Monday, June 29, 2015

The  title  of  the  video  name  black  men  drinking  old  chocolate  milk
And   when  I  was  drinking  the  chocolate  milk  it  was  so  nasy  taste
And  bad  taste  I  was  making  faces  saying  to  my self  this  funky  chocolate  milk
And  I   almost  fall  out  from  the  taste  of  it   so  enjoy  the  video  I  made friends.

New music!

Here’s a new track I just finished. I called it ‘Pas à pas’ which is French for ‘Step by step’. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fear & love

I feel that fear is only temporary and that love is eternal. Even an extremely awful fear will be temporary, for it leaves the body when we die. When we die, fear leaves but love remains, it remains in the memories, in the heart of those who remember you. Let’s go a little deeper. When the big bang occurred, all the atoms were splits in billions of billions of tiny bits of what they once were. But forces inside of them drove them to reconnect themselves. Galaxy, black holes, planets, gravity, life... It’s all love, molecular activity occurring, trying to reconnect itself. Other big bang will occur and no matter how far atoms are splits, they will reconnect again. No matter how much life suffers, life will find love and succeed, if it’s not in this world, in others it will. 

Notable Individuals - Lawrence Tan

Lawrence Tan has been a practitioner of Martial Art for over 50 years. He never quite felt tranquil within himself growing up in a family of Chinese immigrants in America. As a thirteen year old he lived in a neighbourhood were in his own words; "there were mainly whites, there were very few Chinese". He suffered from racial prejudice as he was constantly referred to as "Jap", "nip" and "chink". The Chinese community laughed at him for he did not speak a Chinese language. This resulted in Tan not feeling like he belonged anywhere. He saw Bruce Lee's films when they were originally released in cinemas. After seeing what Bruce Lee was doing on the big screen, he had a feeling that Gung Fu was something that he had to do. Finding a place to learn a Chinese system, however, proved to be very difficult. He then took something else on the basis of availability - Karate.

One day a friend of his came to visit him from Taiwan. During a sparring session his friend used techniques that Tan hadn't yet seen. After having his leg swept and consequently falling to the ground, he asked his friend "What was that?". His friend replied "It was Gung Fu." This further compelled Tan to find a place to learn a Chinese system. He went to his local Chinatown and looked deeper than he ever had. He felt that because that it came from China it affirmed his heritage and the fact that it had a philosophical foundation helped nurture a very philosophical and spiritual side that felt right for him.

Finding work as a fight choreographer for movies, Tan was able to fund a trip to the Shoalin Temple in China in 1984. What he found was truly enlightening, but not in the way he expected it to be. At first tan thought that by going back to the Shoalin Temple, he was going back to the very essence of Martial Art. He thought, as many do when venturing to the Shoalin Temple, that they were tracing Martial Art back to its very source, to see Martial Art exist in its most purest form. In actuality, China's government had long turned the Shoalin Temple into a tourist trap! "It was like a Chinese Disney land." said Tan. Most of the monks new little to nothing about meditation, enlightenment and spirituality in general. Tan spoke of an instance when he ascended from his slumber at 2am to see the monks meditating. On his way there, he saw one monk practicing what looked like Western Boxing. The Shoalin Temple is generally the last place one would expect to see the practice of Western Boxing for obvious reasons. Tan asked the monk why he was practicing this. The monk replied; "Chinese Gong Fu superior, but Boxing more efficient to learn and more practical in combat". I personally find this statement to be truly profound, especially considering the fact that it came from a monk in the Shoalin Temple. Tan then spent time at a training academy for boys located across the road from the temple. The level of discipline these young practitioners had was unlike anything Tan had seen in America. However, their motivations were again, not what he expected them to be. These young practitioners wanted to be China's next Bruce Lee, they wanted to make it in to Hollywood through martial practice, not physical, mental and spiritual cultivation through martial practice. Weather he found what he expected to find or not, Tan gained a lot of wisdom from his time at the Shoalin Temple.

