Sunday, November 30, 2014


No complaints for those that do what they love to do. As long as you feel that is what you love to do. No right or wrong.

Lovers loves to love Lol
Fighters loves to fight
Haters loves to hate
Artist loves to express their art (martial artist, dancer, musician, drawer artist etc.)
Skeptics loves to be skeptics
Critics loves to criticize
Healers loves to heal
Trollers love to troll
Players loves to play
Teachers loves to teach
Analyst loves to analyze
Liars loves to lie
Fakers loves to fake
Bullies loves to bully.
Strikers loves to strike
Grapplers loves grapple
Defender loves to defend (themselves and others)
Protectors loves to protect ("                              ")
Helpers love to help.
Runners loves to run
Gamers loves to play game
Trainers loves to train (anything in general)
Practitioner loves to practice ("                ")

Just do what you love to do. We are all given different and multiple choices to do what we love to do.
Find something you love to do, and do it!

There will be people that might say certain things that people love to do is wrong. Well that's just them and their choice to believe what is right or wrong. There are many things that I feel I should disapprove. But I better not. I say just do what you all love to do.

Many people will realize what they think they love to do is not what they really love to do. DON"T THINK, FEEL WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO.

Ultimately I shouldn't use labels, but I'm just using it to help people understand what I'm sharing.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Randomised Collection of Wise Quotes #2

Hello Everyone!

I haven't posted anything during November as I have been doing end of year examinations. With exams out of the way now I will have much more time to train and write blogs over the next two months before I embark on my last year of secondary school in February 2015.

In this blog I shall be continuing my 'Randomised Collection of Wise Quotes' series of blog posts, quoting sages and writing my interpretative understanding below each quote.

* "The source of human suffering is that everyone chooses one side and refuses to see the other side..."  -Liou Kia-Hway
This quote especially applies to wars in my opinion. War is most often based on a lack of understanding, and thus people become scared. When people are scared of the unknown they ether flee or lash out, often starting wars. This seems to be typical human nature.

* "Like the silkworm you have built a cocoon around yourself. Who will save you?. Burst out of own cocoon and come out as a beautiful butterfly, as the free soul."  -Swami Vivekananda
I really relate to this one. When many people are born, they are often probably more spiritual then they ever will be in their lives. This is because they haven't yet been forced to conform to society. When I started primary school, I was forced to not be myself. To not be authentic. If I was myself then I would be bullied pretty badly. I had formed that cocoon around myself. Some years later when my parents realised that attending mainstream school was doing me more bad then good, they took me out of school to do home education. It took me years to recover, to find myself and break out of that cocoon that formed during those years of hardship.

* "What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind."  -Shakyamuni                                                    
I believe it was Buddha who said "with our thoughts, we make the world". Basically what I get from this is that we decide our own personal futures.

* "Becoming conscious of what we really are, that is what we call enlightenment".  -Zen Saying
A more detailed description of this topic was stated by Taisen Deshimaru: "If we understand our doubts, our sufferings, our life, with every cell in our bodies, this is enlightenment."

* "The key to cosmic awareness, to a consciousness of God, is in the understanding of the soul."  
-Rabindranath Tagore                                                                                                      
Understand yourself in order to understand the world.

* "Be not Canadian, American, German, Chinese, South African, British, Russian, Iranian, Mexican, etc. Instead be a citizen of the Earth!!!"  -Unknown
What ever silly label society gives you, in reality we are all just human beings. What ever language we use, what ever cultural practices we live by, we all have the same basic emotions. We naturally recognise our similarities as infants. When we are old enough we are sent to school to become educated. We are often taught about the difference between countries and people's rather than the similarities. Eventually some of us may realise that these differences are not what is important. What is important is that we are all human beings with the same emotions as each other. That is why we should treat others in the same way that we ourselves wish to be treated.

* "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
-George Bernard Shaw
I see so much truth in this. I know a gentleman of 94 years of age, a veteran of the Second World War. He is very involved with the church and the local community. Only last year he was president of about 7 local clubs. By being active and helping people, he has given his heart a reason to beat.

* "Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished."  -Unknown
There is so much truth to this. I don't even know were to start. We may rush things such as projects in life, and this can often result negatively in the short or even long term. Things often tend to work out well in the end, especially if they are let to go at there own pace - naturally. To let go of the control of many things is probably to let go of the ego. To summarise my interpretation of this teaching, I shall say: "Just let go and things will sort themselves out."

* "Simplicity is the most difficult of all things."  - Swami Ajaya
Throughout our lives we have been trained to understand complexity and to further complicate things. I see that this is necessary; however, what is also necessary is that we always remember how to keep things simple. This is difficult because society dose not promote this. And thus an imbalance has been created. It is up to the individual to rediscover simplicity. Not too many people achieve this. It is after all, "the most difficult of all things". I think that to have successfully completed the circle of simplicity to complexity to simplicity again, is part of the journey of enlightenment.

* "Our everyday life is in the realm of good and bad, the realm of duality, while Buddha nature is found in the realm of the absolute, where there is no good and no bad."  -Shunryu Suzuki
Something that is good for me is not necessarily good for someone else. My good could be your bad and my bad could be your good. So how could there be a universal good and bad? I believe that Buddha saw this, and thus he no longer saw the world as ether being separated into the good and the bad, but saw himself, the world, the universe as a single entity. He saw it as the absolute, or as some may refer to it - the whole.

* "The cosmos is everything: the stones, the mountains, the trees, the flowers, the grasses, the stars . . . all that is nature and all that is not nature, the artificial and all products that are human, material and spiritual, and space and time."  -Dogen Zenji
Everything is one. Everything has always been one. Everything will always be one. I am not different to you. Therefore, it would be senseless not to show each other anything but respect.

* "All things that have flowered return to their root. This returning to the root has a name: Quite."
-Lao Tzu.
I so have to read the Tao Te Ching! I really like this quote. I kind of understand what Lao Tzu is expressing; however, I'm not sure how to put the meaning of this teaching into words. So here's a question I have for you guys. How do you interpret this wise teaching?

Thanks for reading!

