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Lord Jamar standing up for Real Hip Hop & Bernard Hopkins Representing Real Combat Sport

Lord Jamar keeping it real!  This video is hilarious. Kanye West is like MMA "Fake Hip Hop", and Lord Jamar is representing the Real Martial Arts "Real Hip Hop"

Hilarious video, Bernard Hopkins keeping it real.

The Matrix System

I haven't blogged in awhile but I just want to share my thoughts on agents, negativity and the matrix. I was making videos about it, but I been disturbed several times. So I deleted those videos and decided to post my thoughts on here. I may be disturbed while posting/writing this out.

For those that seen the matrix you all may know what I'm talking about referring too.

What is the matrix, well it is like a computer simulated world that we live in. well that is just a metaphor to describe "reality" (this reality that we live in). This world (reality) is like a computer simulated world (so it's like we are living in a computer screen), because in a computer there are codes or informations that we are surrounded by, but are not aware of it. We are not aware of it, because of the state of mind that most of us are in at the moment (which is beta brainwave). This world is made up of energy (not matter, well matter and energy are the same) which equates to informations which is essentially consciousness. This world/reality is consciousness! Science has proven that. We can manipulate this reality, by programming it. Like programming computers, which is why I said reality is like a computer (because we can program things for things to happen/ things can manifest within. With that being said, we are the co-creator of this reality. Without us, the matrix wouldn't exist and without the matrix we wouldn't exist. Same with the ego, without the ego, we wouldn't exist as well as the matrix, and so vice versa. We can't really eliminate the ego or "let it go" but we can control it, or become a master of it. Yes the ego is something that we should not let it control us, or something that we shouldn't serve. We should be authentic by connect with our inner self.

So anyway... The matrix is like a double slit experiment (go check that out, if you haven't seen it), so meaning that there needs to be an observer for something to occur. In relation to the matrix there needs to be us (we are the observer) for the matrix to exist.

About god and satan, people that worship satan (people that are doing these satanic rituals) are worshiping(serving) the negative side of the matrix and people that worship "god" (I don't really like to use that word) are worshipping (serving) the positive side( or just the other side) of the matrix. So god and/or satan is a metaphor for the matrix. People that serve the matrix will reincarnate (negatively/positively), and so they stay in this matrix or this reality. (they don't leave this matrix) (if you watch the Movie the Matrix, you'll see that the agent was trying to leave the matrix)..

People that are in between so are not worshipping, are the people that don't reincarnate and so leave the matrix. ( They ascend like Jesus and Budda for example). They are the people that walked the right path. These people are the people that have a higher frequency or have a raising vibration (at a high vibrational state) or expanded consciousness. Again that is a metaphor for chakras activating/sspinning and also it's a metaphor for people that are so happy and that achieved the highest level of consciousness (this can be done through meditation), that they become loving, peaceful, and compassionate. Again like buddha and Jesus, which they happened to promote love, peace and compassion.

Then there are the agents (like in the movie The Matrix), The agents are again a metaphor for people that are negative, at a lower frequency or vibrational state, low consciousness, ignorant, douchy, asshole, jerks, bullies etc. The agents are people that let their ego control them. When an individual has raised their vibration(I'm just gonna stick to one metaphor), negativity will come into their life, via the matrix sending agents to come and attack (lower vibration of) the individual (that raised their vibration). If that agent succeeded the individual will have their vibration lowered (so they will feel pissed, angry, depressed, sad etc.). I think most of you guys may experienced something like this, where everything may seem okay (so your day is perfectly fine), and so you're in a state of happiness and peacefulness, then suddenly some random person starts to attack you (verbally). That negative person tries to pick a fight with you for no reason, and just trying to lower your vibration. Well that is the matrix's "agent". This is the matrix's response to your high vibrational state.

I remembered after 10 min of meditation I was feeling energized, calm (peaceful), and happy (in a loving and compassionate way), and I decided to go for a walk. For no reason a group of people were attacking me racially (they were being racist). Of course I ignored them but after they were out of my sight I keep thinking about them. This eventually made me felt angry/pissed off, therefore lowering my vibration. (this is a personal example)

One more examples, we have people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and others who were peaceful, loving and compassionate individuals. These people were at a high vibrational state. The matrix sent "agents" which were I believe the people in power, to attack them, or suppressed them in a way that lowers their vibration. They all got assassinated too.

