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Visualization and Music

First and foremost, I'm glad to be back posting again. I have been just reading for the past few months, not sure of what to contribute until now. I've entered a new stage in my life as of April 29th, I've lost my father. Continuing on without him means from that day forward I will gain wisdom he will not have. Upon his passing, I vowed to keep his light and peace with me forever, and remain a beacon of light for others.

I created a video dedicated to my father of a slow, Qigong inspired free-form kata, This is video taken in my forest, near my meditation hut:

What I also came to share today was some music that I've used in the past or currently carry with me in my music library for training in remote areas. When headphones are used you can really get immersed in the music and visualization starts to become easier. Perhaps these will help your imagination if you've hit a personal plateau in your training.

Or If you're looking for more nature sounds blended with a great mix of instruments for an ambient feel.. great for going on a long walk in the forest of your mind:

Or if you've been longing for an adventure that only your imagination can provide, pick any point in this next video and you'll not be disappointed:


Top 3 Recommend Books!

Hello everyone,
A lot of material for the blogs that I've published to date have come from some awesome books. In this blog I shall inform you of the 3 best books that I got the most out of and rate them from 3 to 1; 1 being the one I got the most out of and there for recommend the most. This is an opinion based list.

Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit
Author: Teajoon Lee

Written by Taejoon Lee, Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit is a great book that focuses primarily on documenting the science of unarmed self defence. However approximately 1 quarter of the book is dedicated to the history of Korea's expressions of the Martial Arts, the spirituality of the Martial Arts and a theoretical explanation of the um-yang (yin-yang).

Pages 50/51 are what I enjoy the most. There are 2 fantastic diagrams, 'Three Elements Of The Self' and 'Spheres of Knowledge', that explain where all the elements of a Martial Artist fit into place. I personally find 'The Spheres of Knowledge' to be the most intriguing; however it is fairly detailed and difficult to put into words. The 'Three Elements of the Self' is a triangle with a circle inside. One side of the triangle is labelled 'Physical', another side represents 'Mental', and the other is 'Emotional'. The circle within the triangle is labelled 'Spirit'. The 3 elements of the self (Phisical, Mental and Emotional), when harmonised, create a strong internal Spirit.

"Like an equilateral triangle, all three elements are equally dependant on each other to create a stable structure. When the sides are balanced, a perfect circle can form within."

Also on page 50 is 'NEW CATEGORISATION OF MARTIAL ARTS', a comprehensive section that I previously wrote a blog about. Taejoon Lee gives definitions to Martial Sport, Self-Defense, Martial Art and Martial Way. Lee's definition of the Martial Way is what we commonly refer to as True Martial Arts.

I used material from this book to write these blogs:
Etymology of the Martial Arts:


The Art of Peace
Author: Morihei Ueshiba
Translated and edited by John Stevens

Morihei Ueshiba's book 'The Art of Peace' is one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Broken up into three parts, 'Part One Morihei Ueshiba, Prophet of the Art of Peace', Part Two 'The Art of War versus the Art of Peace', and Part Three 'The Art of Peace', it is a great tool to utilise for our journeys towards spiritual enlightenment. I felt I had a deeper understanding of what Freddie teaches us after reading Ueshiba's biography which in itself is very interesting. If you're a history buff like myself then you will probably enjoy reading about how he took part in the 1905 war between Russia and Japan over Manchuria. How he developed Aikido and had to keep his teachings of peace secret to avoid being jailed during World War 2. And how, after his "dramatic enlightenment experience", in the spring of 1925, "his life was transformed and his mission made clear." As a result "Morihei became an invincible warrior and set off on his mission as a prophet of the Art of Peace."

After Ueshiba's biography (Part One), Part Two focuses on the true spiritual significance of Bushido/Budō. In Ueshiba's day, the concept of Budō was being severely corrupted by the warmongering shoguns, who were expanding the oppressive empire of Japan as far south as Indonesia. Even threatening to invade Australia. Morihei stated "There was nothing noble about using weapons and the arts of war to seize the land of other domains out of sheer greed." He decried this as a false mentality of "honour" and further stated " Bushido is not learning how to die; it is learning how to live."

Part two also focuses on becoming your own artist. It tells us how Morihei Ushiba would teach people to express themselves honestly as individuals. To "Use your body to manifest the spirit in physical form." This is Martial Art. He would teach people to be spontaneous; always to be changing. He expresses this teaching by saying "Learn and Forget! Learn and Forget! Make the techniques part of your own being!".  Morihei also told his students to label their own techniques as to make them more personal. I wrote the following blog on this section:

Morihei Ueshiba on Technique - Analysis:

Part three, the largest part of the book, contains the direct teaching of the Art of Peace. At first I found these teachings difficult to comprehend because they weren't placed in any context like the first and second chapters. However, as I have grown over time, I have developed a greater understanding of these teachings of wisdom. It's important to remember that when reading books of wisdom, you probably won't understand everything the first time round. However you will most likely gain an understanding of where the sage is coming from and what he/she is expressing in time. Here are some of Ueshiba's teachings of the Art of Peace with some of my comments below:

"Life is within death, death is within life; you must exist right here, right now!"
(I believe he is teaching us about meditation)

"As soon as you concern yourself with the "good" and "bad" of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticising others weakens and defeats you." (What I get from this one is to not get stressed over some fellow collegians who claim themselves as Martial Artists but value Taekwondo and Karate tournaments. Stressing over their severely misguided mentality doesn't do me any good; it rips me apart from the inside.)

