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Osho on Power

"The rebel: each individual living in a revolutionary way, on his own, having no power over others, because power certainly corrupts." - Osho

A Real Martial Artist does not strive to have power.  Power is the ego, power is politics.  A Martial Artist is not a politician.  A Martial Artist leads by example, he is not here to control or be controlled. A Martial Artist has no desire to be in positions of power.  He is focused on developing himself to his highest potential.  Others can follow, but they are not forced to follow.  No matter if he has followers or not, the Martial Artist heads towards the Way.

New video soon!!

I'm going to make a video discussing hip rotation and position. It also will focus on foot position as well as knee position and other thoughts on kicks. I think this will help a lot with people with inflexibility as well. I will let you guys know when its up ill make the video asap.

Starting Kick Boxing

Last week I've been thinking about training in kick boxing. Now I have decided that tomorrow I'm going to start training. The reasons why I want to train are:

  • I missed hitting the bags
  • I want to get more ripped, because there is a lot of cardio training involve (so I can get those abs that all the ladies want lol)
  • More I need more cardio endurance 
  • I want to improve my reflexes/reaction time since I don't ever train in that, at my gym or home
  • lastly I just want to learn something new and also I want to know why people train in kick boxing? like what's so cool about it?
So tomorrow my journey begins. I will not act as if I know everything in combat, I'll just be open about everything like what zen teaches about being opened and empty. I will only train for fun and improve myself to my fullest potential physically and mentally (the spirit cannot be taught there obviously, as it's not martial arts). I will not train to compete and boost my ego. I will put my ego in check and remain humble. But if that's what the gym is training for, then I might not even train and just stick to what I've been doing. But the lady who gave me the info about this, said that the gym/classes doesn't train for competition, only for health and wellness. That is what made my decision.

 I don't believe in competition I think and I know it's BS. I'm just training to better myself like the terminology kung fu.

Unfortunately I will have to train at that gym that I'm going to for only 6-7 months as I would be moving away from that town I'm living in at the moment, to go study at university which is very far away from where I live- I would have to fly there. So I'll make the most of it, if I do train.

I will let you guys know what I think honestly about the kick boxing classes. Hopefully it's not like that karate school (shinto ryu karate I think) that one of the member of this blog posted about what they experienced in that school. So wish me luck.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Watch Dogs

Has anyone found fmk school yet :)

Working hard to better yourself.

I've been working on myself for a long time but i still have a lot of work on the table as the journey of learning is a never ending one until we passes away and then again. And i think it's cool that i still have a bunch of place for improvement. Wouldn't it be boring if learning everything was something that could be done in a week? Leaning and putting efforts into bettering ourselves and helping others into their own progress is a beautiful thing in my opinion. I'm sure that if everybody was striving towards bettering themselves, this world would be a wonderful place to live in instead of a world where wonders are exclusives for just a selected few.

Replacing Humans With Computers

Osho said: "In other words you need computers, not people.  If this is your educational system, then sooner or later you are going to replace human beings with computers" --and that's what they are doing.  Everywhere they are replacing important positions with computers, because computers are more reliable; they are just memory, no intelligence."

Martial Art styles have used people as computers to pass on their system.  I refuse to use people as computers, I would rather teach students to be themselves and express themselves in which to become Artists themselves.  Rather than use people as computers, I will use a camcorder to record my movements and teachings directly and share these recordings with those whom are interested in learning.  I do not need to turn people into computers, that is not right for anyone to do to another human being.  I will use technology to pass on information and allow humans to truly be humans, in which is to be creative and self-expressive.

Colleges Promote Memory Over Intelligence

The Professor said to Osho "this system does not create people of intelligence; this system only creates people of good memory--and that is what is needed.  We need clerks, we need stationmasters, we need postmasters--and these students don't need intelligence, they need a good memory."

This is what is going on with the Martial Arts and systems.  The "Master" does not want his students to grow to be mature and truly express themselves, the "Master" wants the students to have good memory and pass on tradition.  The students are so busy memorizing to pass on tradition that they never have the time to find themselves and express themselves.  They are not truly Artists, they are being used as tools to generate profit and build a reputation for the system.


A professor said to Osho "The students have come here to pass examinations; they are not interested in truth, they are not interested in the validity of any statement.  Their only reason to be here is to get a certificate.  And you are a strange fellow -- you don't seem to be interested in certificates."

If you are practicing Martial Arts to get a certificate, you do not belong in the Martial Arts.  Martial Arts is not about obtaining rank, Martial Arts is about enjoying the journey while you head towards truth. There are no certificates on this endless journey.  You simply enjoy the moment of training for what it is without striving towards any goals.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Osho on Silently Sharing

"My people have to be just like roots: silently go on doing the work, changing yourself, changing anybody who is interested; spreading the methods that can change; creating small pools, small groups, small communes, and whenever possible, bigger communes.  But let this whole thing happen very silently, without creating any upheaval." - Osho

The Real Martial Artist is hidden within society silently doing his work.  Silently making a change and inspiring small groups of people to make a change.  Like a personal trainer, one by one he can inspire people towards greater health and wellness.  A Real Martial Artist can help people to become spiritually transformed by guiding people towards the Way.

Osho on Power

"Power is the worst drug that people can become addicted to; it should be given, but in very small doses and not for a long time." - Osho

When you train people in Martial Arts, you are essentially training them to be powerful, you must be careful of who you teach and how you teach, if you train many people to become addicted to power, you will be creating a great disservice to society.  You can be responsible for training a whole nation of bullies who are addicted to abusing their powers over those whom are weaker.

