Saturday, November 23, 2013

Calculus Concept of Divergence

This discovery I made was not something that someone told me about. I discover that within. Yes, this concept was taught by a professor but not the essence of it. To discover the essence, I had to look within. See? Reading is not research! Real research comes from your own experience. If we human beings knew more about tapping on the energy within, we would have got a lot smarter and even more peaceful. Instead of trusting ourselves, we prefer to look for instructions from politicians, news, books, ect.. Therefore, we lost the sense of who we are and we are so separated. I come to get a greater understanding of Bruce Lee saying: "Because of styles, people are separated. They are not united with each other." It is so true! Gotta give the man some credit. But thanks to what I discovered, I have got a greater understanding of myself. Please take a look at the video below. It is also my hope that it can be in the FMK channel as well.

My Birthday Celebration

Two days ago was my Birthday. I reach my 1/4 century age. Exciting huh? I wanted to celebrate it with holding kicks; however, my house does not have enough space for that. Therefore I made a flexing video. Hopefully it will be in the FMK channel very soon. I may not be cut but at least I feel well enough to say that I am healthy. Enjoy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Had To Share This

JCVD... looking so much older, but I have to give him credit for doing this, and doing it well...

Self Explanatory


A little Searching and I found a Picture I long forgot
me at 20 years of age:
 Me at: 59
Hope I'm not frightening anyone with this face.


and all the Todais!

More Pain Staking Training!