Randomised Collection of Wise Quotes #1:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blacks in Need of Loving Themselves

The other day I was hanging out with my friend and my friend's family. While we were in the car, my friend's father was like: "I just saw two Haitian men at the Casino; they stink and they are dark." Mind you, his wife's skin is dark and two of his daughter's have a dark skin. In my mind, I was saying: "Did you actually realize what you just said? Did you honestly listen to yourself?" Not only you say they stink but their skin color is also a problem too. When I was telling one of my brothers this story, he replied that he has the right to his opinion. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when you say stuff like that, you are being racist towards your own race. That is not an opinion of me, this is fact. I know this post is racial but I have to tell you that we, blacks, have been taught to believe that anything that is dark is ugly, evil, whatever negative label you want to associate it with. It is all over religion, the news, the movies. People are still making jokes about how you cannot see a dark skin black man when you turn off the light or something like that. A lot of people find that funny but I do not. I cannot laugh at this. Okay if you do not like people that are dark, fine I am not going to bother. But when there is about 90% of the people who believe that being dark is ugly, don't anybody feel that there is something wrong with society? I just want to know. These black people will be the same damn motherfuckers who are going to express remorse right after a policeman shot a dark skinned black man. In my opinion, you do not even need to even feel remorse towards that kind of individual because you were already making him feel like shit. I don't know why you even bother expressing sadness or anything like that. You want this to happen. You even want your own race to be completely wiped out! So if any black man died, all of you who keeps making dark skinned people feel like shit should shut the fuck up! I ain't got time to listen to your fucking complaints until you motherfuckers learn to love your race! Me I love my blackness as it is. I don't want to change it because it was given to me by nature. Trying to blonde my hair and bleach my skin would be a sin against nature. I have no hope for this race anymore. Actually, I have no hope for any race whatsoever. I only have hope on individuals who love themselves 100%. Self-love cannot be found in race, nationality, or anywhere else. It is only found within.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My feelings towards stalkers (poetry)

I'm going to be real right now & this is no make belief
that people who stalk the helpless needs to be six feet underneath
the innocence of young children to them is like valuable treasure for a thief
trying to gain the trust of their target with the filth they unsheath

unable to gain affection from the opposite sex
maybe because they do not have visible muscles to flex
now out of pure frustration they want to mess with a girl or boy
these type of individuals should oblige to be prison as an inmate's sex toy

I'll never show remorse towards a Sandusky
they deserve the worst punishment trust me
intentionally prey upon those that can't fight back
pathetic scum like these are obligated to receive physical attack

child stalkers are one of many reasons why the world is corrupt
& the masses are completely filled with cowards who do not want to man up
very unwilling to address such a relevant issue
just sitting there pouting all the time let's give them a tissue

If a person even thinks about touching my child there wont be any DNA evidence
for I will bury their hides in places that have little to no relevance
when it comes to a stalker I possess zero tolerance
always thinking about fulfilling the sick fantasies that makes them stain their pants

the mentality of these people make me sick
I just want to bash their face in with a brick
when I'm finished with them their own blood is the only thing they'll ever lick
a violent retribution shall reign upon such a despicable prick

concerning predators now you know where I stand
resorting to assault children because they can't receive attention from a woman
If I saw this person hanging on a ledge I'd step on his hands
they are easily compared to nothing but trash in a can

this is a warning to all you disgusting perverts out there so you better listen dear
my pride & joy you will never dare go near
or you will know the true meaning of fear
before I knock you so hard you'll find yourself within the earth's atmosphere.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Why the Friend Zone is Fucked Up (Explicit)

Be aware, this post will be very explicit and offensive.  Viewer discretion is advised.
"Any guy upset about being in the "friend zone" was never a true friend. He was just another guy working an angle to get what he wants. True friends are happy to be just that..." Anonymous quote 
That statement to me a bunch of bullshit, when I was young I used to think that way as well, my aim was to be a nice guy, to be a true friend to a fine lady, but as I have aged and have learned more about women and about this world, I think very differently now.  I think the friend zone is a bunch of bullshit.  It gives a so-called “beautiful” woman a sense of power and control over you. 
She knows that you want her sexually but even though she is not interested in you at all, she still wants to keep you around for an ego trip.  To make her feel good about herself, to make her feel like she is hot shit when she is not.  She is using this stupid lonely man to boost her ego in thinking, “hey I might not be able to get the man that I really want, but at least I have this man on the side that loves me no matter what.”  She keeps going around collecting more and more of these stupid ass lonely men to become her little fan base, to feed her compliments and make her feel so good about herself while she searches for the real man that she wants of fuck the shit out of and give her pussy to.
She uses the sissy men for free dinners, free gifts, free psychological advice, and unlimited compliments, which she fucks the bad boy.  And then she uses the lonely men for relationship advice about the bad boy that she is fucking.  The lonely man who is really a boy just becomes her puppet to use and control for her own selfish reasons.  She’ll let you buy her gifts, buy her meals, she’ll let you drive her around, she might dance with you a little at the club, but she will never give her pussy to you, she will only give it to the real man that she is attracted to, she is using you like a fucking fool and you have fell for the trap, you are a fucking idiot for allowing yourself to be trapped in the friend zone. 
If she was truly your friend, she would share her body with you; she would be affectionate to you as you want to be affectionate to her.  Like 2pac said, it’s an equal exchange. If she doesn’t want to share her body with you, she is basically telling you that you are ugly, so you either need to work on yourself to become handsome or just move the fuck onto the next woman who will actually find you attractive.  Staying around this conceited bitch will fuck up your life. 
And I will tell you this, if you find some other woman that actually cares and loves you and is very attractive, this conceited bitch will be jealous as fuck and then all of a sudden she will start acting like she is attracted to you when she is not, she just wants you to remain under her control even though she isn’t evenly exchanging her pussy for your dick.  She wants you to treat her like she’s your girlfriend, even when she is not.  She wants you to be in love with her as if she is giving you the pussy even when she is not, it’s a bunch of bullshit, get the fuck away from this bitch and find a real woman that loves you fully for you that is attracted to you, don’t waste your time on these conceited bitches. 
Think about it like this, you really want this job at a certain company, you apply and they deny you, are you going to stick around and try to apply again?  Well even if you do, the deny you again, then you try again, and they deny you again, then they say, we don’t want you here.  Well you need to leave and go work somewhere else where they will not deny you, don’t waste your life away applying to a company over and over again that has already decided that they don’t want you.  Get the fuck out of the friend zone. 
Find a woman that loves you for you, don’t hang around a woman that will be using you as a puppet while she gathers up all these men all over her to bow down to her pussy even though she isn’t even giving it up to them, while she chooses some random dude at the club to have a one night stand with, fuck that.  I’d rather be the bad boy that gets the pussy than the nice idiot who gets one hug on his fucking birthday that provides free service and spends a fortune on a bitch who he isn’t even fucking.  That’s just my opinion.