Tan stresses the importance of understanding the differences between East and West as the ways of thinking and learning are very different. Over years gone by, Tan has observed that the traditional Chinese way of learning is much more based on mimicry. The master has a lot more knowledge and experience. The master knows what he is doing, therefore, the student follows what the master does. Over time the student will intuitively grasp it. The Western way is much more analytical. It prefers to break something down and analyse each small detail in order to gain an intellectual comprehension. When Tan was asked where he fits in between East and West, he replied; "Back and forth like a yoyo!".

Lawrence Tan now resides in the city of New York where he teaches his personal expression of Martial Art, formatted into a system he invented to make his expression more accessible for those with no experience. The etymology of Tandao is fairly obvious in being 'the Tao of Lawrence Tans expression'. It is important to note that the Tandao system is not the be all end all definition of Lawrence Tans expression of Martial Art, the Tandao system more so serves to market his expression and to provide his students with a good foundation.

In recent years Tan created an online web series on blip called Tandao Fight Lab. This is how I discovered him. Tandao fight lab episodes are aimed at who Tan refers to as "the evolving Martial Artist.". In Tandao fight lab, Tan demonstrates how techniques from the forms of classical Gung Fu systems can be applied in common street scenarios and against the 'modern techniques' of a combat sport practitioner. Each episode runs for approximately 2 to 4 minutes. A relative of mine saw some of Lawrence Tans technique and questioned if Tan was/is as legitimate as he claims to be. My opinion on the matter is that regardless of how well he may appear to execute techniques, he has great knowledge. His knowledge grants him versatility, this would be his main advantage in a combative situation. I have found his Tandao fight lab episodes to be very beneficial to my training. They have deepened my insight into the wisdom of classical Gung Fu. I believe Lawrence Tans heart is geared towards expressing the Martial Way.

Be sure to check out...

Lawrence Tans Website:

Lawrence Tan on Facebook:

Tandao Fight Lab on Blip:

TanDaoKungFu on YouTube:

TanDaoKungFu on Vimeo:

Lawrence Tan was also interviewed in this ineresting documentary:

Here's a good video of Lawrence Tan demonstration his expression.

TanDao Fight Lab #14 - Kung Fu Within The Flow

I particularly like this video that was taken in 2005. Tan takes Martial Art to the class room, educating people about the history of Martial Art, how in the 21st century it's being represented, and what he thinks the future has in store for Martial Art. If you are to watch anything from Lawrence Tan THEN WATCH THIS!!!!

Chinese Martial Arts: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Thank You For Reading!

Friday, June 26, 2015

One Moment of Bliss

One Moment of Bliss

I will trade in all experiences for one moment of bliss.  All the money cannot make up for it.  All the fame cannot make up for it.  There is no other purpose in life but to be in bliss.  Can it be possible to be in bliss all day everyday?  Experiencing this bliss alone is beautiful; sharing this bliss with another is even greater. 

The cloud is filled with so much water that it needs to rain.  Some will appreciate the rain, some will not.  The key is finding the individuals who will appreciate this rain, as they accept this water, they become nourished, they can grow into something beautiful like a seed that eventually blossoms to become a flower. 

When the rain comes, some will run indoors because they are afraid of the water, they have yet to learn to appreciate the water.  The water is what gives life.  Everyone will eventually go back to the source, regardless of whether they appreciate it or not, they will inevitably go back to the source.  The cloud rains down because it is overfilled.  There is too much, when there is too much, it needs to be shared.  The sharing is what is the fulfillment. 

The love needs to be shared, this sharing is what provides contentment.  This is the purpose of life for a man of love, to share love.  Not just with one person, not just with a few people, but to share love to the entire world.  Every man, every women, every plant, every tree, every animal, to every living thing in this world. 

