Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Ok, I came across this video on youtube, and at first I thought it was a joke of some sort... You know, cartoons and stuff... But as the time went by, some things really made sense.

It is not about human history as we were taught, it is about human consciousness and enlightenment.

I definitely would like to discuss about it, so please watch it when you find time. Of course, take everything with a grain of salt but you'll find very interesting ideas in this video. I'd love hear your feedback and let's make a discussion about this because I believe it is a very important subject to talk about...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Training to be Real

There was one time my older brother asked me why I am interested in getting in shape so much. I gave him few reasons: health, proficient in combat, ect... Now I cannot tell you guys how limited my answer was to him back then. You really want to know what my answer to this training physically is? I hope you are ready to hear this. I am training to be real! So what do I mean by that?
What makes a real human being is the perfect integration of the body, mind and spirit. Without the body, how can your mind and your spirit carry on? Exactly, you need a strong body to express your real potential. Being oneself is not about doing whatever you want. It is realizing the Way within and follow the Way. The Way does not know separation. The Way is integration of the body, mind and spirit. To live the Way is to be at one with all three. The only way we can integrate all three is to be in the present moment. In the present, there is awareness...There is peace. This is something the Western Mind will never understand because the Western mind only see past and future. He keeps on thinking about things therefore, he missed them. He thinks he is wise but he knows nothing.. He will never know anything unless he learned how to deal with his own ego. When the Western Mind is working out, he wants to impress people: girls, friends, you name it. He is working out in the future; therefore, he is not really working out. In fact, all his efforts will be in vain because later the people he tries to impress will give up on him when he is no longer in shape. He may have body, and mind but the Spirit has a long way to go!
In the East, things are very different. You train in the moment. You train to discover truth. You train to express your body. How does someone knows how to play the piano? Was not there some sort of training? Finger positioning..? Of course! Training the body is the same way as learning how to play the piano. If being real requires creativity like music, there should a systematic approach to get to this creativity. That systematic approach is getting strong with lifting, stretching, cardio training, ect... Thus, the body will be able to express itself totally and completely. To express the body totally, the integration of the body, mind, and spirit should be made; otherwise, it is not self-expression.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I've noticed that Sifu Lee enjoys a good superhero movie so I wanted to recommend one.
This is perhaps one the best comics of all time, and the movie is as faithful as it can be to the comics. The story contains a lot of philosophical and moral issues. And after you've finished watching this movie you'll realize how all other superhero movies, including X men, stand inferior to this one. I'm talking of course about deep meaning of the story. It is a lot more intellectual.
This is a must see.
I'm looking forward to your feedback. Especially I would like to hear Sifu Lee's opinion.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love is Alive

Love is alive and living, it is not permanent and never can be, never will be.  Love is moment to moment; it is like your breath.  You cannot be guaranteed love just like you cannot be guaranteed to breathe.  Love will eventually die because nothing can last forever.  Law and marriage cannot come in and change love; love is the way that it is.  Love is beautiful the way that it is. 

My short writing was inspired by the Osho video above.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Head Knowledge Is Hollow

Head knowledge really is hollow. When I read works from those reputed to be the best scholars of our day, I can easily discern whether their insights are anchored in their own real-world experiences, or whether they're merely cribbed from the testimonies of others (academic or not), or even just a set of intellectual associations thought-up during those long hours in front of their computer screens. Head knowledge is hollow. I bring my students to harvest the berries heavy on the branches of the brush around a local university, because those inside the surrounding buildings believe they get knowledge from reading about our kind of harvests... and head knowledge is hollow. I openly challenge those who protest for change, even though I may support their causes, because I see that any protest staged as an 'awareness campaign' is all head, and already hollow. Real knowledge is not cerebral. It's dispersed throughout the muscles and the sensorium. It's truly embodied. You can only give this to others by directing them into the types of experiential encounters where such knowledge is known to derive from. A good teacher understands how to do this, well

Marriage is Slavery

Women that truly wish to be independent would not become married.  Women that become married are no longer free; they become man’s property.  They become a possession by law.  No different than a man owning a home or a vehicle.  He is now enabled to use the woman how he so chooses.  It is up to him to protect his woman, who is now his possession.  She must obey his commands.  She must dress the way he wants her to dress and interact with the public how he wishes for her to interact. 