Lessons From Coyote Pups

Stated as simply as possible, my artistic objective is to explore my true human potential, the biological being I was born as, the member of an ecological community I remain... rather than accepting the stories, roles, and limitations ascribed to me by the dominant and globalizing culture, which tells its members that they are separate from and above nature. When I look at other animals, I see that they all train joyfully in skills of evasion, predation, deception, and combat. For example, I'll submit for your amusement this video of coyote puppies who I encountered today, about ten minutes walk from my house. Observe how they engage one another in quick little sparring sessions, how they practice charging and retreating, and grappling from both top and bottom. When no partner is immediately on the scene, one of the pups even makes use of a tuft of grass, to serve as a make-shift enemy. Note how intimate they are, and always playful, never malicious. This is how animals who aren't corrupted by industrial cultures and religions train in the skills necessary to survive dangers and thrive among the living. In my eyes, they and other animals can show us the way, and certainly I am trying to learn from them. They have no politics. Their minds are present in the life system

Osho on Eating Junk

"If you eat junk, sooner or later you will become junk." - Osho

If you watch MMA, sooner or later you are going to become a Fighter.
If you watch Bruce Lee, sooner or later you are going to become a Real Martial Artist.

Osho on Individual Evolution

"If the individual evolves, society dissolves.  The society exists only because the individual is not allowed to evolve."  - Osho

A Real Martial Artist is not bound by style.  Style only exists because the individual is not allowed to become unique and free to express himself honestly.

Osho on Freedom

"Freedom has it's own discipline but it is not enforced by any authority.  It comes out of your awareness, out of authenticity." - Osho

A Real Martial Artist has true freedom, he is bound by no authority but yet he knows the Way and lives it.  He is a real human being that can never be replicated, so he fits into no system.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BJJ being used by the Police?

I found this, being shared on a Bruce Lee page, wtf?

This is a video of Gracie Survival Tactics and the description is hilarious:

"The simple truth is, the bad guys are learning. With the explosive growth of MMA around the world, basic submissions, positions, and fight strategies have never been so familiar to everyday people around the world. But unfortunately, when people are learning how to fight on YouTube, or at any of the hole-in-the-wall MMA gyms that are popping up everywhere, they rarely, if ever, learn the moral and philosophical aspects that will ensure the safe and ethical application of the techniques, and this presents a very serious threat to law enforcement professionals around the world "


Hello Everyone
On page 50 of Hwa Rang Do by Taejoon Lee, he describes his views on the topic of Martial Arts and divides them into 4 categories with definitions. I have transcribed the text below.

"Based on these principles of the warriors path, I propose a new categorisation and definition for the term "martial art" and it's related terms:
Martial Sport - Learning fighting skills primarily for competitive purposes and/or fitness.
Self-Defence - Learning fighting skills primarily for practical self-defence purposes and/or fitness.
Martial Art - Learning fighting skills for competition and self-defence with the emphasis on discipline, hierarchy and tradition.
Martial Way - Learning fighting skills, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of one's self in order to build and strengthen one's character, living in accordance with the warrior's path as a way of life. It is in this martial way that hwa rang do is found."    - Taejoon Lee

I find the transcription above to be immensely thought provoking. I agree with Taejoon Lee's definition of martial sport as I think he accurately describes what it is. His description of self-defence is also fairly accurate. His definition of martial art and the martial way are the most intriguing. I am going to annotate  Taejoon Lee's description of Martial Art as I understand it.

Martial Art - Learning fighting skills for competition(No, competition is martial sport) and self-defence with the emphasis on discipline, hierarchy(Hierarchy must imply rank) and tradition(Tradition often separates people, and stunts/limits their development if it is not allowed to evolve. It can sometimes be like one size fits all).

I summarise that Taejoon Lee used the term Martial Art to represent institutional, commercialised and systematic expressions of Martial Art such as Taekwondo, Karate, Judo and so on. It is how Taejoon Lee sees the label of Martial Art being used in society today, and not the pure vision of an individual's honest and artistic expression of Martial Art that many of us extol and put into practice. That vision of true Martial Art is more accurately defined in Taejoon Lee's description of the martial way. I shall annotate it below.

Martial Way - Learning fighting skills, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of one's self in order to build and strengthen one's character, living in accordance with the warrior's path as a way of life. It is in this martial way that hwa rang do is found (No need for systematic segregation, just state this is the martial way that the Martial Arts in its totality is found) .

From this information I conclude that Taejoon Lee defines the term Martial Art as the stereotypical, commercialised and somewhat corrupted Martial Arts systems. The McDojang's/McDojo's on every street corner for example. The Martial Way refers to the true and pure Martial Arts that Sifu Freddie Lee has been educating us about in recent years. From this conclusion I now have an idea. Freddie has often stated that he no longer wishes to claim the Martial Arts as he sees that the label is too misrepresented and misinterpreted. Well what if we claim to be practitioners of the Martial Way?. I like it because as a English term, it is closer to what we claim to practice. We practice Martial techniques, but also strive to actively represent the meaning of the Yin-Yang, the Tao. So theoretically it could be said that we are practitioners of the Martial Way as we execute combative/Martial techniques in accordance to the principles/Way of the Tao. I like it!!!.

Thank You for reading my blog. What do you guys think of what I have had to say?.

Etymology of the Martial Arts

I find that to gain a good understanding of something, it usually helps if one possesses a definition of it in their lexicon (mental dictionary). I was inspired to write this blog after reading about the etymology of Hwa Rang Do in a great and recommended book called 'Hwa Rang Do Defend-Take Down-Submit', by Taejoon Lee. I will also be relaying historical facts as it gets one to think about the context of the big picture. To understand history is to possess an arsenal of knowledge. It helps one to understand why things are the way they are. Whether it be politics, linguistics and pretty much anything.

First of all one should know who the Hwa Rang were. I think they were kind of like the Samurai of Korea. Interestingly enough, the Hwa Rang predominately existed 2 millennium ago, where as the Samurai existed in the last millennium. It is well known that Japan had its own interpretation of China's culture. Perhaps Japan also had some cultural interpretation from Korea.

Hwa means flower. Rang means nobleman. And of cause Do means the Tao, which literally means 'The right way'. It is understandable that the eastern terminology is so misinterpreted by speakers of European languages such as English. Most westerners would conclude that the meaning of the Hwa Rang to be something like flower men or florists, as was previously described. However to understand who the Hwa Rang were, we need to understand the historical context in which the ancient Koreans used them. Buddhism was the state religion of the Sillan era of Korean history. This is when one needs to think. What could "Hwa" (flower) represent ideas of in the context of its use. Flowers are symbolic of many things. In the case of the Hwa Rang, it represented blossoming, enlightenment and nirvana. Rang is slightly easier to translate. It symbolises a man, groom or nobleman. So putting it simply, it could be said that a Hwa Rang is an Enlightened Nobleman.

