Friday, November 27, 2015

Changing My Own World

I feel through experience is that if you pay less attention to trying to change people to how you want them to be, they will eventually change on their own through their own self-realization. I cannot change the world, I can only change my own world. All that energy I spent trying to influence others to change, I need to direct that energy to change myself, to be whom I aspire to be. To criticize myself to promote my own improvement, to discover my own flaws, admit to it and improve upon my own flaws. There is so much work needed within myself that I don't have time to try to change others of whom are resisting change. With the little time I have left, I can be of assistance to my children and students. As for everybody else, they can watch me grow, they can watch me change and then they can question themselves upon whether or not the path they have chosen is the correct path for them.


  1. Even if you were criticizing others I still feel like you were doing the self work. It is just that you focus more on that now than you did in the past.


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