Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tony Jaa's First Teacher

I came across this gem of an exploration called 'Martial Arts Oddyssey' a few years ago. This evening, I started to revisit it with the Muay Boran episodes, and suddenly caught the whole thing about how the main instructor featured in these six segments was actually Tony Jaa's first teacher, and that Jaa was born in this village. I guess I really didn't catch on to it before, because I didn't really know who Tony Jaa was. I still found these segments worth watching previously, now their significance is all the more enhanced. In any case, I would recommend viewing the entire series of 'Martial Arts Oddyssey', which has a good balanced representation of what's going on out there...

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  1. This guy is a real master. No wonder Tony Jaa got so good at what he does!


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