"All life is the manifestation of the spirit, the manifestation of love. And the Art of Peace is the purest form of that principle. A warrior is charged with bringing a halt to all contention and strife. Universal love functions in many forms; each manifestation should be allowed free expression. The Art of Peace is true democracy." (Another good statement.)

"The techniques of the Way of Peace change constantly; every encounter is unique, and the appropriate response should emerge naturally. Today's techniques will be different tomorrow. Do not get caught up with the form and appearance of a challenge. The Art of Peace has no form - it is the study of the spirit." (This is what Freddie demonstrates in practically every video.)

"The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us."
(Just like how Jesus said that the "kingdom of heaven is within you". The truth is always found within.)

"The divine does not like to be shut up in a building. The divine likes to be out in the open. It is right here in this very body. Each of us is a miniature universe, a living shrine."
(Both you and I are divine. We have the right to exist because we do exist. In reference to being "shut up in a building"; when we practice Martial Art, it is not necessary that it always be in a Kwoon/Dojang/Dojo/Training Room or whatever label you give it. Your training could take place in the park. It could take place on the beach. You can train in your back yard or your shed. Martial Art can be practiced anywhere. This is why I say "The martial techniques I execute is my paint brush, the Universe is my canvas".)

"The Art of Peace is the religion that is not a religion; it perfects and completes all religions."
(This basically tells us that the Art of Peace expresses the truth of the universe. Religions try to, however, they become corrupted by people seeking political gain in their organisation.)

"Unification of the body and spirit through the Art of Peace is an exalted state, so high and pleasant that it brings tears of joy to your eyes" (He said it!)

The Art of Peace is a great, easy to read guide that will over time, strengthen your understanding of the truth of the universe and the Martial Arts. I highly recommend this book to everybody.

The Art of Shoalin Kung Fu
 The secrets of Kung Fu for Self-Defence, Health and Enlightenment
Author: Wong Kiew Kit

About the same size as Sifu Freddie Lee's Reflections Volume 1, I've placed The Art of Shoalin Kung Fu in first place due to the vast variety of Martial Art topics it covers. I'm not an expert on the historical structures of Martial Arts from China. This book does however, provide someone like me a good introduction. The Chinese terminology can be difficult for people relatively unfamiliar with terms like "Taijiquan" such as my self. It took me a while to figure out that Taijiquan refers to soft Martial Arts; in particular Tai Chi!.

The Art of 'SHOALIN' Kung Fu does not specifically document/refer to people with orange uniforms and shaved heads. It touches on mainly the hard Martial Art systems (that fall under the category of Shoalin) from China as a hole. This book contains a comparative history of the various systems of Shoalin Kung Fu such as Choy Lay Fut, Win Chun and animal styles; all of which are considered Shoalin arts according to my current understanding. This book also contains an in depth study of the construction of Kung Fu set patterns, the training of internal force (Chi) and traditional Kung Fu weapons. It helps one better themselves through detailed practical exercises and meditation techniques. In addition to all the above, this book also contains stories of Shoalin wisdom and healing.

This book has many illustrations that I find helpful. It illustrates combative forms, displaying one step self defence clearly and talks you through it in written form. I find it thought provoking, but also understandable that Kung Fu is more holistic than anything to be found in the commercialised world. The book even states this on page 75: "Although many people may not be aware of it, there are actually more kicks, falling techniques and holds and grips in Shoalin Kung Fu than in all the other world famous martial arts put together! All the kicks found in Taekwondo and Siamese Boxing, all the throws found in Judo, and all the holds found in Aikido are also found in Shaolin Kung Fu, but there are kicks, felling techniques and holds not found in them, well known though they are for different kinds of attack."

The Art of Shoalin Kung Fu, in terms of artistic self defence, is a huge versatile system that would, when studied seriously, open a doorway of innumerable technique combinations to practice. This is why Kung Fu schools are so hard to come by. Because they are closer to the truth. Their quality of Shoalin systems is too good to be mass produced in the west. An example of this is that there are only 3 Choy Lay Fut schools in Australia.

The last 3 chapters focus on developing good Chi (Philosophy and Methods of Shoalin Chi Kung), understanding Zen (The Study of Reality and Phenomenal World), and The Shoalin way to Enlightenment (Methods of Meditation for Spiritual Development). There are 2 expository sentences from page 189 that go as follows: "Zen or enlightenment is the majestic, sublime experience of cosmic reality in it's transcendental dimension, where all dualism has disappeared, where the enlightened being is emancipated from the illusory prison of the physical body and becomes the infinite, eternal universe as he or she realises that the personal mind is in reality the Universal Mind. The essential path to enlightenment is meditation."