I see that the matrix is programmed in a way to manifest negativity, which we may programmed the matrix to be that way. The matrix is there for us, to experience and learn from (learn about this reality, and obtain informations (because this reality is full of informations)). It's not really there for us to reincarnate and stay here forever. The purpose of our being in this reality is to realize that be create this reality. Therefore we can reprogram this matrix to manifest positivity. We can all be in a high vibrational state, but we just have to realize and understand this matrix system, also we need to love each other and have compassion for one another. This is also expanding our consciousness.

By leading people or going towards love will influence the matrix positively. On the other hand by going towards fear, it will have a negative influence on the matrix. It all really comes down to two path. Fear or Love. It's not really about good or evil. Though you may say good is love and evil is fear. So expanding our consciousness is heading towards love. Fear is not expanding our consciousness, in fact the reason why some of our consciousness is not expanding is because of fear. Fear is blocking it. Let go of fear and you will be drawn towards love.

Love each other and so we can reprogram this matrix in a positive way. If one person starts walking the path of love, then that will create a trend or chain or I guess you could say make a domino fall (which will cause other dominos to fall also), and so it will have an influence on others, which they may be inspired to follow the path as well.

The key to realizing this matrix system (accessing the matrix) and become drawn to love is MEDITATION!

I was gonna talk about why society (specifically people in power) suppressed meditation but I think you all can figure that out.

Another thing is if you watch Lucy the movie you can see how that movie relates to some of the things  I said. How this world is full of energy which equates to informations. The way I viewed it was, like she had her third eye opened, and so she was able to see beyond the physical which normal humans cannot see with the naked eye. But the main idea I want to express is that when you are in a meditative state (always in that state) you become more aware of the informations or codes of information (like on a computer) in your surrounding (in fact mediative state = awareness/mindfulness). An example of this personally is that when I  became aware of things, I noticed every time on a digital clock (so on my phone, watch and laptop) that the time was always (whenever I looked at my watch), 1:11 am/pm and 11:11am/pm. According to the research I've done, 1:11 or 11:11 or just 111 means that I'm on the right path (spiritually). Also when I do my studied on calculus and chemistry, I noticed that the answers I get for my calculations would result in 11.1, 1.11 or 0.111 (any units like kg,m,ph,m/s, cm... etc).

That's all I have to say about it. I know Many of you guys think this is all BS, but whatever. That's how I view this world now. My views may change over time, but for now this is it. I wouldn't be surprised if I get negativity.

[By the way, the reason why I wasn't able to share this information in the first place through making a video(like I said, how I was being disturbed several times), is because the matrix doesn't want me to share this Lol]

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hapkido and When Taekwondo Strikes

Hello Everyone

I have not seen many Martial Art movies in my time. However here are 2 of the movies that I have seen and recommend taking a look at.

When Taekwondo Strikes is a movie from 1973 that tells the story of a group of Korean rebels who use their art of Taekwondo to cause the Japanese oppressors a lot of trouble in the early 1940s. They are basically Taekwondo freedom fighters.
This is a fictional movie; however, the film can give you a good feel of what it would have been like in Korea under Japanese colonial rule.

When Taekwondo Strikes (1973):

Hapkido came out a year before When Taekwondo Strikes and has many of the same cast members, playing similar roles. The majority of this story is set in China and the main protagonists are Chinese. The movie starts off with our young protagonists training as Hapkido students in 1934, under the guidance of their wise Korean master. Their teacher believes that his students are now ready to open their own school. As Korea was under Japanese rule, he asked his students to go back to China in hopes of spreading the art of Hapkido in an environment that would accept it.

The protagonists establish a Hapkido school in a town back in China. They quickly realised that life in China was no longer very different to life in Korea as the Japanese now ruled much of the ancient society. More immediately however, a certain "Black Bare" Japanese Martial Arts school threatens the existence of the newly established Hapkido school, the local Kung Fu schools, and the safety of the local population...

Hapkido (1972):

I like both movies. However if I were to select a superior film, I would choose Hapkido. Hapkido has a slightly more compelling and memorable storyline with exigent fight choreography, even though it might be unrealistic at times. I think that When Taekwondo Strikes relied a little bit too heavily on the fight scenes, where as Hapkido had a nice balance of an interesting story, well defined characters, Martial Arts action and philosophical teachings. This is why Hapkido was the film that I came back to re-watch. All of this is just my opinion. Both films are great and both will provide you with a good understanding of the struggles people in China and Korea went through during the first half of the 20th century, whilst hopefully providing you with an adequate fix of Martial Arts action.