She must work if he wishes for her to work or stay home if he so chooses.  She must bare children if it is to his desire.  She must cook, she must clean, she must become his sex slave.  And this is not just any contact, this contract is meant to last till death!  For some women this can be prison, for some women this can be heaven.  Some women love to be controlled and possessed, some women would not.  A truly independent woman would not allow this but most women are not truly independent, they are very dependent and they enjoy this dependency.  It’s much easier for a woman to depend on a man for protection than to protect herself.   

It is always the man that is asking the woman for her hand in marriage, it is never the woman asking the man.  That is a clear indication that the woman is the one being possessed, not the man.  If a woman truly wishes to be more powerful than a man, then it would be the woman asking for the man to be married, then she can claim ownership over the man.  Instead of buying the man a $50,000 wedding ring, she can buy him a $50,000 car, instead of the man paying for every meal; she can pay for every meal.  Instead of the man purchasing the home and providing the shelter, she can provide.  Instead of the man training hard in Martial Arts and owning a firearm to protect the woman, the woman can train and own a firearm to protect the man. 

Instead of the woman being the sex slave for the man, the man becomes her sex slave.  Instead of the woman being forced to cook and clean, she can force the man to cook and clean.  Instead of the man paying for the honeymoon, the woman can pay for the honeymoon.  The woman would take care of all the financial responsibilities while the man becomes her slave.  The roles can be switched; the women can play the dominant role, while the men play the submissive role.  If the woman truly wished to show her power over the man, she can do this, but none are willing to because it is much easier to become a man’s slave than to become a truly independent woman. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Racist Mind

Racism will always be here as long as the ego is in existence.  Racism can only disappear when the ego disappears.  Racism can only be healed and cured through meditation; there is no other way.  The law cannot cure racism.  Punishment cannot cure racism.  The law and punishment will only hide racism.  When racism is hidden, it only becomes stronger.  You cannot see a racist by skin color, you see a racist by looking into his eyes. 

A prideful, competitive, arrogant person is bound to be racist.  It is a destructive mentality, the mentality that you are better than the next person, the mentality that you are born to be an elite.  Because racism is a taboo and unaccepted by law only because of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., now the racist mentality picks another trait to latch onto in order to feel superior. 

The skinny people feel they are superior over the fat people.  The “beautiful” feel they are superior over the “ugly.”  Those who live in Chicago feel they are superior over those what live in Indiana.  Those who are physically gifted feel they are superior over those who are physically incapable.  Those who have degrees feel they are superior over those who do not have degrees.  Those who have money feel they are superior over those who do not have money.  Those who dress extravagant feel they are superior over those who dress casual. 

The racist mind is the bullying mind.  It is a superiority complex.  The racist mind is the ego.  The racist mind has been taught to you since birth.  You cannot get away from it because the society is grounded upon this racist mind that is everywhere.  Racism is promoted in the schools, at home, in the media, and in the government.  You can only free yourself from this racist mind in solitude, in meditation.  Those who claim they are not racist are basically claiming they are awakened.  If the person is not living an awakened lifestyle, then it is clear he is not liberated from the racist mentality 

The possessive, controlling, jealous, envious, competitive, prideful, arrogant individual is bound to be racist; it all comes together as one.  Everything must be dropped in order for racism to disappear.  Competition is racism.  You cannot be completely free from racism while retaining the competitive drive.  You must liberate yourself from competition in order to fully liberate yourself from the racist mentality.  This can only happen through meditation. 

Because law does not accept racism, you will not find anyone that will identify themselves as racists.  But all those who admit themselves to be competitive are identifying themselves as racists.  Even if they do not identify themselves, if you pay close attention, you can identify the racist yourself.  The racist will always be competitive, arrogant, prideful, jealous, possessive, and controlling.  The nonracist will be meditative, humble, giving, and detached. 

Do not feel bad if you are currently racist.  We are all conditioned to be racist since birth; it may take a lifetime before you will be able to completely cure yourself from racism.  Even when you believe you are completely cured, it seems to creep back into you.  That is because the society continues to reinforce and promote racism to be something healthy and beneficial for society, but the truth is the opposite. 