Let us examine the symbolism of flowers more deeply. A flower in practically every culture symbolises beauty. No one can annihilate what makes a flower beautiful, it just is a thing of beauty by its mere existence. As stated in the book, "These are qualities that the modern Hwa Rang Do stylist aspires to emulate". However I shall state that just as a flower is beautiful without trying to be beautiful, a Martial Artist is strong without trying to be strong, being generous and kind without trying to be generous and kind, loving without trying to be loving, being wise without trying to be wise. This is a description of perfection I believe. It describes a Martial Artist in an autonomous stage in life. Do or do not, there is no try, for to try to be something is to attempt to express what is not fully understood. One should strive towards these morals, attempt to understand and exercise these qualities until they become fully actualised. Very few people achieve this as no one is perfect. This is a fact. To believe that this should be everyone would be the view of an idealist such as myself in previous times. However to occupy high levels of this seems more practical. This is what a Martial Artist strives to emulate.

It's interesting to think about the lexicological interpretation of words, in particular Martial Art labels. Let's take the term Taekwondo for example. 'Tae' literally means to strike with the hand, 'Kwon' literally means to strike, stomp or to smash with the foot, and 'Do' means Tao. As English speakers, we can't verbally express the meaning Taekwondo as our language does not allow us to summarise this information accurately in accordance to our grammatical structure. The best English speakers can do is say 'the way(Tao) of the hand(Tae) and foot(Kwon). I don't know much about languages other than Engalish but from what I gather, the eastern languages are structured very differently. The grammatical structure of Korean for example allows for a semantic field (in this case verbs/actions) to be summarised into one term. Fascinating stuff.

In conclusion, to understand why things are the way they are in the social context of Martial Arts, one must be sufficiently educated in the way of the true Martial Arts and research must be undertaken to achieve this. I encourage everyone to do their own research, which will assist you greatly on your path towards enlightenment. Then share what you have learnt and how you interpret it with others. Hopefully me sharing what I have learnt will educate fellow bloggers, contributing to a community of True Martial Artists now with a slightly larger arsenal of information.

Thank You for reading my blog.

PS: I really had to let all this out and express it to get out of my system!.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An impossible feat well for me

Ive been trying my best to round kick bob over but it seems impossible has anyone done this or knows of a clip of someone doing it.

Broken wrists

I'm not trying to be an asshole in anyway this is just my opinion. I've been training for around a year maybe more i haven't really counted. I've never use wraps or gloves if i do its because my knuckles have cuts on them. The most serious injury i sustained was busted knuckles. People have told me that i could break my wrist or something more serious. I train like i do because i think our body's should be able to withstand powerful hits without pain because that pain can be a distraction. For instance someone who doesn't train their hands punches a guys face hurts his hand then what he's going to do. What if he gets kicked in the shins, or wants to block, and it hurts his arms. When people tell me things like breaking your hands or wrist I'm like you got to be dumb as hell to do that, or have terrible technique. I don't consider my self great at any means, if not I'm a beginner still in development of my own expression.  I guess i think this way is because I've never encountered a injury yet. I take it slow not to boost my ego or to show off. I think that how some people get hurt trying to break a lot of boards or bricks at once. Not listening to their body knowing their limits. Anyhow, this is just my opinion and i welcome any criticism that's how i learn.

Shaolin Kung fu

Split an apple

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just a thought i had

I don't understand why people put so much time in their life on cars, computers, video games ect. People need to stop wasting their lives on bullshit go outside every once and awhile. Play sports, exercise, do something proactive. Your not going to take all that stuff with you when you pass away. Everyone has the potential to be great at something, so stop wasting time start before its to late, and never let someone say you cant do something are you'll never achieve anything in life.

Ive been working on this jump kick

Jump round kick:

2pac & Being Real

To be consistent and calculated is not being real.  That is what a politician does. An Artist is someone that is real to the moment.  If he is angry, he is truly angry, if he is sad, he is truly sad, if he is happy, he is truly happy.  2pac did not hide himself and neither did Bruce, they were both real, almost as real as it gets in mainstream media, and that is why they both died early.  You quoted IT yourself in the first post, IT was saying that he would gladly die early to live with purpose.  2pac and Bruce Lee had purpose in their lives, that is why they ended up dying early.  A great life is not simply a life that is long lived.  A great life has substance and purpose.  Many great people died young but lived a life full of purpose.  2pac, Bruce Lee, Malcolm X, MLK Jr., Jesus, Socrates, Bob Marley, John Lennon, and others.

There are not that many real people in this world, there are many calculated people in this world but not that many real people.  The balance of yin/yang, the balance of White/Black.  Yes I eat healthy but I also eat unhealthy.  Yes I have love but I also have lust.  Yes I have happiness but I also have sadness. 2pac and Bruce shared both with the world.  Most others will only share one part, the good part, the accepted part of society.

IT will not put out music that objectifies women because it goes against his principles.  IT will not make a music video with ass and titties flaunted all over the video because it goes against his principles.  But IT sure doesn't have a problem swearing and using the N-word over and over again.  Many can criticize him for that.  He sets his own principles and he lives up to his own standards.

I don't really see him as a great Artist, I see rapping as his secondary craft.  His primary craft is to be a politician.  I see that his heart is in Politics, not music.  2pac's heart was in music 1st and politics second.

2pac died young only at age 25.  If any of us died at the age of 25, we would never be able to achieve what he had been able to achieve in such a short time.  Of course his expression was "immature" he was only 25!  He was being real to his age.  IT is much older, IT was definitely not an angel when he was growing up.  IT was bragging about his crimes before getting locked up.  With age, you will grow and become more mature.  Most people will say that the rap game is not for the old people.  The commercial rap world is about exploitation.  If you are not willing to exploit then you do not belong in the commercial rap world.