Some will reject the love, but that’s ok.  The sun does not get upset when people put on sunblock.  The cloud is not depressed because some people are running indoors.  The sun needs to shine, the cloud needs to rain.  When you are overfilled with love, you must share this love, this is the only contentment. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Notable Individuals - Introduction

Hello All

This post is an introduction to an upcoming series of blog posts. I am planning to create a short blog series that will shed light on people who are, in my opinion, promoting true Martial Art.

There are people in this world that practice true Martial Art. They are intelligent people. For the most part, they are hidden; by which I mean that they are not known of in the eyes of the public. A few however, have decided to share Martial Art with others through many different methods and have gained various degrees of publicity such as Freddie Lee has. Some choose to do this by teaching students through using systems as tools sets to build good foundations, but not by preaching dependence on the systems they teach. Rather they, as do all good teachers, work on installing independence in their students - to no longer being reliant on the system for martialy artful expression. This can be viewed as being similar to raising children, but in Martial Art. Others choose to take more informal approaches and teach in more spontaneous ways from day one. They simply express what is within them via the execution of martial techniques, free from restriction in all stages of the teacher/student relationship that a system may impose.

Every practitioner I wright about is alive at the time of posting. That is the fundamental essance of this series. Putting it simply, they are people who are alive today and are currently putting themselves out there to promote the essence of Martial Art in their own ways.

I hope you will enjoy the series.



I wasn’t going to speak on this topic, it’s not good for business but I decided to say something to provide insight.  This topic is taboo, people don’t want to speak about it and especially at this time, the racial tensions are very high, it looks like it is on the verge of explosion, with all these killings, protests, and news about so many people’s frustrations. 

But the way I see it is that racism will always exist unless there is a spiritual transformation that occurs within the individual, without that, racism will always exist, racism is the mind, racism is the ego, racism is competition.  America thrives on competition, capitalism is competition.  You can’t have capitalism without competition, you cannot be free from racism while retaining the competitive mindset.  Having America be free from racism as a whole is like having America drop capitalism, it’s like having America drop competition, that simply will not happen, America is too powerful to allow that to happen. 

But as an individual, you can free yourself from racism, you can free yourself from competition, you can free yourself from the mentality of stepping over somebody else in order to be on top.  Just recently there was a hugely successful boxing match set up between Mayweather and Pacquiao.  You see how many millions of Americans and people all over the world who were so excited to come together to watch a fight, no these people did not come together to watch two men hug and kiss for an hour, no they came to watch two people fight, two people from different cultures, from different countries, and each person had the one they wanted to win the fight.  This is a direct example of what racism is all about, it is about conflict between two different cultures, conflict between two different countries. 

As soon as a person has pride from his “own” country over another, this is what racism is all about, they call it “nationalism” but nationalism is just another term to hide racism.  When you feel that pride in believing that America is better than Africa, because America is just so much more powerful and full of success, this is the breeding grounds of racism.  Just like the American boxer is seen by some to be so much more powerful and successful than the Filipino boxer, this is the breeding grounds of racism, this is the breeding grounds of “White” power. 

People think they are so much better than the KKK, actually a majority of the people in the America have the KKK mentality.  If you are a competitive person, you have a part of the KKK mentality.  The only way to liberate yourself from the KKK mentality completely is to drop competition, is to drop your identification with the Ego. 

When you watch sports, and you cheer for one team over another, this is the breeding grounds of the racist mentality.  Chicago vs. New York is not too different than the USA vs. Africa or White vs. Black.  As soon as you choose this vs. that, it becomes the breeding grounds towards racism.  If you drop competition, if you no longer see the difference between Chicago and New York, if you no longer see the difference between the US and Africa, if you no longer see the difference between White and Black, if all differences disappear if you see all states as one state, if you see all nations as one nation, if you see all races as one race, then you are free from racism, but if you still see the division, and you still are for or against, if you are still divided.  Then racism will not disappear.  This understanding can only happen on an individual level, as a nation, racism will never disappear, it is too strongly rooted in our culture and upbringing, but as an individual you can make a change, if you change, you have the power to change the world.