Racism leads towards destruction, violence, and death.  Racism is not something beautiful it is something ugly.  The key to change is first realizing that it is ugly, once you realize it is ugly, then you will start placing efforts in changing this destructive mentality.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bipolar disorder

I will share with you guys some of my personal experiences with bipolar disorder also known as maniaco-depression and what i think about it. I've been diagnosed with this mental illness at age 26 in 2011. My father have this condition too, my grandmother also and one of my uncle has schizophrenia and other extended member of my family has similar conditions. Since my father has it, i had something like 20% of chances of having it. Going through tough situation and rough emotional moment made it even more possible for me to develop it. My father is a spokesperson for 'Revivre' which is a non lucrative organisation that helps people with that condition in my region. Aside from being active in helping people who either lives with the condition or have related people who live with it, he's been through therapy for more than 20 years to help him in different areas of his life. As a kid he used to tell me these crazy stories he been through and i just thought it was funny, i didn't know what the condition really was. My father subscribed me as a very young age to a study conducted by the Dr. Mark Ellenbogen and i've done many test in the past to help his research.

The way my father used to describe the manic episode was as if one day you start to do stuffs that doesn't make any sense just as if you was in a dream, only you're doing them in the real world. And then you wake up and realize that it wasn't a dream, that you really did those things. And that thought of loosing my mind at any time of my life started to freak me out in my teenage years around 16, 17 and 18 years old. I really didn't like the fact that i could loose my mind no matter what i did. And loosing my mind i sure did. At age 18 in June 2003, i started to have insomnia, i could sleep for maybe 2 hours a night at best. My mind was racing, all kinds of thoughts was bumping in my head and i couldn't do shit about it. I wasn't in communication with my father at the time and i wasn't living with my mother either. I was living alone in my appartment and i didn't really know what the fuck was going on. And then shit started to make sense, but too much sense. It felt like i've just received enlightment and i was about to save the world, and then i started to believe in all kinds of crazy impossible scenarios. For exemple, at one moment i thought the whole world was dead, and that i was one of the last survivors. Thoughts that didn't make any sense like that came in and out, the only problem was that i was believing all that shit and felt aware as i am right now. My girlfriend at the time and other people around me started to see that nonsense. To make it simple i ended up at the hospital and they told me i was going through a psychotic episode. When i've came down to earth, i couldn't believe all i've done (i could write a lot about my actions at the time but it would be too long). Basically after that i felt into depression, it's common after a manic and/or psychotic episode. But my doctor at the time wouldn't believe i was bipolar, one psychotic episode wasn't enough so he encouraged me to hold on, be strong and develop myself and i started to do just that. I've increased my readings of books, i've started to make beats and two years after i started to workout and i thought that with all that development i couldn't be sick anymore and that this psychotic episode followed by a depression was just a shitty moment of my past. The thing i didn't know is that nomatter how you develop yourself, this mental illness is genetic, it's a chemical imbalancement and once you have it, you're in it for life. But to be truly diagnosed with bipolar disorder you need to go through at least two manic and/or psychotic episode and two depression. And i was about to go through it again.

