Monday, March 30, 2015

Comedy #2(Rickson Gracie Beach Fight)

This is how one of those Disgracies really fight outside of their McBlowjo establishment. This is supposed to be a real confrontation & this scrub immediately makes it look like a public intimacy affair. This is supposedly the greatest combative method & fighting style. pfft

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Mad World

A Mad World – March 29 2015

“I say to you: if you can go deeper into it you will be certainly mad in the same sense that Gautam Buddha is mad, Socrates is mad.  These people are not really mad, they alone are sane but they are in a mad world.”

“And they are in such a minority that only after millions of people does there come a point when somebody becomes enlightened.  He is so alone.  And the whole world is not ready to accept anything that has not been happening to them… and naturally they are in a majority.  And this man – Gautam Buddha or Mahavira or Bodhidharma – is trying to say that he has achieved something which you have not achieved.  It hurts your ego, it annoys people, it irritates people because it brings the question clearly into their focus: “Is there life, a sane life?” They know life is not sane, but where to find the sanity?”  - Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 185

When you are on the path towards enlightenment, do not be afraid.  The world may condemn you, the world may say you are wrong, but in your heart you know that it is the right path, simply follow your heart.  The majority will never the on the right path, it is impossible.  The majority will always be unconscious, only the minority can be conscious.  The majority will follow rules, laws, and scriptures.  Rules are always easier to follow than to seek for truth within oneself. Very few will seek for the truth and follow their hearts.  An awakened man will always be condemned by the masses, it is inevitable. Accept this and develop the courage to not allow the opinions of others to distract you from the Way.

Selected Quotes from Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 166 – 175 – Followed by My Reflections

Selected Quotes from Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 166 – 175 – Followed by My Reflections

“When a message comes from a master it has to be something so absolutely needed that the masters who are no more in their bodies feel that a message should be sent to all unconscious, sleeping, blind people.  But it is only when there is something urgent; otherwise, there is no need.”

When you become a messenger, your message is pure, it is inline with the Tao.  You do not speak too often, you only speak when necessary.  The ancient Masters, speak through you.  You do not have your ego standing in the way of their message.

“All these mediums are not mentioning the names of the real masters because then, compared to their statements, the rubbish message that they bring will look too poor.”

When Bruce was living, he was not mentioning anything about J.Krishnamurti.  It was only after his death that it was revealed that Bruce was studying the teachings of J.Krishnamurti and that his essential teachings were all borrowed from J.Krishnamurti.  J.Krishnamurti was the real Master, Buddha, Lao-tzu, and Osho are real Masters.  When Bruce mentions “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” he is trying to indicate the real Master, “Lao-tzu.”  When you study the teachings of the real Masters, the teachings of Bruce will look poor in comparison. 

“And you should also see that these people who have been chosen for this great work of becoming vehicles… their lives don’t prove it.  They are just as greedy, as angry, as jealous as anybody else.  Their mediumship would have transformed them.  In fact, unless they were transformed, they could not become mediums.” 

Bruce Lee was on the way of being transformed, but he was not transformed.  He was still very much wordly.  Greedy for fame, he had a violent temper, and it was clear he was a competitive man, and with competitiveness breeds jealousy.  He was studying Eastern Philosophy, but he did not master the teachings of the East before his death.  He simply served as a guide to introduce seekers to the teachings of the East, but he himself was not a Master in the spiritual realm of development in the Martial Arts. 

“When a sannyasin is closed, his first work should be not on the group participants, his first work should be upon himself.  He has to open; he has to be available to me.  This is simply an excuse – because if he is open to me, he is open to the whole existence.”

If a disciple or student is not open to my teachings in body, mind, and spirit, then he should not be within the group participants; he should keep his training private and work upon himself.  Only disciples who are truly open to learn body, mind, and spirit are the right fit for the group training development towards the Way.

“Why does a man want to be a therapist?  Has he done his own therapy?  Is he finished with his homework?  If not, then what right has he got to interfere in other people’s lives, their minds, their unconscious, their superconsious?”

Being a fitness trainer or a self-defense coach is one thing but being a Martial Arts teacher is another.  When you are a Martial Arts teacher, not only are you responsible for guiding your disciples in the realm of fitness and combat but also in the realm of spirituality.  You cannot be a true Martial Arts teacher if you are not awakened, if you are not enlightened.  It is not just book knowledge that you are passing on to the next person, you must have gone through the transformation yourself, only then are you truly ready. 

“The therapist has to remember that the moment he comes in he should, if he is honest, tell the participants that “I am no longer open to existence and in this state of closedness, I can only do harm to you.  I will work only when I am open, vulnerable.”

If the disciple is not open himself to learn from the Master, then he can only cause harm onto those he teaches.  They must focus on developing themselves to be open to learn before teachings others.   

“The therapist has to remind people continually that he is not the master.  The moment the therapist starts playing the role of the master, then he is going to do much harm to people.”

