Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wushu vs MMA

The real science of efficient unarmed combat is the science of street survival, where the law will allow you to do whatever necessary to stop the threat if it is a justified threat. The rules of MMA are minimal when compared to other combat sports but for someone who really studies the science of efficient combat on the streets, those minor rules will make huge differences. Look at people in the Olympics run the 100m dash, what makes the difference between first and 2nd place is a matter of milliseconds.

I'm sorry to say but MMA does not have the top athletes of the world, because they are not focused on any specific discipline but claim to be the competition for all disciplines, they essentially are rounding up the 2nd hand athletes of all disciplines.

MMA has not provided any answers on what really works in a real fight because MMA is still not a real fight. Real fights occur on the streets, not in the cage. Real street fighters will test their abilities on the streets, Real Wushu Artists will conduct their own research and studies in their own controlled environments and come upon their own discoveries.

How can anything possibly be real when you are only fighting people of your own weight class, how can any fight be real when it is all planned out and prepared for, real fights are spontaneous and clearly there are no weight classes. Even though the gloves are smaller than boxing gloves, the gloves they wear make a huge difference than fighting with bare fists. Having no mouth guards will also make a huge difference. People fighting with shoes on will make a huge difference. The fighting surface whether or not it is no the streets, sidewalk, grass, gravel, or snow will make a huge difference. Fighting outside or indoors will make a huge difference.

There are many spontaneous variables in a real fight that are not exemplified within that cage and people who truly study the methods of real survival will know this. One eye jab can make a huge difference, one kick to a persons knee can make a huge difference. Like a gun fight or a knife fight, in a real fight with someone who is highly trained, there is no room for mistakes. That is why Bruce was studying fencing before he died, he knew how real efficient combat is. You can try to grapple all you want, but if you are getting demolished by someone who has perfected his kicks or straight jab, you have no chance.

MMA rules are designed to make it appear that ground fighters are more effective than they really are. MMA is not the combination of the most effective fighting techniques, they are the combination of the most effective techniques specifically for fighting within that octagon. An eye jab for example is an extremely effective technique, but it is disallowed because apparently it is too effective. Hitting someone with your bare fist that is highly trained in iron fist is an extremely effective technique, but it is disallowed because apparently it is too effective.

MMA will have the ground and pound as long as the law will allow. If these law makers end up seeing many deaths occurring in MMA and even one of the lawmakers children ends up dying in MMA, then you can be certain that they will eliminate the ground and pound and potentially ban MMA across the nation. It's all about what the law will allow and will not allow. Laws change, so you can never say that things will never change.

MMA thrives off of the brutality in order to set themselves apart from Boxing, Kickboxing, San Sau, and Thai Boxing. But just because they allow ground and pound, it does not mean that the athletes of that sport are more talented, all it means is that they are more dirty, that they cannot fight clean to win, they have to fight dirty to win against the clean fighter. A truly great fighter can demolish anyone in any field. You wrestle with him, he wins, you play judo with him, he wins, you play boxing, he wins, you play kickboxing, he wins, you play thai boxing, he wins, you play tae kwon do, he wins, you play dirty fighting, he wins, you play street fighting, he wins, you play paintball, he wins, you play chess, he wins, no matter what you come at him with, he wins, he is a true Master because he has mastered everything. He never needs to fight dirty, because he can always win fighting clean, but if you fight dirty, then he will respond and beat you anyway. That is a true Master.

True Wushu Artists would never need a referee to intervene, they know when enough is enough and they stop out of respect and compassion. Masses of people are not meant to see this whole sparring session occur, no Master of the Arts is meant to be humiliated the way these fighters are being humiliated. This entire spectacle is a disgrace to the integrity of the Martial Arts. Imagine if your own father trained you to become one of the best in the world, would you beat the shit out of your own father for the whole world to see to get some more fame and fortune? Will you almost kill your father for fame and fortune? Everybody gets old and will eventually lose their physical abilities, people who take advantage of the old and weak is not what Wushu is all about. Wushu is about honor, respect, integrity, peace, love, and compassion, and absolutely none of that is being displayed in that cage.

You have left many lengthy comments to defend MMA and really there needs to be no defense, you are free to watch and participate what you choose to as long as it is allowed by law. I am not the law, I'm not here to tell people what they should do and should not do, I just want to share my perspective and connect with people who share my ideas so that we can grow together.

You seem like a very intelligent person that is capable of making his own decisions. I'm not a Sifu to anyone online here, so I have no say on anyone's choice of development. But I will say for my own children and for my own students, they will need to understand my perspective otherwise they will not learn Wushu from me. But as for everybody else, it is their parents jobs, their Wushu Master's job to make sure that they are representing Wushu with integrity.

I do not approve of Boxing, I do not approve of MMA, I do no approve of Football, I do not approve of Thai Boxing, I do not approve of Wrestlemania, I do not approve of any forms of unhealthy competition, I don't approve of many things. But these are the standards that I live by and the standards that I will hold my children and students by, but as for all others, they need to establish their own standards and guidelines.

