Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am the Worst Martial Artist Ever!

Yep, that is the title of my blog for today. I should have posted the video right after I was holding the horse stance but I decided to post it anyway. Well, better late than never right? Anyway, in the video I said doing push ups is not easy is not because it is not easy for me. I am talking about the people who just watch videos on youtube or watch other people doing fitness feats and think they can perform them better. Holding a side kick is easy but for the masses it might be the hardest thing they've ever done! Yes, I am happy to be called a martial artist even if my cousin meant it as a criticism. Calling me a martial artist is like calling the most perfect being on the planet! Telling me that I am the worst martial artist ever is like telling me that I am the least perfect human being on the planet. Okay... You might not think I am the best but at least you call me perfect! Also, I speak against the laziness of the masses. I have been witnessing too much of it and it's making me sick to my stomach. Nonetheless, I am not going to stop developing myself to a high level. I will still workout, still developing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually and nothing can stop a Dragon from growing, especially the couch potatoes like society.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Video Dedicated to Jenny

Hi, guys. For every supporters of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu, I made this video so I can thank Jenny. I never realize how important Jenny Lee is in FMK. This video was inspired by Sifu Freddie Lee and Jenny Lee's video on how they kept their marriage together. I just could not help but make a video about it because I was always focusing on how Sifu deserves respect without even thinking about how Jenny Lee was the one who came with the label. She work so hard into bringing the kwoon to where it is at right now. Words cannot express the love and respect I have for you Jenny. If Freddie Lee is the father, then you are the mother of FMK.

Monday, February 25, 2013


I’m up in Metropolis (a.k.a. Calgary, Alberta) for the night, camped out in a hotel again. This is the city where they filmed the Christopher Reeves Superman movies. It’s big. Not like Chicago big, but more than a million people. Cities like this are pretty overwhelming for naturalists like myself. I just look around at the skyscrapers and crowds, and think to myself, “Oh my god, how is our society ever going to find our way to living sustainably again? How much plastic do these people buy and throw away every day? How many cows does it take to feed them? How much electricity goes to lighting this place up in the long winter nights?” One million people equates to at least ten million gallons of water in toilet flushes alone every day. It’s amazing. I don’t even know how we’re able to keep it going

I find it’s best to just get out of my mind and try to see this place through someone else’s eyes. To most of the birds, for instance, especially synanthropes like crows and magpies, cities like this are massive forests full of resources. Even the snowy owls, like the one I photographed this morning on my way into town, seem to enjoy this place. These birds know how to be themselves here, totally present in the now, unencumbered with my worries about ethics or future. What I need to do is focus on being a real human in this place. Not one of the cultural zombies, but a fully human animal. How would a real human see this place? What would a real human do here? He would constantly test his skills and abilities in movement, strength, agility, and balance, that much I am sure. The other animals do this, all the time

I should be outside, in the evening snowfall, dangling from the architecture, scaling walls, running the streets and parks. At least I’ve brought my PowerTwister and dumbbells up to this room with me. And of course, one does not need a lot of space to practice wushu. I’m keeping myself busy. Perhaps in the morning I’ll go play outside

So that’s my thought tangent for the evening. As far as my weekly update goes, all has been pretty routine. I think my TKD performance is improving quite a bit...

...though I’m very aware that my hips don’t want to turn all the way over for some of the kicks. That, by the way, is a product of sloppy habit. I’ve been doing hook kicks and reverse-hooks since I was twelve years old, and found that I could actually hit fairly hard without turning my hips all the way. And so I stuck with that, because it was easier. Unfortunately, now I’m decades older and less flexible. Had I taken the time to make sure I was doing it proper earlier on, my muscles and joints would already have that movement in memory. Moral of the story, do it right from the start, even if it has to be slow and low. It’ll get fast and high in time, and with a more powerful and appropriate form

Potentially big news! I have been asked to travel to the Canadian capitol Ottawa on for a meeting with some government representatives on March 21st. I figure, since I’m going to be so far east, I might as well request that I be allowed to bump down to Chicago for a few days afterward, to conduct a bit of research at the Field Museum, and of course to train at the FMK studio. I mentioned this interest informally to the president of my college this morning, and she didn’t seem to have any problem with it. So I’ll keep you all posted, but it seems fairly likely that I’ll be able to visit Chicago around the 22nd-25th of March. We shall see

Sunday, February 24, 2013

True Marathon Runners & True Martial Artists

Being a Martial Artist is similar to being a marathon runner  It requires a higher level of training that not many of the population is capable of.  You cannot expect to complete a Marathon if you cannot even complete a 10K run!  You cannot expect to be considered a high level Martial Artist if you have not even achieved or maintained a basic level of fitness development.  A basic level of fitness in my eyes is a balanced development in your total body physical development. 

