Monday, September 29, 2014

Freddie side kick hold

Nice splits video you just posted and the side kick holds especially the one you held up to bobs dummy head great work.


Freddie, i don't see how you stretch with shoes on. I imagine it takes some strength. When ever i stretch i have to use a carpeted floor or wood floor with socks to ease down into the split. I bring this up, because i wanted to do the splits outside but couldn't, maybe i just need to work on my strength more. 

Randomised Collection of Wise Quotes #1

Hello everyone,
I thought that it would be nice to share with you some nice sayings. Most of them come from a card calendar of mine. Every day I take off a card and read a wise statement originating from the east. I will list some of them in no particular order below and write my interpretative understanding underneath each quote.

* "True freedom exists in our minds, beyond God or Buddha. In every moment, true wisdom must be freshly created."  -Taisen Deshimaru
This basically tells us that in order to be truly spiritual, we must go beyond religion. Go beyond just following God of Buddha; become the sage your self.

* "...great balance sustains all things."  -Chuang Tzu
I think that when people only train hard, they damage their bodies. When people are too soft, they get sick. When hard and soft are integrated, health is attained because they know not to go too hard (causing us stress and injury) and to not be too soft (not being active enough and getting ill).

* "Above, below, and around you, all is spontaneously existing, for there is nowhere which is outside Buddha-Mind". -Huang Po
This reminds me of the essence of the Universe that we are a part of. That essence is change. Nothing is set and nothing ever stays the same. Existence is spontaneous by nature, and that is what a True Martial Artist at the highest level often reflects through his expression.

* "You must personally accept the responsibility of improving your own life." -Chogyam Trungpa
Martial Arts is a personal, individualistic journey of self improvement. You are the only one who can make a change in your life. No one else.

* "To know the Way is to know where to go and how to get there." -Tseng-Tzu
I think that to know where to go and how to get there is already having a good understanding of the Tao. When you know, you are already half way there.

* "Understanding is the basis of love."  -Thich Nhat Hanh
It probably is.

* "The Purpose of each soul's sojourn on earth is to learn to see beyond the evanescence of phenomena to the Eternal Reality."  -Paramahansa Yogananda
I consider someone who understands eternal reality to be enlightened. To see that death is an illusion. How can there be death if there is no beginning and no end?. Our bodies decompose and  eventually the universe demands that our matter be changed; transformed into something else. Into something new. Just as our occupation of what we recognise as a human, someone new is born as compensation. Nothing is ever truly lost. Nothing is ever truly gained. There is only change, the eternal circle of life, the whole. There is no death; just the ongoing changes in cosmic reality. Once this is realised, you will be at peace. You will be one with the hole, also known as the universe.

* "Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of man kind."  -Mahatma Gandhi
It often takes more strength to be non-violent then it does to be violent; wether it be physical or verbal. Mahatma Gandhi is famous for his effective strategies of passive resistance.

* "Let us strive to be fully human and there will no longer be a place for evil."  -Confucius
It's not easy being a real and genuine human being. We should strive towards minimising the influence of our internal negativity.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Osu
For me as an individual, this statement gives me hope that one day I will be able to help people through True Martial Arts training. Whether I make a living from it or not.

* "One's anger is often one's greatest enemy." -Someone has probably already said this but I just thought of it myself right now. The reason that I think anger is one's greatest enemy is because to my understanding, anger is often an emotional reaction to an unsatisfied ego. To thrive on anger is to be a slave to the ego. The a high ego clouds the mind and prevents rational judgement from occurring. I believe this is why you will never prevail if you haven't gained a good level of understanding and control over yourself.

"Invincible is the feeling that you get when day after day you do something to improve your life."            -Invincible Worldwide, modified by myself.    
I often feel happier when I train. Seeing the improving results in my bodies abilities feels far more rewarding than having a black belt. And that's where I see the essence of True Martial Arts lies. The improvement of one's being. The individual journey someone takes to improve their life in all areas.
To elevate yourself to the next level; becoming a kind of upgraded or superior version of yourself. To live your dream.

I hope you guys find some of these quotes helpful with personal development and day to day life.
Take care everyone and Thank You for reading my blog. Which quote has the most significance to you and why?.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Society

"The society has done something wrong to man - for certain reasons.  It wants you to be slaves, it wants you to be always afraid, it wants you to be always greedy, it wants you to be always ambitious, it wants you to be always competitive.  It wants you to be unloving, it wants you to be full of anger and hatred, it wants you to remain weak, imitative - carbon copies.  It does not want you to become original Buddha's, original Krishna's or Christs - no.  That's why your intelligence has been destroyed.  Meditation is needed only to undo what the society has done.  Meditation is negative: it simply negates the damage, it destroys the illness.  And once the illness has gone, your well-being asserts itself on its own accord." - Osho

"So many people within this society are spiritually ill, if you spend enough time with the masses, you will become ill yourself.  It is best to get away from the masses and be in meditation.  Find the peace within yourself and only surround yourself with a small group of others who are spiritually healthy themselves and not ill.  It is easy for an ill person to make a healthy person ill but it is not easy for a healthy person to make a ill person healthy." - Freddie Lee

Intelligent People Don't Need Leaders

"You need a leader because first you have to be made unintelligent; otherwise there would be no need for any leader.  Why should you follow anybody?  You will follow your intelligence.  If somebody wants to become a leader, then on thing has to be done: your intelligence has to be destroyed somehow.  You have to be shaken from your very roots, you have to be made afraid.  You have to be made unconfident in yourself, that is a must.  Only then can the leader come in." - Osho

"I am not a good leader because I teach people to lead themselves.  Find your own Way and follow it.  Don't depend on me, depend on yourself.  The truth is within you, you just need to realize it.  The society does not want you to lead yourself because they want to profit off of service.  They want everybody to depend on each other so that they can profit off of this dependance."  - Freddie Lee


"Each time anger has dissipated energy, distracted your energy, created problems for you and not solved anything." - Osho

I have spent too much of my time being angry, I have purposefully allowed too many outsiders to generate anger within me.  Now is the time for me to block out the negativity that is coming from the outside and focus on the positivity I have within and develop and nurture it.  Anger has created many problems for me, now is the time to step away from it and be at peace. - Freddie Lee

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I went recently to see a TKD tournament, a family member of mine started practicing WTF TKD a few weeks ago, and he's really enjoying it, he goes everyday to train, he has lost weight, looks healthier and more confident.

