Friday, April 29, 2016


I been addicted to soda for long as i remember maybe 10yrs. I get free soda where i work and i basically went through 2liter of mountain dew a day sometimes more. I recently wanted to get off soda for good i havent drank any soda in 4days. I've been getting these heavy headaches from not drinking soda hopefully they stop soon. Thats probably why i still have a lil belly fat is because of it. Im hoping i notice improvement in next couple weeks it will help motivate me to stop all together. I also cut out all fried foods and im trying to eat lean meats and snacks like chips i eat sunchips. My main course every day is rice and chicken which i herd some good things about it my friend said it will get you built so hopefully all this packed meals i do help. this is poorly written out lol but im in a hurry and lazy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Poetry: My thoughts on the recent MMA related incident

I see that an MMA fighter died in a match recently, so what
He readied himself up for the fight with confidence that he was gonna kick some butt
instead his body is in a morgue waiting to be buried six feet deep
because he thought his skills was sufficient enough to put his opponent to sleep

look at him now, dead in the dirt
all because he considered himself indestructible with that tapout shirt
Hope he didn't have a child for their feelings will be severely hurt
without a father they will be helpless like a thirsty man stuck in the dessert

Let this be a lesson towards fans of MMA
you will not always have a chance to fight another day
having to beat the living nightmare out of my opponent is not a game I'm willing to play
it's best to just abandon this combat sport & find another way

This corrupted method of competition is way to difficult to ignore
making money at the expense of someone's life is evil to the core
just another way for the rich to slowly but surely eradicate the poor
such despicable behavior should not be encouraged anymore

how many more cage fighting related deaths will it take for masses to realize the ugly truth?
cage fighting is a marketing ploy intended to cause chaos among the youth
& the death of this MMA fighter is the undeniable proof
yet the diehard cage fighter fanboys minds remain aloof

All parents need to stop letting their children watch this violent combat sport on TV
by doing so you're setting them free
without the ground & pound nonsense they can live their lives with glee
& not be in a tombstone at an early age being mourned by their family

you people for the sake of your lives better wake up
only muscle these degenerate promoters ever moved was their arm when it's time to drink from their favorite cup
deserving the worst of all damnations for their crimes against humanity that they perpetually commit
I'll always speak against corruption in the rhymes that I spit.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My feedback on the Cage Fighter's Death

I recently watched a video of Freddie sharing his ideas on the death of the cage fighter. I may appear to be very cynical, and maybe Sifu Freddie Lee will kick me out of this blog..or maybe not. That will be up to him. But my respect for Sifu Freddie Lee will never change. Here is how I feel about his death: freaking happy. How many times have we both warned you that this stuff is not good for your body, mind, and soul? About thousands of times isn't it? But no, you chose that path anyway because you think you know better than us and you probably think that makes you more courageous. But guess what? You died. Therefore, I do not feel any sympathy for you whatsoever. I think you guys should keep dying; that way, it will prove me, Sifu Freddie Lee and others right about this sort of activities. That's right keep dying. Some people might say I am sounding like the bad guy here but I am not. You cage fighting fans are the bad guys here because you are the one watching that stuff and enjoying it. Not me! You like to see blood and you like to see people being knocked out. Then when someone die, that's when you think it's messed up? You should be happy about that too and do not tell me you didn't expect someone to die. Come on, you don't think people fighting one another could lead to death!! You are not fooling me here. Not only I stop caring about the cage fighters, I do not even respect how sad you are about fighters death because you will just never learn. So if you really do not support this sort of death, stop watching combat sports all together. It's simple but why would you listen to someone like me? As for the cage fighter who died, I hope you see what I wrote about you. I hope you see how happy I am to write this. See me as an enemy if you like but I am just expressing how I feel right now. If you don't like it, that's your problem.