Thursday, September 17, 2015

Clinging to Systems

"The real man of intelligence will not cling to any ideology-for what? He will not carry a load of ready-made answers. He knows that he has enough intelligence so that whatever situation arises, he will be able to respond to it. Why carry an unnecessary load from the past? What is the point of carrying it?" -Osho from Intelligence

That is the same way I feel about the Real Martial Artist. He does not cling to any systems nor methods. Systems and methods are from the past. A Martial Artist with no style nor system is able to adapt to the present. A fighter will simply go on learning fighting styles. "So I learn Karate, Aikido, shit, I think I should learn BJJ to fill it up." Basically, he is looking outside to find the answers, and yes he is looking up to other fighters that would satisfy his own disease because he does not want to heal. If he heals, he will become intelligent but that is not what he wants. If you look in society, they do not appreciate the real Martial Artist for the simple reason that the Martial Artist is very intelligent and that would offend them so much. Therefore the fighter will go into combat sport to exploit as many combat teachers he can find so he could fight for a worthless belt. After he got this stupid belt, they would call undisputed champion. But then again, he has to defend his undisputed championship. That makes no sense at all! And then the champion retires, he gets to be the champion forever for the simple reason: people, including the retired man, is cling to his past accomplishments. Sifu Freddie Lee is right after all; there is no future in the Martial Arts. People cannot grasp what real Martial Arts is.


  1. I agree, that people (fighters) nowadays are looking outside themselves. Everything you need is all within, but that place is considered "fearful."

    1. That is very true. Thank you for your insight. People run away from themselves so fast just to get nowhere.


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