I couldn't help but notice the huge amount of people that were black belts. The sad part, is that only three of them, were actually skilled enough to wear those black belts, they impressed with flexibility, footwork, kicking techniques an combinations.

There were lots of untrained kids wearing blue belts or above, I can see why people criticize WTF TKD so much. they are literally giving out rank promotions to make money, the tests to get a belt promotion get more expensive the further you "advance" in your training.

A lot of people critizice WTF TKD sparring. For using only mid to high kicks, no knees, no elbows, no locks or throws. It is still full contact.

So many TKD dojangs have become sport only dojangs. And have stopped teaching the full range of TKD techniques.

ITF TKD, is a  semi contact sport, bans knees, elbows, knees, being a semi cotnact sport KO's are rare, you cant throw  a variety of punch combos.

People talk about how TKD needs more violent style of competitions, to be able to use a wider range of TKD techniques.

To me, what TKD really needs is to stop competition, and go back to the roots. To the true essence of korean martial arts.

It was adopted by the military, it was influenced by chinese martial arts, Okinawan karate and korean martial arts.

I think TKD is beautiful, I still enjoy a lot of it, I have met great TKD practitioners, who have gotten away from competition, to focus on the more traditional aspects, and I think it's great, I have also learned a lot of the competition techniques that have been developed by the scientific study of the TKD techniques.

And now, I have gotten away from the dojangs, they were too focused on belts and competition, and I have started to look into different aspects of TKD, I have added weapon training to my routines, and have began to search for a more balanced way of expressions. But Taekwondo will always have a place in my heart

I am in no way an expert in martial arts, or TKD, or combative techniques, or fitness or anything really.

But I'm looking to improve, be more confident, and have a life worth living doing things I really enjoy and love.

What is Poomse (Forms)or Kata or Tules as many may know them

What is Poomse (Forms)or Kata or Tules as many may know them.
 Poomse (Forms) is ultimately the foundation of what you are taught in Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts.

Poomse consists of the various fundamental stances, blocks, punches and kicks logically arranged in a meaningful order in response to attacks from multiple imaginary assailants attacking you from different directions. Each Poomse consists of an established sequence of movements beginning with a blocking technique and ending with an attacking technique. All techniques, which are taught in the studies of Tae Kwon Do, are used.

Each movement has a purpose as well as a philosophical meaning. Only from infinite practice and repetition, can the student begin to understand the true meaning and nature of Poomse. Balance, focus, coordination, breath control, self-discipline, to name a few, emerges as real benefits of continued Form practice. Performed with sincerity and conscious effort, the physical as well as mental and spiritual benefits are only then truly discovered. Therefore, Practice! Practice! Practice!

The reality of Poomse practice is that it prepares you to be able to execute the necessary offensive and defensive techniques in any direction, with the needed confidence, to protect and defend yourself or a loved one. Forms were formerly the only means Masters had to transmit the core of Tae Kwon Do and their interpretation of the Art to their students.

Poomse practice is considered extremely important, especially when performing during a promotional testing. Poomse could comprise up to 40-50% of the testing requirements necessary to achieve promotion to higher ranks. But, more importantly, it is impossible for a student to truly understand this ancient art, without a thorough appreciation of Poomse.

There are two types of Poomse (Forms), which are presently recognized by the WTF. They are the Taegueks and the Palgues. There are (8) eight of each style. The Forms are learned in sequence and taught in accordance with the ability of each student in order to prepare the student for more advanced Poomse. A student should never attempt to learn an advanced Form without the consent and permission of his/her Master Instructor. A beginner who attempts to perform advanced Poomse will only confuse and diminish the thought process in Poomse and ultimately lessen the hope of truly understanding ones appropriate level in Form practice. Therefore, know and understand your Form before you consider advancement.

Each Form has its own character and distinct quality. Like our own Character, through numberless Poomse practice we can begin to mold the rough edges of our character and eventually come to understand that Tae Kwon Do is an Art and has more substance in total than merely a means of self-defense.

Finally, to help us overcome complacency, idleness or the tendency to let our attention wander, Poomse will help serve to open the door to bringing mind, body and spirit as one. This focus can only result in a positive inspiration for any student to challenge everyday life’s endeavors. Not to mention the fact it will improve and develop a student total awareness and understanding of TaeKwonDo.

Friday, September 26, 2014

"FMK Perfection"

One of our very own FMK students has gotten us an FMK theme song, check it out! 

Ran on a Hate Video

Actually I did not watch that video, but the title of the video was "Sifu Freddie Lee Wielding a Gun at a 16 Years Old Boy"! Oh my God.... Are you okay man? Don't worry, I will save you from that monster! Like hell I am. I mean seriously, what kind of proof could you have anyway? A video of him demonstrating gun defense?? Or Freddie Lee shooting Nerf Guns? I refused to watch the video for one reason. I never went directly to Sifu Freddie Lee himself so I am not going to believe a random on Youtube telling me that Freddie Lee is a psycho. I will find that out myself. So far, Freddie Lee has proven to me that he is a genuine human being. Freddie Lee is not a typical police officer: a typical police officer uses excessive for almost anything. He does not even go around the streets beating up people so how could you possibly know that he did it? It makes me realize that no matter what you do, haters will come at you in anyway shape or form. They will probably accuse you of crimes you did not even commit just to destroy your reputation. I guess I made a good choice of not watching the video because it will not benefit me in anything. Even if I am not with FMK anymore, I will still support him with the best that I can because he is one of the few people who actually understand where I am coming from. I rarely meet people like that. Just because I am not in FMK does not mean that I should watch hate channels because watching them is energy draining. If Freddie Lee really did it, the police should have got him by now or he would have say it on Youtube himself. I freaking hate it when people lie like that. It pisses me off.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy fast demo by Freddie Lee

Hey guys! I had to share his demo, he's on fire! Check this out! Keep up the good work man!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Train in Martial Arts same way you walk.