I think this is really cool. To me, Martial Arts is a pathway to gaining an understanding of the universe, while keeping you physically, mentally and emotionally in shape to enhance the spirit. The longer I study this sort of thing, the stronger my understanding of it and everything else becomes. The Art of Shoalin Kung Fu is the most well rounded Martial Arts book that I have looked at to date, and thus it takes the number 1 spot on this list. The reason I love books, in particular this one, is because they contain so much detail that I feel I am exploring a gold mine. Yes all the information for almost everything is online, however it's not much fun when my iPad battery goes flat.

Inspiration and material to write the following blog came from The Art of Shoalin Kung Fu.
Formlessness to Form to Formlessness:

Earlier this week I received 'Living the Way', 'Spiritual Martial Arts' and 'Reflections - Volume 1' by Sifu Freddie Lee in the post from I have flicked through all three and I'm currently reading 'Spiritual Martial Arts'. I must say I find them very enjoyable. A general trend I've found in Freddie's writing is that his sentences are structurally simple, and the sentence typing is expository. I find it all easy to read and the content comprehensive so far. It also helps that Freddie contextualises the Martial Arts in the modern day. This is a large reason why FMK is so refreshing. It's Freddie's MODERN Kung Fu!.

I now have one question for Freddie. It goes as follows:
"Can we expect Reflections - Volume 2 any time soon?".

Thank You so much for reading my current top 3 book recommendations. Do you guys know of any books that you would recommend to me?.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Malcom X

To me, he is one of the realest people I have ever encountered in history. Here is one of his speeches.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Respect for Women

I believe I recently did a video with Freddie Lee about seeing eye to eye with a person. Yesterday, one of my friend told me: "Sometimes, I contemplate whether I should experiment with different women or I should have one girlfriend for the rest of my life." Hearing that from him made me think that he would say something more intelligent after. Instead, here is what he said: "I am not gonna have sex with one woman only. I want to experiment!" Then I told him: "Good luck." Since I do not like to push my ideas on people, here is what I think about his decision: it is the most naive, selfish and objectifying statement he ever made! Personally, I believe that guys should talk to multiple women; however, be content of just being friends with them. What is wrong with that? Why we men are so focused on getting numbers and go to bed with women? My answer is because we do not know ourselves. We only want to feed off of our own ego. We do not care about how the women feel. Now I am not against sex but if you are going to have sex do it responsibly. Don't just have sex because you want your friends to look up to you or just because you want to have sex with her! You need to know where she comes from! Furthermore, the reason why a guy would want to experiment with different girl is because he never find happiness within himself, therefore he goes material. Already, he is objectifying the women without even realizing it. But when you ask him about treating women as toys, he would tell you that it is wrong. My friend can do whatever he wants to do with his life, he has the right to mess his life up. However, this is not the way of a real Martial Artist. I want to be the Martial Artist not the fool who does not know anything about himself.

John Trudell, One Of My Favorite Artists

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Working hard with passion!

Death can stop a person from breathing, but true passion stick to mans of will until their last breath. The hard work, the love, the hate, the pain, the tears, nomatter what, true will doesn't fly away that easily. You might fall down, think about the worst scenarios, feel depressed, but at the end, you rise again, and you keep pushing against any resistance that keeps your dream from breathing freely. Sometimes we make mistakes, we're human beings, working hard to elevate, to strive towards balance and perfection, but it all comes with wrongful decision. But these comes with lessons. These lessons you learn and you become stronguer, wiser.

We live in a stressfull world, we are billions of humans all trying to live and experience freedom. We cannot be friend with everybody, a grown man understands that. You either stay true to yourself and be by the book. Or you either live a life of lies and hide between a wall. That wall, discipline can break it, heart and passion can tear it apart like a piece of paper. And even in death, hardwork can survive its creator. It has been proven countless times in history. You can hate the creator of this work, but you have to respect it's dedication, it's passion and the struggle behind every pieces of it. May wisdom rises from the grave of those who have fallen in truth! And may life's hardwork break free from chaos!

Sifu Freddie Lee about Staying away from enemies, and how it relates to my life

This video got me thinking,

recently I took exams to get accepted on another college, that offers better education for my career which is music, the thing is that, some sacrifices had to be made, when changing to this college, and that was that the group of people in my previous college was friendly.

I used to be in a highschool, and I created a lot of rivals back then, a lot of them were bullies, but in terms of music, I created some rivals, we were always competing to see who is better, trying to put each other down in a sense, specially from their part.

In the present, when it comes to music and arts in general, I'm not about competing, I am against competing, and music for me has become something else, it's not a way to prove myself to others. I don't need that anymore. Now I view music as I view martial arts. It's to become the strongest version of myself, the best of me. A healthy individual free from attachments of other's people approval, free from competition, and a way for me to express myself and have fun, a way for me to meet new people, to have a good time with the audience.

Well, turns out, this exact same people belong to the new college I'll be attending to in a few weeks from now, I feel as if I had step into enemy territory.

Well I just hope they have changed, and that I have the strength to endure this uncomfortable environment for me.

I'm a different person than I was 6 years ago. I trust that my training in martial arts, and my different views on the world, and a lot of the knowledge that I have acquired watching Sifu Freddie Lee's video, have helped me strengthen my body, mind and spirit, to the point were I will no longer fall prey of the games of people trying to bring me down. Now I know, that we live martial arts on a daily, and that we can use it to grow in all aspects of our lives including music.