Response to an Intelligent Facebook Post

"Any guy upset about being in the "friendzone" was never a true friend. He was just another guy working an angle to get what he wants. True friends are happy to be just that..."

I could not agree more. This kind of guy has no heart to love a woman. All he cares about is his own selfish wish and do not even really care for the women. Why are you upset about being in the friend zone? Why is that a problem for you? Why do you feel that you either go under her pants or be her boyfriend? If the relationship is meant to be, it will happen. If it is not, then oh well there are plenty of people you can be with. Just be her friend or even best friend. It also makes me think about people who work out just to get more muscular and if they do not become it, it upsets them. I guess you did not love working out. You only focused on the end goal, that is why you can never be truly meditative.

What if

What if the world would stand strong, united as one? What if we could stand up, rise all toguether and shut down hells gate once and for all? What if we could lift the pain, what if we could bring true justice to this world? Whaf if we could help build, all toguether a world of peace and equilibrium? What if hate could turn itself upside down and become love for everyone? Call this optimism, call this hope, call this dreams, call this impossible, call this a big load of crap. But What if? It starts with a belief, it changes itself into a dream, it changes itself into a possibility, it changes itself into actions, it changes itself into facts, it grows into exemples, it changes itself into leadership, it then changes itself into power, then you have the choice. You can use that power to cure, or you can use that power to hurt, destroy, kill. Will in motion we are as humans. Passion, dedication, discipline, love, efforts, sincerity. We can all make a positive change. What if?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Musician's day?The day of the martial artist?

Ok, so I've heard a lot of talk, and received comments about the day of the musician, being a musician it pisses me off lol.

Like Freddie said, training martial arts is like brushing your teeth, or taking a shower, like breathing, it's just what you do. The same with music.

So also, when people are like, congratulations on the musicians day, you are awesome because you play music, you are great because you can sing a few notes, or play a few chords. I feel like they tell me, congratulations for brushing your teeth, or showering, you are awesome for applying the  soap correctly, or for applying toothpaste correctly on the toothbrush.

We musicians, martial artists, think we are so special, but the truth is, a lot of people do what we do, and better than us aswell. We just do those things because we like them, not because they are "special" as some people say, just because instead of that, they do something different.

Call me an ungrateful bastard, but I hate being complimented for just being a musician, I rather be told how great my skills are with music, not just, oh you are musician therefore you are awesome. No, that doesn't mean anything, is the everyday work that counts.

And just like the the martial arts, music has been corrupted by the industry to make all kinds of money, so it's not even a positive thing anymore, nowadays everybody is a freaking musician. Everybody is a martial artist, that doesn't make you awesome. Being a true martial artist,a true musician, that's what counts, not for your friends or family, or other people, but for you.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The process of developing yourself to become a Martial Artist that truly has the ability to defend oneself from great harm is not very much an easy process, at least not the unarmed combative portion of it. It requires a lot of physical fitness training, combative technique training, and spiritual work. What you have stated is a spiritual understanding, but the combative technique training which incorporates "sparring" which is like a fight simulation process of development takes time and is a delicate process. During the sparring, you will be facing up directly to your own ego and this challenges your spiritual level of development.

Through sparring, you can come to the ultimate realization that there is nobody you are really fighting but yourself, and you can come to the realization that there is no need to fight, you can just relax onto yourself. But then, you can see that even though there is no need to fight, you still fight anyway because it is fun to fight, it has turned into a game. Not to be taken too seriously. When sparring has turned into a game for fun, then your abilities in true self-defense will increase because you have engaged into this game so many times that it has become so natural to you, the fear is no longer there, you know what you are capable of because you have demonstrated your abilities to yourself day after day in sparring.

Then it becomes like swimming, biking, running, walking, eating, drinking, making love; there is no question of whether or not you can do it, you know you can do it because you have been doing it every single day in joy. Now you can defend yourself but you don't even know you can defend yourself, it has become such an integral part of your life that it is nothing special, nothing to brag about, nothing to feel prideful about, it is like breathing, you are not special over the next person because you can breathe, everyone can breathe!

You are not special because you can fight, everyone can fight, but those who put more time in development in their craft or art develop a certain level of proficiency and skill and when you notice somebody who has been working very hard at something for a very long time, some times you cannot help but stop, watch, and admire, but for the person engaged within the practice of his Art, he does not notice that he is doing anything out of the ordinary. Like a lion who is just relaxing at the Zoo wondering why the hell everybody is standing around watching him!? Well, he is not aware that he is a lion!

Day after day

Being healthy, striving for health is something that is to be done everyday. It is not easy, sometimes i surely want to give up everything. Sometimes i make choices that are not healthy at all. But, i try to learn from my mistake and do better each and everytime. Day after day i wake up, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. My mood varies a lot. It doesn't show up much tho, i keep those things for myself. Life ain't easy. But we can sure make a difference, day after day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You are going to die anyways

I read a post on facebook news feed today, it says:

"Did you know?

If you eat healthy, sleep well, work out, and drink lots of water, you are still going to die"

This post received a decent amount of likes and comments approving it.

Well, my question for them is: Why don't you kill yourself? You are going to die anyways, you might aswell, if you are going to live a crappy life, full of unhealthy behavior and sickness, if you don't care about your healtyh and well being, you might aswell.

X-rated poectic rant against fans of MMA

These Gracie loving motherfuckers are really pissing me off
the so-called greatest fighting style in cage is so easy for me to scoff
I tried explaining to these fuck boys with no avail
that if those who enjoy anally penetrating men deserves to be put in jail

This blow job jujitsu bullshit belongs in the bedroom
then the two lovers can become engaged in Vegas as man-bride & groom
pit Rickson against an armed man & watch Mr. Gracie meet his doom
this partial fag's life is over the moment that pistol goes boom

to say that all fights end on the ground is a bold faced lie
one wrong move in the streets & most likely you will die
an instructor that does not acknowledge the gun is a fraud
constantly fucking you off your money while you're stroking his rod

a crowd of guys watching two men fucking together in the cage
having the nerve to say this is the greatest form of entertainment ever made
apparently gay porn is an MMA rapist's media of choice
worshiping a worthless piece of shit who just so happens to be named Royce

fuck McDonalds Martial Arts & Blow Job Jujitsu
& these cage fighters that enjoy sniffing each others poo
Dana White loves the erect dick & he knows it's true
If you're down with MMA then fuck you too

not to be homphobic but BJJ is for fags
I will never bite my tongue for these down low douchebags
wishing they could wear a gi bottom that sags
those who enjoy choking each other might as well sport rainbow flags

proud supporter of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu so continue to weep
learn to stand up & fight so you wont be put to sleep
the bullshit in which you persistently sew you shall reap
pay attention motherfucker for this is one of life's many lessons you need to mentally keep...

