Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reasons Why Women Should Not Be Revealing

It has been a long time bloggers. I have decided to write this because I believe it is really important for women to realize why they should not reveal their body parts so much. In the Muslim religion, what I heard is that the women only reveal her body to their husbands, which I believe to be the right choice. However, you do not have to be married to realize that. If you are committed in a relationship, I still think that she should still dress well but she may not dress like the hookers in the street. A lot of men out there, that is what they are looking to take advantage of: they want you to reveal everything about your body so they can exploit it. If the man does not care about you, he will just try to get into your subconscious and try to get you to bed and then he will say goodbye to you. Later on, you will still wonder why he never called you or tried to get in touch with you. The reason is that he was not ready to be the man you wanted him to be. He may act like he does but deep down all he wants to do is sleep with you; he was not ready to commit to you. Now, I am not against having sex with multiple partners but before sleeping with a partner you should make sure you know who you are dealing with. If you found out that he only wants to sleep with you, you can either say yes or no. If he really wants to be with you, again you can choose whether to be him or not. Either way, the choice is all yours. The guy is not the only one to blame. You should blame yourself too. You do not have to study the Martial Arts to understand that but the way a real woman is is connected to the way a real Martial Artist is. A real woman is strong body, mind and spirit just like the Martial Artist. So, this is one of the reasons why Martial Arts teachers should be careful about who they teach how to fight. If the person wants fitness, teach fitness; if he wants self-defense teach him just that. Do not try to push him to learn the real Martial Arts, he clearly is not ready for that so do not force it. Now if he is truly open to the real Martial Arts, you can teach him if you want to. Beware of liars though, they can be really good actors. They may act like they really want to learn the real Martial Arts but all they want to exploit is the combative techniques for personal gain. I wish I had the formula to see who is lying and who is not but I think you can still find the clues yourself. That is my rant for today. Nothing too radical, it was just something that I was thinking about so I decided to let it off my mind.

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