Kung Fu Piano

Here's a fantastically artistic music video. I think it's beautiful. Do you guys like it?.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder

While I was out, I saw an ad about a show or maybe a movie. I don't know exactly what it is about. But, it says: "How to Get Away with Murder?" That was the title of it but I am going to answer the question. The answer is freaking easy: be a goddamn police officer! Yes, you can get away with shooting colored people in the streets just because they stole a CLIF bar or something. Oh yeah, after that your corrupted fellows are going to back you up and boom you get FUCKING AWAY WITH IT!

FMK Precepts

FMK Precepts
1)  We promote the balance of the Body, Mind, and Spirit
2)  We promote the mastery of the “Art of Fighting Without Fighting.”
3)  We promote the Way of Tao, Zen, and the original teachings of Buddha
4)  We promote the elite expression of athletic fitness through natural nutrition and hard work
5)  We do not support the violent expression of combative techniques in competition.
6)  We do not support or participate in combat sport
7)  We promote meditation not competition
8)  We promote self-development, not competition with others
10)  We will only train in ground fighting as a way of survival not as a way of competition
11)  We train in combat as a way of survival and health not as a way of competition
12)  We do not support Cage Fighting, MMA, UFC, The DisGracie Family, or BJJ Blow Job-Jujitsu
13)  All our training should be aimed towards health & longevity, never towards violence
14)  We shall aim to become Martial Artists not Fighters
15)  We do not promote alcohol, cigarettes, or the use of harmful or illegal drugs
16)  We do not promote the use of any performance enhancing drugs or supplements

Monday, August 25, 2014

Introducing myself. Connie

My name is Connie. I learned kung fu as a teenager in NY Chinatown with Sifu Yeung Kai. I learner Praying Mantis and Hung Gar from him. His main style was Hung Fut Pai. I loved it but unfortunately my brothers stopped going so my mother wouldn't allow me to travel by myself all the way to Chinatown from Queens. I was very sad. I loved my Sifu and the school. When I was an adult I went back again. I loved kung fu for the beauty of it and the spiritual and cultural that I learner. I wasn't really that interested in fighting honestly. I loved the forms. I know that probably sounds crazy. One time I sparred with one of the guys and he kicked me in the face by accident. I went flying across the room and saw stars. I was ok but not that interested in sparring anymore. Anyway, since then I have. Always practiced my forms, kicks, punches, stretching. I also love to run. I credit my love of kung fu for keeping me healthy all these year. (Now 52). I am in good shape but not as good as Sigung! He is amazing! I find him inspirational. I run also but not marathon's. I just run 3 or4 miles a day. Glad to be on the blog. Connie

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The time is now!

You probably heard that before. But to really put it in practice is different from just being aware of it. Ain't no tomorrow for changes in life, it start today; right now. If we want to better ourselves and elevate, it is now. If i die tomorrow, could i say to myself on my dead bed, 'I did the best i could do!'. I don't want to have any doubts, i don't want to let my dreams die off. Feed your dreams, keep em alive, put will and actions onto them. Nomatter what it is. You know if you push foward for 50 years and it doesn't work, at least you gave your best. Also it is harder if you start from the bottom, or close to the bottom so don't be to harsh on yourself but stay disciplined. It doesn't mean it will be easy if you're from a rich family or whatnot, but let say it is a different kind of grind. So whoever you be, woman, man or children, push it to the limit!! And keep up the good work!

I Am Nobody's Spiritual Guide

I am nobody's spiritual guide, I cannot be, I am unqualified, I can only guide myself towards the way. I am not you, you are not me, I cannot provide guidance to somebody I do not know.  You must know yourself, only then can you truly guide yourself towards the way.  If you do not even know yourself, how can anybody else possibly know you?  Because in order for anybody else to know you, you must express your true self.  If you do not know your true self, you cannot express your true self.  If you do not express yourself truthfully, it is impossible for anybody to know the real you.  I am responsible for me, you are responsible for you, if I do my part and you do your part, this entire world will be in harmony.  There is no need to help anybody but yourself.  

Save Yourself First

I don't understand people who try to save the world when they can't even save themselves.  They want to stop all hunger in the world but yet they are too damn lazy to get a job to stop their own hunger.  They want to be a prophet and have others follow them but yet they are lost themselves and have not found their own true path in life.  They want to save people from drowning but yet they don't know how to swim themselves. People that love to manage and control others but yet they do not have control of their very own lives.  So concerned about helping others and the world but yet too lazy and unmotivated to help themselves.  These people create a lot of problems for society.  The blind leading the blind towards further darkness.  It is a like a virus that spreads to kill not just one person but thousands of people.  An ambitious leader that thinks he is wise when he is not wise can turn a whole nation into fools.  

