Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Online Training Progress

I just trained this morning online with Sifu Freddie Lee. Since I am in a new location, I now am in Brooklyn, NY. I believe my techniques could have been much better but with enough practice, I think I will pull them off better. There is always room for improvement in everything. The sky is not the limit! Also I have two videos on my sparring. I do not know if Shi Zu is going to approve of the videos but I put them out there just to monitor my progress in sparring. Sparring can give you a sense of reality in a fight. It is spontaneous: it is not like doing drills. In drills, you can predict what your partner is going to do but in sparring it is not easy. I do not want to keep sparring with him over and over because I believe that it is unrealistic. In real life, not everybody is going to react the way he reacted. I think he is trained in Karate before but in real life, you are not going to fight a Karateka, a Taekwondo practitioner nor a MMA fighter. When you are in a real fighting situation, you are fighting people. People are spontaneous therefore expecting everybody to fight you unarmed means you are running away from reality.
As you watched my videos, you will notice that the camera probably died before I could ever finish what I was doing. In my sparring videos, I jammed my left thumb while blocking; thus, finger strength are really important. If my fingers were stronger, I probably would not have hurt my thumb at all. It probably had to do with the way I blocked. If the video was recorded the way it was supposed to, you and I would have seen what happened. Also at the end of the second sparring session, my cousin accidentally punch me in the jaw. I was okay though but I decided to stop because I could have too emotional and this sparring would result to a real fight which is not something I want to do. I do not like hurting people to boost my ego. I wish to be a Martial Artist, not a fighter. Instead of being concerned about how I get punched in the jaw, my cousin was actually bragging about how he beat my up. He was saying:" just show them how I beat you up." I was really upset after he said such thing. I felt like he has been brainwash believing that it is okay to boast about how you hurt someone. He does not understand the dangers of fighting, how can he understand Martial Arts? There was a time in the sparring session that I kick him in the groin but I did not hit him at all. Imagine if I really hit him. This could have result to death!! I do not want you to believe that I am hating on my cousin. Actually, I like him but it makes me sick when people misunderstand the Martial Arts like that but oh well, what do I care? He can go and brag about it if he wants but I don't care anyway. If anyone would like to provide feedback, it would be appreciated because I want improve as much as I can.

Here is my sparring videos


  1. It's nice that you have someone to spar with now. It's good that you gained control of your emotions to not let it get too far. Without an instructor present, things can get messy & when there is no central instructor monitoring the sparring that is respected by both participants as an authority, it is harder for efficient learning in sparring. Keep analyzing the video and look to improve yourself for next time.

    1. Thank you for the advice Shi Zu. However, I decided not to spar with him anymore. Not because I am scared but the reason is that he does not understand safety measures. He does not care about learning from his mistake from sparring. All he cares about is winning. I cannot spar with someone like that. Maybe someone else should spar with me. And yes I will analyze my videos more. Do you see anything I could improve on?


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