Thursday, July 31, 2014

Inspiring Actors

The best inspiring actors of all time in the martial arts to me are Bruce Lee and Jean Claude. Their movies actually made you want to get off your ass and train. First it was Bruce in the 70s and in the 80s was Van Damme then nobody films were inspiring to me. Jackie chan was just a goof ball i never took him seriously, jet li was good, but even then i still wasn't that inspired by him are anyone else. Why? Im still trying to figure it out myself. Maybe its because everyone has surpassed them or martial arts movies have took the wrong path leading towards violence instead of the spirit. Speaking of martial arts movies changing even Van Dammes movies led to action not focusing on martial arts. They just dont make good martial arts movies like they used to anymore. I remember when i first got into martial arts i would think of Bruce Lee when i hit the heavy bag and scream like him. I wasn't trying to be disrespectful of him that's just how inspired i was of him. Same goes with van damme and the splits being able to kick high. I wish other actors had that connection with its audience to bring positivity in life and inspire others to better themselves.

Awakened man

This is great, check it out...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Questioning a Bruce Lee Quote

Here is how the quote goes: "I fear not the man who practice 10,000 kicks at once but I fear the man who practice one kick 10,000 times." I understand where he was coming from. If you practice one kick diligently, it will grow. The more you practice something, the more it will become your second nature. However, say you know how to fight unarmed, what if there is someone else who not only is proficient at unarmed combat but he can handle weapons so well, especially the guns! Your unarmed skills cannot match a gun, that's the reality of the world. Wake up! I do not know exactly when he spoke that quote but come on, that is some outdated thought. Do you really think one technique can help you survive any situation? Do you really think people are going to fear you just because you know some kicks? If so, slap yourself in the head right now. And for goodness sake, why do you have to fear any man? Do not have fear. You have nothing to be afraid of! Why? Because the man is a human being just like you. It doesn't matter how big or small he is, he is just a human being. So do not fear the man, love the man! Why is that everything has to be based on fear all the time. The world has gone through that enough already. We are too focused on fighting techniques too much. How about we learn to accept ourselves 100%? Quoting my buddy Ralph right there. Haha. That is what we need to do. We have fear because we do not love ourselves; therefore, a lot of insecurities have built up. We need to move into ourselves. That way, we will not have to fear anyone and more importantly preparing to fight anyone! That's what the Martial Art should guide ourselves towards: Peace. I know there are some Bruce Lee fanatics who would harass me but I don't care anymore. I am just going to express myself until I die.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The truth is very large, very complex but plain simple. The quest for truth is eternal. Truth bring smiles and sometimes tears. Whatever truth, nice or ugly, truth will forever be special.

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Kung Fu Soccer Training

It has been a while since I made any workout videos. I decided to be more active on that. I made two soccer videos. I am a soccer player and trying out for my college team. I am trying to get in as much shape as I can. The reason I am doing this tryout is to obtain a scholarship. Just by being in a college team can get you a scholarship. Furthermore, I am playing soccer to improve my Martial Arts training. Primarily, I am more into the Martial Arts then soccer but playing soccer is fun and it is a great way to improve your cardio, footwork, speed, and many other areas of development. Now, Freddie might complain and say: "you are a soccer player now? Where is your Martial Spirit?" Haha. He would not do that because he encourages us to find other ways to develop ourselves into complete human beings.
The next one is where I practice with the ball. I am technically okay but I could be better.

I need to be in the present moment

I have realized that my thoughts revolve most of the time about worrying about the future, or remembering the past, but rarely are in the moment, I lack a meditative state.

I started meditating a few months ago, I'm expecting to see results in my daily life.

Any tips on meditation?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hook Punch

What is everyone ones favorite hook punch horizontal or vertical. Mine is vertical because that extra power from the forearms plus my pinky has a less chance of hitting the target. I only use a horizontal hook for distance strikes plus its also a faster than the horizontal hook. Tell me your preferred hook punch and experiences with either one. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My First Marathon!!!

Ran my first-ever marathon today, barefoot at that. Took off from the house this morning following a route that had taken me 28.6 kilometres last week, and figured if I just added a couple loops through neighbourhoods I hadn't visited before, then I could easily boost it up to the 42km marathon standard. So that's what I did. Unfortunately though, my body did not want to run past about 32km... and 10km is itself a pretty long run, especially when your legs are played out. But I pushed on anyway, and one of the major motivational factors for doing so was the potential to get myself into the Kwoon Records alongside Sigung in the Marathon category that he solely owns. As I ran, with voices in my head telling me to go ahead and quit, that I'd gone far enough for this week, I just kept talking back to them about how they were right, but how at the same time I was already now so close to finishing my first marathon... it would be a shame to quit. On I ran, winding down, using everything I had to push through those last four or five kilometres especially. Oh man, was it hard. I knew it was going to be difficult, but not like that. My Withings Pulse activity tracker finally indicated I'd finished the 42km about a block and a half from my house. I stopped running at that point. It had taken me 3 hours and 24 minutes. And I was broken. Still am, six hours later. I can hardly walk, my legs are that played out. But no injuries, and I can now report that I have run a barefoot marathon!! So put me on the board, because it was done, and I want to claim my place beside Sigung as an older guy who can do something the younger Todai can't

My Current Understanding of the Universe

Hello Everyone
Below is my first philosophy statement. I combined my understanding of the Universe with a video called 'spirit science - enlightenment' (, that was previously recommended by another blogger, and summarised the teachings of this great video that I highly recommend before reading this blog. I say this because the video puts the spirit into a comprehensive and scientific context. My philosophy goes as follows:

"There is no death; just the ongoing changes in cosmic reality. Once this is realised intellectually and spiritually, you will be at peace."

I don't believe that death should be feared. It should be embraced as is the true spirit of Budō as I currently understand it. Death is change, the start of a new beginning; a new chapter. We are energy. All energy is borrowed and will eventually be given back to the universe. This is a never ending cycle that has lasted and will always last for eternity. This is the principle of the Universe.

This is what True Martial Artists often express through movement. It is why Morihai Ueshiba told his students that he is teaching them not to move their feet, but their mind, to gain an understanding that they can never cease to exist because they have always been alive in someway or another (as expressed in the video) and will always continue to do so. Aikido expressed this. Once one realises this, the fear of death will disappear and and one can focus on living in the moment and to enjoy life.