My philosophy on fighting

My personal view on fighting is it should not be done unless to protect your family or preserve your way of life. If you think about the reasons why people fight it boils down to they want to prove either to themselves or to other people that they are superior to you by kicking your butt. If someone doesn't like you cause of the way you look or is rude and is being an asshole to you the best thing is to do is either walk away and not be bothered by it because whats the point it won't change anything getting mad over it besides your not gonna let someone ruin your time so let it go and move on. I have never fought and don't wish to unless to perserve my life or my families (when I get one). Even if they are chalanges don't accept because you have nothing to prove to anyone if you say you have something to prove to yourself then you are uncertain of your own skill as a martial artist and need to spend more time training until you are certain of yourself then you will not need to prove anything cause you are self sufficient in your art.
Walk on and be well my friends.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Games vs Reality

Before I go to sleep, I would like to write something about games and how people are mindless when it comes to games. When people talk of real games, they see a big crowd watching players perform. Otherwise it is not real. That itself tells me that society has no idea what reality is. How can a game be real? Can somebody please explain how a game is real? A game to me is a game. It is nothing more than just that. It doesn't have anything to do with reality no matter if there is a big crowd or small crowd or no crowd at all! In addition, people would say shit like: "If you cannot do what you do in training in real games, then you are a pussy and you suck." Okay, first of why are you judging a player for? Does that make you feel better about yourself or do you think you can do better than him or her? If so, you probably suck not just as a player but as a person too. How dare you call him a pussy when you yourself is not even playing the game? To even step in the court, that already means a lot. It does not matter how he performs according to your standard, the fact of the matter is he or she is playing and you are not. So shut up, you arrogant prick and fuck you too! What makes you think that he needs to prove himself to you? What, are you God??... That is the problem I always have with people who watches games in television: they feel like they own the right to judge anybody when they should be judging themselves. Instead of watching the sport, why don't you play it and see for yourself how hard it is? I know that I wrote something like that in the past before but it really pisses me off when people do not even take time to look inside themselves and realize how wrong they are. Another question I have for these arrogant bastards: what makes you think that somebody needs to win or loose? Nobody needs to loose or win. YOU are the one who wants to see a team loose and you also are the one who wants to see a team win. Humans are so fucked up that they cannot realize that a game does not need a winner nor a looser. It is really not important. The important thing is who had the most fun. You can win a thousands of games and never enjoy what you do. You are going against your nature without even realizing it. One more thing, society is a big game itself. There are rules in society so that makes it a game to play. So do not take society seriously, otherwise it will eat you up! The only thing to take seriously is your soul within. There is no rule around the soul expression. It is here and now. It is always in the present moment. There is no life without it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

MMA is not the way(explicit poetry)

Another verbal attack heading a ground fighter's way
here comes the second chapter of my personal feelings towards MMA
witnessing the corruption that transpires in the cage everyday
the majority of society will gnash their teeth before the words I say

with that being said I'm going to make this loud & clear
not repeating myself again so you better listen carefully hear
honestly I could care less if you are queer
just forget about trying to make me have puss all over my ear

fighting in a cage is not the way to go
I'd rather reign a prolific beatdown amongst my foe
there is a difference between martial artists & fighters that many do not know
a path of demoralization & destruction is what ground fighters shall bestow

there are no regulations when you fight in the streets
try your combat sport technique against a person who packs the heat
it matters none when it comes to how many times you compete
you could die before even realizing your tactics are obsolete

the mentality to be had upon an MMA rapist is that of a fool
for they have been misguided by their peers at the combat sport school
a cage fighter's spirituality can be easily compared to that of canine drool
never was taught that striking a downed opponent is against the golden rule.

to put it this way you rapists will never understand
I definitely will not ride along with the combat sport loving band
not every male is willing to get intimate with another man
ground wrestling with a female companion is more of my initial plan

so do not call me a homophobe because I don't like dick
there is more to martial arts than just learning how to punch & kick
get it in your head hold that thought let it stick
dry humping a male on the ground is a fight I do not desire to pick

Anderson Silva using the wooden dummy

OMG LOL, at least he's using it.

Ready to live again

I've had my share of problems in my life. Every man and woman of this world also have to face them, it's part of living. I've been closed minded over a bunch of stuff in my younger years, i was pissed at so many things. I'm still pissed today but not like i used too, or may i say it's different. I've also been single for a long time now .Years went by, i've been through different struggles and now i can say that my heart is ready. I'm ready to love again, ready to meet a great woman and experience life to the fullest. And since love is life and vice versa, i named my newest beat; Ready to live again. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

RE:FMK Advance sparr

I just saw the FMK combative demo #28.

It was awesome, but I sense a lot of yang energy during sifu Freddie Lee and his disciples sparring. I hope everything fine, and there were no anger, and no severe injury involved.

I'm only used to watching the FMK light contact safe sparring. I' have seen Sifu and Davin sparred but I didn't sense a lot of yang energy. I sense balance.

But Looks like I have to adapt to watching the new advance sparring videos. I know in reality, there will be a lot of yang energy being expressed, and that's what you have to prepare for. I wish the people in FMK good luck, for training in this advance safe sparring.

I don't really know if this advance safe sparring is 'New"? If so then train well, stay healthy... peace.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


FMK Advanced Safe Sparring with medium to hard contact can be quite dangerous.  It is like lifting heavy weights.  You can injure yourself if you do not do it correctly or in the case of sparring in particular, you can injure your sparring partner.  It requires control of the body, control of the techniques, and control of your emotions.  It also requires the Artist to be in a state of meditation free from thoughts. 

You are to spar with intensity but without anger, fear, or emotions.  It is a difficult state to achieve.  One punch, one kick, one elbow, one knee strike can cause a broken tooth, a broken nose, broken ribs, broken bones, and in the worst case even death.  An advanced Artist must be very careful how to execute the combative techniques with proper control to protect his safety as well as the safety of his sparring partner. 

