Monday, September 28, 2015

Re-enforcing my inner discipline, music titles and racism

Recently, I’ve put more emphases on social activities which is not a bad thing, I’ve had many good times with friends and family members. I’ve enjoyed nice conversations on all kinds of topics which was really neat. But it created a small disequilibrium, I still train, read, run, bike and work on my music but I’m not satisfied, I don’t feel as productive as I can be. So I decided to re-enforce my discipline, re-focus, put a stronger balance under this life of mine.

I also recently openly wrote on the FMK blog that my new music would have French titles only to give respect and honour my people. But I believe that music shouldn’t have boundaries so I decided I won’t limit my self to French titles anymore, my future titles are free from limitation. My people are not only French Canadian, they’re humans point blank.

And on another topic, in Canada we’re having elections soon. And many debates are going on right now. The media use these elections to brainwash the peoples mind and de-focus their attention and disproportionate stuff that is going on (well like they always do). And since people have access to Internet, Cell phones and cameras, a lot of us use these platforms to speak their mind on stuff. And I’m shocked to see how much racism is still going on today, I knew it was still present in our society but I didn’t know it was ‘that’ present. Everyday I get to see French Canadians on Facebook release racist and ignorant statements about other peoples religion and people who come to America to live a better lifestyle, have a second chance or for other reasons. Canadian people in general have a nice reputation, we appear to be kind, respectful and well spoken. But these people that I see everyday are giving a huge low blow to that reputation. People now arrive in the Quebec province and see all that fuss and racist stuff and must be really disappointed. People say ignorant stuff like ‘if you don’t like it here or how it works here; just get the fuck out’. But people who come here and want to integrate themselves and become a Canadian citizen should have the right to participate and express their opinion for a better place, to encourage positive changes without being negatively judged. I encourage everybody whoever you are, wherever you’re from to live your life as you want it to be, don’t let those racist people put negativity into your mind. Be strong, be free, be all you can be!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Anger Expressed

Tonight, I felt this tremendous amount of anger that I felt the need to express. I remember that I was very pissed off at a guy in one of my soccer games. He said to one of my teammates: "Why are you like that? You are not playing in Africa motherfucker!" Apparently, he was saying that to provoke one of my teammates so he could get him off the field, but that was such a racist comment. Me and the guy who said such thing could have been good friend but now I lost all respect for him. So what I decided to do is some shadow fighting. I imagined myself beating the shit out of the motherfucker. Yes, it makes me punch and kick harder. However, since my fitness was not as good as they used to be, I feel that my kicks and punches are a little slower than usual. It makes me have to confess something though. I have been really down on my fitness lately. I used to be more courageous about exercising. I want to exercise but my self-consciousness is taking over. I am pretty sure that I can exercise being more courageous on doing the right thing but still if I start exercising again, I better be more fit than I used to be. I will need to be stronger, more flexible and faster like a real Dragon! That way, maybe my shadow fighting will look more fluent. Notice that I didn't say shadow boxing or kickboxing. That is because fighting has nothing to do with either of them. In fighting, everything is used: punch, kicks, weapons, you name it. It's not about style, it's about you expressing your body to get things done as quick as you can. I may not be as fit as I used to but at least I have Sifu Freddie Lee to inspire me to get back on track once again.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Perfect Lady

“You want her to have a Ph.D, nice ass, and flat stomach, be a chef, porn star and your nurse…But YOU can’t change a lightbulb, car oil, or a flat tire, your hairline is receding and you can’t fight.  Humble yourself.  You can’t ask for the complete package if you’re an empty envelope.” - @DerrickJaxn

Just read that on Instagram, I thought that was pretty funny.  As far as what I want, well my lady does not need a Ph.D, but a nice ass, flat stomach, being a chef and my own private porn star are all definitely requirements of the list! LOL 

But can I change a light bulb? Yes.  Can I change the car oil? No, but I can pay somebody else to do it.  Can I change a flat tire?  On a car, no, on a bike, yes!  And oh yeah, I can oil up the chain on the bike too!  Luckily my hairline is not receding, and yes I can definitely fight. 

I’ve told my lady from the very beginning, I need a woman to match me.  If I’m in shape, she better be in shape.  If I eat healthy, she better eat healthy.  If I stay away from drugs and alcohol, she better stay away from drugs and alcohol.  If I live the bicycle lifestyle, she better live the bicycle lifestyle.  If I am frugal, she better be frugal.  If I live the simple life, she better live the simple life. 

