Saturday, August 8, 2015

Osho on Boxing

Osho on Boxing

“In a California university, for a year they did a research study to see what happens whenever there is a boxing match – which is the ugliest thing you can conceive of, people hitting on each other’s noses. Boxing proves Charles Darwin is right: man has come form animals and still has animal instincts in him.  The study of the California university is very significant: they found that whenever there is a  boxing match, crime rates go fourteen percent higher immediately, and they remain at that level for at least a week – fourteen percent higher!  Just watching people hitting each other, their own animal becomes alive – more murders, more rape, more suicides.  It takes seven days for them to calm down, back to their normal criminality.  Still, boxing is not banned.” – Osho “ It’s all about change” – pg. 41

Although I practice Martial Arts, I have a strong distaste for all combat sport.  I see that if we are to be truly human, if we are to be a truly evolved species with great consciousness, all combat sport should be banned.  Fighting should never be used as a form of entertainment and profit.  Studying the art of fighting is one thing, but fighting to entertain others is worse than what animals do.  Animals fight to survive, they don’t fight to entertain.  The desire to fight to entertain, places us below the animals.  If we are to be evolved beyond the animals, we must never fight to entertain.  We must practice Art, we must be creative.  Training to improve for survival purposes is one thing, but fighting to entertain is entirely something else. 

When you possess a firearm, you never shoot people or animals for entertainment purposes, if you do, you belong in jail.  The firearm is only meant to be used for training at the range, training in privacy, or for self-protection, never to be used for entertainment.  You don’t kill people for entertainment.  I see the same goes with the expression of unarmed Martial Art techniques.  You never fight to entertain, you train in combat to better prepare yourself for survival or you express combat for creative purposes, but you never fight to entertain.  If you fight to entertain, you are psychologically sick, just like the shooter who kills for pleasure.

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  1. Yep. I strongly agree with you. We claim ourselves to be superior than animals, but then we support combat sports. It does not make sense to me at all!


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