Thank you for reading. If you decide to check out ether of these films, happy viewing!

Is Split Training Gay? What is Gay?

Is Split Training Gay?  What is Gay?

I am going to say that it is not gay but there will be people out there that will have a different opinion.  I see that a truly healthy man is a man who is not only strong but also very flexible.  I see that flexibility is the key to long life.  Women are supposed to be naturally more flexible than men, but that is not always the case. 

There are many men out there who are very defensive about protecting their ego’s.  You can play them like a puppet, attack their insecurities and right away you can change their behavior.  Tell that them stretching is gay, now they will never stretch ever again.  Tell them that wearing a tight shirt is gay, now you will never catch them with a tight shirt ever again.  Laugh at them for having their shirts off, now you will never catch them with their shirt off again.  Tell them they are pussy whooped; now they will start acting like they have no emotions or affections towards their ladies when you are around. 

Many men out there have big egos that they work so hard to protect.  Attack them in anyway and tell them that what they are doing is gay and they will be very defensive.  As for myself, I am very comfortable with myself, I am proud of who I am and what I represent.  People can attack me and say that I am gay but I will not take offense because I live up to my own personal standards on what I feel a man should be. 

I do not feel that being flexible means that you are gay, I see that it is a demonstration of ultimate athleticism.  Being strong is not that difficult but being strong and flexible like a lot of these gymnasts, dancers, and a few Martial Artists, now that is extremely difficult.  Ultimate athleticism to me integrates strength and flexibility.   But there are certain things that I would not do myself that I would label as “crossing the line.”  Now others may view otherwise, but I have my own opinion, some examples of what I would deem as gay behavior are:

1)   Willingly wrestle or practice BJJ “Blow Job Jujitsu” on the ground, in bed, on the mats, outside, in the ring, or in the cage with another man in spandex, fully clothed, or naked. 
2)   A man who wears skirts no matter if he claims himself to be a hardcore gangster rapper or not. 
3)   Bodybuilders posing on stage in g-strings. 
4)   Kissing or holding the hands of another man.
5)   Any sexual activity with another man.
6)   Caressing another man in very affectionate ways with the intension of becoming sexually aroused.
7)   Fanaticizing or dreaming about being sexual with another man.
8)   Always being only happy around men but always unhappy around women.
9)   Having the desire to watch men “Ground Fighting” over pornography between man and woman.  Men Ground Fighting is essentially violent homosexual pornography in my opinion. 
10)                 Having the desire to engage in “ground fighting” with another man rather than having sex or exercising with your woman. 
11)                 Wearing feminine colors like pink and purple.  Or having those colors be your favorite colors of choice. 
12)                 Wearing women’s accessories such as earrings, high heels, women’s clothing, bras, women’s underwear, painting your nails.
13)                 Purposefully speaking in a very high tone of voice to make yourself sound like a woman.
14)                 Purposefully walking very feminine like how a woman would walk.
15)                 Dancing with another man in very affectionate ways.
16)                 Dancing like a woman that is mimicking sexual acts taking place with another man.
17)                 Practicing on edible or nonedible objects on how to get better at giving oral sex to another man. 
18)                 Finding joy in seeing other men fully naked.
19)                 Preferring to take showers in a room full of naked men instead of taking a shower alone.
20)                 Feeling flattered that a gay man has tried to court you.
21)                 Showing interest back towards a gay man who is trying to court you. 
22)                 Having the desire to watch gay pornography
23)                 Intentionally seeking to attend bars, clubs, and other places of business that are well known to be occupied by individuals that are gay. 
24)                 Having the desire to sleep in the same bed with another man even when you have the option of sleeping in a bed by yourself.
25)                 Having a stronger preference towards anal sex with a woman instead of through the vagina. 
26)                 Having the desire for your woman to strap on a fake penis and give you anal sex. 
27)                 Wearing makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, having long hair, etc.
28)                 Hugging a man very affectionately, chest to chest for very long periods of time like how a man would normally hug a woman of whom he is intimate with. 
29)                 Mounting a man in the missionary position or any sexual position. 
30)                 Receiving an erection when engaging in physical activities with men that are very intimate, such as “ground fighting”
31)                 Partner figure skating with another man.
32)                 Partner ballet dancing with another man.
33)                 Partner salsa dancing with another man.
34)                 Slapping another man on the butt.
35)                 Having the desire to show your genitals to another man.
36)                 Being a strip dancer for another man.
37)                 Willingly sharing your videos and pictures with another man for purposes of sexual arousal and release.
38)                 Flirting with another man. 
39)                 Frequently spending private personal time with another man of whom you know is gay.
40)                 Engaging in phone sex with another man.
41)                 Engaging in webcam sex with another man.
42)                 Opening and closing the car door for another man as if he is a woman. 
43)                 Carrying and cradling another man as if he is a woman of whom you just married.
44)                 Giving another man a piggy back ride.

