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New music

I've just completed a new beat. Enjoy!

Religion is Love, Politics is the Opposite - “I Say Unto You” – Osho pg. 240-241

Religion is Love, Politics is the Opposite - “I Say Unto You” – Osho pg. 240-241

“Religion is love, intelligence, awareness, meditation, desirelessness, non-ambition.  And politics is just the opposite: ugly ambition, violence, aggression.”

“Politics is the desire to rule over others, and religion is the desire to free oneself from others and to free others from oneself.  Religion is freedom.  Those who love freedom, make others free also, and those who love slavery and want others to make others slaves, become slaves to their own slaves.”

“Remember that the very desire for power is an ugly desire.  It makes you ugly.  In a religious consciousness there is no desire to have any power over anybody.  That brings beauty; it brings freedom not only to you, but freedom for others too.” - Osho

True Martial Arts represents love, intelligence, awareness, meditaiotn, desirelessness, and non-ambition.  Corrupted Martial Arts is just the opposite, it is ugly ambition, violence, and aggression.

Corrupted Martial Arts is the desire to rule over others, true Martial Arts is the desire to free oneself from others and to free others from oneself.  True Martial Arts is freedom. 

In true Martial Arts there is no desire to have any power over anybody.  A true Martial Artist simply expresses himself honestly and inspires people to be true to themselves in total freedom. – SFL July 26 2015

The "effectiveness" of BJJ(explicit)

This is what it sounds like to me when you see two men rolling around on the ground with each other, wearing nothing but panties.

Warning!!! Explicit Audio..

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Hulk Hogan Racist Rant

Hulk Hogan Racist Rant

Racism is in your blood, that cannot be changed.  What you said is completely unacceptable.  What you said is the KKK blood within you, is the Hitler blood in you.  You cannot be cured; you’re like an old dog that cannot learn anything new.  The only reason you or your daughter is sorry is because you are sorry that you lost your fame and that your reputation has been severely damaged.  There’s no turning back, what is done is done, like Lance Armstrong, you have been exposed.  You are a fake.  You should have never been famous from the beginning, you should have never been idolized, you should have never become rich.  You should be thankful that you’ve been rich and famous for so long before being exposed.  You are just like a Lance Armstrong. 

Things about certain people cannot be changed.  A black person cannot not be black. He can try to be white all he wants, but it is in his nature to be black.  I stand against corruption in this world, that cannot be changed, it is in my blood, I can pretend to be a follower, but it is not in my nature.  A person that is gay cannot be forced to be heterosexual.  People are who they are.  A person with a racist heart, will forever be racist within, he cannot be changed.  He is genetically engineered to be racist.  He is genetically engineered to feel superior over all other races. 

Some people may say that it started from birth, the education, the media, etc.  I say that it has started way before birth.  Some people are born to feel superior; it is in their nature to be this way.  They cannot be re-educated to be nonracist, all re-education will be false, it will be a false mask.  Some people are born to be humble, others are born to be arrogant.  The nature from within cannot be changed, it can only be masked, covered up. 

There are people out there that are truly racist in the heart, nothing can be done.  With these individuals, separation is better than integration.  It’s like mixing in bad blood with good blood, mixing the bad with the good will ruin the good.  We have jails for a reason, we do not just allow mass murderers to integrate into civilization like they are regular people, no, they are locked away in prison cells because they are not meant to be integrated into society.  Any attempts in integrating them with society will jeopardize the health, safety, and wellness of the people. 

The hidden KKK members of society are severely damaging the people.  They are turning the people against one another, they are encouraging violence, death, and negativity.  Once these KKK members are identified, they need to be separated from the masses.  They cannot be put into positions of power.  They cannot be allowed to become Police Officers, Teachers, Entertainers, Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, etc.  Putting a KKK member into a position of power will further corrupt the people, will further spread the hatred and violence of society.  They must be separated from the masses. 

Like a person that has a deadly virus, the person must be separated and isolated.  He should not be allowed to be in contact with the masses to spread the disease.  Those with the naturally born racist heart cannot be cured, it is in their nature to be racist, it cannot be changed. 

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Police Murdered Sandra Bland

Police Murdered Sandra Bland

I hold the Police responsible for murdering Sandra Bland.  Regardless of whether or not they actually choked and killed her themselves or because she supposedly hanged herself by suicide.  Fact of the matter is, it is clear that they had abused their authority and were bulling her, causing her an immense amount of emotional distress that had led her to suicide.  It’s like a bully picking on someone weak at school so much to the point that the person ends up committing suicide, the bully is at fault for this abusive treatment. 

