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This is a topic that I thought about yesterday. I was asking myself the question of why people lack discipline. One of the reason why is because the way your parent raise you. If he spoils you then when you become older, it is going to be hard for you to have discipline. That is true in all sense but as I was meditating, this is what I realize. You might not agree with me on this but that is ok. We all see things differently. I see that we all have self-discipline; we just have to direct that self-discipline towards our overall development body, mind, and spirit. For example, if somebody loves play video games all. It is true that he could have done something better besides playing video games for that long but he can at least give himself credit for being dedicated to the video game. However, if he truly wish to change his habit, he is going to have put more effort every day so that he could focus on something else besides video games. Instead of playing games, he could decide to read a book for instance, or he can drop on the floor and do some push ups. A lot of Americans watch TV a lot, but it is a discipline that they have. All they have to do is to shift their focus on something else other than watch television, which tells lies to their vision. As an alternative, they could start telling their vision by reading books that help them develop their true potential. In short, discipline has been within us our whole life, all it takes is our decision to make about how we are going to use that discipline. You can either use it towards creativity, or towards destruction. A Martial Artist always use his self-discipline towards creativity. He does not seek destruction, nor competition. He seeks to make the world a better place by starting with himself as an individual, therefore he is the best decision maker in the planet. So all we really need to do is to improve on our decision making and make sure that our body follows the decision our mind makes. Once they are both in agreement, we can become Real Martial Artists.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pot holes in Montreal area pictures

I was exchanging recently with Freddie about biking and pot holes and I was telling him that we had a pot holes problems in Montreal because of the climate, I just thought it would’ve been funny to share with you guys some pictures of these pot holes that we have loll.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Importance Of Physical Conditioning

What do you guys think of this?

Steven Seagal needs to see this lol

Spiritual Teaching of the Banana Peel

Hello FMK

Firstly, I wish Sifu Freddie Lee the smoothest transition from Vimeo to Daily Motion. You were my original philosophical inspiration and I look forward to this next stage in the evolution of your online expression with much enthusiasm! Rest with the knowledge you will have my support every step of the way.

Secondly, I'd like to detail why I have not posted anything in almost two months. Some of you may already know why. To sum it up in one word, it's school. I'm now devoting nearly all of my time and energy to 'doing well' at school. It hasn't been easy for me to stop writing about my philosophies. I feel as if I had to peel myself off this blog. However, the extra time I'm putting in to my studies at school is paying off. The way I look at this situation is that this blog will be here after November 2015, but school won't. Since I've got limited time in school, I might as well make the most of it.

Thirdly, a shout out to Steve Caissy. Steve, the video about your Kickboxing club is impressive. Your Kickboxing club looks like it's the real deal. I also really liked your remix of Justice. Thank you for sharing it. If anyone hasn't seen the video, I encourage them to check it out via the following link:

Now I shall explain why I gave this post its rather peculiar title. I, along with about 99.9% of people at my school get to and from school via bus. Each bus has about two senior students who have been given the role of 'bus captain'. It's a leadership role that I occupy. Being the bus captain involves making sure all the younger kids are behaving themselves, settling any arguments they might have, making sure they are seated properly and ticking their names off the list to keep a record of who's been traveling at what days and times. It was the ticking of this list that led me to a an opportunity for spiritual growth.

I have occupied the role of bus captain since February this year. Now days when ticking their names off the list, I normally don't need to get up out of my seat at the back of the bus. I can tell who all of the kids are by looking at the back of their heads. Sometimes however, I do have to get up and see specifically who is present in the primary area. The primaries sit at the front of the bus and are all 11 to 12 years of age. The other day I had to go up there and make sure a particular student was present. I did this and retired to my seat at the back of the bus. About 2 or 3 minutes later, they were calling me back. I thought they had a problem and jokingly said "Okay, who's just been killed". They responded by saying something that I didn't expect to hear. "Ben", some of the less mischievous ones said; "You've got a banana peel in your hoody!". The primaries were all giggling away. I laughed and put the banana peel in the bin. I went and sat back with my fellow senior students. They told me that I am far too soft and that by doing nothing to punish those who did it, I was breeding little monsters. When it comes to punishment, the power I have is to inform the students teacher, who will send a note to the students parents detailing the undesirable behaviour. It is not in my nature to do this though. For me, respect has always come from a place of love and passion, not fear and punishment. I questioned the seriousness of that kids actions. I thought, "did anyone get physically hurt?", the answer to that was "no". I did however feel a little bit embarrassed. I then thought "Is causing humiliation worthy of punishment?". This was tricky for me because it was a new situation that I had not encountered previously. I then thought of Osho. I thought of how people used to try to humiliate and deface him. I then thought of how Osho would say that he can't be hurt, for he has no self, no ego. If a person has no ego, what is there to be hurt? I then applied this teaching to my situation. I questioned why I might retaliate. It would be because I had been hurt, because my ego had been damaged. I then considered the fact that if I am to ever obtain mastery of my self, there must be no self. This situation also reminded me that there is no right or wrong. That kid putting the banana peel in my hood was movement that occurred in this Universe. What makes universal movement right or wrong? I believe it's the way we as humans view such scenarios. Like Buddha said, "With our minds, we make the world." Actions in essence are not right or wrong, they are just neutral occurrences. I consider a True Martial Art practitioner to be someone who strives to represent the never ending path that leads towards perfection. By "leads towards perfection" I mean leading the practitioner to becoming one with universal reality. It reminds me of that line from the FMK song, "Perfected Perfection". These are the ideals I try to live by in my day to day life; to be the best version of myself attainable.

