reach their destination time, they will decide to leave/quit. There is no destination for martial artist. There is only an infinite and continuous journey. That journey is like life.

Martial artist in my opinion has that self motivation to train.They do not need a goal (like become a master/black belt),  or an inspiration to motivate them. They are just simply motivated, why? WHY NOT.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Your killing me with these bjj bob videos good stuff


"The enemy has brought us into the war right on our own shore."  -John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia 1941 - 1945

Hi all
For those interested in history, I have embedded links that will lead you to a 2 part documentary series (broken up into 8 parts on YouTube) about Kokoda during World War 2. It will give you a good idea of what World War 2 was like in Papa New Guinea and just how far south Japan's empire managed to extend. This was the only time in history that modern Australia was threatened to be invaded. The documentary is rated PG.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

During World War 2 the Japanese killed 21 million civilians in the Asia-Pacific region. 19 Million were Chinese. Yet it took the deaths of under 3,000 American sailors in a relatively unsuccessful bombing raid on Pearl Harbor to decide the path that history would take.

Australia has participated in many wars in the last century to show support, providing aid to allied nations such as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (+Empire/Commonwealth) in Europe and Northern Africa during the World Wars, and the United States of America in Wars such as Vietnam and Iraq.

The war in the Pacific during World War 2 became personal. For the first and hopefully only time in history, Australia was not fighting to help another nation, but fighting for it's very survival.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Expressing yourself

To express yourself honestly is a way of life and of no ego. When you train, train with your heart put your soul into that current moment so that you know you did your best and know that you are expressing the real you not for other people to admire you because if you do that, that is a person looking for praise and is a slave to their ego. When you do not care about other people looking at you when you practice martial arts or are expressing yourself in any other art form you do not care how you look to them you are happy being you then you are no longer a slave to your ego.