If he is too soft, he risks being injured himself, if he is too hard, he risks injuring his sparring partner.  It is an act of balance, like walking on tightrope.  The advanced Artist must aim to teach the student how to get better at defending himself but yet he must not cause too much damage onto the student.  The Artist must also be very careful as to not allow the student to strike him as the beginning student may lack body control, technique control, and emotional control.  The student may unconsciously execute a dangerous technique at the Artist putting the safety of the Artist in jeopardy if he does not get out of the way.  It is like having an unarmed Artist sparring against a student who is wielding a real knife, regardless of how trained the Artist may be, the student is a great danger to the Artist when he is wielding a knife. 

In unarmed Safe Sparring, the student becomes dangerous when he does not have adequate control over his technique execution.  What is supposed to be a controlled open hand attack to the face can easily turn into an uncontrolled violent fist to the face that can cause immediate serious damage.  One wrongly executed technique can result in serious physical injury as well as medical costs that will neither be in the benefit of the student or Artist.  Caution must be taken by the Artist in engaging in advanced safe sparring, it is similar to performing a stunt, if the stuntman executes the stunt properly, he does not get hurt, if he does not, he sustains serious injury. 

If the student advances and develops greater control over his body, his execution of technique, and emotional control, the engagement becomes safer for both parties, but regardless of the case, accidents can still occur.  This is a part of the Martial Arts training that can be quite dangerous, but if trained in properly, it can be safe and serve to be aid in gaining valuable learning lessons in combat survival that simply is irreplaceable.

Yes lifting heavy weights is dangerous, but if you practice proper safety measures it does not have to be dangerous, it can be safe and serve to greatly enhance your athletic development.   Advanced sparring is not for everybody, but when expressed properly, it serves to be a very beautiful expression of the Martial Arts, serious, but not too serious, deadly, but not too deadly. Bruce Lee would choreograph realistic fight scenes and display them on film.  Myself, I am attempting to display the spontaneous way of artistic combat that is realistic but yet safe.  If the body is trained properly, if the techniques are properly developed, if the emotions are properly controlled, and one is in meditation, safe sparring can become the true way of testing and demonstrating techniques of combat that are truly practical for survival on the streets. 

Hey FMK Haters!(Explicit Poetry)

These Freddie's Modern Kung Fu haters are full of shit
loving a combat sport which involves your head between a man's smelly armpit
Every time sifu freddie lee speaks these fighters throw a fit
not everybody will embrace MMA with glee so deal with it

it's tiresome showing these clowns the errors of their ways
bearing witness to the hypocrisy of everything they say
apparently having your shirt off in solitude is considered gay
but rolling around on the floor with another dude is okay

having the nerve to say mma stands for mixed martial arts
can't expect much from men who enjoy their male partner's smelly farts
it's rather easy to tear such a foolish notion apart
so many holes in a flawed statement as this where do I start

Men capable of striking down their attackers yet they rather choke
wrapping their legs around the victim's waistline making it easier for them to poke
people that say Blow Job Jujitsu is effective for street combat are obviously snorting coke
seeing the Gracies in action is a fucking joke

the most ignorant misinformed people I've ever met
are the ones that reek of salt filled sweat
cauliflower ears & ring worms will be the only rewards they get
trying to choke out an armed man is that a wager worth willing to bet?

Don't like my stance on cage fighting competition well too bad
the hype will eventually die down like every other fad
apparently I hit to close to home & it's making you mad
wishing you can butt fuck choke me to death how sad

my verbal attack towards combat sport is making these rapists pout
so big & bad in the cage yet humility they are without
striking a downed opponent breaks the golden rule despite their doubt
they are too stubborn to study the tao which expresses what martial arts is all about

Now it's time that I wrap this up so listen carefully
You are not a martial artist just because you're wearing a gi
there is no such spiritual development in honoring crooks like GSP
If you wish to desire an excellent display of the martial arts then support Sifu Freddie Lee.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From the Depth of my Soul

(There's going to be a lot of grammatical errors, if you're not sure about what i mean, feel free to ask)

Man do i love music. I remember when i first heard 'I got the Power' by 'Snap!' when i was a kid, i was going nuts. I grew up listening to Dance Music and House in my childhood. As i grew older, i started to explore different genre, i really enjoyed 'The Prodigy' 'The Fat of the Land' album when it came out. I liked some rap also, most of the time you had this little part in Dance music when some underground rappers was rapping a verse or two. The first MC that i enjoyed enough to buy his album was Will Smith, then Coolio and Dubmatique. I liked the positivity in rap at the time and the energy that came out of it. I went around some other genre also, some 'Rob Zombie, 'Marylin Manson', 'Korn' & 'Limp Bizkit'. When i heard 'Nookie' i was around 14, the world had stop, that track was just insane. Then my oldest friend shared some Tupac with me, he had the album 'Still Down (Remember Me)'. I was really fascinated by the fact that Tupac was dead but still alive through his music. And more i listened to Tupac, more i understood how deep Rap truly was. Then it was over, I bought a bunch of albums, i liked DMX, Cypress Hill, Method Man & Redman etc.. At the same time i was learning english so it was like new stuff everytime i listened to them cause i was starting to decipher everything they was saying, i still discover some new stuff today in some track i've been listening for years. Then Rap wasn't enough, i had to learn about Hip-Hop as a culture, know about it's roots, know about it's founding fathers and more.

I grew up in a broken home, my parents divorced when i was 1 years old, my single mother then raised me while being on Welfare for 12 years. After i went to live for three years with my father and it ended badly so at 16 i was kinda on my own and at 18 i was on my own, on Welfare just like i've learn as i kid. Being broke, not having much money and having big dreams was something that was all over the Hip-Hop Culture. I really enjoyed seing and hearing some MC's that grew up poor get rich. It was like a fuck you to the system all the time, i really respect everybody that make something constructive out of nothing. Then i started to be curious about something else; Metal! As a kid, my mother didn't want me to listen to metal, and i didn't care cause i wasn't interested as a young kid. But as a young men, i thought that metal was just awesome, it was hard to the core like no other. And a lot of Metal Artist comes from broken home too, so that part also connected with me. After exploring Metal for a while, i made a 360 and started to fall in love with Drum N'Bass. That freakin' music was crazy, how could these guys put up beats like that!? Just awesome!!