This is what I have come to realise through analysing and theorising the spiritual teachings of the East. I find that they also correspond and compliment Western science. An example of this is Isacc Newton's third law of motion - 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.'  This is also what the Yin-Yang teaches us.

Hopefully once people realise that they will never die, they will have no fear of death which is commonly perceived in a an unrealistic way. It is like blocking a punch. One can't just block a punch with his/her hand directly strait on. One must redirect the punch in a different direction, changing the harmful energy into something harmless to you. That is self defence. I think people need to redirect their thinking from - death is bad I don't want to die, to just feeling okey with how the Universe operates and not to struggle against the tide but to swim with it. To do this in theory will mean less stress and fear will not be experienced, allowing you to feel truly joyful were you are in the moment. I think this is the true spirit of Budō, as Morihei Ueshiba described it as not learning how to die, but learning how to live. I think it is an aspect of enlightenment. Seeing what cannot be seen with our eyes and hearing what cannot be heard with our ears.

In terms of if I am enlightened or not, well I don't know. I have never practiced sitting meditation seriously, but I read section about meditation in a book titled 'Advanced Taekwondo' by Scott Shaw. Based on his definition of physical meditation, I'd say I have practiced it for years without knowing it as I am focused, relaxed, existing and enjoying myself in the moment when practicing combative techniques. However I'm just starting the practice sitting meditation and I'm currently rather inexperienced. I was talking to a friend at school about the common concept of death in comparison to mine and he said "Ben, we're 17. We shouldn't be talking about death at this stage in our lives. It might send us loopy!."  I think that thinking if I am enlightened or not is besides the point. I just know that I view the world how I do and I wish to express my knowledge and realisations as they occur. I don't wish to label myself as enlightened because it may provide the ego a means to assert itself.

In terms of my death, well I know that I will one day move on. I honestly don't feel scared of death, but at the same time don't feel I wan't to die, yet. This is because I feel I need to be there for my family. I also feel that there are things I need to accomplish in life. I don't know exactly what yet, but I feel like I want to benefit society in some way. I do know that one day I'd like to open a Martial Art school like FMK, were I teach people True Martial Arts, to be self expressive and direct them towards enlightenment. I don't see it happening any time in the near future, but one day that would be nice. Putting it simply I do not fear death, but I've got business to tend to before I experience the next chapter. What that next chapter is I don't know. But one day I will experience the divinity of Universal change again.

Thank You for reading my blog.

PS: I hope I wrote this clear enough to be comprehensive for others to read.

Morihei Ueshiba - Rare Aikido Demonstration (1957)

Here's a cool Video. I think I can see his philosophies in some of his techniques.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wow. Corruption in the cage!.

This doesn't look like BJJ!?!.  Have a quick look at this video and tell us what you think. What do you think has happened in approximately 120-30 years?.

PS: I think this video is self explanatory!. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No Thoughts At All (AND No More Blogs After This Until Exams Are Over)

I have not been posting in a long time that is because I had  nothing expressed my thoughts on, in respect to this awesome blog site and also my studies and work. Having nothing in mind at all is good, because then I do not have that annoying inner voice that chatters during activities that requires full focus and concentration like doing work and studying. Before I always have something in my mind that chatters about certain things like martial arts and just life in general. When ever I have this chattery I would think about this over and over again remembering even single detail until I go on my laptop and start writing a blog, which I eliminate/ let go of this thought that chatters in my mind, so I can be in peace by having a silence mind. And also by letting those thoughts go I can concentrate on my studies and work.

So I learnt that a way to clear your mind is by documenting or printing (expressing) the thoughts out, by journaling/writing, speaking, typing etc. This a a form of meditation as you are in the moment or letting go or clearing your mind by expressing. This can be any type of emotional thoughts such as anger, fear, anxiety, content, happy (in a zealous way), etc. For Negative thoughts I do not really document it, I let it go by sitting zen meditation, fitness meditation (i.e. martial arts) or by visualization meditation. Thoughts that are positive can be annoying sometimes, so I would document those. Having no mind is essential  for living in happiness, joy and abundance.

This  was on my mind when I was studying, but now I just eliminate this writing by blogging this out. Now I can continue to study with no mindful distraction.

I won't be on this blog for a long time again as I will be busy for the rest of this year, because this term (which is 10 weeks) I will be studying and doing my exams (mock/practice in of year exams). This term is where I will be doing a lot of study, so it is the busiest. And the next term which is only 2/3 weeks. So after the 2/3 weeks, I will be having my real end of year exams. Now I'm just going to concentrate on studying as this year is going to be my last year of high school, and I want to make the most of it. I also reduce my training on the amount of days that I will be training per week.  Recently I've been slacking off my studies, and instead of studying I would  write blogs (which I will express my thoughts that is in my head) or make videos, sometimes 1 or 2am. I have to do well in this exam because it will determine my career path to where I will be heading later on. Personally I don't like school/studying and don't really give a dam about my career because I'm stressing out  but the society we live in, forces us to, to live that way, and I'm just going a long with it (playing society's game) otherwise I won't survive. I just want to live freely and embark on a spiritual journey like one of Freddie's old student. So I'm just letting you all know what's happening with me and how I feel about it. I doubt that I will have any thoughts that chatters in my mind from now on because I will be fully focused on my studies which no external thoughts/ mindful distraction cannot distract me. If that does happens then I will do a quick visualization meditation. (I would write a blog to clear it out but the problem is that it takes a lot of time, therefore i don't get my studies done, like what's happening now as I'm thinking and writing this out for almost two hours already)

Maybe after my exams and when I feel contented I will write a blog again.

Good mornings

Hey, Freddie will doing this exercise help with getting a wide back.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ninjas Are Misunderstood

I don't know much about Ninjas or Ninjutsu. But what little I do know is different to that of popular culture. The knowledge I do possess comes from a friend who practiced Ninjutsu and a book called  'The way of the Ninja - Secret Techniques', by Masaaki Hatsumi.