The Police have to know where to draw the line, I mean come on, the person failed to signal while making a lane change and now the person is dead because of that!  I can understand if the person just finished robbing a bank and you want to treat the person aggressively and then the person ends up committing suicide because of your aggressive treatment.  But this person simply did not signal during a lane change! 

Even if the person is being disrespectful towards the Officer, the Officer has to know when to let it go.  The Officer should have just let her off with a warning and be on his way, but no, it hurt his ego too much to allow a black woman to disrespect him and refuse to listen to his orders.  All over failing to signal during a lane change.  I can understand, if this person is a known felon, if this person has a violent history, then yes, the Officer must make sure that his orders and directions are followed, otherwise he will impose force to make sure his orders are followed.  But this is a female that is not a felon, that did not commit any serious crime, but as an Officer, he was just bullying her, physically and mentally, to the point where emotionally she could not handle it any longer and ended up committing suicide. 

Imagine sitting in jail for 3 days after being physically abused by the Police because you failed to signal during a lane change!  She probably was so angry that she did not know who to hurt other than herself.  Killing herself was her way of saying “Fuck the Police!”  She took her life to make a strong statement.  Would the Police treat her the same way if she was a White lady driving a Mercedes?

The Police forcing her out of her car, throwing her on the ground, putting their knees against her back and arresting her, and then abusing her verbally and physically to the point of her committing suicide over a failure to signal during a lane change, is like a Police Officer pulling a gun out at me ready to shoot and kill me because I killed a mosquito!  I refuse to put my hands up upon demand and then they go ahead and shoot me, because I killed a mosquito! 

They wanted to tase her because she refused to get out of the car, I mean, really, over a failure to signal during a lane change! These Officers egos are just way too big, they don’t know what the hell they are doing.  Just like that other Officer that pulled his gun out during the teenager pool party.  I mean really, you feel so threatened for your life from a bunch of young teenagers that you feel the need to pull your gun out and then drag a little teenage girl to the ground.  I guess when it comes to black people, the Police are just always on high alert, ready to shoot, ready to kill.  And then we have those Officers that shot and killed a Hispanic man standing in front of his bicycle with his friends.  He dropped his hands on a few occasions and that cost him his life.  I mean really, you can’t find another way to gain control of someone other than to kill him?  The Officers could have easily tased him or even pepper sprayed him or even used a baton on him but no, they just shot and killed him, like his life was nothing, like killing a dog that won’t stop barking. It’s very disappointing to see this sort of Police corruption, it’s really sad.

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Axe kick

Overweight People

I enjoyed this little video, and thought he makes some good points.


Well, my brother and father were at a restaurant at night around 10 pm, 3 stories high, they were at the last floor of the building.

Some criminals entered the place, armed with firearms, big guns, even shotguns, they were like 4 of them. My brother and dad didnt even realized the criminals had entered because they were on the last floor, so they couldn't hear that somebody entered. They were near the stairs so the crimianal who went up first ,approached them first, my dad didn't even realized what was going on, my brother realized what was happening and so my dad did aswell, they searched their pockets and jackets and bags, they took everything, so it might be dangerous to carry weapons, if they find out that you have one, you are in danger, maybe leave it at the car or something.

Later after talking to the people downstairs, they were the criminals broke some cables, and stole some computers, the police arrived 5 minutes after the criminals were gone. Nobody got hurt, at the exception of  a worker who got hit, but no one was shot luckily.

We can only learn from this, my brother and dad were carrying papers, credit cards and bank stuff, so you should never carry all kinds of paper and stuff with you. Leave them in the car or something. I don't have a smart phone, I avoid carrying expensive stuff with me, but my dad because of work, needs one, so he left his email account logged in,  and fb, so never let your stuff open like that, always sign out from computers and devices. Don't buy expensive shit that you carry everywhere. And as showed here, when people cooperate with the criminals, they just steal and go, don't try to be hero, or chances are you'll die, because if you train and have weapons, you have no chance against several armed criminals, nobody else trains and worries about self defense, chances are you'll be outnumbered. Only reason I might think of attacking the criminals, was if they were killing people, and it's just certain they are gonna attack me or someone I care about. In situations like this I truly believe all chances are against the civilians, so they should just cooperate and get it over with.  Also the area they went is not a dangerous area so to speak, but it's a little bit isolated, it's in an alley that goes perpendicular to the avenue. so avoid going to restaurants at night that are isolated. And try to sit away from the entrance or stairs, so if anything happens, you'll at least have some more time to realize and prepare mentally for what's about to come, unlike my dad who didn't realize what was going on, so the criminal got a bit more violent because he didn't got an expected reaction.