Friday, June 19, 2015

                                          All  ways  be   yourself

i made  a video today call all ways  be  yourself   express  yourself  and  all  ways be  yourself
And  don't  let  nobody  tell  you  that  you  ain't  nothing  in  life  just  do  your thing
That  you  love  to  do  and  as  long  it  is  postive  and  you not  huting  other  people
Like  you  can  you tube  video  or  you  can  do  the  real  martil art  like  bruce lee
And  Freddie lee  or  do others  like  art  work  and  rap  and  sing  play  basketball
So  you  know  what  I  mean.

Enjoy  my  video

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm just post my Video of Me Freestyle as to Attack the Garbage Aggressively......

I did things to get off my chest. I had couple criticism from 2 people for that, I was very aggressive by using profanity as to mainly attack the corruption and garbage that I was Inspired by 2pac and Immortal Technique. The way I express my message as I am very aggressive to the Truth. Next freestyle music, is more peaceful expression, sometimes, comedy expression. I'll be change up my tempo of my music, From Peaceful to Middle to Aggressive. Music to me, represent the real Martial Artist as the music of Yin and Yang. Aggressive music got rid of my anger at this moment. I did not say, all the way as for 24/7, as present moment, got rid of my anger as get off my chest. Better than Violence. Also I speak less at this point too. Later, it will come back..

Thing is, I am careful of pace of my music, I can't just rant on my video like Freddie Lee did. I'm just show my combative way as I express myself, fitness training martial arts/hip hop dance,and weapons training as most part. When I rap, real talk that going to be controversial. I am not type of person that stay positive for 24/7 blindly when there are negetivity that the society we live in. I knew that you can't rant about MMA, BJJ and other Garbage any more, just general garbage you rant, thats it. That is sad, its my turn to take a stand for this, If we take a stand for this as we are united, that can change the world.

Reason I'm attacking MMA, today's Hip Hop, Garbage Dance, Overrated and Dickrider Fans because I care about Martial Arts and Hip Hop. MMA and Today's Hip Hop are overrated and over hype. Reason I'm Rapping Freestyle Because the world are not ready for the truth and hypocrites can not handle the truth.

Image thumbnail, Garbage Image Covered......

Sunday, June 14, 2015

New tracks and updates

Hey guys, how’s it going!? I’ve changed my deadlines concerning my music production. It used to be two beats a month minimum but even if most of the times, two beats is not much, some times I need to put time and focus on some tracks so the content have more quality to it. I’m starting to think that quality over quantity matters.

I’ve rebuild my PC with new components, I’ve also bought additional studio equipment to help me deliver the best content I can deliver to you guys and everybody else that has interest in listening to my beats.

I’ve told you a while ago that we we’re shooting a video at the Kick Boxing Club, the montage is finish but we still need ‘The colorist’ to put a final touch to it and he’s really busy. So it might take a while before we release it. But I’ll share it with you as soon at it’s ready.

In my last Skype conversation, I told Freddie, Ben and Hakeem that my mother won at the lottery. She indeed did spin the wheel of fortune and won 25k. It was the smallest amount on the wheel, but a fair amount, my family is happy with this gift coming from ‘Loto Quebec’. My mother gave me some, I used it to rebuild my equipment and to pay the bills and the food. It’s crazy how money is easy to burn. Before I knew how much I was about to received, I was not being in the moment, I was making all kinds of plan and having all kinds of dreams. It was a learning experience.

Concerning this new track I’m releasing, you’ve probably noticed that the title is written in French. Music has no boundaries but I’m French Canadian. My whole family is French Canadian. So from now on, I will name my new music with French titles. It could be subject to change, but not for a while, that’s for certain, I have to give my respect to my roots and to my people.

About the training, everything is going fine! Today while I was doing my road work, I rocked the FMK tank top! I was happy to show the FMK colors right here in Longueuil, Canada. I’m a disciple of ‘Kickboxing Rive-Sud’ but my affiliation with FMK is still on and still breathing in the moment! To everybody at FMK, keep working out hard and in balance!

