Friday, June 24, 2016

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My Confession

Hello, it has been a very long time since I wrote on this blog. I am writing this in response to one of Sifu Freddie Lee's video on why you should let children play video games. The video definitely resonate with me because that is the only to get the video game out the child's system. I grew up playing the first Nintendo console that came out! Yes, I had Super Mario Bros. I then played Super Nintendo and then Nintendo 64. The last Nintendo console I own was the Nintendo Gamecube. Honestly, I believe the Nintendo GameCube is the best Nintendo Console so far. It is much more fun, and there were tons of sound games than the Nintendo Wii. After the Nintendo Gamecube, I switch to the PS3. Currently, I am playing Sniper Elite V2. I like shooting games in third person mode although the first person mode is more realistic. In sniper elite, the sniping is a little bit more complicated because you have to take into account the direction of the wind and all that stuff. To me, that makes it more realistic that a lot of shooting games out there. I am sure there are continuing with the series and I would love to own them. I have not been playing PS3 since I am taking classes this summer. That will decrease your concentration in school.. At least that is what I experienced.
Also, in this video, if I remember correctly he said something about competition that I feel that it makes sense to me too. The only way for an individual to stop being competitive is to let him compete. You see if he competes too much, he will naturally be sick of it. Now in terms of combative techniques, I am not competitive at all. I feel that sparring is learning about which techniques work for you; you shouldn't try to beat down somebody to make yourself feel better. However, in sports, I am afraid I can get really competitive. Every time I mess up, it angers me because I tried to be so perfect. I am still trying to understand the root of this problem but I cannot. When I lose badly, it aggravates me even more. Maybe going pro is not such a bad idea for me. Maybe I will get to a point where I do not ever desire to compete within my favorite sport. Of course, my older brother would discourage me saying that it is too late for me to become pro. He probably lacks understanding of why I am really doing what I am doing. Other friends of mine encourage to go for it because to them it's never too late to go for what you really want. I feel the same way but to be honest, I am just going for it so that I can get that competitiveness out of my system. That way, I probably get to the point where I will play it in meditation instead of competition.