I'm almost 30, and now i listen to many genre, when it connects, it connects and that's it. But nothing connects with me like music. Ok, some movies and video games do, but music always been special. I was like 10 years old and i was already recording tapes, puting toguether my favorite tracks and making compilation. I made around one hundred of them until this day. At 19, me and some friend rented a place and made a studio out of it, it lasted for around a year and a half. I started to make my own track in this Studio, i was dreaming of becoming a great beatmaker, so now was the time to start. I bought my first computer in 2008 for beatmaking purposes. Now i got around two hundreds tracks in my library, i'm still underground, and i might be until i die, but that's how it is, you make music because you love music in the first place, ambitions comes out in second. 200 tracks for me ain't much, it's cool but it's not what i'm aiming for, i'm aiming for 1000 +. And i don't want to just put hundreds of tracks out of nowhere, i want to share my passion of music with others, so i focus on putting quality material. There is so much people out there that i would like to work with. And music is huge, i still have so much to learn. So here's my newest beat, i called it; From the Depth of my Soul.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the tools, your natural weapons, have a double purpose: To destroy the opponent in front of you- annihilation of things that stand in the way of peace, justice, and humanity. 2. To desroy your own impulses caused by the instincts of self preservation. To destroy anything bothering your mind. Not to hurt anyone, but to overcome your own greed, anger and folly. Jeet Kune Do is directed toward oneself. This quote explains why I practice bruce's way and that it in itself is a way of life as should any martial arts be.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Firearms are the quickest and most effective way to kill somebody when your life is in danger.  It is the true way to self-defense.  No Martial Arts school can be a true Martial Arts school if they do not train in firearms.  A Martial Arts school needs to train in all methods of survival, and in todays modern world, firearms is an important aspect of survival training that cannot be forgotten.  A part of the Martial Arts is a way of self-defense; firearms’ training is the ultimate way of self-defense in modern society. 

Some people hate firearms and want nothing to do with them, but this hatred will blind them from the reality of modern day survival training.  You can hate money, but money is still a very integral part of our economy and how we choose to exchange services in business. Firearms are here and they are here to stay.  When you train in firearms properly, you are facing the reality, you can then never be deceived again by the fantasy world that a lot of these so-called Martial Art schools, films, and combat sport entertainment industries have tricked you to believe. 

They have falsely made you believe that you are somehow special because you have turned your body into a “lethal weapon.”  There is absolutely no training that you can do to your body that will make you more lethal than a firearm.  You will quickly realize how easy it is to die and how easy it is to kill.  The Marathon runner should never mistaken himself to be able to run faster than a motor vehicle no matter how well trained he is in running.  

When you step into the reality of firearms training, you will quickly notice that all that Martial training you have done for so many years is just a big ego trip, all those Martial techniques that you have been training in for so many years is just a bunch of bullshit, none of the shit works when it comes down to it with firearms.  Anybody, no matter his or her size, gender, or age can take your life away in a blink of an eye. 

The firearm has become the biggest equalizer.  When you finally come to this realization, then you will start to look at Martial Arts from a different perspective.  Now you put less emphasis on the martial and more emphasis on the ART.  Now it is no longer about which technique is more effective than whatever other bullshit technique, because when it boils down to it, all of the techniques are bullshit.  Now it is more about expressing yourself honestly as an Artist through physical movement. Now Martial Arts is not about fighting, now Martial Art has turned into a creative physical expression, something like dancing.  It is a meditative experience that brings joy and bliss within in addition to being a great way of exercise to enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Then you will start to understand why the people in China practice the Martial Arts the way that they do.   It is closer to dance than it is to fighting.  It is away to promote health and to help you live longer. 

A Police Department cannot exist without firearms; a Martial Arts school cannot exist without firearms training.  Firearms training within a Martial Arts school forces the students to face the reality of modern day survival on the streets.  If you have wrestled for 30 years of your life and that is all you do, you may start to believe that in the real world, everywhere you go you will be stepping on wrestling mats with a referee standing by, which is hardly the case, that is not the real world.  The real world is very different than the fantasy world that Hollywood, the Combat Sport industries, and these so-called Martial Art schools have made you believe. 

If you hate firearms, then you must also hate the Real Martial Arts.  Training in firearms is an integral part in training you to become a Real Martial Artist.  When you run away from firearms, you are running away from the real world.  You don’t want your fantasy world to come to an end.  You want to desperately believe that firearms do not exist and that these MMA “McDonald’s Martial Arts”, BJJ “Blow Job Jujitsu, Brain Dead Boxing, and Muay Thai Blow Job Happy Ending techniques actually will save your life. 

All these techniques are bullshit; anybody can take your life away in a blink of an eye.  These Muay Thai Blow Job Happy Ending Fighters can kick down trees and think they are so badass, but fact is, one pull of a trigger will end their life in an instant.  So what the fuck is the point of kicking down a helpless tree!  If you want to bring down a tree, use a fucking ax! Firearms training will put anybody’s ego in check in an instant, including all these brain dead McDonald’s Martial Arts Fighters. 

Now if you want to become a black belt, forget all about the Tae Kwon Do Take My Dough colored belt system, just simply buy a gun and carry it with you everywhere, now everybody that is armed, is a real black belt, somebody capable of taking your life away in a blink of an eye.  And now that we are all finally equal, lets start training in the Real Martial Arts, which emphasizes the Meditation over the bullshit techniques of combat. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The time has come, come and get your reward, take your Taekwondo test.

I read a post on my news feed today from a Taekwondo school.

It said,

"You sacrificed months of your life for training, sacrificed sleep, sacrificed hours of celebration and recreation to improve your technique, sacrificed time with your family to compete, your friends enjoyed their evenings at home while you were sweating in the tatami. I'ts time to take the next step, YOU DESERVE IT. It's time to take the exams for promotion.

You will be greater than your fears and your nerves stronger. THIS IS YOUR TIME

"Have I not commanded you that you're strong and courageous, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" Joshua 1: 9

Let's go with honor towards your new belt."

Yeah it's time for the dojangs to make all kinds of money, if it's so freaking bad and tortuous to train, why the fuck would you take a freaking exam on it.

The training should be you everyday reward, the training should be you celebration. what we deserve is to train and be happy with it, and get the rewards of our training as we see results, and how much we have improved that for me is the real reward.

I love how at the end they quote the Bible, Taekwondo is a korean martial art, Buddhism and Confucianism are some of the roots of Taekwondo, what does Christianity have to do with Taekwondo.

Don't be an idiot when training, train smart (Anecdote)

So today I was doing my training, warmed up, trained some footwork, some punches and basic kicks, what I always do basically, moved into the nunchaku training, it was going alright, then I saw this new move that I had never tried before, and overhead spin, started it with my right hand, went fine, did a few repetitions, changed to the left arm, I thought, maybe I should practice this move with the foam chucks, next thing you know I saw white, and then my vision got back to normal, I hit myself in the freaking head with the nunchaku, I didn't break my head, or got KO'd,now I have a bump in my head, it doesn't hurt to touch, it definitely hurt when it hit me, luckily the spin of the nunchaku didn't hit me in a way that would really fuck me up. I took this a sign of the universe to train more

So yeah, you live and you learn... I guess.