Popular Culture recognises Ninjas as people who were outcasts of society. People who trained in deadly martial techniques for the purpose of assassination. I however prefer to believe what I have discovered from my own research and what my friend (who has first hand experience in Ninjutsu) tells me. He says that the Ninjas were originally Samurai. They trained at the Samurai academies and were the best of the best. The Shoguns however, were afraid that these Samurai had the potential to overthrow them. And so they got all the other Samurai to turn on the most skilled Samurai in the academies, and try to assassinate them and their families. My friend asked me after telling me this "Who are the bad guys now?". These now rogue Samurai who were once the feudal Japan's elite were now sought refuge in isolated areas in Japan like mountains I'm guessing. The society they served now rejected them, so they decided or were forced to serve themselves.

They understood the formal limitations of the systematic Samurai, and thus adapted a formless mentality for their martial techniques to outwit the Samurai. This is why some people don't consider Ninjutsu as Martial Art; because not much is recorded and formalised. But I see that to be formless is to be free and to express one's self spontaneously; as is the principle of the universe - change. And that is what my friend said he was taught while attending a Ninjutsu school, never to do the same thing twice. Always doing something different to avoid becoming predictable. This is why Ninjutsu is said to be an art of innumerable variations and to reveal the true spiritual significance of the Martial Arts.

We can not be completely certain what actually happened in history. However from what I have learned from 'The Way of the Ninja - Secret Techniques', I think the whole Ninja way is closer to the truth than most of the expressions coming from Japan. To assist your understanding of this, I have transcribed the first paragraph of this book below:

"A Ninja was someone whose very existence expressed the spirit of budō. He would protect himself with techniques not of assassination but rather of sensation and an acute awareness of his natural surroundings. He would avoid unnecessary conflict, and even when armed with a blade, would find a way to win without staining it. These are the true techniques of Ninjutsu, and the art that Ninja persistently trained. Ninja exercised endurance throughout their secretive lives in order to protect their families, their clans, and their country. Their harsh training endowed them with a tough but pliant spirit, and martial skills suitable for coping with any situation, together with a sense of awareness that had universal application."

I feel that people have been misled by popular culture and the media. So I hope that by me sharing my knowledge on Ninjutsu will help you to see the Ninja in a different way than the falsity of popular culture and the media; and will bring some clarity to a topic of misunderstanding and confusion. From my small amount of exposure, the Ninja were closer to the true way than most of the expressions present today. Perhaps they were even closer than the Samurai, as the Ninja were self expressive, and didn't limit themselves to cultural tradition (way) or the rules of the authoritarian Shoguns, as the Samurai did.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Beyond Bruce Lee

This blog is a response to a FMK video that I just watched. Sifu Freddie Lee stated that he is beyond Bruce Lee, and he made some good ass points! Bruce Lee appeared to be way ahead of his time because he was fit, intelligent, and wise. However, there are people that are even wiser than Bruce Lee such as Osho, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Buddha, name it. He was super fast but when we talk about the 100 m dash, Usain Bolt is the best right now and I am 100% sure that Bruce Lee could not do that. In Enter the Dragon, at the time I used to worship him, I used to believe he could really do the back flip, but as I look the movie up I realize that he had a stunt double doing that for him. The clothes Bruce Lee used to wear to work out was not as high quality as right now. What the FMK wears is at a higher quality than his. Now I cannot exactly say that Freddie Lee is beyond Bruce Lee but Freddie Lee worked hard most of his life and aim to become a wiser individual everyday. So if he feels that he went beyond Bruce Lee, then he has all the right to say that. We can all go beyond Bruce Lee. All we have to really do is to stop being stuck on how good he was in the past and start developing ourselves Body, Mind, and Spirit. We need to start being ourselves and stop watching TV, stop listening to the radio and start our own journey. To excel at a sport, we need to play the sport ourselves and start having fun playing it. Stop watching the sport so much and start practicing it. I am not talking about combat sport here because I do not believe in combat sport. I believe in sport that does not encourage fighting one another. Just play the sport and practice it almost every day. Everything the professional sport players can do on TV, we can do them too! They are human beings; they are not God. We need to stop idolizing and start being ourselves. That is the whole message even Bruce Lee wanted to share to the world. Do not just duplicate someone successful. Be yourself. That is the only way to be a complete human being.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Creating your own system

I was wondering about creating my own style of martial arts. Has anyone ever thought of this, and if so how would you go to label your expression. 

Bow flex review

I used the bow flex while i was on vacation at my sisters house. It was enjoyable to use and it can get you in good shape. The only downfall i can think of is their is only so much weight you can use and it doesn't give you that feel like weights do. In my opinion its good for getting toned but won't help build big muscles like weights do.

The man with the iron fist

When this movie came out my friend recommend me seeing it but i kept putting it off. So one day i had enough of him telling me how good it was. I went to the red box and picked up a copy to see it. I watched about 35mins of it and had enough i was like this is got to be the dumbest movie I've ever seen. It was boring and just plain ridiculous.  If you haven't seen the film i highly recommend you don't watch it.

The Lazy Routine

FMK I really need help with my life. This routine i've been going through has kept me from balancing body, mind & spirit. I really want to "live the way" but cant because im so used to doing this lazy routine everyday I get up. When I try to train, my body just says no, like it does not have the will to do anything that will enhance my health. I guess its because i've never really trained or pushed myself in my  life. Please I would greatly appreciate any advice that would get me motivated, any tips ANYTHING! So that I grow out of this routine once & for all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fmk videos real

I like how Freddie' s videos are realtime and not sped up. I also like how if their are mistakes made in the video he still publishes them. I love watching  videos online of others doing martial arts and some of them speed the film up to make them look better than they are. For example channel named ninja nate would demonstrate his speed but you can easily tell the video was edited to play faster. 

What do you think of this guy?

What do you guys think of this guys philosophies and what he has to say in this video?

I haven't seen much from this guys channel 'Shaolin  Center', but from what I have seen I think he's not bad. He promotes a peaceful, healthy and positive expression of Martial Art but he is also a traditionalist from what I can make out. I don't think he has yet realised that the true way is no way but one's own individual expression of Martial Art. And thus he labels his channel Shaolin Center and not something like Jake Mace's Martial Art. But at least he promotes a healthy development in the Martial Arts and not combat sport. Maybe in time he will change the name of his channel to something more authentic to himself, because the truth is always found within. He just hasn't realised it yet.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I've be on vacation for about 2 weeks now a lot of driving and stopping at restaurants. I've been feeling ill now my diet is all screwed up. Some people eat this type of food on a daily basis. I would rather eat a home cooked meal any day of the week at least i know its healthier and cooked thoroughly. Hopefully ill start feeling better and feel more energized when i get my diet back on track. 

