Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet the Sigung to FMK

My fathers the one who started me off on the Kung Fu way by his example.  He is the Sigung to FMK.

Developing a Family Connection

It is the responsibility of all Todai's to place greater efforts in becoming more involved with promotional videos & activity on the FMK blog in order to develop deeper connections within the family.  That sets the major difference between a Todai & a student or client.  You make what you want out of being involved in FMK.  You can see it as just a place to "workout" or learn "self-defense" or you can see it as something even deeper, something deep like a family you can count on.  In order to develop that deep connection, it takes time & openess.  If you refuse to invest the time & you refuse to open up, then you are limiting your growth within this kwoon, it is your decision.  I am not the one to force anyone's growth, you will grow when you are ready, but I have provided the opportunity & that is all I can do, it is up to you whether or not you will take the opportunity.  I will no longer be sending many emails, I will be posting more often on this blog & posting new videos.  If you do not keep yourself updated on the blog or videos, that is your choice.  Those who find the time to check the blog & videos, those who participate, those who become involved, are those who will grow deeper within the family. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Qigong Starts a Fire

Ok So I am also into primitive survival, camping, and general wood/bush craft skills. If it is ok with Shi Zu Lee and you guys are interested in these subjects I can start making videos when I go out as well. I am the one starting the fire sorry about the ideo not playing all the way through.

Training the "IF"

Ok so the IF is what I call my techniques that I feel I can use IF the worst happins and I have no choise but to fight. Since my bob dance video I have working mostly on my CLF form strikes when I work bob or the heavy bag. It wasn't going well this morning while working the arrow punch to horse punch I started to lose patience and focus, so I switched to my ifs for maybe 30 or 45 seconds, switched back and was good to go again. I did this several times after I was able to use it almost as a breather exercise. It helped me calm down even out my breathing and get my confidence back. The end result was simply and amazing work out.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sidai Dewu Street Gymnastics

Sidai Dewu doing his thing.  Don't try this at home without proper training.  Dewu has been training in gymnastics & tumbling since he was a child. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Todai Kang CLF Progress

Excellent progress video on the CLF Form for Todai Kang.  Just a few minor corrections that need to be made.  Excellent horse stance, I can tell you have been training hard on it.  Make sure your breath is coordinated with your hand movements, work on a deeper breath.  Transition from horse to arrow without raising up to a standing position.  Transition from arrow to cat without raising to a standing position while clearing the elbow gracefully.  When starting the arm hardening drill, put the hand out a little more forward.  Further corrections may be posted at a later time.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Just some random Bob work trying to find the sweet spots.


Shi Zu Lee I am sorry a bout my foot placement, I will fix that.

The Basics of all Martial Arts is Fitness

The basics of all Martial Arts is fitness, if you are not fit, you should not emphasize the practice of combative techniques.  Fitness incorporates the balanced development of strength, endurance, & flexibility.  A Martial Arts Master shall always be above a Personal Trainer as far as development & experience is concerned.  A Personal Trainer is like a bachelor’s degree.  A Martial Art Master is like a Ph.D degree.  Personal Trainers are expected to be fit, it is their profession! 

A Martial Arts Master shall also be expected to be fit, if he is not fit, he is not a Master, he shall go back to practicing the basics, he shall give up his authority to teach, he shall concentrate his energies on teaching himself rather than overlooking others while being a hypocrite.  A Martial Arts Master teaches by example.  If you are not fit, you do not belong in the business of Martial Arts, you should concentrate your energies in becoming fit before you place a high emphasis on the development of techniques of combat. 

There are many coaches out there, coaches are not Masters, they are more so motivators.  There are many hypocritical coaches; coaches who are unfit themselves that push athletes to their limits.  That is a Western mentality, to be a hypocrite, to lead others but fail to lead yourself.  The Eastern way is to lead yourself & by leading yourself, others will follow by your example.  The West is all about talking, the East is about doing. 

All Police Officers who are unfit should be fired.  All “Black Belt” Martial Artist’s who are unfit should lose their ranks.  All Martial Art instructors who are unfit should stop teaching others & start training themselves.  You should not help others until after you have helped yourself.  Learn the alphabet yourself before you start teaching somebody else the alphabet.  If you have obtained a Ph.D. but then you have forgotten the alphabet, there is a big problem.  You should go back to studying the basics. 