When you judge something as good or bad that is not the way.  The way is beyond judgement.  The balance is difficult to understand, most of us all will fall into extremes.  With 2pac you will find some "unenlightening music" but you will also find music like "Unitl the End of Time" "Changes" or "Dear Mama."  2pac expressed the violent and the peaceful in a creative and artistic way; that is why in my eyes he was a great Artist.  One of the realist Artists to ever make it mainstream.


I saw a few of the guys videos and I have a problem with what he is doing.  Yes I don't agree to the styles and the things he said about MMA were kind of funny.  But he is getting famous and making money from mocking the Martial Arts & disrespecting the Martial Arts, he is not intelligently criticizing the Martial Arts to encourage growth and improvement such as the way Bruce was doing but he is just talking shit to talk shit.  It's no different than a comedian on stage that has no training in the Martial Arts just talking shit about the Martial Arts just to talk shit.  A white man talking shit about the culture of another race, can very much be percieved as racist.  If a black man wants to talk shit about his own people that is acceptable because he is black himself.  But when you start disrespecting other races and cultures of which are not of your own, it can very much be crossing the line.

The white man talking shit about the way the Chinese man speaks or looks.  The white man talking shit about the way the hispanic man speaks or looks.  The white man talking shit about the common names of Asians and Hispanics.  The white man talking shit about the hip hop culture.  The white man talking shit about the Asian culture, etc.  These are all signs of racism.

If you are criticizing to encourage greater spiritual growth that is one thing but if you are just talking shit to gain fame and attention off of somebody else's expense, I don't agree to that.

A lot of the shit he was saying was completely flawed as well.  So what is he encouraging people to do, stop practicing Martial Art styles and become a low life shit talking racist who ain't shit himself?  Basically to be a comedian talking shit about another races culture and expression.  How is he going to truly understand another cultures artistic expression when he doesn't even come from that culture?

I myself criticize many styles of Martial Arts openly but it is not geared towards making people laugh and I am criticizing the Eastern expression, of which is in my blood.  I am criticizing to encourage a spiritual growth.  This person is just talking shit to make money from putting down the people of the East to make it seem as if he is above them when in actuality he ain't shit himself, he may even be doing worse than an MMA Fighter in destroying the reputation of the Martial Arts.

You either have a white man beat down a bunch of Asians in a cage and claim he is superior or you have a white man talk a bunch of shit to humiliate the Asians to make a bunch of money.  In both cases, this white man is a fucking bully.  You wonder why Yip Man wouldn't want to teach any Americans at all.  Too much ego and pride, they are born to think they are superior.  This goes against the Way of the Martial Arts.

When it comes to most American sports, it is dominated by blacks.  Such as Football, Basketball, and Boxing.  The cocky white man cannot bully the Black man in these sports, so the cocky white man decides to bully the Asian.  Talk a bunch of shit and brag about how he is so much bigger and stronger.  It's a bunch of racist ass bullshit.  How the fuck is this white dude going to make a channel dedicated to talking shit about the entire Asian culture of Martial Arts?


Max bench

I finally did benchpress today my max 1 rep was 155lb my brother laughed at me but we all got to start somewhere right

What is REAL Balance?

I need your help guys cause I'm really confused right now...

What is real balance? I mean every time any of us comes across a dilemma, when you need  to make a choice, usually the answer is ''Balance is the key''. But what that really means?

The last post I made and Freddie's reply got me thinking... What makes a real person, a balanced human being, a true artist?

I'll use the examples of 2pac, Immortal Technique, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to illustrate my point. Before I go on, I''ll just say that I respect all of them and do not want to make this ''either or'' type of discussion. They all deserve recognition for their life's work and we all should learn from them. However I do prefer Jackie Chan and Immortal Technique and here is why...

I don't think that 2pac and Bruce Lee were balanced artists. They died young so we will never know how their life and expression would have turned out but based on what I know, I believe they were not, like Bruce Lee said, honestly expressing themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they were fakes, not at all, I'm just saying they were not as enlightened as most people think. In my opinion they were confused and conflicted. Like Chuck D from the group Public Enemy said, the key is to know yourself and the environment you're in. Tupac and Bruce lacked that knowledge, and that in the end resulted in their early deaths.

Immortal Technique makes songs that are politically driven, and although they're all sharp and on point, one may argue that after a while it becomes repetitious. 2pac, on the other hand is more colorful, beside social problems, he raps about doing drugs, violence, sex, making money etc... That supposed to make him a more developed artist? Well what makes a real artist? True artist, in my view, is a person who is true to him/herself. If world politics is something that inspires you, and you feel the need to express yourself about social injustice than do it. And that is exactly what IT is doing. 2pac made great songs that can make you think but he also made this type of songs:

Is this a real expression? Is this respect towards women? Is this a road towards enlightenment?
NO! You can't rap about how white slave masters exploited poor black women then make something like this. You can't promote health and fitness then make a McDonald's commercial! You might say well he's being real, this is the way he feels, his total expression, blah blah blah.... Hell no! So Lebron James doing a junk food ad is also being real? No, it's exploitation! IT would never make a song like this, not because he is boring and lacks creativity, but because he's faithful to himself and his principles. Jay Z is a corporate sellout, he does his thing, makes money, doesn't give a fuck about what is going on in the world. In hip hop world Jay Z stands for MMA- the exploitation! IT stands for the truth, he represents the martial arts! 2pac was neither. He aimed for social justice, he opposed racism and police brutality, promoted peace, but he also wanted money, fame women, power and he has songs that glorify that way of thinking. Do not be naive and think that 2pac represents the balance of the two worlds, because there can't be one. It's like a martial artist and a mma fighter, you can't be both! 2pac is like a tai chi master who wants to compete in the UFC, it is absurd!

Just watch this video

And you wonder how that guy got shot and killed at the age of 25? I respect 2pac and his work, but no I do not follow him. His heart was at the right place, but his mind wasn't. IT knows he is, what he stands for and is beings smart how he promotes himself and his beliefs. Tupac Shakur was a confused and a conflicted young man, and ultimately payed the price for it. Hurts me to say this but he was no martyr, he was just plain stupid!