At age 26, in January 2011, my mind started to race again. Only i was believing so much in myself and in the good of this world that i just thought i was unstoppable. After 7 days or more of barely being able to sleep i lost my mind again. This time though, i've been through much more and much worse than in 2003. Even after being brought at the hospital (i thought it was part of my mission), i wouldn't believe the diagnostic, i just couldn't believe i had this condition, i believed at the time that bipolar disorder was for the weak, and that i was strong, that i was using 100% of my brain at least that's what i thought. I've done more crazy stuff than i did at age 18. One of em was that i ended up being at the wrong place at the wrong time and a gang jumped me. It was a store, there was two levels, i simply came in, they thought at first i was a customer and then i sneaked into the boss office(nobody was inside at the moment) and i thought the turf all of a sudden was mine and that i was bout to meet 50 Cent and marry Nicki Minaj. So as i came in, i took off my coat, i started playing with the stuff in the office all joyful and then they noticed my intrusion. They suddenly stormed in, as i saw them i was about to shake the hands of my new workers but i was living in a poor dream, the first guy hit me in my face, they then put a bag on my head and pinned me down on the floor screaming at me 'WHO SENT YOU, WHO THE FUCK SENT YOU!? They started searching in my pockets, hopefuly i didn't have anything worthly of any attention. Then they made me stand up, i couldn't see a thing with this bag on my head and i was scared as fuck, i just couldn't understand what was going on, i was very confused. Then one of them hit me in the left side of my ribs, i felt down, and one of em kicked me at the same spot, it was pretty painful. Then they said don't be a fag, they made me stand up, i heard them say let's take him outside. Outside they took the bag off my head, threw one of my shoe away and told me to get the fuck out of here. I jogged, took my shoe and then i turned my head back and stared at them. As soon as i gave em a stare, one of em started to run at me, i didn't flee, i've waited for him. Then he walked with me on the sidewalks, i suddenly asked him all joyfull, would you rap with me?(as of rapping like a rapper). He said something i didn't understand and then hit me in my face and told me to never came back again and then he left. I took the next bus, didn't pay and after i just sat my ass down and started to cry. I was very confused, just before getting into that turf, i've walked for more than 10 hours, i was very tired. I was asking my self what did i do wrong? Thing is i was just a ill bastard on the loose. I've been pretty lucky not to be knifed or worse, cause the turf i just happened to be in was a turf held by the arab mafia in the worst hood of Montreal and they simply don't fuck around. I also almost killed myself when i decided to cross the river and sneak myself inside a dam. I could go on & on.

I ended up at the hospital again, i wanted to leave but since there is a law who protects adults from being captive in a hospital against their will, my father had to bring me to court and go against me to prove to the judge that i was a danger for myself and that i was better to stay inside the hospital and receive the right treatment. They gave me that treatment and i came back to myself, and at that particular moment, i felt weak like i never ever felt before in my entire life. I then felt down into another depression. I thought i've developped the illness because i didn't do the right thing or just because i was a weak ass mutha fucka. The truth was it wasn't my fault, it was in my genetic, it's a chemical imbalancement in my brain that is beyond my power if not treated correctly. The hospital personal was very cool with me, they saw my interest in reading so they gave me documentation on the topic. One of these document was pointing out many successful people who had that illness. And then i started to read some of these people biographies and realized i could still make it in life, be happy and so on.

I've been in the hospital for about 4 months, the toughest part was to accept it. I wasn't alone there, many people had similar condition better or worse and i've noticed how hard it was for everybody to accept their conditions. Basically they tell you it's alright and all but you know deep down that you're just crazy and it ain't nice at all. I've learned the importance of taking my medicine, with it my brain can function normaly and i can have a life. The sad part is many people don't accept their conditions and not only refuse the medicine but take drugs and it just make the situation way worse. Going through a psychotic episode is very toxic for the brain, if one individual goes through too many pshychotic episode, he can end up crazy for life no matter what medicine they give him, so it is of major importance for anybody diagnosed with that illness to take their medicine at the right time. I'm currently taking 'Seroquel XR 300mg' and 'Epival 750 mg'. I take that shit everyday and i'm very grateful that the scientifics have found ways to correct that illness. Of course the pharmaceutical industry is not perfect, but i don't want to go through any of that shit again.

As for the actions of the sick, it will depend on their personalities. If one individual has very violent behavior, then there is many chances that these behaviors end up being reflected in his psychotic episodes. Thankfully i'm a very peaceful individual in general, so i didn't commit any crimes or didn't hurt anybody, i was more a danger for myself than for others. If you are living with this or know anybody that's going through this, in my opinion the acceptation has to come first and then it's very important not to skip the medicine. No matter if those medicines has side effects like drowsiness, you can do exercises, study, have a job and do whatever the heck you wanna do and be happy if you put yourself into it, just don't give up and stay strong no matter what. I better be living with bipolar disorder and have to take medicine than go through multiple psychotic episodes and end up fucked up for life. Stay strong! Don't let that condition or any other condition dominate yourself, take the time to accept it and take that opportunity to forge yourself again only better this time. And once you've accepted it, it doesn't do any wrong to laugh about it too. Thank you for your time and comprehension.

