Sunday, August 9, 2015

Overflowing Energy

Overflowing Energy

When you have overflowing energy, you will find outlets to express this energy.  In the body, you will exercise, you will strength train, you will kick, you will punch, you will run, you will bike, you will swim, you will exert yourself physically.  In love, you will express this energy with intimacy with your lover.  In business, you will find work to make money.  When you make money, you will spend this money.  This money is a symbol of your energy exerted.  What you buy with this money will symbolize the outcome of your exerted energy.  Your home, your bike, your car, your clothes, your furniture, are all examples of symbols of this exerted energy.  When you create children, this is a symbol of your exerted energy.  A man of Gung Fu has an immense of amount of energy that he needs to creatively find ways of exerting for the greater good.  The man of Gung Fu aims to exert his energy towards the development of Body, Mind, Spirit, Love, and Business.  A man of Gung Fu aims to create beauty and head towards luxury.  A beautiful home, a beautiful partner, a beautiful body, a beautiful family, beautiful clothes, beautiful cars, beautiful bikes, a beautiful life.  He wishes to fill his life with beauty. 

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  1. Very true. Gung Fu is and will always be the ultimate way of life.


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