And just because you complete one Marathon run it does not mean the journey is over.  It is easy to achieve, but can you maintain?  That is the hardest aspect of the journey.  You can easily obtain a “black belt” or achieve a high level, but can you maintain that high level of achievement, not just for now, not just for a decade or two, but can you do it for your entire life? 

Can you train day in and day out, not for money, fame, and glory, but because you simply love training?  People who are serious about running Marathons do not do it for money, they actually have to pay much money out of pocket to run the race, but they still pay the money and they have great passion in being involved in such an event. 

Martial Artists typically will not make money from training, many times they will have to spend money to enhance their training, but they spend the money and do it because they love it, not for anything else.  It is a passion that is just in their heart.  A marathon runner runs out of love, a Martial Artist will train out of love, not being motivated by money, fame, and women. 

A Martial Artist simply trains because he loves to train, he is meant to train.  He loves the Art, not the money, not the fame, not the women.  He is in love with the Art and that is why he trains.  Some are born to be Martial Artists, some are meant to be Martial Artists. 

Imagine running marathons for 80 years straight.  That is a real runner, not somebody who just runs it a few times and then gives it up.  A real Martial Artist will train until his time is up, from beginning till end.  He does not give up because he did not “win.”  He does not give up because he does not make money from his training.  For a true Martial Artist, practicing his Art is like breathing.  If you tell him to stop practicing his Art, it is like telling him to stop breathing; his spirit will become very weak and eventually die. 

A true Martial Artist cannot go too long without breathing, eventually he will have to come out and express himself.  For a true Martial Artist, Martial Arts is life.  It is everything.  Martial Arts is his Way of Life, it is his real religion.  Martial Arts is Meditation, meditation is the Way, it is the Key.  There is no other Way but Zen.  

Secrets of Meditation

Now, I wrote secrets in the title. But let us face it. Are there secrets? The answer is no. There is no such thing as secrets. There are just discovery. What I really did is discovering meditation. Meditation is life as a whole. It is not just sitting and breathing although sitting and breathing is included in meditation. Yesterday, I was at the gym taking classes. I took a spinning class and an ab workout class. Yes they were very intense since it has been a long time since I rode a bike. Because Sifu Freddie Lee ride his bike a lot, I believe he would have own the spinning class. At first when I started the class, I felt my thighs about to rip apart! I was ready to give up but as soon as I thought of breathing, everything became easier. The pain were being nonexistent! The more intense the exercises, the harder I breath through it. Breath has the power to push your body beyond its own strength. The body is limited; it will label the pain but once meditation takes place, the body can endure a lot more! Yes, everybody has its limits. Maybe we encounter these limits because our meditation is not deep enough. Perhaps, striving to get strong is not enough; I should work on meditating deeper. As far as holding my kicks higher and longer, I am still working on that but the good news is I can hold the front kick and the side kick as long as I used to! I can even do more reps performing the front and the side kick thanks to the cable exercises. Thanks to my meditation, I became more creative with my workout and even with the combat techniques that I am practicing under Freddie's Modern Kung Fu. I found a way to perform these techniques without the need of any BOB dummy. I need a BOB for sure but it does not mean I should wait until I get one to condition my knuckles. Overall, can using the body alone if we want to be healthy? No, everything of our existence should be included: body, mind, and spirit. That's my Dragon way!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Horse Stance Hold

Hi, everybody. I recently watched Sigung and Sifu Freddie Lee performing the Horse Stance Hold. Sigung has such a great Kung Fu. Holding a Horse Stance for 2 minutes and 21 seconds is a big deal! Unfortunately, he hold it way longer than I can do but it does not matter. What matters is that his energy went through me so I can develop myself. Here is the video below. I hope you enjoy it.