Don't think feel!

I could have the wrong idea of this but i never understood the whole concept of not thinking just react. Every time i spar or play around i always think before i block or attack evade ect. It seems easier to me this way. What are your experiences with this and do you think or just react.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Left Hand and Creativity

This is my first time posting my handwriting on the blog. I have been meaning to do this for a while now, and there it is. I write letters in the left column with my right hand, and I rewrite the letters repetitively with my left hand. Now if you can read the letters correctly, you will see that my left handwriting is very sloppy. This is because I did not develop it well enough. Since I was a child, my parents would condition me to only write with my right hand; as a result, it limits me to only be one sided when it comes to writing. As I am growing older, I am learning to appreciate my whole body more. That is one of the reasons why I write with my left hand. Second, your left hand and the right hemisphere of your brain is connected. The right hemisphere is the creative, critical thinking side of you. Denying is the greatest sin ever committed! Thirdly, my objective as a human being is to be as real as I can. How can I be real with just one side?? That is nonsense. I am 25 now and I should better than that. Now some people might ask: how can that help you if you are practicing Martial Arts? Well, one should understand that Martial Art is the expression of your soul made visible. The soul cannot be expressed without a body well taken care of, strong, flexible, you name it. To also express your soul means to also being able to write comfortably with both of your hands. Martial Arts does not always involve fighting. You fight somebody only if you have to, not because your ego want you to. Self-expression only occurs when one masters his or her ego. Otherwise, you live one big lie. You know... I do not want to live that way. I do not want a wasted youth. I want to dedicate my life to be as authentic as I can. Writing with the left should do it.

Local Tai Chi Teacher

Hi all
Here's a quick story. As I was helping my Taekwondo instructor put away the mats one night after class, we walked past a local Tai Chi teacher waiting to move his class of 2 students into the community hall. My Taekwondo instructor said "Sorry, we won't be much longer in your Dojo or Dojang or what ever you call it." I then said "I believe in Chinese it's Kwoon." The Tai Chi teacher said "The place we train is the universe". I then thought wow! How true is that!. This fellow sees things as they really are. He is showing so little ego, that he won't even use his affiliated terminology, but rather he just sees it like it is. Just another part of the whole of creation. And he labels it as such.

I really like this guy. I get good energy from him. He has a great sense of humour and he treats his students like members of a family, instead of treating his students as associates with different ranks. An example of this is that he doesn't like to be called Sifu. He says if we must label ourselves then he wishes to be addressed by his first name.

He explained the difference between internal and external martial arts like this. "In Martial Arts such as Taekwondo and Karate, they train the body and mind to enhance the spirit. In Tai Chi we train the spirit to enhance the body and mind."    

I participated in a few classes under his instruction and enjoyed it, but found it more interesting than anything else. It was interesting to learn about yin first and yang second. I'd like to get back there and learn more, but I don't know if I will have the time. Tai Chi is a Martial Art I recommend because a lot can be learned from it and there isn't much opportunity for the ego to assert its self. It focuses on moving meditation as it's primary method of training and the movements can be used in self defence when adequately understood. The teacher discourages his students from thinking of these movements as such because when thinking of combat, people naturally get tight and excited, and as a result there posture suffers. Combat application comes when students can move in meditation with ease. However the primary aim is to help people become calmer, happier and healthier. Thanks for reading.

MMA growing in my country

I just so a video of an MMA coach from where I live, promoting his gym, talking about Muay Thai, BJJ, boxing and wrestling, and saying he started in taekwondo and karate until he discovered muay thai through a very accomplished coach and how he's thankful that bjj has grown in this country, and how he's happy to teach "martial arts", funny how his muay thai coach has black belts in both karate and taekwondo which in my opinion are closer to the martial arts, than muay thai, bjj or boxing.

What saddens me is that he refers to this practices of MMA, namely, BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and wrestling as martial arts. He promotes fighting in the cage, but he calls it martial arts, and more people are buying into that, looking for the "most effective" martial art.

I saw a profile picture on fb of some dude from my city holding brass knuckles, in his profile pic!

Which just makes me think, in order to truly defend yourself you need to own weapons, people are armed out there. Yet these people are promoting the stuff that works on the cage, and calling it self defense.

And those were brass knuckles, imagine some guy holding a gun or a shotgun in his profile pick, I've seen pictures like that.

Where I live if you kill someone for self defense, you are going to jail, yet, you have all kinds of people who are armed out there. Who should be in jail.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Morihei Ueshiba on Technique - Analysis

Morihei Ueshiba had a very unique and thought provoking approach to technique and forms.  He taught his students to be completely formless since day 1 of training. The founder of Aikido spoke about this topic on pages 34/35 and 36 of his enlightening book 'The Art of Peace'. I will transcribe some of his statements below, and then spell out my interpretations of his teachings:

"In Aikido, change is the essence of technique. There are no forms in Aikido. Because there are no forms, Aikido is the study of the spirit. Do not get caught up in forms; if you do, you lose all the subtle distinctions that function in the techniques."

I interpret these teachings like this. Change is the ultimate undermining principle of the universe, and thus Aikido embraces it, and promotes it through practicing in a spontaneous way. Further evidence to support my theory is quoted below from page 35:

"....and on occasion one of the younger and bolder students would complain, "Sensei, you have been doing the same technique for an hour. Please show us something different" "You idiot!" Morihei would exclaim. "Each and every one was different. When you perceive the difference, that is when you will be making progress in Aikido."  "If someone asked to be shown a "secret technique," he would receive a similar reply. "Each technique contains everything you will ever need."
"If a student asked to see the footwork of a technique once more, Morihei would thunder, "I'm not teaching you to move your feet; I'm teaching you to move your mind!."