The expectations I have for my lady is that she better match me.  So the more I develop myself, the more I expect out of my lady, that’s only fair.  I will never expect her to live up to the expectations of which I cannot live up to myself. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Clinging to Systems

"The real man of intelligence will not cling to any ideology-for what? He will not carry a load of ready-made answers. He knows that he has enough intelligence so that whatever situation arises, he will be able to respond to it. Why carry an unnecessary load from the past? What is the point of carrying it?" -Osho from Intelligence

That is the same way I feel about the Real Martial Artist. He does not cling to any systems nor methods. Systems and methods are from the past. A Martial Artist with no style nor system is able to adapt to the present. A fighter will simply go on learning fighting styles. "So I learn Karate, Aikido, shit, I think I should learn BJJ to fill it up." Basically, he is looking outside to find the answers, and yes he is looking up to other fighters that would satisfy his own disease because he does not want to heal. If he heals, he will become intelligent but that is not what he wants. If you look in society, they do not appreciate the real Martial Artist for the simple reason that the Martial Artist is very intelligent and that would offend them so much. Therefore the fighter will go into combat sport to exploit as many combat teachers he can find so he could fight for a worthless belt. After he got this stupid belt, they would call undisputed champion. But then again, he has to defend his undisputed championship. That makes no sense at all! And then the champion retires, he gets to be the champion forever for the simple reason: people, including the retired man, is cling to his past accomplishments. Sifu Freddie Lee is right after all; there is no future in the Martial Arts. People cannot grasp what real Martial Arts is.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Diamond With A Flaw v.s A Pebble Without One

Hello my fellow FMK bloggers and all, it's been a long time since I posted anything on here. I would like to share and remind you all the essence of your spiritual growth or development. That is about being true to yourself or being yourself, which sound simple and boring right?

As you all can see I started out with a quote from Confucius. It implies being yourself truly. If we analyzed the quote, we can see hopefully the the main idea which I stated.

 What does the "diamond" mean? A diamond is something is rare and unique. Something you don't find normally. Whereas, a "pebble" is something common, so you can find them everywhere. Just go outside and you will definitely find lots. In this society the pebbles are the ones that are the average individuals that consider themselves "Normal". On the other hand the diamonds are those that are rare in society or hidden, and they are unique individuals.

The word "flaw" to me, in terms of society,  is associated with having your own unique opinion. Often that goes against what society believes. A "diamond with a flaw" is merely someone who is very different meaning, having a unique belief or different thinking style/pattern/way. If you search the term "flaw" it means imperfection, according to my American Oxford Dictionary, looking at the thesaurus. What that implies is that someone who is a flaw is something who is not normally in society, so they are very different (some people may consider them being a weirdo/freak/crazy etc). Also don't forget that when I say different, I mean someone with their own beliefs or opinions that do not comply with society (and the expectations of society), hence imperfection representation of society. A "pebble without one", without a flaw, is someone who doesn't have a different beliefs and so they comply to society, (trying to meet the expectations of it).

I also see that someone who is a "diamond with a flaw" is someone who is true to themselves. In other words they are expressing themselves honestly, like Bruce Lee.

They are spiritually developed. When I say spiritually, the word that it derives from which is "spirit", I mean someone who is connected to their "spirit". This may refer to being one with yourself, your TRUE self. This is the essence of being spiritual, or taking your spirituality to the next level. Now going back to those that are being themselves I ill provide another examples other than Bruce Lee.

We have someone like Tupac who was also true to himself. The way he expressed his "thoughts" through real "hip hop" rap lyrics, goes against what society believes. He was an individual with a unique view/outlook and stuck with it, which makes him a "real" individual. "Real" meaning someone who is true to themselves.

Another individual that was keeping it "real" was Socrate. An ancient philosopher who intended to liberate the minds of people, setting them free through his philosophy which he teaches. He was considered an individual by society who was not normal, because he did not comply to society. To me he was being himself truthfully, a "real" individual.

Those are the ones who were the "diamond with a flaw". They are a diamond because they were unique, but with a "flaw" because they were walking their own path (having a different mentality/view) which is imperfection to society in general.

Now an example for those that are "pebbles without one (flaw)".  I am just going say most celebrities nowadays, in the music industry. Beyonce, Jay Z, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Ke$ha etc. Also Hollywood actors or actresses are also considered the "pebbles". These people funny enough are associated with the elite group called the Illuminati which is a so called secret society.

These people are all the same, meaning they are not unique like a Tupac or other artists like a John Lennon or a Hopsin. They have a huge influence on the population of society. These celebrities that are like the "pebbles", because they are all the same in terms of how they are influencing the general population. Influencing people to become lustful, materialistic, and becoming unhealthy (physically, spiritually, and mentally). Generally being at a "low vibration", I don't know if you all know what that means.

I'll explain quickly so someone who is at a low vibration is something who is bound to their animistic behavior, compared to someone who is at a higher frequency/vibration who is humane or just being a "real" human. Another way to put it is, remember that what separates humans from animals  is intelligence. Think of a scale from one to ten. One being lowest vibration so not intelligent and ten being the highest vibration, very very intelligent. 4 and below is considered the vibration (low) that I am referring to when I say that people are at a "low vibration" which I stated early. That is also associated with being like animals, animistic behaviors.