Tantra on Religion

"Religion is an experiencing of that which is.  Call it by whatsoever name you choose to call it: call it God, call it nirvana, call it XYZ, anything, that doesn't matter - but experience it.  Tantra believes in experience; Tantra is not cerebral it is existential." - Osho

How many people in this life have you ever met that have claimed that they follow the teachings of Tantra?  I bet not many, probably not even one.  These hidden teachings of Tantra are teachings of which I connect with that few people in America or even this world would ever know about.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blow job jiujitsu and the UFC take another victim

This video shows a BJJ fight  on the streets that goes wrong when a knife is pulled out.

Not for the faint of heart, however it doesn't show any violent images of the knife attack.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello Bloggers!
I'm curious to know what you think of Taekkyeon. Many consider it to be an ancestral form of Taekwondo. What I do know is that it was commonly practiced by people of all classes during Korea's Koryo dynasty (918-1392) and Yi dynasty (1392-1920). It, like many other Martial Arts originating in Korea, nearly became extinct during the oppressive Japanese colonial rule that lasted for 35 years (1910-1945). Taekkyeon barely survived that dark time of Korean history. However now it has made a come back and seems to be very popular in South Korea. I have not been able to locate any Taekkyeon schools in Australia, which implies it has not undergone globalisation and therefor there is a good chance of little corruption.

Here is a definition of Taekkyeon from the glossary of Hwa Rang Do defend-take down-submit:
"Korean martial art that centres on foot fighting and involves a wide variety of kicks and sweeps. Hand techniques in this system are predominately open-hand and include soft blocks, chops and palm strikes. Solo forms look similar to Tai Chi exercises, but with fast kicks. Usually practiced with a partner using pre-arranged footwork patterns, similar to the jinga of capoeira."

From my small amount of knowledge of Taekkyeon, I think it's a good expression of Martial Art. The practitioners in these videos are relatively talented. Although they practice Martial techniques, they are obviously not violent in nature which I know is the most important thing. They often try to make what they do less lethal, but not sacrificing efficiency like the real Aikido. This I admire. I believe it takes more skill to spare a life rather than take one when someone tries to end yours. I think Taekkyeon is a creative combative dance of peace. Check out these videos and tell me what you think.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Animal styles

I saw a video of Freddie's where he mentions animal styles of kung fu. So my question is directed to him but if you guys can attribute, it would be great. Anyway, animal styles are usually ridiculed and parodied so nowadays nobody takes it seriously. But Freddie, you've said that they are very effective so can you elaborate on animal styles a little bit? What's the true meaning behind it all? Maybe you can explain it better in a form of a video... Thanks

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Some Free Association Ranting

Here's some truth, as I see it... Soon as we messed around with fire, we were using energy that didn't belong to us. It's what allowed us to move into areas that aren't equatorial and tropical. When Mahoney and I were in Hawaii recently, I sensed immediately that this one of the kinds of places where humans actually belonged... the climate was perfect, and there was edible fruit and sea life. If I'd have visited any of the tropical territories, I'd have probably come away with the same impression. Even the northwest coast is pretty inviting for the abundance of food... Oregon, Washington, British Columbia... But in these places, you'd need fire... Once you get down into the southern half of California, on the other hand, you could just be a human being... And the belt of natural acclimatization stretches south from there for quite a ways... Yet we've gone beyond that belt. Me... I was born in it, and have hardly set foot there since. Why? Because I've always enjoyed gas and electric heating, in false environments of our creation... Not-so-little human terrariums that we build for ourselves... That aside from temperature really don't reflect our natural environment at all... It would be like refrigerating an office building, throwing some penguins in there, and expecting them to be at home... The whole thing has allowed us to breed ourselves like industrial chickens, in small pens (very visible from above), to create a labor force that will make more pens, and tap more energy... In the forms of oil, gas, and hydro mainly... People say that wind and solar are our sustainable future... That's bullshit... How much energy does it take to make, use, and maintain a solar panel or windmill? How many of those will we need to serve our growing population... Fire was the gateway drug... Anything beyond that took us down to the dark place we're at presently, lying to ourselves about the potential escape routes... Solar and wind power won't save us... There's only one way out... Depopulate... Depopulate... Depopulate... Depopulate... It needs to be said, and said again, because it's the greatest truth... there's too many of us... there are more human beings than there are rabbits... there are more human beings than there are rats... It's because we went beyond the fire... We can breed in our terrariums like crazy, but we can't really live, much more than today anyway... It's like an ant farm... Ever try managing an ant farm?... The whole colony dies before too long, because they're not meant to live like that... And that's us... We are on the death route, because our cultural use of energy beyond that which comes from our food and basic, basic fire has enabled us to grow out of hand... Everywhere now is famine... Even where you are... Could you live off the food where you are? Or are you in an area, much like I am, where all the food that's grown is meant to feed cows in other zones?... Soon, everywhere we are will also be drought... It's already happening... We are dependent for our lives on an industrial, international trade system that is insuring our ultimate destruction... Depopulate... Depopulate some more... Eat locavore... Be frugal... Don't buy their products, as much as you can bear to resist... Learn your local ecology... Try to become a part of it

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Best Friend Grace

Last night, on the 15th of August 2014 my beloved dog Grace passed away as she had intense pain due to lymphoma. She was a labrador cross kelpie at the age of 13, and my best friend. This was my first time experiencing the emotional impact of the death of someone close to me. My parents brought Grace home as a puppy in 2001. At the time I was 4 years old and I had always wanted a dog. I was so excited that I ran and told the cat.

