Monday, September 9, 2013

Limits of Perspective

Would you be willing to lose everything you have in this world to follow something you believe in? Would you be willing to leave your family and friends and everyone you ever knew so that you can take up the calling laid before you? As a follower of Christ, we learn that the Bible teaches that everything in this world will pass away. In light of that, what would you choose to serve? This world that will fade or an eternal Kingdom that will never cease to be? this sermon says it better than I can but it's something to think about. Especially as martial artists. What does it mean to defend yourself if all you have is yourself and nothing else to stand for?

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  1. Oki Charlie... I didn't watch the sermon, but thought I would respond to some of the questions you pose. The reality as I perceive it is that impermanence is the permanence. There are not two separate phenomena, such that one would ever need to choose between one or the other. They are the same. Our corporeal impermanence, and even that of the life system of this planet, on the much larger scale, are themselves aspects of the eternal condition. We need seek no special experience to engage with that 'Kingdom'... because in truth we cannot do otherwise than engage with it, because we are it. Then the question arises, how to we relate this spiritual understanding to our martial artistry. For me, the way that I approach it, is through recognition that living consciousness is a very precious experience, that we are very fortunate for this opportunity we have, as bundles of celestial energy, to be able to experience a physical, living body, however briefly, to learn through, and to engage other aspects and living beings with. In this context, martial artistry is - at least in good part, to me - a moving meditation on the impermanence of that body, and the will to celebrate and protect it for how truly beautiful and brief an experience it is


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