Each and every technique we execute is different. Depending on the context/situation of the execution of the technique, fine detail is different I think. For example, using a punch to defend yourself on a staircase, in contrast to using it in a park. No situation will ever be exactly the same. I think this is what he is implying. Another great one is in regards to technique. Morihei made this telling remark:

"In reality, Aikido has no forms, no set patterns. It is like an invisible field wave of energy. However, such a phenomenon is too difficult for human beings to grasp, so we use provisional forms to explain it and put it in to practice. Any movement, in fact, can become an Aikido technique, so in terms, there are no mistakes. My advice to you: Learn and Forget! Learn and Forget! Make the techniques part of your own being!"

I love this teaching. It basically means that there is no write or wrong when executing techniques, as long as it is a product of honest expression. I believe "Learn and Forget" teaches us to not become habit forming and predictable, even to our selves. Being more spontaneous is being more natural/less artificial, following the universal principle of constant change.

"If asked, "What is the name of that technique?" Morihei would reply, "Give it your own name. That will make it more personal." He further stated:
You cannot imitate what I do. Each and every technique is a unique, once-and-for-all experience. My techniques emerge freely, spewing forth like a fountain. Rather than try to copy what I do, listen to what I say. That is were the essence of the technique lies. Someday you will understand."

I believe that Morihei Ueshiba promoted people to find the truth from within; to not try to replicate what he does because the true way is no set way for every individual. That is why he told his students to label their own techniques. He highly prioritised his students realising that they will only find the truth from within, telling them that he is teaching them not to move their feet, but their mind.

I'm not sure if I understand these teachings completely, but the longer I study them, the deeper my understanding becomes. At the moment, I think Morihei Ueshiba's philosophy is very similar to that of Bruce Lee, being formless and all.

Thank You for reading my blog. What do you guys think of these teachings?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Life Fire

"It is through sex energy that life is born.  Life is fire, it is a function of fire; without fire life cannot exist.  Without the sun there will be no trees, no men, no birds, no animals.  It is transformed fire that become life." - Osho

This gets me to think about the Martial Arts.  A Fighter is like Fire that has gone out of control.  Life is fire, the desire to fight is a big part of what draws an individual towards the Martial Arts.  But if this will to fight is not properly transformed the person will be handicapped and crippled, he will become a Fighter and not a Martial Artist.  Although life is fire, playing with fire is very dangerous.  You can easily get burned, you can end up in the hospital with life long injuries, you can end up dead.

Playing with the sex energy is very dangerous as well.  You can break the hearts of many women, you can pass along serious diseases that can even cause death, you can create many unwanted children that grow up without love and support.  Fire is within all of us but it must be properly transformed in order to bring beauty upon this world.  Like a lighten candle that brings light into darkness.

A Dead Master

"That's why when a master is dead he finds more disciples than while he is alive.  With a dead master, disciples are completely at ease; with a living master, they are in difficulty.  Buddha never had as many disciples as he has now,  after twenty-five centuries.  Jesus had only twelve disciples; now, half of the earth.  Just see the impact of the absent master: now Jesus is in your hands, you can do whatsoever you want to do with him.  He is no longer alive, he cannot destroy your dreams and imaginations.  If the so-called Christians had seen the real Jesus, their hearts would stop fluttering immediately.  Why? - because they would not believe.  They have imagined things, and Jesus is a real man.  You could have found him in a pub, drinking with friends and gossiping.  Now, this doesn't look like the "only begotten son of God."  It looks very ordinary: maybe he is just the carpenter Joseph's son.  But once Jesus is gone, he cannot interfere with your imagination.  Then you can picture and paint and create images of him as you like." - Osho

We never seem to appreciate people while they are living.  And then when they pass away we end up worshipping them.  Why do we do this?  We create an imaginary fantasy figure within your minds of which we idolize, worship, and follow.  There are living Masters out there but they are ordinary people doing ordinary things and they are very hard to recognize but they are out there.  There are living Jesus's, living Bruce Lee's, and living Buddha's all around us but we are so focused on the fantasy that we fail to recognize this.

Pornography vs. Real Women

"If you watch the pathology of man, you will be amazed: people have such ideas that you cannot believe what is happening.  Some man cannot make love to his woman unless he looks at pornography first.  The real seems to be less real than the unreal; he becomes excited only through the unreal.  Have you not seen it again and again in your own life - that the real seems to be less exciting than the unreal?" - Osho

I see that is what is going on.  We live in a very fake world.  Fake breasts are preferred over real breasts.  Plastic surgery is used to cover up old age.  People are afraid to be old, they are holding on dearly to youth, they are very afraid of death.  People are mesmerized by the dead Bruce Lee images and they give the living Bruce Lee's no recognition.  People would rather watch pornography than have real sex.  They are more attracted to cartoon figures than they are to real human beings.

Everywhere people go, they are more focused on their telephones than they are in their actual surroundings.  People value FaceBook posts more than they do real conversations.  People prefer Fake Martial Artists over Real Martial Artists.  People are more excited to watch fantasy hero movies than they are in engaging in reality.  We are falling in love with a fantasy and we have lost our appreciation for reality.

Break a coconut

I've been breaking boards on vacation my brother in law was throwing some wood away so i figured id give it a try. Anyway i thought about breaking a coconut but i doubt i could do it i see no problem trying it because i would eat it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Formlessness to Form to Formlessness

Hello everyone

This time I'm going to talk about the significance of practicing systematic set forms and being formless. I have never quite known how I should perceive the concept of forms until now. In most traditional martial art schools, students are expected to memorise forms that are often in vast quantities. At the rank of second degree black belt at my Taekwondo school, I must be proficient in 15 patterns each consisting of 18 to about 30 moves. This can be looked at in different ways. One might think that I am practicing someone else's expression, and thus I am being fraudulent and unauthentic. I am painting someone else's picture, not my own. I partially agree with this, however there are many positives that I have experienced through practicing traditional forms. I find that they are a good way to exercise, execute techniques, and they provide a solid foundation, especially for beginners. Memorising such technical detail in vast quantities has improved my cognitive ability to memorise information, helping me at school.

After reading a section called 'The Significance of Form and Formless' (page 55/56) from a book titled 'The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu" by Wong Kiew Kit, my view has been harmonised. The book describes that many techniques in martial art are unnatural to a beginner. A beginner would most likely find it more 'natural' to punch as in Western boxing, rather than to use a palm heal strike. In a self defence situation, it's likely the aggressor won't expect to encounter a technique like a properly executed palm strike and other techniques. In order to benefit from the advantages of martial art techniques, a practitioner may learn a patten which is initially unnatural, and practise it so it will eventually become natural to them. This can be seen as the stage of 'from formlessness to form'.