If you are not living up to the standards of a “Black Belt,” give it up, don’t hold onto something that you do not deserve.  Even the President of the United States has to give up his title when his term is up.  Please don’t call yourself a black belt, don’t claim yourself as a Master, Sensei, Sifu or whatever if you have long forgotten about the basics of Martial Arts which is health & fitness.  Give up the title to someone else, & only take it back when you have rightfully reclaimed it.  If you have completed a marathon back in 2000, it does not mean that in 2010 or even 2001you can repeat that accomplishment.  You shall hold yourself to a very high standard if you wish to claim the title of Master, otherwise drop it, that is the only right thing to do. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Real Tae Kwon Do

What we call Tae Kwon Do in America is a watered down version of what is real.  The practitioners of Tae Kwon Do in this video are clearly at a high level in what they do.  As an outsider looking in, I would consider them a black belt in their style.  Now can they really fight?  Can they really defend themselves in combat?  That remains a mystery, as the techniques demonstrated are more acrobatic and designed for entertainment purposes rather than simple, direct, & efficient for combat.  But regardless of whether or not they are truly capable of defending themselves in situations of great danger, fact of the matter is they are very talented & skilled in what they do. 

Their level of expression takes many years of hard work & dedication, they have great Kung Fu.  The demonstrations in this video I would categorize as part of Mystical Kung Fu.  But are they really Martial Artists?  I would consider them more of entertainers, performers, gymnasts, & practitioners of acrobats more than Martial Artists.  Acrobats, Martial Arts, & Gymnastics are all different; the expression in this video is closer to acrobats & gymnastics rather than Martial Arts.  Take away the uniforms, belts, & boards & you will see a bunch of talented gymnasts performing stunts. 

Real combat is not too flashy & not as entertaining.  TKD puts real combat in the backburner & focuses more on flashy techniques for entertainment.  Many speak negative about TKD because of McDojo’s & of the over commercialization & watered down candy cane belt system, but overall, TKD is much safer for society than Sport Fighting.  A TKD Artist is more of a performer than a Fighter.  Real Martial Arts is the ultimate way for society, but if there is no real Martial Arts & people have to either train in TKD or Boxing, TKD is safer for societies development.  It is less egoistic & less competitive than Boxing. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Athletic, More Ego

It is very difficult for an athlete to accept anyone as a Sifu, the Ego is too strong.  The more knowledge a person obtains, the more difficult it will be for him to be open to new ideas & new ways.  An athlete becomes his own personal trainer, he does not wish to hire someone for the job, unless he chooses to compete, then he may give into hiring a coach.  It is rare to ever find an athlete who seeks for a true Master.  Sifu’s will find great Todai’s within some children & within those with less ego.  Less ego typically entails those who are less athletic & less knowledgeable.  Those who think they know it all will find it very difficult to accept anyone as a teacher.   

Be in Meditation

From this time forward, keep holding yourself to a higher standard body, mind, & spirit. Being a part of this kwoon, we are now representing one another, we are one family, so if you don't do it for yourself, do it for the family. Set a good example, be a good example. Remember, every moment is a new beginning, with each breath there is death & there is life. Do not live your life in regret, live your life in this moment right now, that is meditation.

Todai Jia: Bamboo Flute & Pushup Progress

I believe every Martial Artist who is on the path shall take up at least one musical instrument.  This is part of your spiritual training in expressing your inner self without words but rather through the language of music. Todai Jia has chosen the bamboo flute, I have chosen the Chinese War Drum.

Great form on the pushups, keep up the good work.  I like how you have demonstrated that you do not have to be in the gym to train, you can train anywhere, including kitchens!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Todai Update: On Ranks

Stay updated with this post for any future changes in this regard.  The ranks are not only meant to symbolize an achievement of proficiency in fitness, technique, & understanding of Eastern Philosophy, but it is also meant to symbolize a close connection to the FMK family.  Those who wish to achieve rank must consistently put effort in developing close relations with Sifu, Shi lao, & ranked members of FMK through their own individual efforts.  Those who wish to achieve rank must make payment towards the uniform & certified badge to indicate that they have strong interest in the promotion of FMK.  Those who wish to achieve rank must actively show that their development in the Martial Arts is not just about your own individual development but also about the development of the kwoon as a whole.  

Only those who have maintained the standards indicated above will be officially certified.  Official certifications will be represented by the possession of the FMK badge & public certification on the FMK website.  For further information on the requirements to achieve rank, respond to this post. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Health and Disease [are] is the Very Stuff the Mind of the Human Brain is made of.

