Thursday, September 19, 2013

FMK Being More Recognized

So me and Jenny went to the Chase Bank in Chicago today to open a business account for FMK, we have just been incorporated, which is exciting.  As we were walking out, an Asian woman held the door open for us.  As we were leaving, she came back out of the door and said, "hey do you guys have a YouTube channel?"  "I recognized you."  So she basically recognized us from our YouTube stretching videos and said that we helped her out a lot.  It was pretty interesting as this is not the first time this has happened.

This also prepares me for the future, as it can be one of these MMA or BJJ guys that see me and will immediately want to start fighting, well we'll see what happens from here!


  1. Thanks for showing your perspective, Sifu: a reason to see optimistically, a reason to see cautiously.

  2. That is awesome to read Sifu. I'm very glad that I am a, though lately distant, part of this school. I can't wait to resume training!

    1. We miss having you in the training. Make sure you contact me when you are ready to resume. Thank you.

    2. I am happy to hear that you are incorporated. How long did it take you to be certified CPR or whatever? Were you studying for a long time?

    3. 2 hours of computer based training and 4 hours of class training.


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