The disciple has to remind his students that he is not the Master.  If the disciple mistakenly starts playing the role of the master, then he is going to cause much harm to the people.  The misguided disciple will misguide his students, and his corrupted teachings will spread like a virus.

“He cannot be a master and if he wants his therapy to be of significance, he has to function as a vehicle, as a channel to a master he loves.  Then therapy goes through a transformation.”

A disciple must always function as a vehicle as a channel to a master he loves.  His teachings cannot be revolved around his own ego, they must function through a master in order to ensure the proper path.  The bigger brother must not mistaken himself to be the father.  The bigger brother will help the littler brother, the father will guide the bigger brother, the grandfather will guide the father.  Everybody has a guide, if there is no living guide, the guide becomes the Tao.   

“Right now, all over the world there are many therapists.  But my therapist is unique in the sense that he is not only working according to the findings of psychology – he is working according to the findings of Yoga, of Tantra, of Sufism, of Zen, of Tao, of Hassidism.  He’s a spiritual guide.  But for that, knowledge acquired only from books will not help . You will have to go through a transformation.”

The teachings from the East are required in order to achieve harmony and balance.  The teachings of the East guide you towards enlightenment.  The Martial Arts teacher has to go through a spiritual transformation himself in order to truly be a Martial Arts teacher, with no spiritual transformation, he is not a Martial Arts teacher, he may be a personal trainer, a combat coach, but he is not a Martial Arts Teacher.  A Martial Arts teacher must be spiritually transformed.  The only way a Martial Arts teacher can be spiritually transformed is through the teachings of the East, if the teachings of the East are denied by the teacher, he is not truly a Martial Arts teacher, he is a fraud. 

“And the participants in your groups can also be helpful to you, just as you can be helpful to them; because their problems are your problems, your problems are their problems.  And remember one thing: it is easier to solve somebody else’s problem because you are not involved.  You are detached, you can see more clearly because you are not in the mess.  You can help that man to come out and you can learn something for yourself because many times, you will be in the same situation.  I allowed therapists in my communes to work on the participants and to work on themselves.  The real work is upon yourself.  Only when you have a light within you, you may be able to share it with others.” 

The Master will not always be available to teach.  In those instances, disciples need to work amongst one another to further develop and grow.  They must feed off of each others understanding in order to aim towards a greater understanding.  When the Master is available, learn as much as possible, when he is not available, learn from one another and continue to grow.  The Master will make the teachings clear and understandable.  The fellow disciples can confuse one another and be uncertain, the growth will be a slower process, but it is a preparation towards achieving a greater understanding when the Master is available.

On the movie "Divergent"

This was of course recommended by Sifu Freddie Lee. I watched the movie, and I was very satisfied. It is amazing how some movies can lead to constructiveness instead of destructiveness.  I do not know if I am spoiling the movie but this movie relates to the Martial Arts so much. Watch it. That is all I can say right now. The title of the movie is defined in the movie. Pay close attention and you will see why it is a Martial Art movie instead of just straight action.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

UFC/MMA is a Bloodsport - Not an ART(video link inside)

A video that I have just recently found of a man that also agrees that this Cage Fighting garbage is in fact NOT Martial Arts.

No Human Being Can Be Owned

No Human Being Can Be Owned

Your parents helped create your body, but they do not own your body.  The government gives you a birth certificate and social security number, but they don’t own your body.  You can be married, but your partner does not own your body.  You do not even own your body.  Your body belongs to the universe.  It is like the sky, nobody can own the sky, it is just there.  The ego seeks to own and control.  The ego seeks to enslave and possess.  But a human being is not something that can be possessed like an inanimate object.  A human being is freedom, like the sky.  When you encounter other human beings, respect this freedom.  Parents should respect the freedom of their children.  Men should respect the freedom of women and women should respect the freedom of men.   

Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and Pain

There cannot be pleasure without pain.  If you experience great moments of pleasure, be prepared to experience great moments of pain, the pain is just waiting around the corner.  If you are detached, if you are insensitive, if you do not feel pleasure or pain, then it takes away the joy of the experience, then it makes the experience mechanical and pointless.  The experience of pleasure and pain is an endless cycle.  Taking yourself out of this cycle is like taking yourself out of the experience.  If you wish to partake in the experience, you must accept both pleasure and pain, they go hand and hand. 

Either you take yourself out of the cycle or you learn to engage in the experience and truly accept both pleasure and pain.  Learn to find joy in both experiences.  Pain and suffering becomes a moment of growth, a preparation for the experience of pleasure.  Like the sun and the rain, enjoy both experiences, the sun is naturally very beautiful, you need to find the beauty in the rain and learn to appreciate it, the beauty in rain is more hidden.  If someone you love brings pain within you, learn to appreciate this pain, be thankful that the person has even given you the opportunity to love.