Conditioned to Possess

We have been conditioned since birth to possess.  We are taught to possess everything.  We have our own name, we have our own social security number, we have our own home, we have our own clothes, we have our own car, we have our own toothbrush, we have our own shoes, we have our own bike, we have our own “stuff.”

We place this same mentality onto people.  We have our own father, we have our own mother, we have our own sister, we have our own brother, we have our own girlfriend, we have our own wife. 

We have to claim things as ours.  We use contracts and the law to claim ownership over things.  When we wish to purchase a home we need to sign contracts to claim ownership over the home.  When we wish to leave this home, we then sell this home by releasing this contract and giving permission to the next person to be the new homeowner. 

We are doing the same with people.  A man wishes to own a woman, so he labels her his girlfriend, soon this girlfriend turns into a “fiancĂ©”, someone that is about to be bought out.  Then finally the marriage is signing the contract to own this person which you call your “wife” until you decide to sell this person back onto the market by having a divorce. 

If you do not decide to sell this person back onto the market then you will protect this possession just like you will protect your home from invaders, you will shoot and kill over your prized possessions, your “wife” and your home. 

Marriage is a contract by law to bind you to another human being as possessed property.  This is not love.  True love is beyond law.  True love is when a woman will be with you regardless of marriage or not, she wants to be with you out of her own freewill, not because she is being forced to be with you based on a contract. 

Contracts aka “marriage” is here because there is uncertainty, you are unsure whether or not the love will last so you try to make it last through the use of the legal code.  The misuse of this contract we call “marriage” can actually damage the relationship rather than enhance it if its limitation is not properly understood. 

It’s not that people should not be married, but rather people should have an understanding that marriage does not enhance the expression of love, love is something that exists with or without marriage that can never be bound by any legal code.  The idea that marriage represents the ultimate expression of love is false.  You will see more true love between two young couples in high school than you will in two adults that are married. 

Reason is because the love is young and fresh; it is still yet to be corrupted by politics.  Many times people will marry not out of love but for security, family pressures, money, children, and a thousand other reasons other than love.  But in high school, two people who wish to be together are usually together because they truly wish to be together, not because they are forced to be together.  And this love is alive and fresh because both individuals know that that relationship can end at any time, they are not bounded together by law, but rather they are together out of their own freewill.  

Being funny versus being serious

Being funny is fun, laughing is cool. But there has to be a serious side. And i think that the serious side has to be more important than the funny side. Something like 60/40 in my personal opnion. It's still important to take things lightly so we can't give too much seriousness in our life but we still have to take things very seriously because pain is a very serious things nomatter in what form it comes. I don't think it can be 50/50. If everything was as serious as it was funny, things would be fucked up. I can't see anything funny in a kid who's dying of hunger and so on. But i can't be mad at things and be serious too much because i couldn't sustain life inside of me. I need things to make sense but i need happyness so i can keep my head up and have the power to walk on. I need strong wind in my face so i know i'm walking in the right direction, things cannot be too pinky either.

Jesus was a very optimistic person, a very joyful guy but at the same time he was very serious about his expression. He could have not hold on to his values while being crucified if he didn't have a strong core boosted with an incredible amount of joy. Most of us would have gave up all of our values just to save our asses from that pain. He knew he would suffered a lot if he kept on being real, he was very aware of what was coming to him. But he was joyful and serious and he believed in a higher purpose so he went on and did his things till his life was crushed. His life may have been crushed but his exemple lives on like many other great being on this planet.

Other great guys like Luther King, Ghandi, Tupac, Malcom X we're very serious but at the same time joyful but best believe they weren't just clowns, there stuff was very solid. So i think we need serious matters a little more than funny matters in our life but still i think that the fun side is a very important side that is not to be neglected. A good comparison would be being awaken versus sleeping, boths are very important, but you need to be awake more than you need to sleep in 24 hours. And if you want to have enough energy to be fully awaken, you need a good night of sleep. So on that last note, good night!