Also another way of looking at vibrations. Generally it relates to emotions as well. Sometimes vibration scale and emotional scales are used interchangeably. They mean the same thing.

Now moving on, like I said people in the general population are at a "low vibration", which they were influenced by those celebrities in the music industry. They are the "pebble" because they are all the same in terms of their behaviors, and also the way they look, like how most people like to dressed up or cut their hair like those celebrities to look so called "cool" as them. They are a "pebble without a flaw" because they all think the same same as those celebrities, which generally complies to society.
Back to these celebrities, they are the "pebble without a flaw" because don't have and expressed a unique way of thinking or having their own opinion they just go along with what society is all about.
So another way of looking at it is that they sold their "soul" to the the demons, or the demons emptied the vessels of those individuals. The demons being the Illuminati. Their souls which equals their spirit meaning their true self, real self or their authentic self. Their vessel relating to their body, with that being said, by taking out their spirit, their body and mind and spirit are no longer connected, which again results in them not being their "real" self. So WATCH out or they will empty your vessel when you are not aware, and they your spirit away LOL. What I'm saying despite of my silly analogy, is just be yourself truthfully and you'll be fine.

It is not easy to be you. It is very difficult, because of others. What I mean by that is people that are the same will try and force their views upon you to detach your unique views to become like them. These people that are all the same have been programmed by the media, to think the same, which is unfortunate. Luckily there are those that are not programmed and have their own way of thinking.

Apparently those that have their own way of thinking is considered dangerous, according to society, just because they are not comply to the rules or expectation. Not all rules are based on morality or ethics. It's alright to break some rules only if it is for a great purpose to generate a greater outcome. But always beware of the consequences, as you are responsible. This is what makes a "flaw", in society.

Like Confucius said as I stated at the beginning, "it is better to be diamond with a flaw, than a pebble without one". Be the diamond with a flaw. be yourself. Walk your own path. I discourage those to be a "pebble without a flaw". So people that are not real to themselves. They are lying to themselves and are walking and following a path that is not their own. Jesus said that there are those that mostly seeks the broad way, and a few of those that seeks the narrow way. People that are the "diamonds with a flaw" are those that seeks the narrow way compared to the "pebbles" which seeks the broad way, which they are merely just following along where most people are heading. They is not being true to yourself, or being yourself.

Being true to yourself is the essence of spiritual growth or development. That is why I encouraged that Like I've said many times.  Let us all evolve together.

I finally got the motivation to write something on


This is a separate blog post which I can't be bothered starting a new one lol.

As for Freddie and everyone on the blog, stay true to yourself. Don't let these haters affect you. They are just "pebbles without flaw" that tries to make you all become like them. Also they are at a low vibration which is why they seem so negative and angry/annoyed. Stay true to who you really are. The battle is really within yourself. You need to win and have victory over yourself. These haters have little to do with you. You need to focus your mind away from them, and try to stay true to yourself. If you let these haters affect you, you are prone to losing yourself and therefore repelling yourself away from your real self. So not connecting to yourself. It's about self control or self mastery. By having victory over yourself you will no longer have to worry about anything, because you will only be focused on being you. Everyone one goes through a battle that is with themselves. Those that lose are those that are not who they truly are because they let the environment affect them. They have no self control over their mind and what they choose to focus on. Those that win are those that stay true to themselves, which shows that they have mastered themselves. Also that is what my quote means which was in my previous post on this blog site.

I have decided to upload this again to remind you all. So the only confrontation that you have is within yourself. The people outside yourself are just an aid to try to make you lose. They are a distraction which causes you to lose concentration to lower your guard which you may be defeated, with "one strike". That "one strike" whether you receive it or not (avoid or block it) is the difference between victory and defeat. Implicitly this is the difference between being yourself (diamond with a flaw) and being like others (a pebble without one).

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I was talking to my aunt the other day. She was telling a story about her and her grandma when she was a kid. Someone said something that probably offended her so she went ahead and tell her grandma what the person said to her. Guess what grandma did? Her grandma gave my aunt a spank and told her: "Learn how to defend yourself!" It is true that I train in combative techniques to defend myself physically. However, being mentally prepared against insult is a must in the Martial Arts training although we should not seek to argue with anybody else. If one feels it is necessary to respond one can, if it is not then no response should be made. This story reminded me that at some point in my life, my parents, my brothers and other family members may not be there when I am facing trouble. It may be up to me to handle it. In a way, the grandma is a good master for spanking her and tell her that. A real master does not make the disciple be overly dependent. In fact, the master is here to guide the disciple towards being himself completely to the point where the disciple is not afraid of any confrontations. If the disciple has a good master, he or she will be the most fearless being on Earth.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015