Dogged By The Winds

It was a week of brutal winds, which put my discipline to the test just about every morning. Fortunately, my body’s becoming so habituated to the cyclical routine of forms one dawn, combination drills the next, that it really bothers me if for some reason I’m compelled to skip a session…

Similarly, after three weeks of focused abdominal abuse, I don’t think I’d want to pass a day without testing those muscles either…

Now, if only I would become equally diligent in regimenting my strength, flexibility, strenuous cardio (running / ropes), and gymnastics training, I might actually have potential to become a serious athlete. Perhaps I need to set a schedule that includes all the things I’d like to be working on. Naw… I’ve always resisted that kind of strict, mapped-out approach to training, because to me it seems too unnatural, inflexible, unresponsive. There are a thousand exercises, techniques, or physical feats I’d like to be able to perform skillfully and gracefully. What I’ll work on today should, I feel, be decided with some allowance for spontaneity, relative to what my options are in the spaces and places where I find myself, and in accord with my mindset at the moment. Too much control can, I think, limit one’s potential for well-rounded artistry. Or perhaps that’s just my excuse. Either way, I’m feeling healthy, enjoying the incremental progressions and occasional experimentations…

And most of all, I’m getting the time outdoors that I need to center myself spiritually and mentally. The photo above was taken this week, shortly after my stick practice in the forest. It is a coyote who crossed my path on a wet meadow, one of many animals I encountered that day

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Human Being is not a Possession

I am pretty sure you heard that I am very fond of video games. I do not remember the
exact date I was playing my PS3 but last time I was playing it, my game of choice
was Sleeping Dogs. It's about a Chinese American undercover cop who is infiltrating
a gang to investigate the murder of his sister I guess... I cannot tell you the whole
story because it would take too many pages. I got to a point when I was spying
one of partners in the gang. Apparently, he was with his girlfriend and said: "I am
so glad I have you. Many guys would want to come after you but gosh you are so
perfect!" That statement turns me off immediately. Why? Because of the word "have"!
How do you have someone? Do you really believe my parents, my cousins, or anyone close to me have me? Do you think I have them? No! It is impossible to have a constantly changing human being. You really want to know the reason why I stay away from having somebody? Because the word itself indicate that you see her as a trophy, a possession! Now, do not get me wrong it
is a video game afterwards right? Of course, but video games can damage anyone psychologically
believe it or not. I know one of my friends was crazy about the military war because of video games.
Go on, play as much as you can and see for yourself. What is even more disturbing about the game
too is that they will increase your face level for breaking up with multiple hot women, break their hearts.
That's what makes a man stand out in Western Society: ego. Yes it is a video game I understand
that but video game is a very sneaky way of promotion of the ego. The ego will never
see unity. It is also the reason why a Western man will never understand the word the
East. A Western man is too egoist to open his eyes... A Western Man would
tell me that I think of it too much because he does not want to accept the truth...
I am still questioning myself being in a relationship with a woman right
now because I do not value the controlling type. I do not
see myself going through her phone to search for people who has been
sending her texts... I wouldn't want someone I am with to cheat
on me but at the same time I do not want to limit her freedom
either. Is it possible to be in a relationship without thinking of each
other as some sort of reward? Thinking of each other as reward creates
jealousy, violence competitiveness which doesn't make a healthy
relationship at all. Am I asking the impossible?

Breaking News: Real-life 'Biggest Losers'

"So, I got to a point where I was only eating about 1000 calories a day, and I was working out between 5 to 8 hours a day... and my hair started to fall out. I was covered in bruises. I had dark circles under my eyes. Not to get too completely graphic but my period stopped altogether, and I was only sleeping three hours a night. I tried to tell the T.V. show about it , and I was told 'SAVE IT FOR THE CAMERA'"       -Kai Hibbard (The Biggest Loser season 3 contestant)

I will give the title, not to the contestants, but to the staffs of Biggest Loser who were not concerned about the situation that she was enduring (even to the other competitors that she was concerned with).

