Saturday, February 28, 2015

Funny Video

Lots of dislikes in this video LOL.

Friday, February 27, 2015


I'm working on a side project so i didn't put out as much music as i would normally do. But as i once said, two minimum by months is my quota, and now i just finished my third one, so here it is; Formless. As for the side project, we're making a Martial Art video at my school, i'm making the music for the video, i will also be featured as a secondary role. We've put young talented artist on the forefront. I'll share with you guys the video as soon as it's completed. We're filming this Sunday. Have a nice weekend to all FMK!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Split Machine

I just got myself a split machine! I wanted one for myself for a long time. Now i got one, the one that Freddie suggested. That will help me get more flexible. Of course you don't need one, there's many way to get flexible, but i see this machine as being a nice tool and a fun way to work on your personal split progress. Thanks to my teacher Sylvain, he helped me get one and thanks to Freddie for the suggestion.

Safe Sparring With Love

Safe Sparring With Love

“So the first thing regarding love is for your life energy not to become destructive.  Destruction is sin when it occurs for its own sake.  There is another kind of destruction: a man tears down a house in order to build a new one.  This is not destroying but a part of constructing.  When you break for the sake of breaking, it becomes a sin.”

“If you have a small child whom you love very much, you sometimes give him a whack or two – because of your love you have beaten him for his good, to improve him.  You hit him because you care.  If you did not care for him you would not have bothered what he did and what he didn’t do; you would have been indifferent.  But you love him enough not to allow him to go on doing what he pleases.  You will stop him from going near fire; you will even hit him if he does not listen.  This hitting is not sinful, but creative.  You want to make something of him.” 

“When you hit an opponent, it is the same hand; the slap is the same, the energy is the same.  When the feeling within you is that of enmity, when you are hitting to destroy and not to create, it becomes a sin!  An act in itself is not a sin.  If the feeling within you is positive and creative, no act is a sin; if the feeling within is destructive, the same act becomes a sin.”  - Osho “The True Name” pg. 212

Real Martial Artists spar out of love, they do not fight out of anger.  They spar with one another as brothers to help one another improve and progress.  Like a father who spars with a son, neither is fighting out of anger or hate, the father is there to help the son improve. 

The Sifu breaks down the disciple in order to help rebuild the disciple, through time and experience the disciple will obtain experience and skill.  With this experience and skill comes confidence.  If the disciple becomes arrogant, the Sifu once again will need to break down the disciple to regain his humbleness.  The Sifu is constantly monitoring the disciple to ensure he is on the proper path.  Out of love, the Sifu whacks the disciple for his own good.  The disciple gains experience, skill, and humbleness from the experience. 

The Sifu will stop the disciple into going into combat sport or becoming a street bully; he will even beat him if he does not listen.  This hitting is not sinful, but creative.  The Sifu wants to make something of him.  Fighting out of anger and hatred is sin.  Fighting out of love is positive and creative. – Sifu Freddie Lee

A Martial Artist is Limitless

A Martial Artist is Limitless

“Whatsoever is spoken about God can only be negative.  At most we can say, “He is not this.  He is not that.”  As soon as you say, “He is this,” you confine him within a boundary; because only that which bears on outline, a boundary, can be pointed out.  The limitless cannot be pointed out.  Therefore Nanak says: you can say nothing about God, therefore it is best to keep silent about him.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 170.

You cannot say that a Martial Artist is this or that, saying so implies the limit, but you can say that he is not this and he is not that.  You cannot point out something that is limitless.  Martial Arts is limitless, that is why it is so difficult to put into words.  As soon as you choose any labels, you already imply limitations and that is not the way. – Sifu Freddie Lee

Ponder Before You Speak

Ponder Before You Speak

“Nanak says ponder well before you speak.  Be fully aware and say only if you know yourself.  The world has gone astray not because of ignorant people but because of those all wise and all knowing people who really know nothing, yet love to talk and advise others.  Not being conscious of what they are doing, or why, they are just a plague with their opinions and views.”

“It is not difficult to gather followers around you; you have only to start speaking and continue speaking, no matter what.  In a few days you will have gathered a whole band of followers, because there are always people more stupid than you in this world.  To find disciples all you need is a little madness in you, some arrogance, and the strength to speak your loudest, and people will flock around you.  As people begin to hang around you, many happenings will be attributed to you.  The very people who are in total darkness, never having known the light, get caught in your trap when you begin to speak on light; because they feel there is certainly something in you.”

“Nanak says whatever you say with regard to meditation, you must ponder well before you utter, because it is like playing with fire.  Nothing could be more subtle, nor more valuable.  The path that leads from the mundane world to God, the supreme spirit, is very thin and fine.  You have to contemplate a great deal before you venture to express your thoughts.”