I was walking to work and that thought occurred to me. I want my training to be like walking you never forget how to walk. You just do it without thinking it just comes natural. I'm like so that's what Bruce was referring to, so now im just gonna try to train like that.


Hi guys,
Now that I am on school holidays this week and will be for all of next week as well, I have been focusing my energies on physical training. I am away for 8 hours a day 5 days a week during the school term and when I get home, I almost always feel too tired to do physical training. Often I just wright instead. Now that I am on holidays however, I find that I am physically training and exercising at least 2 hours per day at the moment.

I know that finding the motivation to get up and physically train can be difficult for many of us. Hopefully the video provided below will ignite that flame of motivation that is inside all of us. I especially like the quotes at the end as I believe there's a lot of truth to them. Enjoy....

PS: Does anyone on this blog live in Australia or a near by country?. If so, then perhaps we could get in touch on Skype or something like that.

Tsutomu Ohshima

Is anyone familiar with him. I'm asking, because he was the master of jean claudes teacher that i read in a article.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Don't Like Arguing

Buddha said, "Listen, it was no argument.  If I had argued, I would have failed because there are things which cannot be argued about but can only be experienced."

"If you have not experienced what I have experienced myself, we will be in a misunderstanding.  The only way this misunderstanding can be bridged is through experience.  Experience takes time, at this moment we have a misunderstanding but in the future, through experience, later on you may begin to understand." - Freddie Lee


"Life shouldn't always be seen as a school. It should also be seen as a playground.
We are not always here to learn and work hard. We are also here to play."

(By Anna Conlan, but I summarized it in my own words.)

Enjoy life and every moment of it.

The Wall

"The wall consists of three things: repressions in the body, dust in the senses, and thoughts in the mind." - Osho

"This is a simple quote to remind ourselves everyday of what we must work on in order to reach towards greater realms of meditation.  We need to learn to love our bodies, increase our senses, and eliminate obsessive thoughts within our minds." - Freddie Lee

compliments & drunk living

Thinking about Freddie's conversation with Kang about receiving compliments or criticism and how a person should or should not accept these. I believe if you choose wise friends and people in your life than you can more easily accept what they might have to say. If you choose companions that are really not good people, or you don't respect them than of course you shouldn't accept their criticisms or compliments. I especially don't think you need to take advise or criticism from random people on the Internet. I have had 4 people in my whole life that I really looked up to and did seek council from. They never steered me wrong and helped me see the light. Now, I have also had people but into my business and try to tell me how to live. These people I ignored because I didn't see where they were great examples to follow. Second subject: I totally agree about drinking alcohol. It causes so many social and personal problems that the tiny health benefit it might give is not worth it. People act plane stupid on alcohol. When Ray Rice punched his girlfriend they both had been drinking. People act in ways they might never act if they weren't drinking. I am totally against it and feel this whole country and world would be better without it. But, of course we are in a free society where you can do what you want. But, people really need to realize that one really bad decision made while drunk can destroy your whole life! Just my two cents. I don't drink and don't recommend it!

Breathe in Breathe out

Life comes with obstacles, some are easy and some are really hard. Most of the time, being in the moment & breathing deeply helps a lot. Something as simple as breathing can become very difficult in stressful situation. So take it slow my friend and Breathe in Breathe out!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


what do you think of this guy? Does anyone listen to him?

My Random Thoughts

These ares basic and simple:

"All masters cannot be follow. We must become our own master as a free individual."

"Being lazy and arrogant is easy. Working hard and being humble is not."

"Watching and Criticizing is easy, performing is not."

"Humbleness comes from hard work and defeat."

"The aim is not aim, as there is nothing to aim at"

"If we learn to master ourselves there would not be conflict, but peace."

"Contradiction Coexist with new ideals."

"Differentiation is only an illusion, Integration is not"

"Labeling a feeling does not make it a feeling" (feelings/experiences cannot be express in words)

"Nothing is good or bad. It's what we do."


I'm back to writing blogs.

Sigung's Kung Fu at 64 Years Old

My father has been a huge inspiration towards my development of Kung Fu.  He is providing a benchmark of where we should be striving towards when we turn 64.  I hope to continue on with my training in which to continue to provide a living example for my children and disciples to follow as well. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Never Accept Others Opinions

"Somebody believes that you are a saint?  Drop it because he is dangerous; he will manipulate you through his idea.  Once you listen to him and you believe him, he becomes the master and you become the slave."

"Never accept anyones opinion good or bad, you simply be yourself, when you are yourself, you are free."  - Freddie Lee

Manipulation Through Social Respect

"And this is the trick society has used to rule over you.  Society has a technique: it makes you very ambitious for social respect.  Through it, it manipulates you.  If you follow the rules of society, it respects you; if you don't follow the rules of society, it insults you tremendously it hurts you very badly.  And to follow the rules of society is to become a slave.  Yes, society pays you great respect for being a slave, but if you want to be a free man the society becomes angry, it does not want to have anything to do with you." - Osho

"I don't follow the rules of society, I am not a slave, that is why so many people in this society disrespect me." - Freddie Lee

Please help me with tips on musicians rivalry

So as far as martial arts go, I'm just training, I'm enjoying it, I'm not thinking on making money with it, I don't earn money with it, I just do it because I like doing it, I'm no thinking of entering tournaments, or uploading videos of myself beating somebody, or doing crazy stunts, or thinking of winning medals.

I'm just doing it and enjoying it, and improving myself.

I wanna start doing it more with what is now the career I'm majoring in, and it's music.

