Thursday, September 12, 2013

Motorcycles are for sexually frustrated men and insecure women

Motorcycles are for sexually frustrated men and insecure women who think they need to keep up with the sexually frustrated men in order to get respect. It's all a fucking joke. I'm so fucking over people trying to be cool and avoiding their real issues. Check ur fuckin ego always! Noone cares how cool you look. But people will care if you are honest with yourself and with others cuz that shit is way fucking cooler.  

....yes my close friend was just in a motorcycle accident that was unnecessary and she went against my warnings. So you know what? fuck it yo! you get what you ask for. Ill show mercy to stupid people but I sure as hell won't ever partake in some ego driven bullshit. I thank god that I see the light and I thank Freddie for teaching me to take care of myself in all situations. (Fully knowing that the best defense of any potentially harmful situation is to not be in that situation in the first place!)

Experience is the best teacher and I only hope this experience doesn't get waisted by this person's ego masking the truth. But then again we all have our own paths. Be safe, be kind, be healthy.  Be real. 


  1. I understand your frustrations, I'm glad this blog is available as an outlet for you to vent. You will have minimal control with those around you, but you have full control of yourself and the decisions that you choose to make, just keep heading towards the Way, as for others, when they are ready, they will follow.

  2. Completely agree. Nothing quite as stupid as tearing down the street in a motorcycle. I've never driven one, never would. My uncle died on one. When I was a kid, my best friend's dad almost killed himself on one... I remember rolling down hills in our home-made go-cart, wearing his dad's old helmet, which was still sticky with blood. Screw motorcycles and any such foolish pursuit of looking cool

  3. I totally agree with how dangerous motorcycles are. It should be banned, because of the high speed that it can blast up to on the streets and highway without much protection in case of an accident. A lot of people who have licenses to ride a motorcycle may not even know how to ride properly or how to react to a sudden accident.

    Of course, this world is majority money hungry for selling motorcycles even if it's really dangerous to ride, especially at high speed. Like I said, motorcycles should be banned completely, of course, lovers of it will disagree, hey, you're the ones riding it and endangering yourselves at a higher risk.


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