Friday, January 25, 2013

CLF Attempt, Week Two

Here is my update.  I think the videos are a better learning tool for me than using a mirror.  I tried this several times, and when I watched the videos I noticed more things that I wanted to improve on than I noticed by looking in a mirror.

I'll work on holding the stances longer.  My legs were getting tired because I had been practicing a lot to get them right.


  1. Keep up the good work in your training! Video is nice, it is short and sweet. Try to coordinate the breath with the hands, keep the fingers close together and the thumbs tucked in. Straighten out the cross stance when you switch from cat to cross. Todai Ryan should be able to provide more thorough feedback on what can be improved, I'll offer quick feedback when I can and a thorough one when Todai Ryan notifies me that you ready for the next phase.

  2. Nice progress from last week! I'll send you my detailed notes via email, and pretty soon you'll be on to the forearm training. Good job!

  3. You are doing good. Keep it up. In my opinion, both the mirror and the camera are good training tools. I would not just use the camera and neglect the mirror. For instance, watching Sifu Freddie Lee's video and mimic his movements while looking at the mirror can be helpful. But nonetheless, nice job on the stances. All I can say is perfect everything you have to perfect and soon you will get to the forearm training.


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