Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Feedback on the Movie "Click" by Adam Sandler

Before I began, I would like to say how happy I am that Sifu Freddie Lee is back on Youtube. He can get back to express himself once again even if he has to do it differently. The movie Click was mentioned in one of the videos that I made with Sifu Freddie Lee. I believe that I saw the movie a while back when I was younger but I did not see the movie the same way I see it today. The movie is very funny and it has a lot of things to reflect on. In the movie, Adam Sandler is playing the role of an architect who does not spend time with his family much and always been fast forwarding his life. I compare his life to mine because so many times I am on autopilot. Instead of me being in the moment and enjoy every bit of it, I just fast forward. So many times, I am caught up into being respected by professors, employers that I do not even spend time with myself and closed ones. I take every moment of my life for granted. This movie is another reminder that I should be grateful in every moment. I believe that this movie subtly promotes meditation. It just did it in a funny way. It makes you laugh and it educates you at the same time. That is what I call once again: edutainment. I think there is another comedy movie called 17 again by Zack Efron. It makes you laugh and gives you something to think about also. Only difference is that it is more focused in the past instead of the future. I would recommend it.

my basic kicks

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Progress on my Benchpress

When i first started benching weight i was benching 60lbs. That was like 3yrs ago today i now currently benchpress 130lbs comfortably. I recently benched 160lbs twice got me thinking dang i was so weak back then i know my numbers now aren't that impressive but we all got to start somewhere.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


This is a word that I came across on a Facebook page. It came from a video of Muhammad Ali. In the video he was saying how curious he was about why everything that is black is so evil. It is a very funny video. At the bottom of the video, they called what he was doing was edutainment. Notice "edu" and "enter". Entertainment is basically a way to program you to feel a certain way. It is not part of your being, you are forced to be that certain way. People think when they watch movies, listen to music, or watch comedy shows and commercials they are not being influenced. Well they are... Everything you expose yourself to will affect you whether you feel it or not. We just have to pay attention to how we feel whenever we are exposed to anything. Now when we are talking about edutainment, we are speaking of someone who use media, movies, music, or any form of entertainment to try and bring out your soul. In other words, edutainment is beyond entertainment. There are millions of entertainers but few edutainers. The few edutainers I know are Sifu Freddie Lee, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee or should I say the three big Lees. Haha. Other ones are Michael Jackson, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Junior, Osho, J Chrishnamurti, Muhammad Ali, Tupac Shakur, Dave Chapelle, George Carlin, even Jet li. The rest of them... I do not even know what to think of them. I feel like they are mostly here to let their talents be exploited for the money and fame. They have no real purpose behind what they are doing. Combat sport fighters are no different. A lot of them believe what they are practicing is real Martial Art when it is not. Do not bother even listen to these guys because they will dumb you down. There is nothing to be educated about when watching these guys fight. The people to really look into in my opinions are the edutainers that I just mention. If you find other edutainers to learn from, I give props to you.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why I Do Not Like Karate