He danced with the devil, and the devil is not fucking around... IT is saying that over and over again, he might not be as entertaining as Jay Z and the rest of them, but he is being real and balanced and that's why I enjoy his work and music.

Thanks Freddie Lee for the opportunity to express myself on this blog. I'll continue in my next post why I prefer Jackie Chan over Bruce Lee. That might be quite controversial. Guys give me your thoughts and help me understand what real balance is so that I can improve as a martial artist.....

Left hold

My left side needs work my balance is not so good and i can only hold this around 6 seconds my right is around 15sec ive seen people do 1 or more minutes i hope to achieve that someday.

No Fear of Death

When you truly live your life fully, fear of death disappears, you actually welcome it, even though the people around you don't!  You wonder why I put so much material out there, because I'm prepared to die, I don't expect that I will live tomorrow.  The YouTube shut down was like a glimpse of my death online.

FMK is on YouTube, alive and thriving, but then suddenly it can disappear and all videos are gone.  But even though FMK disappears, the teachings still exist within the people who have understood.  With that understanding, they then transform those teachings and express it in their own unique ways, just as you all are doing by participating with this blog.

Bruce is gone but the understanding that I have received from his teachings ends up being expressed through my own creativity, with this expression, Bruce lives through me.

In the past, YouTube, the Internet, cameras, tv's, and camcorders did not exist.  Martial Arts and the Tao was transmitted directly from teacher to disciple.  And it was shared without documentation but through an understanding.  Those who have achieved an understanding then share that understanding to those around them.

There's nothing more I want out of this life, I'm ready to leave.  But I feel like Buddha, he had a decision to make, to either keep the truth within himself or to express it to those around him to attempt to help them gain an understanding of the truth that he discovered within.  He decided to express, and he did so for over 40 years.

I plan to do so for over 60 years in this modern day with modern technology.  In this modern day with modern technology this can drastically change the way the dharma is transmitted.  No longer are you dependent on fables and stories of imagination.  Like: "Jesus healed the blind or Jesus was walking on water."

Well with video you can see before your eyes what Sifu Freddie Lee was capable of doing with his Body, Mind, and Spirit and what he was not.  It is a real expression free from any acting or performance enhancing drugs etc.  What is interesting to me, is what is the real human potential of natural development through pure hard work without having science manipulating the body with the use of performance enhancing drugs such as steroids.

What types of true Art can be developed without being dependent on drugs such as weed or whatever to achieve a no-mindedness while creating Art.  Rather than following a false fantasy figure such as Jesus, I am interested in following a true man of Gung Fu such as Bruce Lee of whom you can actually see and relatively gauge his level of development body, mind, and spirit.

At first I am following but then eventually I will reach a point where I will no longer need to follow but now I am leading myself.  He is running ahead of me for 32 years and then eventually one day I will end up being ahead of him and leading my own way.

The Bible may say never to follow man because he is imperfect.  I say, there is no such thing as perfection and that you would rather follow a man who is close to perfection than an idea of perfection that doesn't even exist.  Once you follow this man that is close to perfection, you may eventually get to the point where you will go beyond this man, when you go beyond this man, then you will establish your own standards of the true Way.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Here is a link

MMA is Bullshit:


I've been watching the channel (enterthedojoshow) for awhile. I know it can be silly but it has some funny parts. Go check it out and tell me what you think

Sidekick hold

Ive been training all week on my legs but here is an better one well at least i think. I know there is no excuses but when i recover ill post another and you can tell me what you think.

My Physique, Strength, And Flexibility Progress

This was me the first few months I started  working out.

Then that was me few months later. (I would like to thank my friend for being a good photographer, taking 6 of those photos above)

This is me now, which is like a year later. (I would like to thank my other friend in the photo with me for taking that photo of myself holding the side kick)

In the past when I trained I eat more healthy than I am eating right now, you can sort a tell by my body as I show those photos. Now I am just eating junk food, which is not really good for my physique. The only good thing about eating junk food is that since it has a lot of calories, it provides you more energy therefore strength to work hard. So I guess it increase strength. I don't promote you guys to eat junk food, and their are other alternatives that is healthy and contain a lot of calories, like brown rice mixed with coconut oil. (I don't take that but I heard about it)

I did notice a change in my strength, which I am stronger. I can bench like 220b two times, decline and flat which is my max I guess (I was testing it after my workout, so I was pretty tired)(I don't have a video to demonstrate this sorry) . I can do muscle ups (well improper technique), which in the past I couldn't do any. Now I'm working on fingertips strength, so I can master the two finger push up like Freddie Lee and Bruce Lee that I know of. And I'm also working on getting that proper muscle up techniques.

Here's a link for my muscle ups:

Also my flexibility has improved as well. I'm still stretching and working on it, improving every almost everyday.

Here's a link for my flexibility:

(those videos are made like a few weeks, before I took the two recent photos)

When I post another of my physique, strength and flexibility progress I'll show y'all the result of eating healthy. And I think that is hindering me to reach my full potential.

Style Is Bullshit

Check these  videos out they are hilarious. Don't take them serious, just watch for fun:

All style is BS why? because they don't really exist, there's only martial arts and that's it. The style people refer to is just a label to name their (the founder) expression of the martial arts or their interpretation of kung fu. I don't know why there is segregation amongst followers of these martial arts so called styles. We need to express and creative our own. Of course we can learn other's interpretations for start off, but from there we have to walk our own path.

Environment Shape Of Where Individuals Train

After watching one of the episode of "Enter The Dojo" it got me to think about the environment(shape) an individual train in and train for.

Boxers train in a boxing ring.  (square)

Cage fighters train in an octagon cage

Martial artists train in a circle. And that circle could be planet Earth.  Or that circle to me represent the whole universe, as it is used in a Yin-Yang symbol, symbolizing opposite coexist, balance, unity, peace and harmony of the universe, which is the circle of life.

Being Not Acting

I can't remember who said this, but I do give credit to this person. So I want to share this quote:

"There shouldn't be an oscar for acting, there should be an oscar for being."