As Freddie was stating on what can a media do during his philosia on "Chris Dorner..", the media can give only 10% probability of what their showing is true, especially in news. In this show, the staffs and businessmen use the media as their leverage to benefit themselves, not the people. They did show the people how it can benefit them, but they were not trying to show the flaws because it's clearly a gamble to their business.


As a typical Zen buddhist will say "watch on what you're doing", not because to avoid suffering, but just to avoid suffering that will destroy any people(depending on the individual). It's impossible to avoid suffering, but hey, it simply means everything you do will have negative side on it and it will affect you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Every victims of Fad diet and program not just on Biggest Loser think that on what they're doing is a stairway to heaven. (It could be if you did not pull through in a hospital bed with an IV on you and god accepts you to stay in heaven once you're simply a soul. LOL.)

These link will lead you to her FACEBOOK page filled with her writings and its numerated to show emphasis on how cruel this business be:

A video:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Test

Here's another attempt at making a fitness video.  Sorry if it's terrible.  I've had a really hectic week and haven't gotten much sleep because of my baby. His first tooth poked through yesterday, so at least or sleepless nights have accomplished something.
I think this is more of a blooper fitness than a zen fitness video.  I think I'll cover it with music before you post it on the website.  My kids kind of made it funny, and my baby just HAD to make that spitting sound right as I did the splits attempt.

Introduction, America and The first major painful vison that I ever saw...


My name is actually Aaron. I was born in the Phillipines as you can see my profile name says "...Southeast" I've been here a long time now. The first state that I lived in was at Illinois with my cousins who have been here longer than me. Sadly, I only stayed there for 3 months, then I moved in California which it feels different because it can touch the Pacific ocean which my family want to go the beach everyday LOL. It was fun because the state is arguably multicultural like most of my fellow Filipinos said it would, but my awareness towards the ego in the US(but mostly in Western ideas in general) that's been tainting the authentic way(supposed to be) of human life did grow. I can see from the movies that I've been watching movies for many years depicting the US way of family life really had me torn because most cases of divorce conflicts where women blaming their male partners for ruining the family, but I think what most of these movies were trying to tell people is that most women had their ego that they always think that there are completely the victim, I mean who could blame them because a long enduring history of women's rights created such fears and 'awareness' that they settling in. As Todai Ryan would criticize that kind of 'awareness'(I watched his video about the current protest in Canada), I agree on what he was saying when it comes to settling to these type of 'awareness'(What I mean is some start implements an action which can really projects stupidity as a response to these bad happenings). As some of the women here were getting carried away, their resistance against their fear covered the truth as most of them see's the picture of what is happening to them more than what  is happening to their partners. What made me lose it(luckily my friends 'cooled' me down) one day I was on Facebook(older version) there was an ad saying 'single mom needs cocks' with an addition of 'I don't want another serious relationship' it's that something that made me stayed in my room for a long period of time while thinking about this. I do respect women who breakup with their partners just because they're really being abused in common cases, but my conclusion about these 'women' that I kinda condemn is they're spoiled without any doubts because some of them think they're a victim of deprivition of freedom, but the truth is that when they can't handle these suffering that they have to deal with(as most Buddhist would say), they bring these pain to someone else. That's the awareness that landed to my mind after watching numerous movies and seeing ads. What everybody know currently is that men had created most chaos in the society, but I think it's everybody might create chaos for some reason. And, now I know the mythical story of 'Pandora's Box' was created for a reason. That's my first painful vision on what might happened to me here if I will get in  to these types of relationships, luckily, I have a good family, and I embrace some of the ideas from the 'Straight Edge' culture(commonly being drug free) that will direct me to the right way until death.

These stories are just my first(I don't think it's really that good so forgive me), but hopefully I can really post something that are really heplful to your fitting. PEACE

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fitness Activities Stimulate and Motivate Cancer Patients in Remission

When a person is in remission from mesothelioma or another form of cancer, it is highly possible for the cancer patient to feel fatigued, physically depleted and emotionally drained.  In addition to the rigorous physical treatments and the nature of the disease that a cancer patient usually suffers through, there are also many other contributing factors that can cause stress and exhaustion.  Exercise is a good way for a person in remission to begin taking their life back.