I am writing this blog to respond to a recent video by Sifu Freddie Lee: "Groundfighting is Not Martial Arts." I agree with him on the points that he makes about BJJ. It is not healthy to do and should not be part of the Martial Arts. Yes it is a way to survive potential threats on the ground but it does not have to be publicized. He also interestingly referred to Bruce Lee about Karate which reminds me of an interview for the role of Kato by Bruce Lee on the Green Hornet. Bruce Lee stated that "Karate and Jiu Jitsu is not the most effective style of combat." When they asked Bruce Lee what he thinks the most effective style is. He said: "It is hard to say the best but I think Kung Fu is pretty good." I do understand that the Japanese Jiu Jitsu has some ground aspect too. Correct me if I am wrong. Now you have this watered down version of the Japanese Jiu Jitsu called BJJ. Bruce Lee himself knows that Jiu Jitsu is not the way. Imagine how he would feel about it today! In my opinion, he would be disgusted by it because he would be way too intelligent to even consider practicing something like that. This is not an activity for real men to participate in. But anyway, I will go back to the topic that I want to talk about.
I do not like Karate simply because of what the name means. It literally means empty hands. So if you are a Martial Artist, why would you fight empty handed? I want to state again that the word Martial means warlike! When a soldier goes to war, does he go empty handed? Of course not because other of his enemies have guns too. So to give yourself an edge, you should at least be able to handle a pistol. If you want to take your gun training further, you may try some assault rifles and possibly a sniper. Otherwise, do not even consider yourself training in the Martial Arts. You might be trained on how to fight unarmed but that is still not Martial Arts. If Bruce Lee lived today, I think he would have still agreed with me because he himself wanted to be in the US Army. To prove my point even further, he himself in the movie asked: "Why can't somebody pull out a 45 and bang settle it?" People do not think about him like that. They see his movies, watch his choreographed fights and tells me that he is the greatest fighter in the world. Jeez, people in the West are so dumb. What makes Karate even not Martial Art is that it is overly Yang. It is just a Japanese version kickboxing basically. There is no balance to it. I am sorry but I cannot qualify that as a Martial Art. Some Japanese Karate masters may get offended by what I wrote, but this is my own opinion. If they want to create a video response against what I wrote, that is their business not mine. They can keep practicing that if they want but I will never see a Karate practitioner as a Martial Artist.

Anger and Violence in Sports

Anger and violence does not belong in sport.  Look at this guy who goes out of control hitting the Gatorade dispenser.  This behavior should be condemned in all sports; it should not be promoted, not in baseball, not in basketball, not in football, not in Boxing, or any other sport.  These people who express this anger and violence in sport should be ejected, suspended, and potentially terminated from the league. 

The difference between sport and violence on the streets is that sport is just a game, you are not supposed to take it too serious, when you get physically violent, then it is not sport anymore, it is not a game anymore, it becomes real violence.  On the streets, you might have some violent angry people who lose a game of basketball and then they end up shooting and killing their opponents over a game. 

What makes the difference between Fighters and Martial Artists is that Fighters don’t have control, they lose their temper, they fight out of anger and violence.  Fighters are essentially individuals who can be so filled with rage that they can end up murdering their opponents if they are not stopped.  Martial Artists have control over their powers.  Martial Artists do not fight out of anger, they are in meditation, they are aware and attentive.  They defend themselves with grace and a sense of calmness.  Martial Artists can choose to stop the offender from causing great bodily harm without using excessive force unless absolute necessary.  Martial Artists do not need people from the outside to stop them from using force, Martial Artists are in control of their own powers and they are intelligent and wise enough to know how much power they should use in any given situation. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Music; Tue l'ignorance (Kill ignorance) - SC

Oregon Killer Motive

Investigators are trying to figure out the motive of the Oregon Killer.  But the answer is right before your eyes.  He states, "I have noticed that so many people like him are all alone and unknown, yet when they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who they are. ... Seems the more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight."  There is a movie that I just recently saw that illustrates this point directly; the movie is called “Nightcrawler.” 

So imagine if this killers primary motive is to gain fame and national attention.  The problem is not the guns, but the problem is our culture in how we glorify violence and have an attraction towards violence. The media sells violence for profit.  As long as there is an appeal to violence, as long as the media can profit off of violence, there will always be people who are willing to commit violent acts in order to gain fame and national recognition. 

Mayweather is the richest athlete in the world, richer than the President himself, and he makes a living off of beating people up in a Boxing ring.  Rousey is not known for her beauty like Kim Kardashian, but she is famous because she beats up women in a cage, not only is she famous because of it but she is also a multi-millionaire. 

If you are a great scientist, a great professor, a great psychologist, a great doctor, the president will not know you, the masses will not know you.  But this person decides to randomly kill people and now even the President of the United States, Lebron James, Donald Trump, and the whole nation knows about him. 

