Monday, September 28, 2015

Re-enforcing my inner discipline, music titles and racism

Recently, I’ve put more emphases on social activities which is not a bad thing, I’ve had many good times with friends and family members. I’ve enjoyed nice conversations on all kinds of topics which was really neat. But it created a small disequilibrium, I still train, read, run, bike and work on my music but I’m not satisfied, I don’t feel as productive as I can be. So I decided to re-enforce my discipline, re-focus, put a stronger balance under this life of mine.

I also recently openly wrote on the FMK blog that my new music would have French titles only to give respect and honour my people. But I believe that music shouldn’t have boundaries so I decided I won’t limit my self to French titles anymore, my future titles are free from limitation. My people are not only French Canadian, they’re humans point blank.

And on another topic, in Canada we’re having elections soon. And many debates are going on right now. The media use these elections to brainwash the peoples mind and de-focus their attention and disproportionate stuff that is going on (well like they always do). And since people have access to Internet, Cell phones and cameras, a lot of us use these platforms to speak their mind on stuff. And I’m shocked to see how much racism is still going on today, I knew it was still present in our society but I didn’t know it was ‘that’ present. Everyday I get to see French Canadians on Facebook release racist and ignorant statements about other peoples religion and people who come to America to live a better lifestyle, have a second chance or for other reasons. Canadian people in general have a nice reputation, we appear to be kind, respectful and well spoken. But these people that I see everyday are giving a huge low blow to that reputation. People now arrive in the Quebec province and see all that fuss and racist stuff and must be really disappointed. People say ignorant stuff like ‘if you don’t like it here or how it works here; just get the fuck out’. But people who come here and want to integrate themselves and become a Canadian citizen should have the right to participate and express their opinion for a better place, to encourage positive changes without being negatively judged. I encourage everybody whoever you are, wherever you’re from to live your life as you want it to be, don’t let those racist people put negativity into your mind. Be strong, be free, be all you can be!


  1. Yeah it seems that racism is alive and well. When people say stuff like that, it makes think that they are really ignorant. They are telling people to get out like they own the country. We do not own anything. We are stewards, meaning we are responsible of the place we are living in but we do not own any place. If there are things that we do not like about the place, we need to point them out so we can have a better life just like you said. But you know, as long as you see yourself as a human being, that is what matters. Hopefully, some of your people will want too follow your examples.

    1. Yeah, a lot of people are really ignorant, we're all born ignorant but there's a difference between the people who work hard to get the knowledge and the wisdom and the people who don't do shit but be ignorant and laugh about it. Sometimes people say things so stupid it doesn't even need consideration. There's a time to laugh with friends and there's a time to be serious. And i agree 100 % with you, we are responsible for the places we live in but we do not own the lands. Owning lands is a big game that people play like Monopoly, it's all about ego. And man, most of the people who say they're not racist are actually racist, if you're not racist, you don't even need to mention it, you know it deep down that you're not. Be strong, i wish you a great day!

    2. Yeah you got that right. Usually, racist people say they are not racist.


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