There's a lot of competition in music, there's a lot of egos in music. I kinda want to let go of that.

Music started as a way of expression and communication, I choose to do it because I like it, of course I would like to live and pay my bills doing what I love, who doesn't?

But then again I want to get away from those thoughts, and just be in the moment and enjoying what I'm learning studying, practicing.

Anybody has tips on this?

It would be greatly appreciated

Human Flag Training - Advanced Split Training - Dips

I Have Nothing

"If you think from the viewpoint of having, then I am the poorest man because I have got just nothing.  But if you think from the viewpoint of being, then I am the richest man - because once you drop ego you don't lose anything, you only lose a disease.  When you drop greed you don't lose anything, you only lose a disease.  When you drop anger you don't lose anything, you gain.  Each time you drop things like this which you have, you become richer."

"When greed disappears, sharing comes into existence.  When anger disappears, compassion comes into existence.  When hate, jealousy possessiveness disappear, love comes into being." - Osho

Anytime when you are too caught up in this world, you are bound to catch a disease.  To find inner peace, you must bring your energies back within and be in meditation.  Meditation is the cure for this disease.  Meditation will bring balance back into your life.  With technology it has made it more difficult than ever to meditate.  It is very important that we make the time to meditate throughout the day.  

How to Survive a Fight Against Someone 7 years younger

As you age it is even more important to keep yourself in good shape, if you are ever attacked by someone much younger they have youth on their side.  If they are more fit than yourself, it will make it even harder to survive the confrontation.

A message i received

Someone sent me a message about bjj and wrestling rashes they would receive on the mat. I think its a good article but disgusting. Here is the link

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Advice on splits

While doing middle splits my toes want to stay up, but if i lean on the floor my feet will lay flat on the floor. When i lean back to normal position my toes point up again. Basically, i want my splits to look like Freddies but my feet refuse they only want to point towards the ceiling, unless i lean foward on the floor. Im sorry, if this message sounds confusing i tried to make it clear as i could :)

So, I was watching Freddie's video today where he was talking with two students about out of shape teachers or Masters. I couldn't agree more that one of the most important things a teacher does is lead by example. What kind of an example is it to quit practicing and working out because you are getting older!!?? To let yourself become fat or flabby. No, this isn't the right way. Kung Fu is a lifetime of practice and it should be part of your everyday life. Now, many people have very busy lives with work and wives and children so must fit in their workouts when they can, but a teacher should have all the time to workout and stay in great shape. Even as you age and cannot do all you could at 20 you still can do many things others never could do. In society we have accepted that we are going to get old and decrepit and out of shape as we age but that should not be. You can stay in gray shape if you have the will and desire. Look at Sigung. I have known a few people like him but I would like to see more. I intend to be one of these people. Anyway, my views on their youtube conversation. Connie

I blame the Gracies and MMA and BJJ for this

This is a VERY disturbing video,

two dudes get into a fight while being filmed. One of the guys ends up choking and killing the other dude.

I saw Gracie Breakdown video of this.

They said, that people watch the UFC and MMA and then they go to the streets and try to imitate it, that this is why people should go to BBJ gyms and train under proper instruction to learn that this techniques are dangerous and shouldn't be applied unless you are on a situation where your life is at risk, well no shit.

Well this is what happens when you allow every psychopath in the world to learn and get examples from stupid people fighting on television. People like that stupid beast who killed a person shouldn't even be able to watch stuff like that on TV. Let alone go to a gym and directly train on the techniques.

I know it's an easy technique to do. That's why everybody can do it.

The guy who got killed tapped out, No referee, he's dead.
Then  the guy filming screams KILL HIM. The murderer didn't release the choke after the guy was passed out, he held it for a  minute longer and the video gets cut, and he was still choking then, we really don't know how long the choke was sustained.
I also saw comments of people talking about watching real fights and how one person just keeps hitting one person on the ground til they have seizures and more than that.

This is what MMA has created promoting choking and ground and pound.

Where did the guy learned to tap? from the fucking MMA and UFC, where else? From the Olympics?
Where did the other guy learned that it is okay to choke a person out, I guess that from the fucking UFC too.

According to the uploader of the page this started as a "friendly" fight. And one person ended up dead.

I don't care how friendly it starts, if you are not fighting in competition with protective gloves, mouth guard, a soft floor and a referee, you better be prepared to fight for your life.

I know that not everybody who watches or practices MMA is a psychopath killer.

But this techniques should not be available on television for everybody to learn, they should not be available to learn on youtube from MMA instructors. MMA gyms should not accept everybody who walks into their gyms.

On a ninjutsu dojo I attended to there was a freaking gang member, why else would a gang member be at a freaking martial arts dojo?

To learn how to kill.

He was there only a couple of months, but still the fact that he was allowed to train was very very disturbing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Survive a Fight Against Someone Tall and Fast

How to survive a fight against someone tall and fast.  In this example, it is 5'5" 140 lbs age 32 old vs. 6'1" 185 lbs 44 yrs old.  The smaller person must attack the taller persons legs and stay out of his range.  As the taller person strikes back, the shorter person must look for openings and close the gap as quick as possible and get into his comfortable striking range.  Although the taller person may be fast, the shorter person must train to be faster, otherwise he will be in great difficulty due to his severe reach disadvantage.  

True Confidence

First of, I want to tell Freddie Lee to keep going and to never give up. The reason why they want to suppress you is because they cannot stand the truth. However, the truth will come out no matter what happen. Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about how my body is and I can say that every time I look at the mirror, I always feel that my body already looks good enough. I am not trying to sound arrogant. All I am saying is that I do not need to lose weight, nor gain weight because I got to a point where I do not have to change the way my body looks anymore. I realize that the reason why I was never confident is because I failed to look deep inside myself. Now, I found the confidence I needed in my body. Therefore, confidence is not a goal to reach, but something that grows within. People will always tell you: "Do this or do that and you will feel confident" Oh really? I guarantee you that there a lot of fighters that still are not confident. They never feel like they are good enough. They are always looking for somebody to compete with. To me, I do not need my body to be accepted by everybody else. Of course, I will still exercise but I will only exercise because deep down inside, it is something I enjoy to do. I am not trying to gain anything out of it. As long as I accepted the way I look, nothing can bring me down. That, my friends, is true Kung Fu.