Over the years Grace has been the best and loyalist friend to me. She was always there for me when I would get home from being bullied at primary school day after day. And she was always there when I would get home from a mentally and sometimes emotionally strenuous day at high school. When ever I was sad Grace was there to give me a cuddle. Grace was a extremely friendly dog and her ears were the softest and silkiest things I had ever touched. Grace would always sleep at the end of my bed. Now my bed feels rather empty. I know I have spoken and theorised about death in a previous blog, but experiencing it is different. It's real. I think it provides one with a better understanding of life.

 The saddest event I have ever experienced was being in the same room when the vet gave Grace an anaesthesia overdose to end her pain. My brother and I couldn't watch. We Just hugged each other. After a few seconds, Grace's pain was gone and she was quiet. At that moment I gained a deeper understanding of the fragility and value of life. Life is the most precious gift to have been given, and thus it should be nurtured. By this I mean that people should live happy and healthy lives. People should care about what is significant. Feeling anxious about exams feels pointless to me now.

I began to question why, if life should be nurtured, have I trained in techniques that cause harm for the past 5 years. Why have I trained my fist to be strong? Why have I been learning where peoples week points are and how to strike them in combat to inflict damage?. There is only 1 justifiable reason that I can think of for learning how to destroy. I have known it for a long time but now I feel as if I have only just realised it. The martial techniques are of course for self preservation. For the protection of one's life if/when need be. For some reason some people don't appreciate life, like those competition fighters who promote the misuse of combative techniques. People who don't appreciate life may want to end yours. And so the Martial Arts is to restore balance. Practicing martial techniques can also be a good way to exercise. But they can only be for those who are responsible. For those who's mind and heart are in the right place. I have always understood this intellectually, but now I feel I have a very deep emotional understanding of this.

The first thing I said when I first laid eyes on Grace all those years ago was "Fanks!". The last thing I said, one minute before she died was "Fanks Grace, fanks for being my friend." I gave her a kiss on the head and one minute later, my most loyal and caring friend was relieved of her pain forever. I am 17 years of age and since Grace came into my life when I was 4, I haven't known a life without her. I suppose this is another lesson the universe has to teach. I feel sad that Grace is no longer with me in physical form. However I believe I should celebrate the fact that she lived a long life for a dog of her size and cherish my memories of her. I will always love her for as long as I live.

Thank You Gracie for being the best friend I could ask for.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disrespect of the Black Race

Something has been troubling my mind for a very long time. After the murder of Eric Gardner, there has been some shootings going on. I recently heard a 18 years old black men has been shot by a police officer. Someone who was supposed to uphold the protect and serve is the moto. But maybe what the police department means is to protect and serve ourselves not the black people... That is probably the truth. The more I am growing up, the more I understand where Malcom X is coming from...Maybe he was right about separating the blacks from the system. Maybe America is not our home. It is not a black man's home, a Latino's home, nor an Asian's home. I want all people who are white to not be offended. I know there are a lot of genuine people that are white: the ones in the blog for example, and some of my friends. I also know few of them that are well-known: Nikola Tesla, George Carlin, John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and many more. However, there are still some of them, if not a lot that still continues the suppression of black people. I don't know. If anyone ask me if I am proud of being American, I will just say straight: No. How can I be? The greatest country in the world, or should I say self-proclaimed #1, promotes racism, violence, negativity in the media and you want me to be proud of that? Are you kidding me? Never. I cannot be proud of something so corrupted. Look at what we are watching too on TV. We are so drawn into MMA, sport fighting, violent movies, fast food and all kind of shit. There is no way that I can be proud of such country. The people in power needs to fix it before I can be proud of it. I don't know maybe I will be the next target one day. The headline probably will be "FMK student died from police shooting!". And what even bothers me still is that the cops will still be around doing the same thing over and over again.... How can I have any hope for this piece of shit country? How... I am sorry I just cannot. That is why teaching the Martial Arts in America is too difficult. The population is not ready for that because they are too corrupted. I might as well just communicate the Martial Arts to the people that really understand me. Not to these police officers though because they might use it against you..especially if you are black. My thoughts are all over the place. I want to apologize for anything that I say to offend anyone but I just cannot hide my emotions anymore. I had to let it out somehow.

Objectifying Women

This video in my opinion is funny and true. I found this on Derek's facebook page. I believe every man who catcall girls like that are the most insecure men ever. Women do not like catcalling. They need real man to understand them on a deep level.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Loosing family members

I lost my grandfather this weekend. He was a good man, and he had a very good sense of humour. All the good moments me and my family shared with him are now gone. Of course we will remember, but it is not the same. Some people loose their parents, some other their brothers or sisters. Sometimes it is a loved one like a wife or husband. Sometimes a child, a friends etc..I think that death is one of the most painful truth that we have to go through, or live with. The void it brings, the tears, the memories, the fact that you will never ever see that person again. The unanswered questions and sometime regrets. If it wasn't for death though, we would probably take ourselves for granted even more than we actually do.

