Friday, January 25, 2013


Free from cash, free from pain...Input the desires of life and the pains of poverty into this body and, through another body, you will still feel the same freedom and the same happyness that i represent. Kill me, i still live through my mother and father. Kill my entire family, i still live in a bigger one which is the human race, kill the race, and you will realize i'm into plants, animals, water, oxygen and earth. Destroy the entire planet, and i will still be here somewhere in the galaxy, in the universe in the form of water. Take out all water in the universe, and through that chaos, i will be here somewhere waiting patiently to be reborn.

Free from concepts, and then attached to them. Flowing like no other, as one. Crazy it sounds, crazy it is, crazy life is until it is understand. Free from comprehension until i read an hundred books again. I am and i am not. We are and we're not.

I like to go deep into thoughts, explore them and then screw them. Harmonizing is the roughest, toughest challenge we're giving in my opinion. Simply harmonizing one self through any kind of situations is almost impossible. Harmonizing a city, a country, the planet seems impossible. Until we are free...

Today i'm beautiful, tomorrow i'll be ugly. There must be a balance? That's the Tao, that is why we feel for our close ones, that's why we're linked to beauty, to joy, to pain, to compassion. That's why we won't be lost in this gigantic universe, because there's a Way, a Tao. You might care or not about the Tao, but the Tao flow, and we flow. And through that flow, life breathe, life cry, life live, life die, life be reborn, life die again but still life flow so don't be scare.

I'm in love people, in love with something i can't describe, i know it's there, but i can't tell you what it is, and then i see a smile, i see my cousin having a beautiful baby, i see my parents shaking hands after fifteen years of silence. I see ugly things too, ugly undescribable things happening, and i hold on as hard as i can to hope. There's a deep connection with life and hope. I hope but even if you take my hope, i will hope through somebody else and here goes the flow again.

I'm free until i'm a slave, i'm a slave until i'm free, where i am going with this? If only i knew...

But i don't need to know, because i trust the Tao, i trust Hope, i trust life. I trust freedom. I trust the beauty of music, of any arts. And until my hearth stop bumpin' that rhythm...I can use a media and tell somebody, that hope told me that one day, life will be in harmony and truly free, somewhere, somehow...



  1. Very interesting and well written.

  2. Thank you for sharing, I'm glad to see you so active on here.

  3. I don't know what it was, but something in her reminded me of the issue of aesthetics... and what I wanted to say about it is that we're such bizarre creatures these days, living in our enclosed homes with our belongings set out at (what are to us) appealing angles, etc. I love living with corvids, because they totally defy our current aesthetics. I put things away, they drag them out and spread them all over. You look at a forest, it's in no way tidy, and yet that's its beauty. And you almost don't need a harmonic ugly, because it's in there already, and it's part of the beauty

    1. Animals must be thinking that we're some kinds of UFO or something. Have a nice day!


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