Discover How Exercise Can Help

One of the single biggest benefits to exercising when a person is in remission is he or she will begin to experience new levels of energy.  As adrenaline begins to circulate through the body due to mild or moderate exercise, a person’s body will naturally begin to become stronger.  Increased energy is due to strengthening muscles, improved cardio health, and the release of endorphins.

Improved cardio health is a result of increased blood flow and circulation throughout the body.  When a person has been primarily immobile or sedentary for a significant amount of time, it can take a few weeks of exercise to overcome feelings of soreness and exhaustion.  Once the first few weeks have passed, the patient should begin to experience improved physical health and increased positive moods.

What Types of Exercises Are Helpful?

Because it can be a challenge for a person in remission to get excited and motivated about beginning a regular fitness routine, it is helpful to create an exercise schedule that will be stimulating and enjoyable.  Alternating different types of activities each week will also inspire a person to remain committed to exercising and this will increase a person’s chances for meeting any health, weight loss and fitness goals that the individual may have.

Those who are in remission from cancer, or even those recently diagnosed, should consult with their physician before beginning a regular exercise routine.  When speaking to a doctor, the individual may consider bringing up exercise ideas such as hiking, walking, yoga, or getting involved in a dance class or an aerobic club.  Each of these types of activities can be stimulating and can also be done with a friend to reap as many rewards as possible.  Having an exercise buddy is also a good way for a person who is physically weak to exercise safely.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Shifting Weather

I’m glad to hear that our Little Dragon, Ken Zen is recovering. This is always a dangerous period in the annual round, with drastic, unpredictable shifts in weather. Whether we pass our days indoors or out, these climate dynamics can affect our bodies. For myself, it was a very difficult week in this respect. Early on, I sought medical advice about a recurring issue with losing sleep due to late-night coughing spasms. The doctor who examined me suspected the problem was worse than your average virus, and so gave me a prescription to treat pneumonia. Between these meds and a cough suppressant I took at night, my energy was sapped and, even when awake, I felt loopy and drugged. Though I could have very easily stuck around the house, close to the couch and bed, I forced myself to do a regular work regime and to continue my martial arts practice, though with perhaps a slightly reduced intensity

At the same time, my brother’s Ab Challenge continued into its second week, and I pushed on with it. Thankfully, the tensions that had been brewing around my training approach seem to have subsided. There are a few others who are now starting to push themselves into the high reps, and I was even allowed to post a video featuring one of two personal records I cracked this week: 13 L-Hold Pull-Ups (up from 12) and 21 Inverted Sit-Ups (up from 20). This challenge has come at an appropriate time for me. I checked my weight a few days ago and learned that I’m now 192 pounds, almost 20 more than I was in September, and the most I’ve weighed in my life. I attribute this increase to an improved appetite, after quitting smoking. Unfortunately, I think most of these pounds are going to my gut. And while it hasn’t affected my abilities (yet), it’s probably best my attention be drawn down there for a bit. In addition to the increased abdominal strength exercises, I’ve now begun to run every second day, and am looking at how I can decrease sugars in my diet and speed up my metabolism a bit