I now feel like I want to thank the 11 year old who put the banana peel in my hood. His actions were a catalyst to a spiritual growth that occurred inside me. I then asked myself what I would do if a similar situation were to occur. Would I or wouldn't I punish him? I have decided that I would need to punish him if he did something similar. If respect doesn't come naturally to that 11 year old, then respect will have to be a learnt behaviour. I wouldn't punish him out of anger and revenge, I would punish him for his own good. I doubt many people in this world would be quite as open minded and lenient as I have been. People don't tend to get very far in this man made structure we call society without respect for others and themselves.

It fascinates me that something seemingly insignificant such as a banana peel could be the centre of such a valuable lesson to me. As I interpret this aspect of this lesson, I should not take any stimuli (object or event) as insignificant. Everything in our lives plays a role in shaping who we are as people, even something like a banana peel.

I wrote this blog because I wanted to share with you the details about my recent spiritually enhancing experience before they fade from my memory too much. I doubt I will produce any posts between now and the middle of November because by then I would have finished all of my final high school examinations. I already have many ideas about what I'd like to write about in future posts. Until then, keep striving towards perfection FMK! Let me say once more that to me, this new phase in the evolution of FMKs online expression is very exciting!

Thanks for Reading

Thursday, August 20, 2015

FMK Will Now Be on Daily Motion

I will no longer post videos on Vimeo.  All FMK videos will now be hosted on Daily Motion.  Daily Motion will allow me to monetize videos, so now my motivation to continue to produce and share videos will be reignited.  Please support FMK on Daily Motion.  Thank you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reasons Why Women Should Not Be Revealing

It has been a long time bloggers. I have decided to write this because I believe it is really important for women to realize why they should not reveal their body parts so much. In the Muslim religion, what I heard is that the women only reveal her body to their husbands, which I believe to be the right choice. However, you do not have to be married to realize that. If you are committed in a relationship, I still think that she should still dress well but she may not dress like the hookers in the street. A lot of men out there, that is what they are looking to take advantage of: they want you to reveal everything about your body so they can exploit it. If the man does not care about you, he will just try to get into your subconscious and try to get you to bed and then he will say goodbye to you. Later on, you will still wonder why he never called you or tried to get in touch with you. The reason is that he was not ready to be the man you wanted him to be. He may act like he does but deep down all he wants to do is sleep with you; he was not ready to commit to you. Now, I am not against having sex with multiple partners but before sleeping with a partner you should make sure you know who you are dealing with. If you found out that he only wants to sleep with you, you can either say yes or no. If he really wants to be with you, again you can choose whether to be him or not. Either way, the choice is all yours. The guy is not the only one to blame. You should blame yourself too. You do not have to study the Martial Arts to understand that but the way a real woman is is connected to the way a real Martial Artist is. A real woman is strong body, mind and spirit just like the Martial Artist. So, this is one of the reasons why Martial Arts teachers should be careful about who they teach how to fight. If the person wants fitness, teach fitness; if he wants self-defense teach him just that. Do not try to push him to learn the real Martial Arts, he clearly is not ready for that so do not force it. Now if he is truly open to the real Martial Arts, you can teach him if you want to. Beware of liars though, they can be really good actors. They may act like they really want to learn the real Martial Arts but all they want to exploit is the combative techniques for personal gain. I wish I had the formula to see who is lying and who is not but I think you can still find the clues yourself. That is my rant for today. Nothing too radical, it was just something that I was thinking about so I decided to let it off my mind.

Monday, August 10, 2015

New music; Désert intérieur (Track inside)

Désert intérieur by SC. Exclusive lease for FMK members & community members, email me for details at ;

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We don’t know the value of privacy until tragedy strikes.  If you have a lot of money, you can protect this money, you can hide this money, you can live as if you don’t have this money.  Nobody knows how much money you have unless you reveal this information.  Those who are wealthy, can still stay safe.  A wealthy person with no name can stay safe. 