We shouldn't pretend to act like something that we are not, we should just be authentic about ourselves.
Be yourself and express yourself honestly, as what Bruce Lee would say. Not many people can do that because of fear. And what is fear? well my martial arts instructor would say: "false evidence appearing real." Let that fear go, because fear is what is holding (anchoring) you down, and so you don't fly and become free. I said this before but I'll say it again"

"It's what you can let go off will determine how high you can fly." by Ralph Smart

Freddie Lee deserve an oscar for "being" on youtube, as he is real with his expression and thoughts, even though there are people who hated him for that. But I think he is doing what feels right, and he is the MAN cause he has no fear of death, well to him it doesn't exist. He is flying so high that he cannot get back down. lol


This blog that I'm going to write about has no title, because it's about meditation. When you are in meditation there's only silence, which sort of explains why I do not have a title for this blog. Presence of silence indicates no labels, titles, names etc

A quote from spirit science which is "I think, therefore I am not. Only when the mind is silent, I am", implies that when we meditate we become silent, and when we are silent we are in peace which we become our true self. The authentic you, not the ego which is what you think you are.

Also another quote by Ralph Smart is "stress is what you think you are, relaxation is what you are", this also implies meditation, as meditation is relaxation.

When the mind is not silent there is an ego. When there is an ego there is stress. When there is stress there is only conflict and disharmony. The result of not having a silent mind is no meditation, and if there is no meditation there is relaxation and therefore no peace and harmony.

If you had to describe who you are, you are only going to provide what you think you are. Like Ralph said in one of his video which I posted on this blog, which he says "if you have to write down what you are, you are going to write what you do". For example like say a student, you are not a student, you didn't came up with that name or label, the society did. You may do what a student do, but what it doesn't mean you are a student. And another thing that Ralph said was "If I had to write down what my true self is then the paper will be blank". The blank paper to me refers to the silence of the mind. This is what we are as an individual. And if you watch spirit science on meditation he talks about how when you are in meditation you can connect with your inner (real) self, well in fact be your real self as the mind is silent.

Now let me talk about our names. We were not born with a name, we were given a name to label ourselves as an individual. This doesn't identify our true self, it only identify the ego. That's the same thing with race labels or any other labels that are used everyday. The society forces us to use these labels, which is leading us away from the "way" (or not being our true self). What annoys me the most is when people say that race is what defines us. If you considered "us" as the ego then it is true. But I'm looking beyond this, so the "us" is not the ego it is the our true self. The problem with these labels is that it breeds racism, and there is segregations. My outlook is that there is no race, because we are one in unity, which this may imply integration, and that we all are the oneness of the universe. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be labels, but all I'm saying is that labels does not define our true self. Labels can be used to make communication simple I guess?

There is nothing that no one can describe to you as your true self, because their opinion is limited and if you believe them then you become what you been described, but not truthfully. The truth of identifying yourself has to come from within. Truth cannot not be told and organize, it can only be realize. You have to seek and realize that truth yourself as Bruce Lee would say: "Independent inquiry is needed in your search for truth, not dependence on anyone else's view or a mere book."

So all I'm providing is just my limited information on what I know what the authentic self is, all you have to do is seek the truth of being your authentic self and that starts off by meditation which is having a silent mind. Let intuition guide you.

It's kind a funny that I'm trying to express something in words that cannot be expressed, because words is the absence of silence. But I just wanted to express my thoughts on this and hopefully this serves as a guide to truth as again Bruce Lee would say : “A teacher is never a giver of truth – he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. A good teacher is merely a catalyst.”

 Maybe words can be express only as a guide?

This is what the Yin-Yang represents

This YouTube video explains everything comprehensively.

Hope everyone finds it informative.

PS: Just in case the link doesn't work, the video is titled 'The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey'.


Friday, June 20, 2014

somewhat stupid event happened in social media

Most criminals in the media are ended up being proven dangerous even this criminal in the link, but the reactions seems more stupid than it is ever before.


This is my favorite rapper, hip hop artist, whatever you wanna call it. I respect 2PAC, and although I think that he is the greatest artist among the commercial rappers and who knows what might he have accomplished on his journey had he lived long enough, I believe that Immortal Technique transcended him. I do not mean to compare them, but in many ways Immortal Technique epitomizes the Truth or, as we in the martial arts like to call it, the Way.

The reason he is relatively unknown among the general public is that he chose to be an independent artist and he still refuses to sign with any major label that would make him compromise his principles. He is very popular in the underground rap community but he will never have a commercial success because of the corporations that control the music industry.

Here's one of his songs:

Also check one of his interviews so you will have an insight into what kind of person he is:

I have noticed that Sifu Lee and most of you guys like hip hop and the expression it brings so I would strongly recommend the documentary about him. It speaks for itself, find time and check it out. It will blow your mind for sure...

Enjoy and give me your thoughts...

My Experiences in a Shito-Ryu Karate School

Hello Everyone

I would like to share some experiences that I had with a Karate school last year, 2013. At the time, I was training on Monday and Thursday nights (which I still am and have been for 5 years) at the only place to learn Martial Art in my town, a local part time Taekwondo school. I was feeling more enthusiastic, passionate and excited about Martial Art then I ever had been at that point in my life. I now felt that at this point in my life, training two nights per week was not satisfactory. I started looking on the internet for other martial art schools in nearby towns, with no luck. Then a friend from my club informed me of a part-time Karate club that trains in the same community hall as my Taekwondo club, but on Tuesday nights. It had only been open for 6 weeks. I decided to look at this school to broaden my horizon and decipher what I thought of this new school in general. Plus as I previously stated I was feeling deprived of Martial Art at the time.
I was shocked at what I found.

 This club was all hard. There was nothing soft about the 2 instructors who had blood stained on their uniform/Karate Gi. It was all yang without the complimentary balance of the yin. Everyone in the class were white belts. Accept for two senior students who weren't friendly at all. If I were ever to look, smile or even glance at them, they would glare back as if they intended to harm me. No one in the class looked like they were having fun and if anyone were to smile (a paralinguistic expression of positivity and happiness), they were made to do 20 push-ups on their knuckles on the wooden floor. I physically had no problem with it but I thought and still think that it's a bit much for a beginner.