Basic Fitness Lessons on Pushup, Pull Up, and Squat

New Middle Splits Tutorial

Monday, September 15, 2014

Something's i wanted to say.

Just wanted to say a couple things about the shutdown and some other topics. I've been supporting your channel for sometime now and i appreciate all the videos on stretching and fitness in general. Ill admit there were times i didn't agree with you on certain aspects. I chose to focus on the things i had in common with you and only watched those videos. I think your a good guy with a loving family you just hit some struggles on the way. Its unfortunate your channel was shutdown maybe for a good reason for a fresh start. What ever you decide to do ill keep supporting you and your new channel.

A Chinese Person in America That Loves Martial Arts

I'm one of the very few Chinese Person's left in America that loves Martial Arts.  In America, it's rare to meet a real Chinese person, and it's even more rare to meet a real Chinese person that loves and practices Real Martial Arts.  I'm one of those rare ones, and I'm here to promote the Chinese Martial Arts until my time is up. I'm proud to be a Chinese person who just happens to be living in America. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sparring a 225 lb Giant - Todai Bai!

The key to surviving against someone bigger than you is to constantly stick and move, do not stand still.  You need to wear them down by moving, you need to outlast their endurance.  Once they get tired, you attack and move back out of range so that he does not have the opportunity of grabbing you.  This is an example of a Martial Artist standing 5'5" at 140 lbs against a Tae Kwon Do specialist standing 6'2" at 225 lbs.

FMK original channel terminated

Hello, I just want to say, that Sifu Freddie Lee has been a huge inspiration for me, and has helped me acquire a new perspective of life and the martial arts.

So keep doing what you are doing, you have helped people (including me), despite the haters.

Chinese Lion Dance Drum Practice

Music adds a beautiful element to the Martial Arts Training.  One of my biggest goals at the moment is to get proficient in playing the Chinese Lion Dance Drum.  Expressing yourself through music is a beautiful thing and very important in the overall development to become a Martial Artist.

Every Martial Artist Should Be Able to Perform Pull Ups With Ease

"Every Martial Artist should be able to perform pull ups with ease, if he cannot that is an easy indication to identify a fraudulent Martial Artist, no Blackbelt or any certificate can replace this special skill set." - Freddie Lee

The Death of FMK YouTube and A New Beginning - The Rebirth of Freddie Lee

Iron bone

I fixing to upload my full iron training if your interested just go my channel it probably won't

Be up till late this evening.


Just a thought i had i don't see how people believe in Jesus Christ. When he was brought to America through the whites they killed all the Indians and then later got slaves from Africa then try to say they needed their souls saved. I just cant believe in him i think Christianity was used for power to control the masses used to get followers. That's the argument i used when a christen said i was going to hell because i said Im open to all religions.

Message of support to FMK and Freddie

As we are all aware, the FMK YouTube channel has been terminated. Here are my thoughts on the matter and what I'd like to say to Freddie...

I don't see this as being the end of FMK. Not by a long shot. I don't believe anything will ever stop Freddie from getting the truth out there. Freddie's expression of Martial Art is like water. Someone who is ignorant through a rock into Freddie's flowing stream of honest expression. Despite this, the water (Freddie) will flow around the rock with ease.

I pity the ignorant; for those who are ignorant (such as FMK haters) are unenlightened. Their ignorants is what causes their misguided behaviour. The FMK haters, being ignorant to universal truth, causes the torture to occur within their souls.  

Freddie, the way that I see this is that nothing can ever be stopped, only changed. Of cause this may feel like a blow to you and FMK, and for that you have my sympathy. However, it is probably the start of a new beginning, a new chapter for FMK's expression. As you said in "Living the Way" regarding death: "There is no beginning and there is no end." This is what the ignorant fail to comprehend.

I think FMK will always flow like water, and not fight those with tortured souls, but try to help them indirectly. Freddie's Modern Kung Fu stands for the teachings of those such as Loa Tzu, Ueshiba and the Buddha. It stands for the teachings of those who understand the universe and wish to peacefully express universal truth. The truth of the universe cannot be stopped. It Just is what it is. FMK dose well expressing it, and thus FMK is indomitable, because our hearts are in the right place.

Oh, and in one of your recent videos Freddie, you were talking about not wanting friends because the more friends you have, the higher the chance of you offending someone who has become close. I understand where you're coming from. I sometimes feel that way about posting on this blog. I want you to know however, that on the rare occasion when ever I do not agree with what you are saying, I still respect the fact that you are expressing yourself honestly. Sometimes I may not agree with the way you are expressing yourself. I do however agree with where you are coming from and I see that that is the main thing. Don't let my personal dislike of explicit language stop you from swearing for example. I would honestly feel bad if you were limiting you expression just because you are trying not to offend me. If that were the case, than I would be robbing you of your freedom of honest expression. I believe that part of being a friend is having acceptance for each others differences. Whenever I have seen a philosia video clearly labelled "EXPLICIT", I choose not to watch it. As simple as that.

This is a time to stick together and have each others backs. We in the FMK community are experiencing a transitional phase. For many it may be difficult; understandably so. However I believe that FMK will emerge stronger than before. And I am excited to see where this takes us and how Freddie's Modern Kung Fu will evolve into the future.