Being celibate for a long period is easy but not easy at the same time. When i mean celibate, i mean no sex, no affection, no love with another human being. And i feel that a long period of celibacy without sex, without affection, without love will either build you or break you in a way. You can end up being depressed or can forge yourself like you never did before. I choose the second option. I could give up and get in a relationship with a woman i don't like just for sex and affection but i refuse. I know, feel and believe that somewhere in this little planet lies a wonderful woman with who i can share my life with and make a great team, it's a matter of patience. It's been 7 years since my last relationship and i've kissed like two girls since. I refuse to loose confidence, i refuse to give myself to anybody. I choose to be patient, get better body,mind & spirit and accept this time of my life as a gift. I know there is a bunch of special womans outhere and i will meet one of them who will fit nicely with me in due time. If it doesn't happen, at least i know deep down that i never gave up. But for anybody who is living something similar, remember this. If you learn to be happy 95% of the time all by yourself, imagine what it will be with a partner. Don't give up!

My Real Expression

My expression on YouTube, FaceBook, & the FMK Blog will be as real as it can get.  YouTube has restrictions on personal expression so I will have to abide by those guidelines, but FB and the Blog has greater freedom of expression.  When I am angry, you will see my anger, when I am at peace, you will feel the peace.  I am not going to hide away the anger and frustration and only show the “positive.”  That to me is being fake.  I am not going to smile when I am unhappy.  I will smile when I feel like smiling; I am not going to smile to make you happy. 

I’m not here to make friends, I am here to express myself and be honest.  I am using the YouTube, FB, and the FMK Blog as avenues of creative self-expression.  It is my online journal based on reality.  Sometimes you will see things that you don’t want to see, but that is just a part of life.  It is impossible to be happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Even a sage will have moments of anger.  But the difference is that the sage is fully engaged within this moment of anger.  When he is angry, you will see real anger, it is not going to be anger masked with happiness. 

When you see less anger in my expression that means I am in greater peace, but if I am too peaceful then where is the excitement and entertainment?  Would Bruce Lee or 2pac Shakur be who they were without anger and a little expression of violence?  How can there be a Martial Arts movie without fighting?   How can there be hardcore gangster rap music without profanity? 

I see there is beauty in anger as long as there is not too much of it.  I may be able to go 360 days without being angry, but for those 5 days in a year, you will witness some real anger, I’m not going to hide it away, because it is a part of my growth, it is a part of my expression.  If you want to hang me for this, if you want to “block”, “unsubscribe”, or quit, then you might as well do so now rather than later, that way you can save us both from the drama.  I am not going to stop my real expression for you.  You have no right to tell me how to express myself within social media outlets that belong to me! 

That’s like you coming into my home and telling me how to arrange my furniture, if you don’t like it, get out!  Go arrange your own furniture in your own home!  Always remember I’m not here to make you happy, I’m simply here to be myself, if you have a problem with that, you can get out of my life, I don’t want you here anyway because I only want people here that truly wish to be here.  I don’t like to share with others who do not appreciate what I have to share. 

I spend much of my time and energy producing the material that I do, I wish to only make it available for those who appreciate this work.  Those who do not appreciate my work, I see them as a distraction.  It is like a movie theater that has limited seating, those who come in with headphones and that fall asleep should leave and make room for those who actually wish to watch, listen, learn, and enjoy.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Killing the Intelligent and Wise Minorities

I criticize Bruce because I know he was not perfect.  I see his flaws and I know how to fix it, by fixing the flaws, I can easily go beyond him.  The same goes with 2pac.  I can criticize his life and I can see his flaws, by fixing the flaws, I can go beyond him.  But I clearly do give him very much credit.  2pac was an extremely intelligent and wise person for only being 25 years old!  It is simply amazing.  He also accomplished so much in such a short amount of time that I do not believe there is anybody in this world that has matched him in this respect. 

Imagine if you died at the age of 25, how much would you even have to show for it?  Here he has inspired millions of people at only the age of 25!  Maybe even having more power than the President of the United States!  That is why they had to take him out fast, too much intelligence and wisdom for a black man!  That is why they killed Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, just too much intelligence, wisdom, and charisma for a black man! 

They have it all planned out, anytime anyone of color that rises to fame that is too intelligent and wise has to be taken out.  These colored folks can’t be allowed to get a real education!  They will let you listen to music from Little Wayne and Justin Bieber.  But they will not let you listen to music from 2pac Shakur, Bob Marley, or John Lennon!  They will let you listen to the average black priest in your church, but they will not let you listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! 