But if you have fame, now, no matter if you are wealthy or not, you are at risk.  You can have thousands that love you, but all it takes is one person filled with hate to destroy your future.  All it took was one person to kill John Lennon.  All it took was one person to kill 2pac.  All it took was one person to kill JFK.  All it took was one person to kill MLK.  All it took was one person to kill Malcolm X.  All it takes is one person to burn down your home.  All it takes is one person to destroy your car.  All it takes is one person to take your life.  All it takes is one person to make your life a living nightmare.  All it takes is one person to put your entire life in misery. 

This one person that is full of hate, can just find out where you live, and take away your entire future.  This one person can take the life of your entire family.  This one person can destroy your entire destiny. 

Ask any person who is wealthy and famous if they would rather be wealthy with no fame or wealthy and famous.  A lot of people will answer that they would be content with just the wealth.  With fame, it will bring hate, no matter who you are.  And all it takes is one person full of hate to destroy everything you have worked so hard to build for your entire life.  The president can’t sleep at night without the secret service. 

All celebrities need to go into hiding away from the public.  The public is what is making them rich, but all it takes is one person full of hate to destroy their future, and they know this.  That is why all celebrities stick together and build their own communities; celebrities don’t mingle with the public because they know what can happen.  There is a segregation between those who are famous and those who are ordinary.  But those who are not famous but wealthy, those are the individuals who can truly enjoy life with no restrictions.  Nobody is paying attention, they have bypassed the radar and they are living a life of luxury and bliss. 

Overflowing Energy

Overflowing Energy

When you have overflowing energy, you will find outlets to express this energy.  In the body, you will exercise, you will strength train, you will kick, you will punch, you will run, you will bike, you will swim, you will exert yourself physically.  In love, you will express this energy with intimacy with your lover.  In business, you will find work to make money.  When you make money, you will spend this money.  This money is a symbol of your energy exerted.  What you buy with this money will symbolize the outcome of your exerted energy.  Your home, your bike, your car, your clothes, your furniture, are all examples of symbols of this exerted energy.  When you create children, this is a symbol of your exerted energy.  A man of Gung Fu has an immense of amount of energy that he needs to creatively find ways of exerting for the greater good.  The man of Gung Fu aims to exert his energy towards the development of Body, Mind, Spirit, Love, and Business.  A man of Gung Fu aims to create beauty and head towards luxury.  A beautiful home, a beautiful partner, a beautiful body, a beautiful family, beautiful clothes, beautiful cars, beautiful bikes, a beautiful life.  He wishes to fill his life with beauty. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Osho on Boxing

Osho on Boxing

“In a California university, for a year they did a research study to see what happens whenever there is a boxing match – which is the ugliest thing you can conceive of, people hitting on each other’s noses. Boxing proves Charles Darwin is right: man has come form animals and still has animal instincts in him.  The study of the California university is very significant: they found that whenever there is a  boxing match, crime rates go fourteen percent higher immediately, and they remain at that level for at least a week – fourteen percent higher!  Just watching people hitting each other, their own animal becomes alive – more murders, more rape, more suicides.  It takes seven days for them to calm down, back to their normal criminality.  Still, boxing is not banned.” – Osho “ It’s all about change” – pg. 41

Although I practice Martial Arts, I have a strong distaste for all combat sport.  I see that if we are to be truly human, if we are to be a truly evolved species with great consciousness, all combat sport should be banned.  Fighting should never be used as a form of entertainment and profit.  Studying the art of fighting is one thing, but fighting to entertain others is worse than what animals do.  Animals fight to survive, they don’t fight to entertain.  The desire to fight to entertain, places us below the animals.  If we are to be evolved beyond the animals, we must never fight to entertain.  We must practice Art, we must be creative.  Training to improve for survival purposes is one thing, but fighting to entertain is entirely something else. 

When you possess a firearm, you never shoot people or animals for entertainment purposes, if you do, you belong in jail.  The firearm is only meant to be used for training at the range, training in privacy, or for self-protection, never to be used for entertainment.  You don’t kill people for entertainment.  I see the same goes with the expression of unarmed Martial Art techniques.  You never fight to entertain, you train in combat to better prepare yourself for survival or you express combat for creative purposes, but you never fight to entertain.  If you fight to entertain, you are psychologically sick, just like the shooter who kills for pleasure.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Music video

Here's a video we shot a couple of months ago, it has been released today. I made some quick appearances and i made the music for it. Enjoy!

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