Remember everyone, train hard, train soft, and train safe. Always continue to express a healthy balance.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Online Training

Recently, I heard about how the online training has been dropped. I have been training under FMK for a long time now. I feel kind of bummed but at the same time, Freddie Lee explained himself pretty well.Yes he wanted to promote the Martial Arts online but it looks like he did not make much profit from it. I understand that FMK is a business and if a business is not making profit, it has to be shut down. It is unfortunate that it has to be this way but I cannot blame him. If strangers wanted to learn from you and do not want to pay, there is no choice but to drop him. I may not be a Todai of FMK now but my heart still belongs in the real Martial Art. I hope to keep in touch with Sifu Freddie Lee the best that I can. He is someone worth talking too. There is no doubt about that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I wrote some post before talking about discipline, dedication, hard work and passion. The question that still remain is why? Why put so much into what we do. Whoever you are reading this right now, you probably have dreams that you want to achieve, you probably feel deep inside that you are here...for a reason, a purpose. This purpose is hard to describe, it is hard to put words on top of it. But deep down, we know it's there. Why life has such a strong will if it's for no other reason than just breathe for a second and then die. We have to be here for something, we have to stand for something. Maybe my purpose is to spread positivity through my music, i don't know it yet. Sometimes i feel that something is missing in my life. But when i start listening to good music or making music, at some point, i forget about thoughts. I just feel, i just be. I get this feeling sometimes in my workout. Time just stop, and everything becomes clear for an instant....

New Challenge

I saw a clip online about kids doing the fire challenge. Wtf! Is wrong with these kids now days. Ice bucket challenge was dumb enough, now this. I know it was supposed to raise awareness, but still could have done it a better way. Sorry, to bring this up just on my mind atm.

Difficulties of Training Alone

Since I'm not attending a school right now, I train by myself. I feel I'm never going to reach my full potential without a training partner. I would love to join a school but money is tight, and I'm struggling so that's not an option. I tried training with my brother, but he doesn't take it seriously and fucks around to much pisses me off. I tried asking some friends, but they all make excuses when the time comes to train even if we make a set date to train. It seems like everyone rather sit on their fat ass drink beer or play on their electronic devices. I give up, i don't know what to do.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


How's it going guys!? Hope everybody's doing fine! Keep pushing people, keep up the good work!! Here's the link to my new track, it's called 'Expression'.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lesson from Laundry

Have you noticed when you are doing the laundry that you have to separate the clothes based on colors and when you dry you pretty much have to separate them too? I think I can relate to that. It makes me understand why separation between people can be effective. Now does it have to base on color? I don't think so. Let us take an example of us. If we think that just because we get together is going to solve the problems of humanity, you are wrong. It is not going to happen. I mean look at the police force for example. It used to be whitewashed but now there are minorities like the blacks, Asians, and even the Hispanics. Has it really stop the corruptions in the police department? Not one bit. We can create as much organizations as we can but if humanity is corrupted, the organization that humans are part will be also corrupted. Think about how the clothes are brought together. First they are wash with their own color then they are dry and now they could be united. Why? They have been cleaned up. Now I must remind human beings that inside of us is dirty. We need to wash ourselves and dry ourselves. That way we can become whole. How can we achieve that? Meditation is a good detergent for that. It washes us and dries us.

Society and its Tricks

I was thinking about where I come from a long time now. It stays in my mind for a while so I am prepared to get it off now. The reason I am writing about this is because my cousin told me that when she was a kid she never see colors. She sees everybody as friends until society taught her distinctions. I feel the same way too although my story is a little bit different. When I came out of my mother's womb, I had no name, no religion, no sense of self...basically no ego. However, here is what gets to me the most. Nobody warns me about this messed world but I just get in there. All of a sudden, I am given a name. Catholicism is forced on me and I am forced to fucking go to school! What the hell is going on here? To think your parents would really care about your inner soul.. Oh here is where it gets funny. I was born in Brooklyn and I am shipped right back to freaking Haiti. My mind and body is moving all over the place now! Now people see me as Haitian American now. Holy shit! Poor fucking me, my dick was so small and already society is pressuring me to be a color that I am not labeled to be, talk like someone I am not, look like someone I am not. On top of that, the color I am labeled to be is being targeted all over the media. Ok so first of, you impose a color on me and now the ones who are labeled to be this way is being killed just because? Wow, that's fair. Thank you society, I command you!! Since I am 25 right now, I want to put my foot down and say no to certain things. I am not going to let TV tell me who I have to be, what I should strive towards and what religion should I be in. No! I got a big dick now, it is now the time that I start to express who I really am. Everybody who is against that, fuck off.

Statues Are Not Idols

"The Buddha statues, the many statues all around you, created a subtle geometry.  You will be surprised - that is the basic reason why the statues were created; they are not idols, as you think.  The Christian and the Mohammedan and the Judaic idea has given a very wrong notion to the world.  Statues are not idols; they are very scientific.  They are not objects to be worshipped; they are geometries to be imbibed.  It is a totally different thing."  - Osho

Statues and pictures just like music can be used as a motivation to strive towards excellence.  Music can put you in a certain mood and so can statues and pictures.  Statues and pictures can become a visual motivation to achieve a certain ideal.  A picture of Bruce Lee can help you become Bruce Lee, a picture of Buddha can help you become Buddha.  We are surrounded by pictures nearly everywhere we go and everywhere we look, pictures influence us, knowing this, we should choose wisely which pictures we continuously allow into our field of vision, as these pictures can unconsciously develop us into what we see.  

The Outer and Inner Are Merged

"When you see a full moon, what happens to you?  Or when you listen to the birds and look at the green, trees, what happens to you?  When you go into a forest and look at the greenery, what happens to you?  Something green inside starts happening.  Green is the color of nature, green is the color of spontaneity, green is the color of life; something green starts happening in you.  The outer color reflects something inside, vibrates with something inside, creates something inside.  Looking at a green tree you become more alive - you become younger!" 