Who Can Live Longer & Healthier?

I see that the competition should not be about who is faster, stronger, or has more cardio endurance.  But the competition should be about who can live a longer healthier life.  All these sports leads towards the destruction of the body, mind, & spirit.  It is not just in regards to combat sports, but I see that all competitive sports are not healthy for the body, mind, & spirit.  You are competing to outdo the next person, when you compete to outdo the next person; you end up pushing yourself beyond your limits, when you push yourself beyond your limits you are heading towards destruction, not towards health. 

In the short term you may “win,” but in the long term you will lose.  Mohammed Ali was a cocky ass dude when he was young but look at him now.  He might have “won” in the ring with Joe Frazier but he ended up losing later on from staying in there too long taking all that physical abuse.  Nobody really wins in war. 

You might go to war and kill the enemy before he kills you but then for the rest of your life you wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares about what you had done or you live the rest of your live in physical pain from the damage you had to sustain from the violent encounter.  You either die a quick and painless death or you die a slow and painful death.  Both situations are not promoting health and wellness. 

Notice how woman don’t compete as much as men and how they live longer.  Men underestimate them because they are not as fast and strong, but yet they are more flexible and they live longer.  So out of both genders, which gender really represents great health?  

Exercise to Live Longer Not Die Early! EXPLICIT

I see the whole point of exercising is to extend your life and live longer.  Not to die an early death.  But you see a lot of bodybuilders who purposely dehydrate themselves in order to appear more ripped.  This results in massive headaches and can cause an early death.  Hugh Jackman stated that he dehydrated himself for 30 hours for “The Wolverine” in order to look as ripped as possible, he also stated that he had massive headaches as a result.  I am very certain that Bruce had done the same for the making of “Enter the Dragon” and that is the reason why he ended up dying early. 

You are supposed to exercise for health and to extend your life but then you purposely dehydrate yourself and end up dying early, that is some stupid ass shit.  But in the same token some of these actors are getting paid millions to put their health at risk, and for them they are risking their health and wellness for money and fame.  This is not something a sage would do.  I don’t agree with any of this nonsense.  Because so many people are doing it, the public now has a corrupted vision of what true health really is.  They think these dehydrated skeleton corpses are representing supreme health when in actuality they are representing the opposite. 

For this I do not agree with Bruce Lee at all.  He was a walking dehydrated skeleton in “Enter the Dragon”.  Standing 5’7.5” weighing only 125 lbs!  My wife Jenny weighs more than him!  How the hell can a person that only weighs 125 lbs be the ultimate Martial Artist!  It’s a fucking joke.  He was not healthy and fit, that is why he had an early death.  We was like the dehydrated bodybuilders, it was all for show. 

Because of him he had inspired masses of people to be skinny and dehydrated just like him, that is not the way of health.  Not just him but Hollywood and all these fake ass magazines promote the same shit, they promote everybody to be skinny and dehydrated, it’s a fucking joke.    

You're Super Ripped...So What?

At the beginning of this month a Martial Arts Instructor that I have met had passed away.  He was in his 30’s, he seemed to be in good health.  His body was ripped.  He had 6 pack abs, he seemed to be in good shape.  He had a lot of technique training in the Martial Arts & was skilled. 

Bruce Lee was super ripped as well and of course had a lot of talent and ability in Martial Art techniques.  But even with all these skills and abilities.  Even with a very fit body, how is this helping the world? 

The physical can only take you so far, it may catch people’s attention, but as soon as you catch their attention, now what?  Do you have anything important to say?  If not, then what’s the point? 

I see that wisdom is extremely important.  More important than people realize.  A person that is highly athletic and fit but with no wisdom is of no real benefit for the society.  It makes no difference if another human has a six pack or a beer belly, death will come, and clearly, just because you have a six pack does not mean you will live longer.  Your spirit lives on through the wisdom you have to share, whether or not you are super fit and athletic really makes no difference when death can come at anytime. 

I always remember to make time for my spiritual growth.  It’s not just about training hard at the gym for 8 hours a day and nothing more.  I need to train my body hard but I also need to make time to read, write, create, teach, and spend time with loved ones.