Part 1 

The Human Brain was designed to operate itself according to meanings acquired through irritating incoming stimuli from everything known and unknown in it's surrounding environment….including time and place. Whatever can be identified or unidentified is a facet constituting the surrounding environment. 

Every known and unknown factor impinging upon the human neurological system through verifiable and unverifiable senses..... incorporated into our human design … the source responsible for establishing potentials into our constitutional design. 

Electro-chemical activity assumes the exact pattern and arrangement that the irritant pressuring its presence on the neuron-network has upon contact with it whether it is light, scent, sound, or whatever known and unknown form matter has been placed in to deliver information from the environment. 

This environment exist in two places- 

1. Outside which has been described somewhat and 

2. 2. Internally which happens to be the photonic arrangement which constitutes our human form, our DNA, and genes. 

We are instructed from and by these two immediate levels; identified as internal and external. 

One is actually handed down to us genetically by preceding generations of families that we offspring from, which of course, we have no control over. The other we’ve already proven that we have some control over by using our physical activity to bring about physical displacement; and only a physical displacement. 

It does not improve our health; it only reveals the space we have to move in when we volition to do so. Lets apply this principle described to our physical machine; acrobats, physical postures, conditioning muscles to increase in flexibility do not improve our health, they only reveal the range of motion our levers were design to execute to begin with which we had denied them by the omission of much needed maintenance. We had other interests in mind instead. 

Lets look imaginatively at where health is and where it takes place. Imaginatively speaking and the imagination is the Highest Crown of Achievement given to the human brain, which slowly emerges from the mind which is actually the sum result of all electro-chemical interactions working in our human biology and physical frame and existing in every atom composing whom we are, and not just within the brain. 

Remove everything visible, if that were possible, and the only thing remaining would be an electrical pattern of atoms holding together; this thing remaining is the human spirit or chi where health occurs and exists. This is what we either program to decrease or increase in intensity; health or dis-ease is what occurs when what we do either: instructs it to increase or decrease in intensity. 

Health is as it applies in this explanation, the amount of freedom we give it to increase and expand in or dis-ease the amount of freedom we take from it which instructs it to decrease and shrink in. 

Therefore, health is an increase in electro-chemical activity and its surging intensity and dis-ease is a decrease in its intensity. When we use exercises of every kind.... 

we are simply exposing our sensing mechanism to atomic levels of impacts: pressures and their alterations, that the electro-chemical process was specifically designed to respond generically to and repetitiously. 

What I am saying here is that actions of every kind used as exercise are not the actual thing doing the healing. Exercise of any kind when performed produce potential energy which does not come directly in contact with the actual energy operating within our body; the actual energy operating within our body animating the actions, was designed to equate to the potential energy arising from the action… equivalently.

An example: when we take what seems like an ordinary wire with no electricity flowing through it attached to a light bulb that does not light up to indicate the absence of a live wire, as we know it, and we then choose to pass this wire through a rotating coil of wire in close proximity to magnets also safe to the touch………an electrical current begins to flow through the wire to light up the bulb and indicate a live wire.; neither the wire and the rotating coil and magnet are in contact. 

The arising magnetic field is potential energy which causes the electrical energy in the atoms of the wire to activate in alignment and increase in electrical energy (electricity) and flow across the wire. Electrical energy duplicates the electrical patterns of potential energy in order to reproduce more of itself generically. 

When we recognize where we are in the steps or phases and how much we control by doing or not doing, we can better understand how we can help the way we were designed to increase in health or dis-ease. 

The human brain was designed to improve itself by using the very stuff it is made of to produce more of itself in either direction of health or dis-ease. We can only help from the outside by doing so that the potentials that arise become sources our life energy can use  and has a pattern blue-print from which to generically reproduce equivalent energy patterns and incorporate them into the very stuff it is made of
To be continued:. 

Dr. Ramon G. Rivera 
Dr. Rivera’s IDEA/ACTION [Training] Studio

禅 保 手 功夫
Zen Protecting Hands Gungfu
Kinesic Shadow Boxing

Health and Disease is the Very Stuff the Mind of the Human Brain is made of. 

Part Two. 

From Part One: 

1. The Human Brain was designed to operate itself according to meanings acquired through irritating incoming stimuli from everything known and unknown in it surrounding environment….including time and place. Whatever can be identified or unidentified is a facet constituting the surrounding environment. 

2. Every known and unknown factor impinging upon the human neurological system through verifiable and unverifiable senses incorporated into our human design … the source responsible for establishing potentials into our constitutional design. 