We have to be smart, specially when trying out new stuff, we have to be careful and safe at all times when training.

Going To DO Some analysis and comparison

Soon I'm going to start reading all Bruce Lee's book. Just see what he has to teach and just learning from him directly. Then I'm going to learn from the people who claimed JKD, and see what they know. So I'm basically just comparing the real JKD master to those that claim themselves as JKD master.
I'm not only learning the combative aspects, but also the spiritual/philosophical aspects as well. 

I know there can only be one JKD master, but I just want to view a different perspective or a different interpretation of JKD. I have viewed a few individuals or masters that expresses JKD or the concepts of it.
I have learnt a bit about Bruce, but I'm going to dive deep. I do have the Tao of Jeet kune Do, but I haven't read the whole book, just his philosophy or the spiritual aspect of what he expressed. 

I always wanted to do something like this, but I just don't have the time to do it, or sometimes not motivated. So I let you guys know what my conclusion is once I'm done.

After I'm done with JKD, I'm going to look into Keysi Fighting Method and Systema. They looked interesting to me.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Some anecdotes about BJJ, MMA ,and combat sport

I remember quite a few things about it that I'll share right now.

One of the comments I remember to this day, next to the muay thai gym there was a Kung Fu school, when I entered this Muay Thai school for the first time I met a dude who was one of the oldest students, I told him I was going to the kung fu school aswell. he told me "this is the best place to learn martial arts in the city" it's cool all the dancing that they do in the kung fu, it's beautiful, but here we learn how to fight. I was like ok. that should've been my first red flag.

The when I went to the MMA gym, I remember the instructor saying, we do bow when entering the mat, because you see, I don't believe in those old martial arts, is just tradition and I'm not a fan of it, but I do bow out of respect to the training place. I asked him what he ha, trained, he told me "when I was a kid I trained Taekwondo lol (he did laugh), then I went to the real thing" Muay Thai and BJJ. I don't like tradition, what I like is to enter the ring and just beat the crap out of people, or that they beat the crap out of me, but I do bow out of respect.

I think that this "tradition" he was talking about is what we'd call spirituality in the martial arts, funny how most of the people who dismiss the spiritual aspect of the martial arts, believe firmly in God, but they completely dismiss eastern spirituality

Anyways, another one was when I went to a Jiu Jitsu seminar by a dude who fought in the UFC for a short period of time, not gonna say the name. Now I ain't hating on that dude, he did Yoga and had some eastern influences in his training. However when I started practicing moves with the other students,I remember I was practicing with this dude, since it was my first time there he thought I came from another type of school ,I remember I messed up a move, dude told me, bruh you can't do that, this is Jiu Jitsu, like if it was some type of extremely hardcore thing lol.

This type of MMA guys are always looking down on traditional martial arts, even mocking them, saying it's for pussies, or like that thing I posted the other day about that if you don't train muay thai you are a girl.

But when other people insult their shit, specially in the hilarious way Freddie does (they say kung fu or taekwondo is gay, yet they roll in the ground with men). they get mad as hell. I guess it's kinda like those religious dudes who say that all the other religions are bullshit yet you tell them their religion is bullshit and they get mad.

I went to  a MMA school next to my college the other day just for fun, I entered the place, it was a HUGE gym, it had all kinds of things, it wasn't time for classes because there was nobody there except for one dude, , I told the dude, hey, can you give me info about what kind of stuff do they teach here, he told me, we train Muay Thai, Bjj, wrestling and sambo, I told him, do you guys teach any Taekwondo or Kung Fu, he told me, no, we only teach things that work. I was like ok cool, just that I trained in Taekwondo and wanted to see if you guys have teachers with that background, he told me they didn't. I met the rest of the gym and left shortly afterwards, it was very expensive, and I talked to a friend of mine who actually trained there for 4 years, he told me they form pro MMA fighters in there, however in his case, he didn't want to become a pro fighter but that you could still train by filling out a form. He told me he left because it got to scary to train there, only pro fighters went there, and they wanted to kick some ass. And he told me this hilarious story about his first months of training and how the instructors asked a small dude who he wanted to fight, and he chose my friend lol, he was like this small dude wants to fight me, why? but since the guy was small he agreed lol.
He told me this small dude went crazy on him despite the fact it was supposed to be a sparring match for beginners. And he punched the shit out of him, however in the second round my friend became really mad, and started to fight back, til he managed to get a rear naked choke on the small dude, and since he didn't tap he almost passes out, according to him his skin was blue, and then the instructor broke the fight. He told me that usually people that get into the sparring are people who have a problem with each other, and that's why they fight. That the teachers don't promote safe sparring, they promote pissed off sparring (fighting), and that sparring like that doesn't help because you don't learn.

So what I have talked in here is a little but about my experience with MMA and contact sport, and what other people have told me.

How to defend against a taller opponent video, opinions?

I found this little video, I thought it was pretty decent.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Noises in my mind

You know, sometimes i'm at peace, i feel good, everything feels almost perfect. But a lot of the times, i got shit in my mind, noises. I got's to structure these noises, put them at ease, make peace with myself. Music like training helps me. But training and music are not always working, it's not like hey, i feel like shit, i'ma put some music on, lift some weight and wow now i feel renew. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Being in meditattion to me is when silence reigns supreme. I mean, you can be in a place where there is people talking or else, but in your heart, in your mind, everything is at ease, it is quiet, peaceful. So that's my topic for this new beat. Noises in my mind.

Just a made up quote

A punch is punch a kick is a kick their isn't a right or wrong way only a different expression of it, but that doesn't mean ones better than another only a different interpretation.

Attack of the FMK haters

The FMK haters/YCF(Youtube Cage-Fighter Fanboys)/MMA Rapists uploaded Sifu Freddie Lee's videos, that he specifically made in vimeo, for ad-hominem attack purposes.

I am unable to flag these channels because my account has been disabled for "violating" the community guidelines. This is despicable behavior. It wasn't enough that they make all of these videos dissing Freddie Lee, but now they have to keep mocking him, even though he moved on. They obviously didn't since they are still talking about him.