The instructors told us if anyone gave us a hard time we could throw them on the ground and stomp on them as hard as possible to ensure they don't get up. The instructors placed a kicking block on the floor in front of us and we were to stomp it as hard as possible. I thought it was excessive, and this was within 10 minutes of my first class. We then had to lie on the ground up next to each other as the kids under the age of 15 would walk on our stomachs like stepping stones. The instructors said they themselves would soon be walking on our stomachs. Again, a bit much to ask of a beginner in my opinion.

When I arrived home that night, my Dad said that my face looked as white as a ghost. Never in my 16 years of life had I been exposed to such aggression. I did go back as I wanted to give the school a chance.

The classes were vary disciplined and regimented, kind of like a military I think. We also did an exercise where we were to block a low round kick with our shins. This is common in the combative side of Martial Arts but at the time it was completely new to me. However if we were to look down and see if we were executing this new technique properly, we were slapped in the face.

The patterns/kata were simple and comprehensive. They were very similar to the ones that I know from Taekwondo. Unfortunately however, they were all hard and no soft. The head instructor told me that my Kiha/yell, wasn't loud and aggressive enough. So he told me to repeat after him. We stood face to face. He then yelled at the top of his voice, and then I did as was instructed. This process was repeated 3 times. At the end of the form I yelled at the top of my voice and tried to feel aggressive, which isn't easy for me as I am naturally a passive person. I must have done it well, because it made a little girl who was watching the class cry. That made me feel sad.

I only attended 4 classes in total. At the end of class number three, some boys who were aged around 7 or 8 were starting to talk about punching other kids in the face at school. I found that concerning. During my 4th class the instructors told the class that open hand strikes were unique to Karate, and striking with the wrist is extremely powerful. They said they knew some guys that used a wrist strike on a pig. It resulted in the pig bleeding to death from the inside. The instructors said they will bring the photos for the next class for use to see. At the end of my 4th class, the head instructor told me that as a person, I am too nice. He said that I need to be more aggressive in nature. He said that if I stick with him, he will turn my body into a weapon. He also said he has another part-time school in a nearby town where he has 14 year olds fighting like grown men. I told him that I'll think about it and I haven't been back since.

The instructors promote competition and they're egotistical. And I felt they put me down for the fact that I practice something labeled Taekwondo.

More recently, I have heard through word of mouth that the junior instructor, with his senior students go out to bars at night. The junior instructor goes up to random men in the bar and provokes fights. Apparently he always needs his students to come and save him.

This Karate school was far from the truth, far from the way of real martial art and the Tao. Now that I think back, the schools behaviour accurately represented the behaviour of the Cobra Kai Karate School from the original Karate Kid movie, 1984.

After this experience I have no regrets. I'm now older, wiser and far more experienced then I was back then. And experiencing what this Karate school offered was a contributing factor to where I am now. I train at home, aiming to develop a expression of Martial Art that is unique to my inner spirit. I stay up to date with Freddie's Modern Kung Fu on YouTube and wright blogs such as this one when I have the time and head space. I have come to appreciate my Taekwondo school and focus on what it does provide me with rather then what it doesn't. My Taekwondo instructor knows that I don't like competitive sparring and so he doesn't  force it upon me. I have to do Olympic sparring in class in order to grade in accordance to the World Taekwondo Federations curriculum, but that's only 4 times a year. It teaches me tolerance. People at my Taekwondo school are not too hard but not too soft. The same goes for the techniques we execute. It is relatively balanced in my opinion. But an external balanced expression is hard to find. And thus I feel privileged to attend a Martial Art school that provides me with tools to assist me in ultimately developing my own artistic expression of Martial Art.

Thank You for reading my blog. :)

Balance Is Not Easy

Achieving a balance is not easy as well as maintaining it. It's not easy having strength, looking muscular, and having flexibility at a balanced rate. It would take a life time to achieve a balance at the highest level. This also implies our brain/mind. We have two hemispheres of the brain, the left and the right hemispheres. The left hemisphere is our logical, masculine, analytical, and intellectual side of the brain, which we expressed. The right hemisphere is our creative, feminine, artistic, and intuitive  side of the brain, which we expressed. These two hemispheres are connected to each other. Our right side of our body stimulates the left brain hemisphere, while our left side of the body stimulates the right brain hemisphere. That is why most of the time left handed individuals are seen as more creative and artistic. What also stimulates the left and right hemispheres is mental exercise or just activities that we do everyday as well, so by solving problems (e.g math equations) the left brain is doing the work, and by practicing or drawing (art) the right brain is doing the work. So what I'm trying to do is improve on both of the abilities of each brain hemispheres and balance them so I become very intelligence/logical and creative. Before I was more left brained than right, and getting that balance is not easy. I heard that if you synchronize both of the brains (hemisphere) then you become powerful (sorry I can't find the right word) which is the result of balancing the two hemispheres. Meditation can synchronize both of the two hemispheres as well as listening to binaural beats. There are more ways but those are the only one I know. I guess practicing martial arts is another way, because you are in meditation. Yin-Yang as we all know symbolize balance. I guess this implies on what I said about  balance, as Yin is the feminine, creative, soft and flexibility and Yang is masculine, logical, hard and the strength (aspect of fitness). By having a balance this manifest Yin-Yang

I see that martial arts these day, well the so called martial arts expressions are unbalanced in this modern time as we see in the media. We either see that this so called martial arts is violent and about competition and too serious or martial arts is just about fun and games, and very playful. Real martial arts is about a balance between seriousness and playfulness, just because combative is involved it doesn't mean it's all about violence, it's about peace and harmony essentially. We don't see that often now. Most of the movies that may be considered about martial arts, only demonstrates the physical aspect of the martial arts, like you see the characters in the movies that are very fit, in good shape and is very skillful with their combative techniques. But we don't see the spirit and the mind emphasis in the movies that is being demonstrated. Modern day movies that expresses this balance of the body, mind and spirit is seen in Jet Li's and Tony Jaa's movies and of course others. The reason why many people don't have a balance in general, is because most of the famous people that is influencing these people, does not have and display a balanced, therefore making people think that it's cool to be unbalanced with their expressions in general. Many people nowadays are lazy and don't want to put the work and effort to achieve a balance. But as for me I'm constantly working hard to improve my abilities and attain that balance and will try to maintain it until I die.