3. Electro-chemical activity assumes the exact pattern and arrangement that the irritant pressuring its presence on the neuron-network has upon contact with it whether it is light, scent, sound, or whatever known and unknown form matter has been placed in to deliver information from the environment. What I am saying here is that actions of every kind used as exercise are not the actual thing doing the healing. 

4. Exercise of any kind when performed produce potential energy which does not come directly in contact with the actual energy operating within our body; the actual energy operating within our body animating the actions, was designed to equate to the potential energy arising from the action… equivalently. 

Lets look closer at the four descriptions above from the previous submission by looking at other occurrences indicating "that is precisely what is happening to all creatures on earth designed by Mother Nature." 

To prove the validity of what is described in the four identified as happening to the human being, Quantum Physicists with the hobby of studying animal behavior generally and how it is they learn without a class room sitting specifically…discover an amazing reality that the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth and permeating the space between all objects and creatures occupying it, reverberates effects from one place to another regardless of the distance. 

The Quantum Physicists termed it with this label- Harmonic Resonance. 

Particles, Atoms, and Molecules of every known and unknown wavelengths and frequencies bump and crash into each other in either orderly, disorderly, and collective reactions to transmit whatever the source was that initiated their movement. In this domino effect of immense proportions an enormous amount of information is transmitted through and by the displacements of the mediums irritated into activity. Vibrations on many parallel levels of electromagnetic radiations. 

Here’s what they noticed on the surface and the surface is found by looking at the creatures it impinges upon and the behaviors elicited: Birds in one part of the world faced by a crisis were forced to adapt for survival by developing a new behavior and response; and mysteriously enough, birds of the same species in another part of the world exhibited the same new behavior for survival without experiencing the demand of the crisis. Harmonic Resonance Doing It’s Thing by spreading the message and programming the reactive readiness into the creatures in need of the improvement and keeping them from extinction. 

A simpler example: take a tuning fork, strike against something and it will duplicate the impact and effect by vibrating equivalently; now hold it against another tuning fork that has not be stricken and draw it slowly towards the tuning fork and the tuning fork will begin to vibrate in intensity proportionally to the distance of the vibrating tuning fork. That happens because the information of the strike, impact and effect is being messaged through the field in space towards the un-struck tuning fork. 

This transmission of information is constantly occurring on a subliminal level escaping immediate detection by anything or anyone not aware of it beforehand. 

This is a universal principal operating independent of all things it effects or depend upon it for intently tapping into it. Whether we are aware of its existence or not, it does its work faithfully causing and responding to all things done or undone. 

It is important to know this so that we can see how it works on the human scale pertinent to all our human interests. It is the cause, the through, and the effect that all things have their beginning, their duration, and their end no matter the time scale and frame. 

How does this apply to Health and Dis-ease? 

Your Doing something or anything is transmitted to your Brain according to the same principle in an equivalent manner.  [Harmonic Resonance]

We are at the mercy of all this impinging and bombardment of information that we have no way consciously of defying. But Hark! All is not lost because we have been given an advantage that all other animals do not have on the same level that we do. And that Is- we have the cognitive skill to gauge and graduate into the wavelength and frequency we prefer to receive instruction or programming in. 

We do so by isolating specific action and repeating it over and over in as many forms the action exists in and establish a habit that draws to itself (attracts) more of the same kind of action specifically even as it exists in the permeating electromagnetic field blasting at us all our lives. 

Our Brain having formed the habit from the actions practiced over and over, filters and targets into itself any similar instruction found in the electromagnetic waves that even look like the action practiced over and over. 

What we practice the most will draw energy from the surrounding source… increasing or decreasing…in either our Health or Dis-ease……..through Harmonic Resonance.
Not to be confused with thinking that you can gain knowledge without studying by placing your books underneath your pillow,  place your head over it upon the pillow, sleep and wake up with absorbed knowledge from the contents of the book.  Not the same; you have to do something before any kind of resonance kicks in. Totally different animal subject. 

By now a Light bulb ought to have lit. And you can imagine how our actions and no action transmits instruction conducive to Health or Dis-ease to us as our Physical State. 

Any questions during these submissions will be answered in any following submission. 

Feel free to ask at the above email. 

Dr. R.G. Rivera
Homeopathy Minister

禅 保 手 功夫
Zen Protecting Hands Gungfu
Kinesic Shadow Boxing

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until
I set him 'free.' "
--Michelangelo - and
So Say I!