I'm sorry for all the disrespect that I have done in the past, now my aim is not to criticize but to simply share my ideas in a respectful way. Take it for what it is, if I'm not an Expert, if I'm not a Master, then who really cares what I say? Nobody needs to prove to me that MMA is positive contribution to this society and the Martial Arts community, my heart feels the way it does and I do not see that it will ever change. I do my best not to speak about MMA, but that's like telling a Master chef not to comment on what can be improved upon in a certain dish. I just see a lot of room for improvement in regards to how the "Martial Arts" is currently being expressed here in America and other areas of the world.

Arguing towards the justification for MMA can be the same justification used to legalize prostitution across the nation. Women can get paid to have sex, so why not? All women of this nation can aim to become prostitues, they don't need to go to college, they don't need to get an education, all they need to do is have sex for money. Sure it is a dangerous occupation but they know the risks that are involved. But with these same arguments, why haven't the government allowed this to occur? Well, there just seems to be something wrong with that, something where we are heading backwards as a humanity and not forwards.

Not only is MMA bad for ones health but the fact of them mass producing it to children and young adults to follow in the footsteps of these Fighters is part of the overall problem that I see. It is like encouraging a young child or man to deal drugs for a living, not just privately encouraging them but blasting it all over mass media in which to push that lifestyle onto them with maximum effort.

In my opinion, MMA fighters are not true professionals, Mayweather is a true Master, not many boxers that have ever lived will ever compare, ameteur boxers get destroyed in the ring, Masters just don't get hit. A true Master, if he did fight in MMA would not take much damage, there cannot be true Masters if already there are 194 or so UFC fights already logged. True Masters don't come back often, a Michael Jordan, Mayweather, Ali, Tiger Woods, Bruce Lee, they just don't come by often. Mayweather has been boxing his whole life, none of these MMA Fighters will ever compare, it is completely different. A person who has been practicing Wushu his entire life would never even go inside the cage, so the cage really will never see a Real Wushu Artist, unless you force him into it with a UFC video game!

Well it seems I am set in my ways and you are set with yours, lets just respect that. When I think about it, I may not be an expert or Master but the fact of me taking so much time to write about this and make videos about this shows that I really do care about Wushu and what it is meant to represent according to my eyes, and I just wish to share these ideas with the public.

It really depends on the fight, I can say that clearly not all fights respect is being shown. RR for example didn't even want to touch gloves with HH. Any time anyone is fighting out of Anger, that is not respect, and I know for a fact a lot of these fighters are fighting out of anger. Beating someone to a bloody pulp while they are laying on their back is not respect. If this is considered a sport, I will say it will be the sport that has the least amount of respectful athletes out of all sports, because the more violent you are, the less respect you will have.  Respect and anger do not really go hand and hand.  

They have competed in the Olympics in other sports, not in MMA, because MMA is not in the olympics. They are great athletes in other sports that have been suckered into fighting for money and fame through the expression of excessive violence, they have fallen from grace.  

A Mayweahter who stops being a Boxer and becomes an MMA fighter has fallen from grace. A Bruce Lee who stops being an Actor and becomes an MMA fighter has fallen from grace. An MMA Fighter to stops fighting in the cage and starts fighting in the streets has fallen from grace. Somebody who is in the NBA who quits and joins an ameteur Basketball Association has fallen from grace.  

There are people who move forwards and there are people who move backwards in life. Those who train in the Arts and then turn into just another MMA Fighter are Martial Artists who have fallen from grace. Like a Police Officer who becomes corrupted, he has fallen from grace. 

Actually I see a lot of corruption in the sport, they are not really genetically gifted in my eyes, they are simply dehydrated, on steroids, and performance enhancing drugs. In my opinion it takes a lot more skill to compete in Football, Basketball, Boxing and pure Olympic Wrestling, those who cannot make it in those fields end up settling for MMA.


  1. Your expression has mature a lot. You've always thought that way, but sometimes i know it was hard to process these thoughts in a pure form because of the negativity people was bringing around you. Since day one, i believed in you, and i still do. One day people will see what me, Kang, Ben, your family and others of the community see. Stay strong and as always; Keep up the good work!

    1. Your support and positive energy has always meant a lot from the very beginning. You are one of the individuals I have first connected with right from the beginning till now. You have seen me change and grow so much since that time. It's powerful to see how technology can allow you and me to share positive energy with one another even though we are thousands of miles away. I hope to remain positive and not to allow the negativity to overwhelm me like it did in the past. I hope to remain at peace and respectful as I share my ideas on life. I'm very thankful for your support and I'm thankful that you have shared your awesome music with me to become a part of the overall expression of FMK.

    2. Thanks a lot for the support. I am glad someone actually believe in a man that the world needs. The Martial Art community could use our help. Hopefully, there are wushu artist out there who sees what we see.


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