Your friend; Steve

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Being the Best

This is a response of the video that I just watch from Sifu Freddie Lee on Vimeo. He cracked me up in this video, and I am pretty sure his wife is not going to happy that I support his views on being the best Martial Artist in the World. Hahaha. Anyways, every time I watch his video, I always feel motivated. He is very inspiring, confident, and it is like he is not afraid of anything! People like that is worth paying attention to. He redefines what being the best is, which, to me, is the right definition. Being the best Martial Artist does not mean working hard towards getting a black belt only for a period of time. It means training your body, your mind, and your spirit diligently until you die. It has nothing to do with comparing yourself to others. In other words, being meditative throughout your life is pretty much being the best! As long as you practice what you love without any desire for glory is being the best. You can be the best in anything as long you being meditative. That way, it will have nothing to do with being arrogant or humble or anything like that. You are just being yourself 100%! Few people will ever get to that point. True, some people work hard but they always want to get paid for it or some sort of prize for it. They will never do it for its own sake. What the masses consider to be the best is temporary. For example, they might say Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all times. If you see the reality as it is, he is really not the best. How can you be the best of all times if you are not even playing anymore? It makes no sense at all. Furthermore, they will compare someone like Kobe Bryant to him. The comparison is still nonsense because Kobe Bryant is still playing while Michael Jordan is retired. To compare people or even yourself to people is a great way to make yourself not confident. Freddie Lee considers himself the best because he is not looking to challenge somebody in a fight or anything like that. Some ignorant people would say he is being a pussy. No, he is being smart because in challenging people in a fight is putting your life and the challenger in jeopardy. Martial Art is about optimum health so fighting unnecessarily is not healthy. He expresses his techniques in the healthiest way possible. That is what being a Martial Artist is about. Of course, some people still believe that you need to be in competition fighting to overcome fear of fighting. I am telling you right now; this is the worst lie anybody could tell me. I am not saying that I am a Martial Artist yet, but I sure am not afraid of physical confrontation. Even though I am not as trained as Sifu Freddie Lee, I know that my techniques can still be lethal. This is why I want to avoid fighting at all cost because I do not want to kill anybody. Spiritually, he is doing some work on himself. You can never be spiritual enough. It is a lifetime journey. Who do you know wants to put effort in that area? Almost nobody. So whoever is hating on Sifu Freddie Lee is someone who never woke up to reality before. That person is in a deep coma without even realizing it. I used to avoid being the best because I did not want my ego to get the best of me. Since I watch this video, I am going to work towards being the best of all time!

Martial Art - A Combative Dance!

Hi All

Last night (12/5/15) was one of the most enjoyable nights I have ever lived. I attended my schools year 12 formal - the second formal event I've attended to date. The event went from 7pm to 11pm. My elder sister did a great job in helping me find a suit for the event. We found it from a shop called 'yd' ( My formal attire was/is a grey skinny suit with a grey vest (black on the back), a black skinny fit shirt with little light blue poker dots and a red tie. The event was held at Ascot House in Ascot Vale - Melbourne ( The hospitality provided at Ascot House was perhaps of the highest standard I've ever experienced. The food was brilliant. I couldn't finish all of it as it was rather heavy. When ever the jugs on our table were half empty, waiters would take it away and provide a full one.

The music the DJ played was pretty good. It was easy to dance to, and as such, something was brought out from within me that I never realised I had. I can dance!!!  I'm normally a pretty quiet and reserved person. I don't even have a personal Facebook page. When I walked into the venue I didn't even know it I would dance or not, but the music brought out a side of me that I didn't know I had. When most people were dancing, they were bobbing up and down in addition to moving their arms a bit. I started with the "bobbing up and down". My dancing turned out to consist of moves that purely existed in the moment and were inspired by traditional Gung Fu and Freddie Lee's Gung Fu dance. Then moves that I've learnt in my Tai Chi class quickly took over. These moves were executed at the speed that I felt the music was dictating I execute them. I suppose when Tai Chi forms (which largely consist of circular movements) are practiced at a fast pace, it looks rather flashy. Within about one minute, people were circled around me. Within 3 minutes almost all the 120 or so people were circled around me. I was just being self expressive. A by-product of this evidently was that people found me somewhat intriguing to watch I presume. This happened a couple of times. After the first time it happend, people were coming up to me, shaking my hand and complementing me. I was also complementing other people during the night.