At a later stage when one is competent in set forms, one may modify a form or part of a form to suit the demands of a particular combat situation if necessitated. For example, when strictly standing strait and throwing a punch according to the patten, one might lean forward to achieve extra length.  This is when one approaches the stage of 'from form to formlessness'. Eventually one may do away with form because he or she can now move the hands, legs or any part of the body in any way appropriate to the situation. The practitioner may also wish to express them selves spontaneously, like dancing. Unfortunately however, I don't know of any schools that promote you to develop your self to this extent, with the exception of FMK. Most Martial Art schools seem to be quite happy for every student to be stuck on set forms like a robot, never to progress and be formless again. It is as if the systems are broken. As a result of this, students must take it upon themselves to develop in their own way. Some Martial Art schools do better than others; but overall I think they could be doing more in regards to the overall topic of forms.

I think that set forms complement formlessness. Learning a form gives you a good means of practicing techniques and a good foundation. And to do this spontaneously, not thinking but physically expressing internal feelings, is a advanced level of pure Martial Art that is formless like water.

Thank You for reading my blog. Do you guys view forms like this?.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Courage over fear

We never know when we'll die. We don't know when we'll suffer. That's the beauty of being a mortal. Living day by day with courage over fear. It is normal to sense fear, it is instinct. Fear is our alarm, but it's an alarm that can play against us but it can help us depending of the situation that we're facing. To know courage is to know fear, to know great courage is to know great fear. It is up to us to decide in which way we'll progress. We can walk the path of courage and control that fear and use it the right way and we can lose ourselves in fear and act in confusion.

Courage have different degrees in life. Step by step, situation by situation we build that courage and learn about fear and stressful situation, we learn how to make wise decision while facing adversity. It is not a race of who will acquire the most courage or who will have the deepest knowledge of fear. But we definitly need courage to progress in life. Courage over fear.

Happy 4th of July FMK community

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July. I hope all will have fun and enjoy their families on this independence day. I have family coming from all over today, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Florida. They arrived in town last night and will be coming over my house later for dinner. I'm so excited because I haven't seen my family in person for over 2 years because everybody has busy schedules and it's a lot of work catching flights and driving to ever family holiday. So, just take this time to relax and enjoy this holiday with the people that matter the most in life, family. -Mike

Thursday, July 3, 2014


"Gautam Buddha may have known the truth, but there is no way to follow him, because to follow means to imitate, to follow means to become a shadow, to follow means to betray yourself.  Following is nothing but the effort of trying to be somebody that you are not; and that is not your destiny."  - Osho

That is the main reason why I cannot teach the Martial Arts in the traditional way, that is why my expression of the Martial Arts will never be a franchise.  I cannot teach people to follow and encourage my students to enslave themselves and destroy their inner spirit.  They need to discover their inner spirit and express it.  Everybody is unique in themselves, everybody is already perfect, they have just yet to realize it.  I am here to help them realize their inner perfection, to not become a member of any group, but to simply be authentically themselves while we train together in meditation.


"Truth cannot be borrowed.  Either it is yours, or it is not there." - Osho

Truth must be experienced, when you experience, you know what is truth and what is not, there is nothing to argue about, there is no convincing necessary, you simply know.  Those who don't know can ask questions in attempt to understand, but they cannot know the truth that you know unless they themselves have experienced.

American Shaolin

This is a book review about the latest martial arts book I've read. The book is titled, "American Shaolin," by Matthew Polly. It's based on a true story about the author, Matthew Polly, experiences of coming from America as a college student to a foreign land far east, China. This was his first time ever going to China and his mission was to find and train under a Shaolin monk at the Shaolin temple. Matthew, like many Americans who have an interest in martial arts and watched many Kungfu films growing up, who wanted to one day travel to China and be taught by the shaolin monks they admired so much on TV. Well, his wish came true. Going against his family and friends who thought it was a bad idea to go to China because they thought it was stupid and a waste of time; he was reluctant at first but he went out to achieve his dream anyways.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in trying to find themselves, spiritually. This book didn't have too much combat aspects of the martial arts, but more of someone who tried to find his place in the world. He did what most people are afraid to do, travel and get away from the norm-the same routine day after day that makes everyone afraid to take risks and follow their dreams. I don't want to give too much information because it will spoil the book. So, if you're looking to break tradition and follow your own path in life, discover who you are by doing things on your own and going against what your friends and family want for you to do with your life, then this book is for you. Maybe his experiences can motivate you to follow your heart even if it sounds stupid and illogical to others. I give this book a 5/5.

Best of wishes to all of the brothers and sisters of the FMK community. -Mike

Jim Morrison

Hey guys, what is your opinion of Jim Morrison? I've recently started listening to the Doors music and Jim seems to be a very interesting individual. But I can't really form an opinion cause it is difficult to figure him out.
He was a very controversial figure and also died mysteriously, at the age of 27, like the other great artists. But was he a true artist or just another fake rock star?

No Establishment

"With Gautam Buddha there were ten thousand meditators and there was no establishment.  Nobody was higher, nobody was lower; nobody had to be ordered what to do.  Even Gautam Buddha has never ordered anyone to do a single thing; he simply shared his vision.  It is up to you whether to participate in that vision or not.  That is going to be your decision, and that is going to be your responsibility."
-- Osho

That's how I see it should be when teaching Martial Arts.  There should be nobody higher and nobody lower but we should all simply be training in meditation.  Nobody should be forced to do something they do not want to do, it is up to them whether or not they wish to participate.  Those who continue to train not because of rank but purely because of the the inner joys they receive from training are the true Martial Artists.


"No religion wants you to be sensitive, they are all afraid of your becoming a power unto yourself.  A sensitive person becomes a power, a tremendous powerhouse.  He has his own intelligence, he has his own love, he has his own insight into things.  He has clarity of vision, he has an aesthetic sense for beauty--all these things are dangerous. -- Osho

I have been sensitive since I was born.  The society does not appreciate sensitivity.  When I came upon my enlightenment and started to appreciate my sensitivity, that is when I found inner peace, that is when I become a true Artist.  In order to be a true Artist, it requires sensitivity.