Dr. Rivera's IDEA/ACTION [Training] Studio

This post and the following posts have been made possible by permission and invitation from SIFU FREDDIE LEE.  I Thank You Sifu.

An Interesting US Army Combat Manual
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Friday, June 15, 2012

On Bruce Lee & his views on flashy techniques

All the unarmed combat training is a game of the display of skill & talent.  Bruce Lee did not emphasize the “flashy” stuff because he stated that it was not realistic.  But all Martial Art training is not realistic in a live & spontaneous situation that is completely dynamic & unpredictable.  Martial Art training is for Artistic self-expression.  If Bruce Lee was able to perform amazing acrobats like Tony Jaa, I’m sure he would have jumped at the opportunity to display his talent on screen, but fact was, he was not capable of performing acrobats, that is why in “Enter the Dragon” a stunt double had to be hired to perform the forward flip at the beginning of the movie.  Bruce Lee was not an acrobatic person, so to protect his ego, he stated that the “flashy” stuff is not worth developing, he talked down on acrobats because he was unable to perform it himself. 

Because he had a nice physique, he loved to show off his muscles, but in all actuality, real combat efficiency has nothing to do with how impressive your muscles appear to be.  But he wanted to show off his physique in order to demonstrate to others how hard he has trained.  He decided to show off to the world his muscular physique to replace his inability to perform acrobats.  His negative statements about flashy techniques was an ego defense.  All talented Martial Artists show off in one way or another.  One Martial Artist will show off his nice physique like a bodybuilder (Bruce Lee), another Martial Artist will show off his “flashy” techniques (Tony Jaa), another Martial Artist will show off his amazing strength, another Martial Artist will show off his amazing speed (Bruce Lee), another Martial Artist will show off his amazing flexibility (Van Damme), another Martial Artist will show off his stunt performances (Jackie Chan), a fighter will show off his ability to hurt other people (sport fighters).  Everybody is in the business to show something off in order to gain attention & profit. 

Bruce Lee might have spoken down about flashy techniques over simple, practical, & efficient techniques.  But I would surely rather promote flashy techniques over violent sport fighters who use simple, practical, & efficient techniques to hurt others for personal gain.  Simple, practical, & efficient techniques are only beautiful when they are displayed in artistic, creative, & peaceful ways.  They become very ugly when displayed in violent ways.  The most simple, practical, & efficient way to kill another is to point a gun and shoot.  The beauty in Martial Art is complicating the simple in order to develop it into an Art that takes decades to perfect.  Millions can point a gun and shoot, but very few will be able to be as acrobatically capable like Tony Jaa.  Anybody can learn to point & shoot in a matter of seconds, but to learn how to perform a split will take many years of training. 

Bruce Lee has been a big inspiration to me & I am not criticizing his statements out of disrespect but I rather use his statements to spark our own inner awakening towards truth.  The expression of Bruce Lee is only half complete, it is up to us to complete the rest, we need to discover the other side, we need to see the other perspective.  Bruce Lee had a huge ego in his expression & anytime there is an ego, the ego will create many beautiful lies.  Beautiful lies will then mistakenly be perceived as the truth, we need to see past these beautiful lies & discover the truth within ourselves.  Yes Bruce Lee is a big inspiration to many, but he is no longer here to explain his teachings, so we cannot limit ourselves to his dead quotations, we need to see that all the answers are within, even if some of these answers may seem to contradict the past statements of Bruce. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Sifu Lee What Degree Blackbelt Are You?"

"Sifu Lee, what degree black belt are you?"  I am a 360 degree black belt, I have been studying Martial Arts for over 10,000 years.  I study to become a Master in order to become a student once again.  When the marathon is over, I run another one, I will keep running for eternity, there is no black belt that can measure my rate of development, once you reach the level of Sifu, you can either regress or progress.  If you regress, you are no longer a Master, if you progress, you become a Mystic, you reach the realm of the unknown.  At this point, you are practicing what I call "Mystical Kung Fu."  Mystical Kung Fu is beyond what is known, it cannot be measured, it cannot be labeled, it is unknown.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update Video for Online Todai's

I don't have internet access for most of the day anymore b/c I am at the kwoon for most of the day & my internet is at home.  So I will not be emailing as often, it is easier to respond via video responses, here is an update for you & my response based on the progression videos you have all submitted.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Congratulations to Ning

Congratulations to Ning for being promoted to Sidai.  He trained very hard & achieved the red rank in just under 3 months time.