After a while, another guy who does WTF Taekwondo tried to integrate what he knows into dancing. His moves were very linear and combatively clear cut. He is not yet independent of the system. I doubt he ever will be but regardless of that, I encouraged him to keep it up. I suppose what he was doing was really clear cut Martial Craft. Although practical in combat, his moves didn't seem to be harmoniously synchronised with the music. My moves, which as I mentioned were inspired by Freddie Lee and Chinese expressions were much more fluent, circular and the martial application was to the untrained eye, largely un-obvious. At one point someone was encouraging us to have a dance off. I half heartedly participated with a playful spirit but lost interest pretty quickly.

A plus one guest came up to me and said "Oh my god your dancing is so cool! It's like combative but it's like it's not!" She asked me to teach her a few of my dance moves and I was happy to oblige. I was honestly flattered that she was taking such an interest in the expression that was coming from my heart. She didn't quite grasp it technical side of the technique but it was still very fun and regardless, I was very happy with the effort and enthusiasm she displayed. Another instance was when three other guys who I danced a bit with me said "You lead and we'll follow!". We did moves I learnt in my Tai Chi class such as stroke the white horses main, rooster stands on one leg, wave hands like clouds and brush knee push hand.

At the year 12 formal I was able to share what I have to express with others. I wasn't trying to impress people but as a side effect of my self expressiveness on the dance floor I became more popular than I ever have been. The headmaster even came up to me and complemented me on my dancing. All of this attention presented a new challenge to me. That challenge was to be able to cope with newfound popularity whilst remaining humble. There were opportunities for the ego to take control; however, when those opportunities arose I consciously recognised the ugliness of the ego and said "No". The egos assertion doesn't feel good. I know the ego is not me and so on the odd occasion when it did try to assert its self, I was quick to tighten its lead.

For the most part though, the dancing was like a meditation. In meditation there is no ego. It was nice to have a platform to share my creativity with others, and just as significantly, to have my individual expression of Martial Art widely embraced by others. I think that perhaps the reason that I had so much energy at the formal was because for the number of months gone by, most of what I've done has been academic study. As this is my last year of high school I've tried to remain as focused on my studies as possible. The unfortunate result of this sedentary activity is that I have been lacking variety. It's important for me to remember that I've only got four months of classes left before exams. Year 12 is a short year.

In conclusion I had a fantastically brilliant time that will be remembered in years to come. I gained a deeper insight into the realms of creative martial expression. I also gained practice and a deeper insight into my own ability to interact with other people at social events whilst remaining true to myself. By that I mean knowing how much assertion is enough. Not being shy yet not being cocky. It reminded me of a quote from Bruce Lee's book Tao of Kung Fu located on page 30: "A Gung Fu man, then, should be soft - yet not yielding; firm - yet not hard.". Finally I'd like to thank: all my friends/classmates for just being there and making the formal the epic night it was, my elder sister for helping me select an awesome suit and I'd also like to thank my Dad for being a legend and driving me all the way down to Ascot House in Melbourne and back home - each trip took over an hour.

Thanks For Reading

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Real Kung Fu vs. Steroids

Real Kung Fu is not about using steroids or performance enhancing drugs.  It's about training hard and natural.  It's about a natural muscle development, it is about life long health and wellness.  Real Kung Fu is not a shock of before and after, Real Kung Fu is seeing someone who is 21 and then 50 years later at the age of 71, he almost looks the same!  His body has stayed young because he has taken care of his health in a natural way. The pictures below are not Real Kung Fu, it is fake, it is science, it is unnatural, it is unhealthy, it is like a Lance Armstrong, fraudulent.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Check out my Heavy Bag Training Video...