And there goes my quick list of what I deem as examples of “crossing the line.”  Now of course not every man will agree, every man will have his own list of what he will consider as “crossing the line.”  My list is not determined by the “society.”  My list is my list, I set my boundaries.  Now the whole world can say that I am gay for being flexible, but I will stand up against the entire world and say that being flexible has nothing to do with being gay or not gay.  The whole world can say that “ground fighting” is superb, I stand against the whole world and say that it is wrong and detrimental for society. 

I personally do not have a problem with people that are gay, it is their business.  But as humans, we have identified ourselves to be either a man or a woman, now the deep question is, what really makes a man and what really makes a woman?  Through our life experiences, we are put to the test of expressing what it really means to be a man and what it really means to be a woman.  Or is it that we are neither man or woman, is it true that we are both? 

Being too hard is not good, being too soft is not good either, there must be a balance of hard and soft.  A man must be in tune with his soft side in order to create that balance, a woman helps bring this balance into man.  I see that nature intended for man and woman to unite.  It is man and woman who unite that create children, not man and man, and not woman and woman. 

But we have been trained to be unnatural.  Elevators are not natural, it is something we created.  Vehicles and airplanes are not natural, it is something we created.  Skyscrapers are not natural, it is something we created.  Animals being confined into Zoos are not natural, it is something we created.  Toilets are unnatural, it is something we created.  Contraceptives are not natural, it is something we created.  

Mass media promoting for men to be homosexual can be a carefully designed plan to lower the population of this world.  Mass media can be teaching the people that being homosexual is “cool” and being heterosexual is not cool.  Mass media is teaching people that homosexual ground fighting aka McDonald’s Martial Arts is “cool.”  And being a flexible Martial Artist that loves having sex with women is not cool.  But regardless of what mass media is promoting to be cool or uncool, I’m still going to be myself either way, mass media does not have control of my mind, I am free from the system of control.  I am free from the Matrix.

Jealous "Friends"

Jealous “Friends”

Doesn't sound like a friend to me, sounds like an enemy in disguise.  Beware.  I've dealt with this many times in the past, you have these people what act like friends but they are very jealous inside.  Anytime you have a chance with a woman, they'll seek to destroy your opportunity because they are jealous.  Even if they have a woman themselves, they will still do the same, they either want more for themselves or they always want to have something that you don't have, they want to stay one up ahead of you. 

They want to make it seem they are for you but they are really against you.  They will use you as a pawn.  They will go up to women and talk to them by using you as an excuse, they will say "I will hook you up."  They are only saying this because they are afraid to approach a woman and speak to them without using someone as an excuse, it's always easier talking to women when you are talking to them about someone else, but really they are trying to get with the woman themselves while using you as a pawn.  Getting with women is like getting money, you can never have enough. 

Just because your friend has a girlfriend it does not mean you are safe from this sort of destructive jealousy.  Also they have fear that once you find a lady that loves you, you will leave them behind, they will have nobody to hangout with anymore, they will be alone, this brings fear to them, so they want you to remain single and lonely so that you stay dependent on their company.  They want to have a lady for themselves and a guy friend to hangout with on the side, they don't want you to have your own woman and your own life, they want to keep you on the side so they always have someone to hang out with when their woman is busy, they want you to be like a pet.  Inside they are happy when you don't have a lady. 

Never depend on another man to "hook you up" you need to gather up the courage to speak to a lady yourself and hook yourself up.  If you have a female friend, then maybe she can help hook you up, but you can never trust a man.  This is the type of "friend" that will sleep with your lady if you happen to be out of town and probably get her pregnant too.  The most dangerous enemy that you can ever have is the enemy that you believe is your friend.  Once you identify an enemy in disguise, you can keep this information to yourself and then start using this enemy as a pawn yourself, now you are in control.  You can use him for his company to seek for women, but once you find one, drop him