Friday, October 25, 2013

Truth in Electricity

In life, you can learn from pretty much everything. Life is broad so compartmentalize yourself will limit you from enjoying it to the fullest. What is life? It is something that cannot be described nor defined but electricity is one of the truth life can tell us about. Life is not going to actually speak to us; however, we can make a lot discoveries from it. There are lots of things we can learn from electricity. Electricity is felt but usually not seen. Can you see your attraction towards a woman? No you cannot! You feel it. Men and women are respectively positive pole and negative pole. Together relationship happen. You can think of relationship between men and women as... light bulb so to speak. :-).
Yesterday when I was at the library, I noticed that my laptop and my cell phone needed some charge so I plug my laptop. Since I have an Android phone and the charger has a USB port, I connect the USB port to my laptop and I leave my cell phone alone for a while. The bad news is... it did not charge much... Therefore, I asked myself: "What is going on here? Why does it charge so slow?" This leads me to use an actual outlet to plug the cell phone. You know what though, it get charged a lot faster. Mmm... Why? I kept wondering how did it get there so fast. Well let's face it: the computer was plug to the source was it not? Of course! Because I tried to charge my cell phone from my computer it could not absorbed much but when it is plugged to the source it gets there a lot faster. It makes sense now: it reiterate what Shi Zu Lee said on one of his videos: "Learn from the source not the followers of the source." He did not say it like that but you get the idea. Moral of the story: when you want to learn a craft, learn directly from the master of the craft not the student. If you want to be good at soccer learn from great players like Cristiano Ronaldo for example. If you want to learn how to box, learn from Muhammad Ali. You want to know about Christianity, learn from Jesus Christ himself not from the pastors nor priests. They will do nothing but confuse you. You might learn a thing or two from His followers but you will be much closer to truth if you listen to Jesus Christ himself. You might learn something the followers of Muhammad Ali or Cristiano Ronaldo but you will be much better if you learn from the master of boxing or the one in soccer. Why do you think Kobe had gone close to Michael Jordan? It is because he learned from Micheal Jordan himself. Someone that I would like to learn Electricity from is from the man called Nikola Tesla. If you watch his documentaries, you will realize how such a great man he is and how he wanted to make the world a better place. He is someone that I look up to. Few people will get to that level because the Westernized society is always leading towards destruction not creativity. I do not know if I can become another Tesla but as someone who trains in the Martial Arts, I wish to use my techniques for the good not for pointless destruction like the combat sport fighters and street fighters do. I also want to be able to use my programming skills and engineering skills for the good of the world not like Thomas Edison. Edison had a cage fighter's mind while Tesla had a Martial Artist mind. A Martial Artist mind is the source not the cage fighter's. I repeat to you again, plug your charger to the source otherwise your device will not charge as fast.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Programming is Part of Martial Art Training

I am recently in a programming C++ class. I apologize for not being able to train for all these weeks. I guess I let homework get the best of me. Yes I still want to be part of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu. I am not going to give up on becoming my authentic self. The reason why I point out that title is because I love programming. I like how it is related to me. Human made computers and human also program computers thanks to the human mind. In programming, there are algorithms. Algorithms are basically step by step instructions to solve a specific problem. Now when we talk about human beings, who is the programmer here? The answer is the Spirit within.
The human mind is powerful just like a computer is but it needs guidance. I have a confession to make about my own mind. I have been learning a lot of new techniques. Combative techniques are useful for many reasons: for defending yourself against grave dangers, for intensifying your workout, for scientific understanding of your body. However, there are drawbacks to combative techniques too. Be careful here, I am not formulating my opinion based on what Shi Zu Lee or Bruce Lee told me. I am speaking from experience. The more combative techniques you learn, the more you will feel the need to try out your techniques on others. Why is that? The mind! Our mind have been corrupted by society: jealousy, greed, fame, glory are all the diseases the mind has absorbed. Those are what we called viruses. Yes, I have been learning new techniques from Shi Zu Freddie Lee and I felt the need to try them out on others to hurt them. As soon as I witnessed that, I understood why cage fighters do what they do. They were so obsessed by their so called "effective techniques" that they became violent. So yeah, "a technique can become a disease if one is obsessed with it"(Bruce Lee). I come to understand why Shi Zu Lee does not overly emphasize on combative techniques in his videos. Yes he is highly proficient in them but at the same time, he never try to prove himself that he is the best fighter in the world. He is so in tune with his Spirit within that he was able to program himself so he does not get corrupted by his feeling to take on challenges. That requires deep meditation to do so.
Should I give up technique training? My answer is no I will not. Here is my pseudocode for this. Now you might wonder what a pseudocode is. It is a English translation of your programming code so here is the pseudocode: I will practice the techniques I learned until they become part of me, I will put myself in check if I am getting violent. I don't know maybe I will write some if and else statements. I know that I am getting too intellectual but I hope you guys know where I am coming from. Programming is part of Martial Arts too. Do not ever forget that. Peace!