Will we ever stop giving our full attention towards violence?  If not, then the violence will not stop, the violence will continue.  Are these people after fame, mentally sick?  If this killer is mentally sick, then I can argue that Rousey and Mayweather are mentally sick as well.  Because they too are after fame and are willing to be violent to get it.  Actually all the people who encourage this violence, all the instigators, all the people sitting in the audience promoting this violence can be categorized as mentally sick.  Actually Americans as a whole are mentally sick. 

In Eastern countries, people become famous for singing, dancing, and art.  In America people become famous for being Fighters and Murderers.  In Eastern countries, people are meditating.  In America, we are killing each other. 

Will there ever come a time when there is a mass killing and then it is never reported, never addressed, never talked about?  Babies don’t make headlines when they are born, but everything makes headlines when there is a tragic death.  The people who tune into this violence are the same people fueling the violent behavior. 

I speak about this violence as a learning opportunity, not because I find joy in it, there is a big difference.  There is a difference between exposing yourself to violent media to learn how to better yourself as a complete human being and exposing yourself to it for pure pleasure, like it’s a high, like it’s a drug that becomes an addiction. 

People who find pleasure in violence are sick people.  The killer who finds pleasure in killing is a sick person, the person who finds pleasure in watching the killer kill is also sick.  The culture as a whole in America is sick, this is a violent culture we live in.  This sickness needs to be healed and banning guns will not heal this sickness, this sickness can only be healed through a spiritual awakening. 

2nd Amendment - Firearms

I would have to agree with Trump on his stance on guns.  It’s not the guns that are the problem, it’s the people.  Police Officers carry guns as well, but why are we dependent on them during times of danger?  It’s because their badge and presence is supposed to represent the good, they are supposed to be our protectors.  But unfortunately they are not always there, and many times it is up to us to protect ourselves.  Taking away our 2nd amendment right to arm ourselves is taking away our right to defend ourselves from senseless violence.

Think about it like this.  Imagine someone went on a killing rampage to run over 9 pedestrians with a motor vehicle, killing 9 people.  This senseless act from this mentally unstable individual should not result in the punishment of all responsible drivers in this nation.  Just because someone owns a motor vehicle it does not make it a threat to the safety of the public.  It’s the driver that is the problem, not the car.  The government can try to make it harder for the mentally unstable person to get a license, but it will really make no difference because he will still find access to a motor vehicle because they are already distributed everywhere.  Placing a ban on guns is already pointless because guns have already been distributed everywhere in America, it’s a wakeup call, it’s too late.  The solution is not to limit the guns being distributed; the solution is to fix the people. 

It is a hidden fact that Police Officers have one of the highest rate of suicides.  That does not mean that we shall disarm Police Officers, that simply means that we need to help Police Officers become mentally healthy. 

If one shooter kills 9 people and then himself, it makes no difference in that and having 10 people jump off a building by suicide due to severe depression.  What are we going to stop building skyscrapers?  No!  The people need to become psychologically healthy, that is the key.  Then the people will be responsible with guns, cars, alcohol, weapons, etc.

Fact is hundreds of murders have occurred in the South Side of Chicago recently.  But those murders don’t make headlines the way this school shooting had made headlines.  All these other murders in Chicago were pretty much done by criminals whom obtained guns illegally.  So you tell me, how is that supposed to be stopped?  These other murderers from Chicago still find a way to get access to firearms.  The difference between gang violence in Chicago and what happened at this college or the church is that in gang violence, it is enemy gangs killing each other due to conflict amongst each other but these campus and church killings are conducted by severely mentally unstable individuals that just want to kill innocent people. 

The people who are mentally unstable need to be treated.  But the sad thing is, nearly everybody is mentally unstable.  So mental health education needs to be implemented in all schools across the nations at all levels and it needs to be implemented in all job sites.  Every single person in this world needs to be reminded daily of how important it is to be mentally healthy.   People need to learn how to take care of their minds.  America is already extremely obese, and they are also mentally sick, it shows by how violent Americans are, it is the people that need to be fixed.