Friday, April 29, 2016


I been addicted to soda for long as i remember maybe 10yrs. I get free soda where i work and i basically went through 2liter of mountain dew a day sometimes more. I recently wanted to get off soda for good i havent drank any soda in 4days. I've been getting these heavy headaches from not drinking soda hopefully they stop soon. Thats probably why i still have a lil belly fat is because of it. Im hoping i notice improvement in next couple weeks it will help motivate me to stop all together. I also cut out all fried foods and im trying to eat lean meats and snacks like chips i eat sunchips. My main course every day is rice and chicken which i herd some good things about it my friend said it will get you built so hopefully all this packed meals i do help. this is poorly written out lol but im in a hurry and lazy.

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  1. I cannot remember the last time I drank soda. I think you can do it. Any habit can be replaced with new ones.


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