Sometimes death can be seen as an exit when the pain is too deep. Some of our folks who dies of sickness like cancer or h.i.v. suffer a lot in some cases before they leave us. Death rhymes with solitude, not in a sentence meaning but in reality. We might feel very lonely after a longtime relationship have just ended or when we're just alone. But loosing people bring you in a deep solitude that is hard to match. As one leaves this world, another is born. That might be the beauty in death, giving space for a new born, but ain't the Universe huge enough for everybody? Sometimes i feel like i understand death, and that it is alright or normal. And that's just before i loose someone and then it's screw death. Maybe i'm being selfish. I guess it's part of the beauty of being mortal and courageous in life, staying positive and joyfull while being aware that we can all suffer and die anytime soon. That's just life i guess. One thing is for sure though, loosing people around you changes you bit by bit and life is never the same afterwards.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Walk Of Martial Arts

         Training in the Martial Arts is a journey and commitment that takes time and dedication to do. Not many Martial Artist keep up with their training and end up losing health, knowledge, and spirit. Training in the Martial Arts is kinda like trying to climb out of a lifelong hole. The more you stay in the hole doing nothing the more you stay in the hole. But the more you try to climb out of the hole the closer you are to getting out of it.
Same can be said about Training in the Martial Arts. If you train in the Martial Arts and give up on training in it any further you won't get far in it. When you train in the Martial Arts you want to train to get higher and higher in it. To reach a unreachable level of skill, knowledge, wisdom, and courage. Having the right mind, body, and spirit is what make a Martial Artist a True Martial Artist.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Real vs Fake TaeKwonDo

Hello everyone

This time I shall enlighten you about the True Taekwondo and expose the fake corrupted version for what it is, unrightfully claiming the label of Taekwondo.

Now before I get too deep into it, I would like to make it clear that no style is the true way. This is because they are incomplete systems constructed by imperfect human beings. One size does not fit all and their for you will never reach your full potential by only relying on a system. However everyone must start some ware and a system can provide a good foundation for a beginner. An infant needs to be spoon fed. They need good nutrients to give them the best possible start to life. A Martial Arts school is like this. Unfortunately too many martial arts schools have been feeding beginners McDonalds, providing them with a poor foundation. These are all the McDojangs/McDojo's.

These are videos that to me, illustrate what is closer to Real Taekwondo:

Friday, August 8, 2014

What I'd like to see in a Martial Arts movie

This is a blog response to 'Martial arts movies' posted by Alex.

I don't know much about movie making. I haven't even seen a Bruce Lee movie. However the most important aspect in making a Martial Arts movie would be to emphasise the true way. To illustrate that the Martial Arts should lead to wisdom, genuine happiness/inner peace and a healthy development of the body, mind and spirit. Combat should be realistic but it should come second to the philosophies. I think it would be beneficial to the reputation of the True Martial Arts if characters were to express themselves in a peaceful way. Martial techniques being executed in a unique and artistic way, true to the characters inner spirit. The Martial Artist should spontaneously express himself (as illustrated in Freddie's Kung Fu dance videos).

Some quotes that will get people to think and question society. Maybe quotes like:

"The true way is no way" and "Use no limitation as limitation" -Bruce Lee
I recommend that statements like this be quoted and then illustrated in the story. Maybe it would work well if some of the philosophies were reworded. This may make it easier to communicate the message to a broader audience. An example may be: " The true way is no set way for every individual." Or "The true way is found within". I think that in a good movie, the context should annotate this to reinforce the Statement.

Maybe even a quote like "The martial techniques I execute is my paint brush, the Universe is my canvas." -Myself

Make the True Martial Artist out to be like water, not fire or a rock. To be flexible, adapting to all situations.  Represent the True Martial Arts how it needs to be represented.

Maybe the story could be about how training in the True Martial Arts improves ones ability to live life and cope with everyday stresses. Or something similar.

This is what I think. Below is what my brother had to say. He knows far more about movie making than I do.

"The Movie should represent Martial Arts in the right moral way. At the same time it should tell a strong plot, with a 3 act structure, a consistent and strong narrative and good 3 dimensional characters that are relatable. Basically if you get those 4 elements that make a movie a movie, and combine it with the true morals of the Martial Arts, you'll get the perfect representation of the True Martial Arts and a great movie". -My Brother

Anyway I hope it all goes well for you and I wish you the best of luck Alex. :)  

Martial arts movies

I've recently started taking courses in a film school and I plan to make some short movies on my own. Freddie has talked a lot about the media and how martial arts is misrepresented in the popular culture. So my question is.... Let's say I wanted to make martial arts movies while trying to represent them in the right way, what your advice would be? What kind of movie would you like to see? I believe that movies can be the best platform to promote martial arts, like Bruce Lee did, but it's been done so poorly after him, with a few exceptions. What's your take on this subject?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Once upon in high school

Its a Korean film based on a kid getting bullied in school. Then he is inspired by Bruce Lee and starts training in jeet kune do concepts. I liked the movie a lot its in Netflix and i believe someone posted it on YouTube. Just search, Once Upon a Time in High School : The Spirit of Jeet kune Do

Pains when training

Hello readers and writers of the blog.