Here is a picture of me holding the side kick and balancing on a medicine ball. It's not easy as I said earlier. I have a lot to work on. Maybe when I post another photo my side kick hold will improve, raising and holding my leg/foot higher:    
This is me now

nother one: (by the way that protein shake is not mine)

This was me last year. 

Being is the Goal of Life

"Doing is not the goal of life, being is the goal of life.  Doing is only to support your survival so that you can find your being."  - Osho

We should not be overly focused on work and making money, we must understand that making money is there to allow us to have the freedoms to spend time doing the things we truly love to do.  When we spend time doing what we love to do, we will come closer to finding our being.  If we can find work doing what we love, we will be able to fulfill two objectives in one.

On Mistakes

"Mistakes are absolutely needed for learning, but one should not commit the same mistake again."
- Osho

This is how you grow to become wise.  I also have learned from others mistakes, not just my own, this has enabled me to gain wisdom beyond my age.

Why People Follow

"When you are told by somebody else what to do, you don't have any responsibility for whether or not it is right or wrong.  You feel free of responsibility; you don't have to think about it; you don't have to be worried about it.  The whole responsibility goes to the person who is giving you orders to do something."  - Osho

That is why I find it very hard for me to be an authority to anyone other than myself.  I have a very hard time telling people what to do.  I don't like being in power.  I don't like controlling others.  I like to find my own path and I like to encourage others to find their own path.  Soldiers and Police Officers follow orders, Martial Artists do not follow orders blindly, they head towards Tao and are ready and able to rebel against corrupted authority.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Left leg

Finally able to kick the bob in the head pretty good now just messing around with video stills

Documenting your progress

I went through an old camera of mine i haven't touched in months. It had a couple videos of me kicking and punching. As i looked back on the videos I've noticed how much i changed and improved. My first reaction was i cant believe how bad i was. For now on I'm going try to record my progress each month. I think more people should do this, because its rewarding knowing how much you improved and can bring back a lot of memories. 



I am sorry if I am expressing too much negative energy.  I wish to express more positive energy but it is hard to do so livening in a very negative society.  I do my best to shelter myself from all the negative energy, but sometimes it finds its way to get in and then I respond.  A lot of times business is generated because of negative energy.  

The healthy smoothie shop goes out of business while the alcohol shop builds wealth.  The Martial Arts school goes out of business while the MMA gym is building wealth.  The healthy restaurant shuts down while McDonalds is expanding out to the East.  My meditation videos receive under 100 views in a day while my F*CK MMA video receives over 5,000 in one day.  

Fact is, if you are too positive, you will have a very difficult time integrating into this society.  If you are too positive as a business owner, there is a good chance you will go out of business.  Negative energy increases business and profits.  But too much negativity is very damaging for society, like too much pollution.  The longer the factory is open, the more money they make but the more pollution that is emitted into the environment.  Every time you drive, money is being made by the gas stations and car companies, but as money is being made the environment is being damaged.  Money many times is accumulated by the expression of negative energy. 

Negative energy is very powerful, it generates lots of profits.  Police Officers, lawyers, and judges profit from criminals who commit crime and are punished.  People pay attention when they see people fighting or arguing.  That is why MMA is so popular.  When I express negative energy, people pay attention, they may be upset at me, but they are still paying attention.  Rather than falling asleep like they do in class from a Professor that is too professional and positive, they are wide awake, with anger, ready to debate and even physically fight me.  Yes they are angry at me and anger is not good but at least they are not sleeping, their anger shows that they have been attentive, attentive enough to build anger within themselves.  Their anger demonstrates that my advertisement has worked. 

I have shared videos and writings with much negativity.  But it is not all negative, I have balanced out the negative with positive.  The person that is really upset at me can eventually find some goodness in what I am doing.  They have essentially been lead in by the negative to become positive and that is a beautiful thing. 

I can and have drawn people in by the positive and then I have scared them away with my negativity, this damages my business.  But it is a sacrifice; it’s not always about the money.  McDonalds and McBlowJo’s are all about the money but restaurants promoting healthy foods and Real Martial Art schools are not all about the money.  They have values that they wish to promote to the society that is beyond money, such as the value of health and wellness. 

Sure I can never publicly swear again but that is like telling me to never punch a punching bag on camera or when there is someone else around.  Punching the bag may startle people, it may intimidate people, it may make people think that I am a violent and scary person.  But it is a part of my overall expression,  I will not stop this expression.  Swearing and punching a punching bag is fun sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes.  It serves its purpose. 

Yoga is not for everybody because it specializes.  Do not ever expect to go into a voga class and learn how to punch and kick a punching bag.  The people that are appealed to punching a punching bag will not be interested in yoga.  So the business of Yoga loses out on this customer, it is inevitable. 

My teachings are not specialized, I express myself in many different ways, by me doing so, inevitably I will lose out on business as well.  I will lose out on business from those who expect consistency in expression.  There cannot possibly be consistency in my expression because I live my life in meditation.  I am in the present moment and the present moment can never be consistent. 

If I am angry I am angry, if I am happy, I am happy.  There is no such thing as consistency in meditation.  Consistency is false; it is a hiding away from truth.  It is editing your life in order to present yourself to be a certain way that you are not.  It is presenting to the world or the people around you, your false sense of self or Ego.  Consistency is Ego, being absolutely real in the present moment is being yourself. 

It is easy to express Ego but it is not easy to be yourself.  Bruce Lee stated that in his interview, and that is very true.  Very few people in this world will ever be real; they will always present to you their false sense of selves. 

I know I will never be the “Best” Martial Artist in this world and I am not striving to be.  And I may not even be considered a Martial Artist in many people’s eyes, because the meaning of being a Martial Artist is lost.  But what I wish to be known for is one of the realest human beings to ever live.  And that is what even Bruce aimed to be known for, as a real human being.