I truly believe that society favors the criminals, we as civilians can't carry firearms, we get bombarded with fake martial arts, nobody thinks about security protocols, they don't have plans in case shit goes wrong. We don't get proper education in those aspects, they make you believe that by training muay thai and BJJ you can kick some ass and defend yourself, bullshit. But the criminals have access to all kinds of weapons. The people who should have access namely the martial artist, don't have access. And people who think they train martial arts, aren't really doing it, they either train on an incomplete system, or they train to hurt people.

We need to be aware, because ait could happen at any moment, and everywhere.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What to do if you don't have a firearm

Where I live you can't carry a firearm, it's not legal for the civilian, you can have a permission to have one in your house, but you can't carry it. But the criminals out there, they carry firearms. What are we supposed to do in this case, I can train in other weapons, lethal and non lethal, but they are nothing compared to the firearms. I think that's the only we thing we can do in this case, train in other weapons and try to avoid danger as much as possible.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weak military press

I went to a friends house the other day and he had a weight bench. So i tried to do military press my max was 120lbs which i haven't used a weight bench since i moved from nc about a year ago.  Im 165lbs and 5 11 what do you guys think is that bad lol

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I am an ordinary man in meditation.  Like a Buddha who sits under a tree, there is nothing extraordinary, there is nothing to brag about, there is nothing to showcase, there is nothing to highlight.  If you take a picture every day, it will nearly look the same, the body will age, the tree will age, the weather will change, but there is no action, he is just a man sitting in stillness.  The clothes may be different, but the action remains the same, he is in stillness.  There is nothing extraordinary in his stillness. 

I train everyday, I bike everyday, I eat everyday, I sleep everyday, I read everyday, I write everyday.  Everything I do is ordinary.  I do the same exercises over and over; some days I lift more, some days I lift less.  Some days I do more repetitions, some days I do fewer repetitions.  There is nothing extraordinary in what I do, what I do, people have seen before.  It is like watching a man who is sitting, standing, or walking, it is nothing new.  It is nothing to be excited about, nothing to admire, nothing to photograph, nothing to brag about, it is ordinary. 

The difference is the quality from within, the meditativeness from within.  Although I do it everyday, the quality of meditation makes it seem as if it is the first experience.  To me it is not a routine, it cannot be, every moment there is change.  The body and mind cannot be the same moment to moment, every moment the body changes, every moment the mind is changing, until you grasp control of this mind and stop the thoughts.  Every day is a different day; it is impossible for any two days to be exactly the same.  Every day is something new, a new experience. 

The lifestyle of a Martial Artist to me is similar to a basketball player.  A basketball player can play thousands of games, and every single game will be different, there will never be two games that are exactly the same.  The game is not extraordinarily exciting, like watching a magician of whom you expect to see a different magic trick every single time, no, the game is very basic, so basic that you rarely even see any extraordinary slam dunks like the ones you see in the slam dunk contests.  You simply see shots being made, people dribbling and passing the ball, every game is 48 minutes long.  The difference in games are minor, one day he scores more, another day he scores less.  One day he gets more steals and rebounds, another day he gets less.  Day in and day out, he is playing the game.

But imagine this game when there is no such thing as winning or losing.  Imagine this game where there is nobody playing but yourself.  Imagine this game that lasts not just for a few years or a few decades but for your entire life.  This is what Martial Art is to me, you simply train in meditation for life.  You don’t train to win or lose; you simply train in meditation, in awareness.  The training is simply the active expression of Buddha’s sitting meditation under the Bodhi tree.  It is nothing special; it is very ordinary, nothing extraordinary.  It’s the same thing over and over.  People will just walk on by, not even taking a second glance because it is nothing new and exciting.  Like the crashing waves against the shore, like the flying birds in the sky, like the fish swimming in the ocean, it takes a man of meditation to appreciate its ordinary beauty.