Was wondering if you guys have some advice for me, I've done Taekwondo for a while, I experience pain in my body when training, and doing different types of activities that involve the body, like swimming, or playing the guitar, not just the TKD, they don't have to be intense, but it's especially on the knees when an activity requires some knee involvement.

I have visited a few doctors who have gave me clearance for doing all of these activities, and visited some alternative medicine doctors aswell.

Since them I always do a good warm up, and train my techniques slowly, and use knee braces. And haven't been going to a martial arts gym, that way I can control the intensity of the entire training sessions, and don't have to follow along with other people.

Haven't had any injuries since then, but still feel some pain at times. Which is why I started training less and less. And there's some rare occasions in which the training session goes really well, i don't feel pain despite doing the exact same training routine.

I find that now, when swimming, it's probably the best one for me, since I usually don't feel pain, and feel better afterwards.

At times I feel there's a lot of stiffness or tightness in my body, which seems to be the problem.

Was wondering if you guys had some tips for being safe while training.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Freddies Demo at Park

I watched your kung fu demo earlier  today just now decided to post about it. You have come a long way may sound corny, but I'm proud of you man good job. I really enjoyed it and the crowd cheering it was really cool.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Update on benchpress

My personal best on the bench now is one rep of 160lbs and 19 reps of 100lbs 


Peace is within but to discover it, to unlock it, we need a desire to do so, a drive to put ourselves in motion and seek that discovery. Through experiences, we can find bits of peace here and there and connect those bits toguether and see the larger picture, feel the larger picture. It is false that we're just the worst creature to ever have stepped on this planet, we're more than that. Yes we have commited the worst crime, the worst atrocity. But we also have countless beautiful qualities that has been shown to the world and keeps getting shown to the world by wonderful people. It is by finding and connecting with that peace, that we can realize great individuality and then connect with the rest of the world which is our family wether we like it or not. I wish you peace whoever you be.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's wrong with the world

Words of wisdom...

Development of a Martial Artist

In my opinion, styles are for beginners. They are unnecessary for advanced Martial Artists, because advanced Martial Artists work on expressing themselves rather then expressing a system. However to understand True Martial Arts and related material requires an advanced spiritual awareness and intellectual ability to identify fine lines and to organise this information into its proper categories.

The Martial Arts is so deep and complex, yet so simple, that it may be incomprehensible for those who know nothing about it. Styles brake things down into a curriculum, spoon feeding a beginner, who is like an infant who most likely will benefit from it. However there comes a time when all people must feed themselves. A beginner occupies the cognitive stage of learning. They must think very hard about what they are doing because the techniques do not come natural to them. After a while, the practitioner will have entered the associative stage. For them now, they can execute techniques in a semi-efficient way. They still have to think but not as much as before because it's becoming natural to them. They are still learning from their 'style' and are becoming formalised. Eventually the student will enter the autonomous stage, meaning that performing martial techniques is now natural for them. The practitioner now needs to become formless. The practitioner is now must personalise his or her martial skills and express them from the heart. This is what adds the Art to Martial. The expression from within.

This is one way to the path of becoming a Martial Artist. Perhaps the most common. It is kind of like the development from child, to adolescent, to adult. However it's important to always keep in mind that there is a difference between being educated, and being schooled. A schooled Martial Artist is asleep. They generally don't know how to think outside their curriculum. They understand their curriculum (curriculum = artificial), but have know idea of their true self. An educated Martial Artist may have never been in a Martial Art school. They most likely would be more confident and familiar with who they are. Their entire way would be very authentic to themselves. I have never met a living example of this. Martial Artists who have taken this path, to have developed from cognitive to the autonomous stage are extremely rare.  A fictional example might be Mr. Miyagi from 'The Karate Kid'. It's like the difference of growing up in a mainstream school, and being home educated (home schooled). I have experienced both. In fact I might wright a blog about my experiences with this in the future.

There are many different paths to take become educated in anything, even the Martial Arts.

Most true Martial Artists in our western society's (who are often hidden like the Ninja) would have started in schools. I still after 5 years practice at the local Taekwondo school, but I don't consider myself a "Taekwondoist", I consider myself someone who wishes to express himself honestly (Art) through the execution of combative (Martial) techniques. The school helped me get started on my journey in the Martial Arts. I still like going because it provides me with a partner to practice self defence techniques on, I get a good work out, and I enjoy socialising and teaching others. At home I am different. I am me. I work on my own expression. So basically I have made it all work for me. The martial techniques I execute is my paint brush; the world/Universe is my canvas.

There is a concern that many students in traditional schools never attempt the grow as individuals, and are always happy to be spoon fed. The school is okey with this because the longer they stunt the students development, the longer they get paid. This is corruption, not True Martial Art. The worst part is that the instructors often don't know they're doing it. This is something to be wary of for traditional Martial Art schools. I've seen it first hand at the local Taekwondo club. However I often tell these misguided individuals quotes like "The true way is no way". Most of the time they have no idea what I'm talking about. But that doesn't stop me from giving them hints. One day they might understand. It just takes time. And time is something I have for true Martial Arts, because it's something I love.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Question for people on the blog

Are martial artists and warriors the same?