I had been practice Taekwondo for 20 years but I don't bound by the style because there are limitation and politics in every single style. My personal label of Martial Arts is The Art Of No Style because I mixed with other martial arts style, there are no best styles, no style is based on Individual Expression. Every single Martial Arts Style are not water like Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Freddie's Modern Kung Fu and other expression that is No Style. I mixed with my 20 years of Taekwondo, Boxing, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, FMK, Muay Boran and Capoeira. Plus I had Hip Hop Dance as I like Hip Hop Rap Music. I don't interfere others, I'm just do my own things as best thing without gets interfere.

The  name  of  this  video  is  thank  you  sifu Freddie  lee  and  people

And  Steve  and  Ben   and  I  hope  yall  enjoy  this  video  I  feel  I  had  to  gave  some thing  back to  yall  in  this  video  and  this   video  is  comeing  from  my  heart  and  I  mean  what  im  saying
In  this  video  I  made  today.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Check out my video of True FMK Supporter..........

I had been Martial Arts/Hip Hop Dance that I was Inspired by You. When I was watching your video of you martial arts/ hip hop dancing, it is so cool that you in my positive energy, I had a self motivation of watching you that I taught myself how to do it. I don't copy you, I'm just being myself. Things that I notice, children loves dancing as no problem that childrens are natural artist and creativity. I got slightly in trouble as youtube restrict me for copy right claims that I had to be careful. Also other of my videos showed around the world accept for germany, that is not that a big deal. Next, I edit video of me Fitness training, weapons, combat training, safe sparring and more of dance and freestyle rapping. One day, I be in chicago, visit you....

Friday, June 5, 2015

How about this!?!

This is a clip from a movie. The combat is incredibly unrealistic which is to be expected from a movie. That being said, I have been coming back to this video for 4 years and it never ceases to entertain me. I think it's because it's such an unreal fantasy that it kind of brings back a sort of nostalgia that I had a long time ago, before I started practicing Martial Art. It was a feeling of excitement and adventure. Maybe that's why I keep coming back to it. I have now long known that this is utterly ridiculous. But it is a fantasy that is full of application of flashy skill and excitement, everything I used to dream of when I was younger. I think that's why like it. We live in the real world, but sometimes it's nice to indulge in something that's rather CRAZY!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The  name  of  this  video  is  18 year old  hakeem fmk part 3
And  I  made  this  video  on  may  28, 2015  and  im  doing  the  fmk training
And  liveing room  I  move  the  table  so  I  can  show  some  moves  I  learn  from my  favorite  maritl  art   master  sifu  freddie  lee.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Highest Love

The Highest Love

“A relationship is a lower state.  The highest state of love is not a relationship at all, it is simply a state of your being.  Just as trees are green, a lover is loving.  They are not green for particular persons; it is not that when you come they become green.  The flower goes on spreading its fragrance whether anybody comes or not, whether anybody appreciates it or not.  The flower does not start releasing its fragrance when it sees that a great poet is passing by: “Now this man will appreciate, now this man will be able to understand who I am.”  And it does not close its doors when it sees that a stupid, idiotic person is passing there – insensitive, dull – a politician or something like that.  It does not close itself: “What is the point? Why cast pearls before the swine?”  No, the flower goes on spreading its fragrance.  It is a state, not a relationship.” – Osho “I say unto you” pg. 57

In the highest state of love, you become love.  You treat any and all with great love, it transcends physical intimacy.  Physical intimacy is very limited, you cannot express physical love to all, but as far as your state of being, the way you treat others, the way you treat yourself, the way you treat the environment and your surroundings, love can be your state of being.  Through your body movements, through something like dance, you can express your love, and this is unlimited.  The expression of your love through your smile, is unlimited.  Your expression of love is not for other people, it is just naturally who you are. – SFL June 1 2015