"The outer is not just the outer and the inner is not just the inner, they are joined together.  So beware what you look at, beware what you listen to, beware what you read, beware where you go - because all that creates you." - Osho

Mass media has filled up the entertainment industry with Combat Sport while miseducating the public into believing that is Martial Arts.  So a majority of the public have become Fighters or are ambitious to become Fighters.  Everywhere you look, you see the videos, everything you read they are speaking about Fighting, and everywhere you go people are talking about the Fights.  In order to remain a Real Martial Artist, you must stay away from all of this.  The videos you see should be videos produced by Real Martial Artists, like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Tony Jaa & FMK.  The things that you read should be written by Martial Artists or Sages like Bruce Lee, FMK, Ueshiba, J.Krishtamurti, Buddha, Lao-tzu, Chaung-tzu, Osho.  The places you go should be promoting fitness, intelligence, and spiritual development, like the bookstore, library, FMK, park, forest preserve, lake.  Everything that you expose yourself to, makes up who you are.  Martial Artists need to place extra efforts into paying attention to what they watch, read, and places of where they visit in order to remain pure.  


"Look at the statue of Buddha sitting so silently in a certain yoga posture: if you go on looking at the statue, you will find something like that is happening within you too.  If you are in the company of ten persons who are sad and you are the eleventh person, how long can you remain happy?  Those ten persons will function like a yantra,  a yantra of sadness; you will fall into sadness sooner or later.  If you are unhappy and you are in company with people who are joking and laughing, how long can you remain sad?  Those laughing people will create laughter in you.  They will change your focus, they will change your gear; you will start moving in a different direction.  This happens every day - knowingly, unknowingly.  - Osho

Combat Sport and Martial Arts is not meant to be merged together, the individuals that are drawn into Combat Sport create negative Yantra.  Combat sport promotes ego and pride, Martial Art is the opposite of that, they do not mix well together.  They need to be separated.  In a clean home, certain things belong in the garbage can and need to be discarded.  In Martial Arts, many aspects of Combat Sport specifically in regards to the lack of mental and spiritual development within that field needs to be eliminated.  Some of the physical techniques may be useful and effective but the arrogance, competitiveness, and ambition need to be discarded.  As the creator of my own Way in the Martial Arts, it is up to me to intelligently decide what belongs and what does not belong within my expression of the Martial Arts to retain its purity free from the corruptions of Combat Sport.  The home of FMK must remain clean and free from the corruption of Combat Sport.  Like a home that is clean and properly maintained, you cannot allow the dirtiness of those from the outside to disrupt the inner harmony of your home.  A Martial Artist must never allow a Dirty Fighter to corrupt his pure expression of the Martial Arts.  

Life is a Dream

Saraha says, "Sir, I am awake.  The third consciousness has happened; to me, all is a dream - dream and all.  To me, all is dream: dream within dream within dream.  Now I don't make any distinction, I have gone beyond distinctions.  No-mind has arisen.  So whether people respect me or insult me, whether they think Saraha is a great brahmin, a great mystic, a great knower, or they think that he is a pervert, that he is mad, crazy, insane - it is perfectly okay."  

"This is true understanding.  Then nobody's opinion can distract you.  Then nothing can distract you - neither success nor failure, neither respect nor humiliation, neither life nor death.  This is what the state of no-distraction is.  One has come home."  - Osho

I feel that I am on this earth for a specific purpose, I am here for that purpose, and I will not allow anyone to distract me from that purpose.  I am not here just to generate profit, spend money, and then die.  No, I have a much greater purpose than that.  I wish to truthfully express the Martial Arts to my fullest extent before my death, to help the true seekers gain an understanding through my expression. It does not matter if the world loves me or hates me, I am here to fulfill my purpose.  

True Talent

When you are untalented you wish to compete, you wish to put someone below yourself in order to feel more secure with yourself.  When you have true talent, there is no desire to compete, you simply express yourself honestly to the world.  They may accept, they may not, but it does not matter, what matters is you are expressing the truth from within, that is what's real.  In a world that values competition, they do not understand real expression, but the real Artists in this world will understand. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

2 Quick Flicks

Hi all
Below are 2 documentaries that I highly recommend viewing if you have the time.

The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese Kung Fu | China Uncensored:
This is a great documentary to watch if you can spare 25 minutes. It talks about the true significance of Kung Fu/Martial Art and how it can "Upgrade" ones life. It's also good to see some of Freddie's teachings; the teachings of true Martial Art promoted in the media. It talks about how it's a combat practice with deep moral and spiritual values. About how a Martial Artist goes beyond the practical uses of combat, elevating it into an artistic expression and for health. It's nice to see true Martial Art promoted in the media and combat sport spoken against.

Samurai Spirit: Karate (Documentary TV series):
I just suggest Hajime Kazumi's story be viewed between 5:57 - 10:3. I consider Hajime Kazumi to be a sort of reformed Martial Arts practitioner. He was at one point the all Japan Kyokushin Karate tornament 'champion', winning 5 consecutive tournaments I think. Kazumi's views on competition have now changed completely. His story is rather interesting. I recommend you see it between 5:57 - 10:3!.

I hope you find the recommended material stimulating and enjoyable!. 

You Are Not Equal to a Master

"When I see you as equal to me.  I am raising you to my being.  When you see me as equal to you, you are pulling me down to your level.  When I say you are equal to me I am trying to pull you to me.  When you say, "Osho you are equal to us," you pull me to your level. Naturally you cannot pull anywhere else, you don't know any other level."

"It is up to you, it is your choice.  If that is the way you want it to be, let it be that way - but then I am not responsible if nothing happens to you.  Then it is your responsibility, utterly your responsibility, if nothing happens to you because you have created that barrier.  I can flow towards you only when you look upwards at me because the flow of energy is possible only downwards."

There is too much of an ego barrier with Americans for them to learn the Real Martial Arts.  People can easily accept someone as a coach or Instructor but they cannot accept anyone as a Master.  Because they cannot accept anyone as a Master, they fail to grow, they continue to stay in darkness.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Master Cannot Be Your Friend

"When you accept a person as your friend, you mean you accept him as your equal - a friend is equal to you.  Yes, you are friends to me because I see that you are just equal to me, there is no difference.  But if you see me as an equal to you, then your growth will stop." - Osho

Friends cannot teach friends because they view one another as equals.  In order for true learning to occur, you must learn from a Master, not a friend.  But people with big egos cannot accept anyone as a Master, they want to turn everyone into friends, into equals.  When you accept everyone as equals, learning stops.  For the benefit of the disciple, the Master cannot encourage the disciple to view him as a friend, otherwise the the growth of the disciple will be stunted.  