Update on My Fitness
Hey guys, I just got back from the gym. After witnessing how much
I slack off, something had to be done about it. It is unacceptable to be at this stage
as someone who is striving to become a martial artist. I was supposed to own the whole
gym! Haha. Every exercise was supposed to be child play for me but it was not the case at that time.
But anyway, today I did witness some remarkable improvements. I can actually do 5 one arm
pushups again with each hand. I can perform three handstand pushups. I believe I can hold the
horse stance for about a minute. I work on my abs but I did not get the chance to test myself
on the L-hold nor the situps. Also, I perform some kicks on the cable machine. I am still discovering
ways to work on the kicks but at least I am certain about the side kicks and the hook kicks. I can
perform from 5 to 6 reps on each leg. However, I am still struggling with the front kicks. I don't know how
to perform them exactly on the machines but it's alright. It's not going to take me long enough to figure it out.
I am still amazed how training in the martial arts can spark this sort of creativity in me. When I go to the gym,
I am not following a routine; I just go to the gym and work on what I need to work on. Yes, I workout every
muscle of the body! As we members of FMK know, a martial artist does not leave any muscle group of the body untrained. That's what makes the training total. As far as the bench press is concerned, I can bench press 60 pounds. I know I need to work on it but there is no rush. I will be able to bench press my own weight sooner or later. That's my update for today. I will give you all some updates until next time.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Fitness Standards for Now
I was working out at the gym the other day and I notice how much I regress. I used to be able to do
at least 6 reps of one-arm pushups. Now I can only do two. I was also able to perform 4 reps of handstand
push ups; but now I can only do two. My triceps' strength is level. I also notice that I cannot even perform as
many reps of front kick and side kick as a red rank in FMK would. My pullups are not so great either: I can
only execute 7 pull ups. On the bright side, I did not get rusty on the jump rope! I perform some tricks fine and I was able to jump rope for quite some time. Nonetheless, I did not feel guilty about where I am at even though I was slacking off but at the same time a martial artist should take his training very seriously. He should not allow laziness to come between him and his health. But there is also one big news to it: this exercise has probably been done before but I discover how to improve my kicks. Usually in the gym,
there are pulleys where people work out their triceps. As we all know a martial artist's body is supposed to
be totally strong; he should not neglect any muscle group in his body. I notice that these pulleys can be used to perform front kicks, side kicks, and probably back kicks! I do not doubt a bit that it will improve my kicking strength, speed and flexibility. I did not put much weight on the pulley because I was just trying them out. My other problem is I cannot perform the kicks without holding something. It is probably because of the weights. I wonder if I improve would I be able to perform these pulley kicks without holding anything... If anyone have any ideas to share on how I exercise, I would gladly appreciate it.


More Fitness Videos

Here are 2 more.  I'll try to get the rest done quicker early in the week.  I did figure out how to combine my videos on You Tube, so I can do that myself when I get the rest done.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baseline Fitness

It's about time for me to start my fitness testing.  Here are the first couple of videos. It will be a lot of short videos because I don't think I can combine them into one. 
I haven't gotten to practice these ones very much because it has been too cold to drag my kids to the park. The video with the dips has the funny music because my baby was crying. 
RIP 17 Year Old Indonesian Boxer
I just discovered that a guy died in the boxing ring. It really shocked me
and brought a lot of sadness within me. Rather than suppressing that sadness,
I rather speak about it. That's the only I can control it. Competition fighting is
not the Way; watching people fight and bang on each other is not good either.
We need to go beyond this violence. We need to stop encouraging it. Here is
the video below. Hopefully, it can wake some people up...


Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Challenge Continues

After reviewing my post from last week, I really have to wonder whether I premeditate my troubles in advance. It very well could be that I’m a masochist in denial. I was aware of the risks entailed in getting involved with my brother’s six-week ab challenge. It was no mystery. I knew I’d be stepping awkwardly into his commercial fitness world, somewhere I really don’t belong, filled with ‘athletes’ who flaunt bodies carefully-sculpted through carb-cycle starvation, steroids, even surgery. What I didn’t expect, seeing as how they all live at least part-time in the gym, is the huge discrepancy between the strength, stamina, and versatility of my abdominal muscles compared to theirs. Their resentment, when I crunch 200 sit-ups, while they struggle with 50 reps, would have been predictable, had I really understood ahead of time how illusory their physical appearances truly are. Maybe then I would have avoided this challenge altogether… though probably not. I tell myself that the reason for my involvement is to connect with my brother, to have a shared experience even while we’re thousands of miles apart. That’s at least partly true. Yet, there’s clearly some other dynamics as well, compelling me to continue my participation despite now being somewhat unwelcome. Maybe it’s ego, or stubborn pride, or the aforementioned masochism. I’m still hoping that, in the end, our differences will be bridged. And if not, at least I’ll have done my best

Outside of the ab challenge, my regular training continues unabated. My TKD kicks are definitely improving, little by little. At least some of the challenge in performing these kicks well is mental. I find that if I think myself light, they’re a bit easier. Also, I seem more able to perform the difficult kicks when I have a tree trunk in front of me. Even if I’m not actually making contact, something about the presence of a target helps me break through the mental wall, and the kick just happens

Friday, February 1, 2013