“Do I know myself?  Have I the experience?”  If each person in this world were to take a vow to speak only of that which he has knowledge, all deceptions and misconceptions would end.  When man is ready to acknowledge his ignorance of things he does not know and realize that he has no right to talk on such matters, then life will become simple and it will not be so difficult to realize truth.”

“But there is so much untruth all around, such a network of deception and false gurudom that you will not be able to find a true Guru, a perfect master.  You will not come across a true Nanak, because there are so many impostors vying to be “Masters.”  How can you discern among them?  There are no criteria to go by.” 

“Therefore Nanak says speak only after great deliberation, and only after you have known and experienced directly.  Don’t play with the life of others.  This is exactly what you are doing when you advise others on things you are ignorant of yourself.”

“But if you pose as a Guru and lead your disciples along paths you have no idea of yourself, you can cause them to wander for endless lives.  There can be no deception greater than this, no sin more heinous.  There is no greater sinner than an ignorant Guru.”

“Remember, a person can wander from guru to guru and, finding them worthless, his faith is shaken and his hope is lost.  He begins to feel that there is nothing but hoax and hypocrisy in the name of religion.  When ninety-nine out of one hundred are hypocrites how can one trust the one who is genuine?  Such a person, even if he meets a satguru, a Nanak, will invariably be very wary of him, naturally suspecting him to be like the others.”

“Thus Nanak exhorts us to speak only after due contemplation because it is like playing with fire, like laying a wager on other peope’s lives.  Think well before you speak or else hold your peace.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 167-169

Do not teach until you are truly ready to teach.  You need to focus your energies on your own inner development.  Do not believe yourself to be a Master when you are still a disciple.  Know your place.  If you are a child, do not mistakenly believe that you are the father.  If you have yet to find your inner light, seek for the guidance of those above.  The little brother to bigger brother, the bigger brother to father.  The disciple shall follow the Master, the Master shall follow the Tao.  Be very careful when guiding others towards the spiritual path, if you do not know yourself, do not speak.  Know whom you are speaking to and be ready to clear up any misunderstandings.  You cannot be a spiritual guide to all, because all is too much to handle. If you are to guide anyone on the spiritual way, select a few, and take your time.  Enlightenment can never be mass-produced. 

– Sifu Freddie Lee

Monday, February 23, 2015

My weekend; A tale of sadness & joy

My weekend; A tale of sadness & joy

It all began this Saturday, me and my family gathered up with friends and other members of my uncle's family to pay him respect and send him our final goodbyes. It was sad, seeing my aunt and the son's of my uncle and his daughter mourn their father (he's my uncle by marriage). It was sad for all of us, but for them, it was obviously worst. But we went through it all toguether. More than one hundred people came by, we have a big family and he knew a lot of people. As the priest was speaking i quickly looked around and seeing all those people, it was obvious that a part of him survived through all of us, his name was 'Jacques (Coco) Bergeron', may he rest in peace!

Then arrived Sunday, a different kind of energy flew through me and my other family side because a surprise party was prepared for a new comer. My cousin and his girlfriend Jessica are waiting for their first child, the first 'Caissy' of this new generation, he will arrive this March. My cousin was part of the surprise, it was especially a surprise for his girlfriend. We were around 60 to 70 people, the energy was joyfull, we all brought gifts for this new little boy (Justin) and their parents.

This weekend was very significative, as we mourned a loved one, we welcomed another. This is the meaning of life, one leaves, one arrives, sadness & joy, Yin Yang. The fact that these two very different celebration happened one after the other was special, as different as they were, they completed each other very well.

2 Cool Videos

Here are 2 cool videos I'd like to share.

This is beautiful demonstration of true Gung Fu. After watching this, it became apparent as to just how much potential we all have to express ourselves as human beings. The things our bodies are capable of are amazing and wonderful.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Real Seeker

A Real Seeker

The difference between a genuine seeker and a false seeker is that the legitimate seeker follows truth wherever it might take him - whatever be the outcome – even if everything is lost, even if life is lost.  He is ready to lose it all.  The inauthentic seeker bends truth to follow him; but then it is no longer truth, it is falsity.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 141

I accept reality for what it is, I do not deny reality, even if it makes my dreams come crashing down, it is better to know that it was all just a dream than to purposefully lie to myself and others to believe in something that does not exist.  I refuse to sell dreams, I refuse to lie and deceive people, I would rather be honest with people, be real with people, even if it means that they will hate me for waking them up from their beautiful dreams. The way that I am, I am bound to be unaccepted by the masses because I refuse to sell the dream.