On Marriage

Tom was thinking about getting married, so he wrote to his father for some advice.  His father wrote back: "I can't tell you how happy I am to hear about your impending marriage.  You will find marriage the most wonderful state of bliss and happiness.

"As I look across the table at your dear mother, I realize with great pride how full and wonderful our years together have been.  By all means, get married.  You have our blessings.  It will be the happiest day of your life... Sincerely, Dad.

"P.S. Your mother just left the room -- stay single, you idiot." -- Short Story by Osho

I thought this joke by Osho was hilarious and I think many people can relate to it.

The Crowd

Why is it that so many people abandon their intelligence, their sensitivity, their responsibility and their individuality when they become part of a group?  Must the rebellious spirit always be alone?

"The crowd never wants anybody to be unique--it hurts the crowd mind.  The unique person is a humiliation because it reminds people of what they are and what they could have been.  The presence of the unique person makes them aware of what they have missed--and they have missed their whole life.  They cannot forgive the unique person, although he has done no harm to them.  He has always done great service to humanity: he has brought more beauty to existence, more poetry to life, has created more songs in the soul--he is the very salt of the earth." - Osho

A Real Martial Artist is a unique person, he is never a part of the crowd.  A Martial Artist cannot be created within a group, a Martial Artist is an individual that cannot be replicated.  Ranks cannot represent a Martial Artist because ranks are an attempt to standardize, a Martial Artist cannot be standardized, he can never be replicated or replaced.  No rank can ever symbolize a Martial Artist's unique expression.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


"A man of awareness does not need anybody else to tell him what to do, what not to do.  He does not need the moral teacher, the priest, the policeman, the judge.  They all become meaningless." - Osho

I do not wish to create a Martial Arts family any longer, through experience I have discovered that is not the way.  It is like building up a gang, it is like building up a mob, it is building up a bunch of people who will lose control of their egos, that is not the Way.  I need to simply put effort in helping to build awareness and that is it, there is no family to be a part of, the family does not exist, we are all one humanity. People should not follow me but people should rather just become aware.  Awareness is the key, nothing else.

Crazy people on the streets

I just saw some news, about some guy that seems he verbally attacked some woman that almost hits him with her car at a gas station, he was with his boss, he went inside the store to pay for something in hopes that that would defuse the situation, however after getting out of the store the woman ended up hitting the guy and his boss with her car.

The thing is that in the streets you don't know who you are messing with.

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Hi all
I highly recommend that everyone watch this video. It explains a lot about society. 

Real Martial Arts is more towards self-defence - fitness training - meditaion - tao chi and also in FMK .

My OPinon on real martial arts is that mma ufc and all that wastefull stuff ppl call mixed martial arts i belive is like milk thats bin out for years very sour and not good it duznt promote health or wellness and my belifes is that real martial arts heads towrds heath and wellness and mma ufc  is like going backwords its only adding fuel to the fire were real martial arts is like water just my thoughts

Nike and Adidas Commercials: Risk Everything and All in or Nothing

This morning I just saw a Nike commercial. These players are to wear the company's new soccer cleats for the world cup. Every world that comes, they have to wear something new. The first thing I notice about the commercial is a skull and crossbones and below it says Risk Everything. Now if you watch all the commercial, it will tell you that there is no greater danger than playing it safe. However, there is no greater danger than being reckless either. See, these commercials are designed to make people live an unbalanced life. You want to risk everything, fine. Why don't you quit your job and gamble the money you got? You want to risk everything right? Why not? What do you have to lose? Everything! Adidas is no different. All in or nothing is a gambling phrase. These companies do not seem to be competitors. If they were, they would promote something different. They are one and the same thing. They just have different names and different way of designing their products! This year is the world cup. To think that they would promote people to be healthier... That is not what they are here for. They do not care about you, me, nobody! I just had to express how disappointed I am with this company. Now soccer is a game that I love a lot. But since it becomes a business, I feel like it looses its value. Companies use it for profit instead of encouraging people towards exercising. Maybe I should do as Freddie does: to not even watch the matches, the commercials... My friend would tell me that you should give this generation a chance because you sounding old school. Seems that he is trapped into that idolization stage again. What he does not understand is that these players are human beings: whatever you see them doing on tv, why can't you do it? The reason is because you have not put enough time in knowing yourself and that is exactly what this blog is about. I might be disappointed but I have to say that I am happy about how many people on this blog and I see eye to eye. Like I say, maybe it is less watching more doing instead watching and doing. Maybe no watching TV at all! That should do it.


My legs are always sore just about everyday i feel like why do i train them so much if i cant use them but like once a week.

My Martial Experience

Hallo everyone
I'd like to shear my first and hopefully only ever martial experience. It happened 2 years ago (2012) at my school bus stop. My bus stop is located at the bottom of a hill, and at the top of the hill is the Anglican church. I was waiting at the bottom of the hill after school for my Mum to pick me up. She was running late.

Some boys who looked a bit older than me at the time that were from the local government school turned up at the top of the hill and saw me minding my own business at the bottom of the hill. I then saw a stone fly past my head. I thought that was a bit weird. Then another stone flew past my head. I then thought to myself "shorly there're not throwing stones at me. After all, we've never met!". Then a third stone flew past my head. It was at that point I thought to myself "right, yeah; these guys are lunatics throwing stones at my head!". I thought it would be unwise to engage in combat as they occupied the high ground, were using stones as projectile weapons and someone most likely would have been hurt.

I was feeling scared but if they tried to cause me harm from a kicking or punching range, I would not have hesitated to defend my self. However as they were keeping their distance from me, I decided to walk away after the third rock flew past my head. As I was walking down the street a few more stones flew past my head, but thankfully no stones collided with my head that day.

I went to bed that night without a single bruise. I suppose I put the art of fighting without fighting into practice.

Thank You for reading my blog. What do you guys think of my unpleasant experience?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Osho on True Knowledge

"True knowledge means your own experience, your own search -- and when you know yourself, there is no need to believe in anything.  Every belief is poisonous because every belief will hinder you in searching for the truth." - Osho

Bruce Lee said "All knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge."  You need to know the truth through experience.  When you experience the truth, there is no such thing as belief, because you know.  You do not have to believe that the sun exists, you know that the sun exists.  I know what Martial Art is because I have experienced enlightenment, meditation, and love.  Those who have not experienced what I have experienced cannot know, they can only deny or believe.  Without the experience themselves, they cannot truly understand.

