Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Perfect Lady

“You want her to have a Ph.D, nice ass, and flat stomach, be a chef, porn star and your nurse…But YOU can’t change a lightbulb, car oil, or a flat tire, your hairline is receding and you can’t fight.  Humble yourself.  You can’t ask for the complete package if you’re an empty envelope.” - @DerrickJaxn

Just read that on Instagram, I thought that was pretty funny.  As far as what I want, well my lady does not need a Ph.D, but a nice ass, flat stomach, being a chef and my own private porn star are all definitely requirements of the list! LOL 

But can I change a light bulb? Yes.  Can I change the car oil? No, but I can pay somebody else to do it.  Can I change a flat tire?  On a car, no, on a bike, yes!  And oh yeah, I can oil up the chain on the bike too!  Luckily my hairline is not receding, and yes I can definitely fight. 

I’ve told my lady from the very beginning, I need a woman to match me.  If I’m in shape, she better be in shape.  If I eat healthy, she better eat healthy.  If I stay away from drugs and alcohol, she better stay away from drugs and alcohol.  If I live the bicycle lifestyle, she better live the bicycle lifestyle.  If I am frugal, she better be frugal.  If I live the simple life, she better live the simple life. 

The expectations I have for my lady is that she better match me.  So the more I develop myself, the more I expect out of my lady, that’s only fair.  I will never expect her to live up to the expectations of which I cannot live up to myself. 


  1. Nice post, I feel the same way exactly.

  2. Empty envelope? Shoot... that does not sound good. No lady wants an empty envelope. Maybe I want a lady to match me too. which is why I am aiming on developing myself to my highest potential.

  3. That's a nice post, i agree, you gotta check yourself first before asking anything out of a lady. A lady that match your lifestyle and ideas with a nice chemistry is awesome.


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