Thursday, January 14, 2016

Leg progress

I have neglected my legs for years and im glad to finally see how important leg strength is. I just started doing squats over past two months and i could barley do 60lbs which is very weak i know. Todays work out was 100lb squats which i did 5 reps, then i went to 80lbs and did 5reps, then i went to 60lbs and did two sets of 5reps. I later did 30lb leg curls for 25 reps, 40lb for 15reps, and 45lb for 8reps. Then i did some foot work for around 30 to 45mins dont remember the exact time. I hope to be able to squat my bodyweight of 160 before summer gets here and i have completely stoped stretching so i can achieve my results sooner. If anyone on this blog reads this please dont skip leg day and be a weakling like me lol wish i had realized this much sooner in life i was so obsessed with high kicks now im suffering with chicken legs lmbo.