About Chloe Bruce

I saw a video of Sifu Freddie Lee speaking about Chloe Bruce, and how he supports her non violent expression of the martial arts.

I checked a few videos of her, and it surprised me to see on the comments. some people saying that if she doesn't fight then she's nothing more than a circus show and that people shouldn't call her badass because it's pure show and that's why they don't like the approach that the eastern martial arts take, obviously this guys know nothing about the level  of skill and practice necessary to do what she does. She can probably kick a lot of ass aswell, if necessary. Some people believe than being a fighter means being a martial artist, that takin part in violent competition makes you a badass.

I truly believe that this people who speak about fighting, and how fighting makes you a badass, and that if you don't fight you are not a martial artist, I think they know nothing about fighting, and they know nothing about the martial arts, I'm not saying that I am an expert in combat or anything like that. It's just that whenever I read or hear something like, it doesn't take much knowledge to know how lost this people are. how society has conditioned them to believe those things.

Another thing, in one of the videos I saw, she was demonstrating the use of weapons, nunchakus and some type of long staff, I'm not sure about the name of it. But her using that is far more effective than whatever combat sport those type of people think is so effective, in terms of real street fighting

Osho on Conversion

"Making an effort to convert somebody to your ideology is a trespass to that individual's consciousness.  Unless he invites you, it is aggression." - Osho

I cannot teach people to be Martial Artists, they must come upon that discovery on their own.  I can teach people the science of combat and fitness development but I cannot teach people the Way.  They must grasp that understanding on their own.  I can share my personal experiences to those who are interested in listening, but I cannot provide the experience.  The truth must be discovered within.

Why I don't like Olympic Taekwondo and combat sport

Hi everyone
I'm going to explain why I don't like Olympic Taekwondo sparring and relate my reasonings to personal experiences in the past.

Firstly, it is incredibly unrealistic and ego enhancing. Ever since the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, far to much time is spent on sparring for points in Taekwondo schools, when in my opinion a martial artist should focus on surviving a moment in time that threatens to end his or her life. This creates a world federation of sport players, not artists. People sometimes claim it to be a practical means of actively applying self defence techniques to a situation. Then why is do people get told off by a referee when punching to the head, but praised by the judges when kicking to the head?. How many times does anyone kick somebody in the head in real life self-defence?.

One time in class I was told off (deduction of points) by my instructor acting as a referee. I took no notice of it because I didn't think I did anything wrong and I care not for points (I can't remember what I specifically did but no one was hurt). My instructor then told me that I should acknowledge the referee when I am being 'told off'. But told off for what!?. It's not like I'm going to be told off for defending myself in any way I choose in the street.

Another happening that I feel is worth bringing up is when I had to participate in a match against too other guys in class. It was everyone for themselves. My instructor said that it would be a "good way to develop an awareness of the people around me, which is an aspect of self-defence". In that case, I decided to do as Mr. Miyagi said in the classic Karate Kid movies, - "The best way to block a punch is not to be there." With my self preservation mentality on, we began. There was a tall 13 year old kid in the trio who was clearly the aggressor. He strategy was simply to attack. For some reason he never came over to attack me, but focused his attacks solely on the other guy. I was a bit confused about that because it was free for all, but I was proud that by remaining quiet and staying out of the way, I was surviving without throwing a punch, which felt like victory. My instructor was not happy with me though. As the round was commencing he told me to "get in there and fight". I replied "It's not a fight, if it were a fight someone would be seriously injured by now. He also said "You need to spar for your second degree black belt grading. You do want to grade don't you!?". I replied "The desire to excel should not be from external trophies such as belts, but our own intrinsic desires to better our selves body, mind and spirit, and to enjoy training in the moment.

I realised that the mistake I made was not showing enough respect to my instructor. After the class I apologised to him.

I train to fight so I do not have to fight. When I train at home on my BOB XL, many of my hand strikes are directed towards the face and neck when in close quarters. I always feel afraid when I practice TKD Olympic sparring because I find it hard to abide by the artificial systematic rules, and fear I will cause someone harm. I do not implement any limitations in my developing expression of Martial Art. TKD Olympic sparring has more illegal target points than legal one's. I often feel like I am a lion with my claws and teeth removed, and yet still told to fight proficiently. There was an instance when I was sparring with the guy I mentioned earlier who would only attack. He tried to close me down by getting up close to me, leaving his body shield wide open. I punched him three times rapidly. The first two went to the shield, then he bent down. So where his chest was, was now occupied by his neck. My eyes made contact with his neck and a split second later, my fist was there. He flew back a metre or two and then started crying. I felt bad about it happening. My instructor told me not to be too hard on my self as these things happen. But for what.?, I asked myself.

I think that Taekwondo Olympic sparring is too yin and other martial sports are far too yang. It is commonly perceived that martial artists use their skills in competition, which they can in turn use for self defence if need be. This is false. I don't understand why people want to turn art into sport. In my 5 years of practice it has made me a less competitive person, calming my spirit.

I am going to transcribe a text that stood out to me from Morihei Ueshiba's book 'The Art of Peace' on pages 33/34 in my copy, with a few annotations (in brackets) below:

"There are no contests or organised competitions in Aikido because it is not a sport(It should be this way in Martial Art). Practitioners take turns being the "winner" and "loser" and try to cross the finish line hand in hand:

Sports are widely practiced now days, and they are good for physical exercise. In Aikido (Martial Art), too, we train the body but also use the body as a vehicle to train the mind, calm the spirit, and find goodness and beauty, dimensions that sports lack. Training in Aikido (Martial Art) fosters valor, sincerity, fidelity, magnanimity and beauty, as well as making the body strong and healthy. In Aikido (Martial Art), we train not to learn how to win; we train to learn to emerge victorious in any situation."

I believe that competitive tournaments are artificial; they are situations made for specific purposes. They are not drawn from every day life. It's important to incorporate Martial Arts into every day life in a way that enhances ones being. Martial Arts becomes life. Competition is a dangerous distraction from this. I have never been to a tournament and I never wish to waste my time doing so.

Thank You for reading my blog.