I seriously hate MMA/GroundFighting/CageFighting/GayPornCompetition with every inch of my well being. WHAT IS SO GODDAMN GREAT ABOUT ROLLING AROUND IN THE GROUND, IN YOUR UNDERWEAR, WITH ANOTHER MALE!!!? SERIOUSLY!!!

& I love their weak excuse of a counter-argument. Using the ambiguous "your a homophobe" "you're walking around with your shirt off & your talking about gay stuff? hmmmm" Like GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE WITH THAT GARBAGE!!!

I'm sick of these sorry excuses for human beings trying to justify such questionable behavior. MMA is not, I repeat NOT!!! martial arts in ANY!!! way, shape, or form. & I will damn sure, even if it kills me, make people realize that.

Anyway... here are the channels so far:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

People using Bruce Lee's teaching as means of earning money

Whenever I read about somebody giving out classes of Jeet Kune Do, the "martial art" of Bruce Lee, I know they are scammers.

The way I see it Jeet Kune Do was a philosophy, rather than martial arts, and if it actually is a martial art, it is an incomplete one, Bruce died to young to fully develop it.

It's like the founder of Judo dying at 32, and then you have people teaching Judo. Or ITF taekwondo founder Choi Hong Hi dying at 32 and having one student selected to pass his teachings to the entire world, in Bruce Lee's case, it wasn't even fully developed yet.

So how can people say they teach Jeet Kune Do. Teaching a few concepts from a book from a person that died quite a few years back without even his permission to do it, it's ridiculous. They literally only have the books and films, and the ones that are supposedly allowed to teach either Jeet Kune Do, or Jung Fang Gung Fu at the end they are teaching their own interpretations of them.

I'd rather study Bruce Lee's material myself, and then if I'm going to take classes about martial arts and stuff, I'd rather go to something that has been fully established, instead of something that people argue about because they don't fully understand it, and it's surrounded by a lot of doubt and mystery because the creator of it died way too young, and pay people to give me their own interpretations of it.

As artists I think that probably the most important thing is to create your own thing, instead of just using someone else's thing all the time. Like so many people do.

To me that's what makes a real master, somebody who has learned and mastered a lot of sources and at the end he has developed his own, that now other people can learn and develop their own expressions from there. Somebody who wants to be identified with his own thing, who wants to represent his own work and creation.

And if you are going to teach and represent someone else's expression, you should at least have complete permission to do so by the creator of that expression.

Mma channel talking about freddie

I came across this channel talking shit about fmk this and that. What got me the most was he posted a video about two people sparring and said this is real martial arts. Cant believe these mma guys think this bull they teach or been taught is actual martial arts. If anyone is interested in the channel ill have to look it up again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The whole objective of FMK Safe Sparring is to learn as much as you can in defending yourself while sustaining the minimum amount of physical injury to yourself as well as inflicting the minimum amount of physical injury to your sparring partner.  It is a science that requires much body control and emotional control.  The highest level in Safe Sparring is to spar in meditation, which is not an easy thing to do.  Most people will fight out of emotion; most will not be in a state of no thinking. 

If you are at a higher level of development, you must have control of your techniques so that you do not hurt your partner.  The Art of FMK Safe Sparring relies on the person that has the most skill and talent to be challenged with recreating a very realistic fight scenario while protecting the safety of his partner and himself. 

Beginners will lack control, without control, the beginner becomes dangerous.  It is like a person who does not have emotional control that is in possession of a firearm.  All the school shootings that we know of are because of a lack of emotional and mental control, when a human being lacks mental and emotional control, they become a great danger onto society when they are in positions of power. 

The beginner must learn to control his body and mind.  When the beginner has better control of his body and mind, he will be able to benefit greatly from Safe Sparring.  When you Safe Spar properly, you can essentially gain the benefits of engaging in hundreds of realistic fight scenarios in a matter of a few years and gain great proficiency in defending oneself from danger. 

Notice that Police Officers are here to protect the community from great danger and a Police Officer’s main way of survival is the use of firearms.  Notice that they must train with firearms intelligently in order to prepare themselves for the dangers they may encounter on the streets.  They must utilize realistic training methods that are safe but effective in giving them added experience to survive on the streets.  Never will Police Officers shoot at one another with live firearms to gain experience, it is simply unintelligent.  Police Officers will use live firearms in the shooting range but when simulating firearm combat scenarios they will utilize airsoft or paintball guns to simulate the real dangers involved in a firefight. 

In Martial Arts you will never spar with real swords, it is simply not intelligent.  But you will spar with wooden swords to help prepare you for the real encounter.  Safe Sparring cannot be too dangerous but yet it should not be unrealistic.  There must be a balance and this balance is created by your self-mastery of control.  There is no need to punch a human being as hard as you possibly can in the face during sparring when you can simply punch a heavy bag as hard as you can.  A human being is not meant to sustain an immense amount of damage.  The human being is very fragile and sensitive.  Easily a tooth can be broken, easily an ACL can be torn, easily a nose or bone in the body can be broken, easily a person can be chocked to death, easily a person can become unconscious from a blow to the head, easily a person can be stabbed or shot to death. 

A Martial Artist does not train to torture his body by self-inflicted pain that will eventually result in his early death.  A Martial Artist trains to protect his health and wellness so that he can live a long, healthy, and peaceful life.  A Martial Artist also has compassion and does not wish to inflict great damage onto his sparring partner. 

Many years of training is required in order to spar in the correct way.  But simply put, many people do not have the proper training required in order to spar safely and intelligently.  They spar with no control and they spar with anger and that is why they need a referee, because otherwise they can very easily end up killing whomever they are sparring at the moment, this is not the Way of a Martial Artist. 

A Martial Artist has total control over his body, mind, and spirit.  Imagine a pilot who does not have control over the plane, imagine how dangerous the plane ride will be.  Control in sparring is an absolute necessity in order to become a Master of the Martial Arts.  People do not know how to properly spar in Martial Arts because simply put, there are not enough true Masters of the Martial Arts who are teaching people how to spar properly.  Combat Sport is just a big mess, like just gathering up a bunch of people into one room, telling the men to strap on condoms and encouraging them to have sex with anyone in sight. 

A true Martial Artist is not someone who can knock someone out as quick as possible like a boxer, a True Martial Artist is someone who has such great control over his techniques and the combative situation that he removes himself out of the way of harm while protecting the safety of the person who may actually be attempting to kill him.  He is like a Police Officer who does not kill even though he is justified by law to kill.  You need to protect yourself from harm but if you can do the same while protecting the opponent from harm as well, that is the ultimate way, that is the way of compassion.