Being Close to a Master

"To be in close proximity to a master, the phenomenon can happen one day; you are uplifted - suddenly you have wings, a little taste of the freedom and the sky.  And then, afterwards, things can be done on your own."  - Osho

At first as a Disciple you will have to follow the Master until the time you become the Master yourself.  Like the son following the Father for over 2 decades until he becomes a Father himself.

The Work of a Master

"If I say something which is rational and you do it, that will not surrender you to me, that will not be the gesture.  If something is rational and you are convinced of its rationality and then you follow it, then you are following your reason, not me.  If something is rational and can be proved rationally, scientifically, and you follow it, you are not vulnerable to me, you are not available to me.  That will not be of any use; you will still be following your reason.  So each master down the ages has developed a few absurd things.  They are simply symbolic.  They simply show that yes, you are ready and you are not asking for the reason.  You are ready to go with this man, and if he has some eccentric ideas, that too you allow.  This loosens your head; it just makes you a little more open." - Osho

There are not many true Masters in this world but also there are not many true Disciples either.  People are following themselves, few will ever fully surrender to anyone.  Unless they are following someone that is dead and no longer existing, then they can follow because they are still essentially following themselves, they have still yet to surrender to anyone.

Me Against the World

"Now you know.  Now you know yourself, now there is no need to believe.  Now, even if the whole world says that God does not exist, it does not matter: you will be able to fight against the whole world because you know.  How can you deny your own knowledge?  How can you deny your own experience?"  - Osho

I know what Real Martial Arts is.  There is no need to believe.  Even if the whole world says that MMA is Martial Arts, it does not matter: I will fight against the whole world because I know.  How can I deny my own knowledge?  How can I deny my own experience?"

Ground Zero

Hey new to the blog here... Wanted to reach out to the group and get opinions on beginning training.

I am a novice to martial arts and wanted to see what folks recommend on getting started on a weekly routine.

I do exercise daily already so I don't need to overcome that hurdle, however mostly what I do is bike riding moderate bench, and light jogging.

I am looking for a school in my area however I am going to be picky about where I commit myself in that regard so may take just a bit.

My bad habits are not stretching so obviously I need to do that for flexibility and meditation which I am trying to get better at which is hard for me because I have a lot of racing thoughts and anxiety issues.

I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding and have spent many seasons of 90+ days on the mountain so I'd say my balance is ok.

Looking at those factors can anyone tell me what else I can do to get started on a full package maybe what you guys did in the beginning.. Not sure what is the best things to put in priority or order, work on any kick/punches w/ a dummy as I do have room for something like that, or work strictly on flexibility and the metal aspect first, find a school, then start practicing at home, books/videos??

Again, I am not just striving for the physical aspect but most importantly the mental as I am a new father and want to be the best I can be for my family, I have many things to work on.

Any and all information, tips, opinions, etc would be great and much appreciated!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Should we question old school martial arts? Comment I saw on fb.

Wrestling vs. 4th degree master in Aikido

I just saw this video, this is the description.

"Grandmaster of Turkish Submission Wrestling and head of the Marital Kinetics Academy, Levent Altunbas, is unexpectedly challenged to a match when he visited the largest Aikido dojo in Vietnam. His opponent is a 4th Dan in Aikido and a champion fighter"

I saw a comment on fb and the guy asked the question:

"how could this be possible? Are we now supposed to start questioning old school martial arts?"

and the  reply from the one who shared was 

"yes you should. Question everything you see until you can be proved wrong. It's your right and life on the line

okay that kinda makes sense BUT:

Firts of since when does an Aikido practioner challenges people to a fight. From what I know Aikido is all about peace and respect, not about challenging people to fight.

Second of all, I don't think we should judge old school martial arts because of a single video.

Just the fact that this "aikido" guy challenged someone to a fight should be an indication not to do that.

I think that it's because of ignorance of people not knowing what real martial arts is that they start to judge.

I know Bruce Lee was against tradition and established forms, systems or styles, and I agree.

However I think old school martial arts should be respected and honored, and not judge by a stupid video online.

Infact if it wasn't for "old school" martial arts, there would be no martial arts.

My first training experience with the Nunchaku

Today I did my first training with the nunchaku, I decided that it would be a good idea to add weapons to my training, and the nunchaku is the one that is easier to get.

I bought some training ones with foam, I've read that if they have a cord that's better than a chain, but they only had chain ones, so I got that one.

I found some old VHS tapes, of nunchaku training and have started with catching techniques.
It's way more difficult than it looks, but I'm sure that with some practice I'll get a hold of it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Interesting opinion from this guy defending Kung Fu from MMA, Joe Rogan, Bas Rutten

In some things he sounds very similar to some of the arguments Sifu Freddie Lee made, however he also, has some contrary thoughts to him on martial arts.


"When you are in love, you are not afraid.  When you are in love, you can fight against the whole world.  When you are in love, you feel infinitely capable of anything.  But when you are not in love, you are afraid of small things.  When you are not in love, you become more interested in security, in safety.  When you are in love, you are more interested in adventure, in exploration." - Osho

I feel like I can fight against the whole world because I am in love.  There is nothing that I fear, not even death.  

Nobody is Stupid

"A few days ago you took sannyas - or a few weeks - and you think that others are stupid?  That is not right, that is not right at all.  In fact, a sannyasin is one who stops interfering in other people's lives.  This attitude is an interference.  Why?  If they don't want to see me, if they don't want to listen to me, if they don't want to understand what is happening here, then what is their freedom.  They are not stupid, this is simply their freedom; they have to be themselves." - Osho.

You be yourself and you let people be themselves.  Do not interfere in the lives of others.