Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hardcore Thugs - Standing My Ground - Prepared for Death

Hardcore Thugs

Truly hardcore thugs will not practice Martial Arts, a true Hardcore thug would have just shot me at the entrance door. A lot of people who train in Martial Arts are not true hardcore thugs, they just like to play games with no weapons, and when weapons do get involved, they are afraid of dealing with guns. A lot of people out there who practice Martial Arts or combat sports, almost live in a fantasy land thinking that guns don't exist, and when one gets pulled out on them, they shit in their pants. People who train for reality when it comes to firearms are usually soldiers, Police, the hardcore thug, the gangbangers, and the armed citizens. Much of the practitioners of the "Martial Arts" are stuck in the childhood Power Rangers phase of lets fight, but not really fight, lets play fight and pretend that real violence does not exist. Let's compete for trophies and belts to boost our ego.

Standing My Ground

Through life experiences, I will never allow people to bully me ever again, I will stand up for myself when I feel it is necessary, that's what being a Martial Artist is all about. I've ignored situations very much in the past and I know from experience, that is not the Way. In my eyes, a real man of Kung Fu is not a pushover, if he is a pushover, it signifies a lack of inner confidence and development. Gracie does not practice Kung Fu, he practices something else. My channel is teaching Kung Fu, his channel is teaching something else, comparing me to him is comparing apples with oranges, there is no comparison. And, by the way, since learning the Martial Arts, I have not been in a "real" fight on the streets, in the cage, or in the ring. I am a man of peace, but if you disturb my peace and I am justified by law to stand my ground, I will.

Prepared for Death

I've had many Martial Art practitioners and even School owners stop by my school before and I've only been open for about 5 years, the longer I am open, one day, somebody might pay me a visit with the wrong intentions, and I must always be prepared for that. Like a Police Officer who goes on duty, always in the back of his mind, knowing that he might not come back home from work one day.


  1. I see a parralel with Hip-Hop. Hardcore gangsters cannot rhyme about what they do or what they did, they would get eventually investigated. A lot of individuals in the music industry rap about how in reality they would like us to portray them. A true 'MC' or 'Emcee' should focus on making quality music, not just trying to look tough. Rap (Rhythm and Poetry) says it all, it's poetry, street poetry. Now you can use music to express anger through different form, that's different, music is made to express freely, but there is a difference between expressing freely and faking it for props. Some of these 'MC's' are very talented and it's a shame when they get caught up in a world they don't belong to and get kill in the process. Now we can have a true 'MC' that represent the real while being prepared for death like Tupac, but that is a true exeption. I hope you never get kill Freddie, that would be a tragedy, talent should live on.

    1. Wow. I never thought of it like that. Hip Hop and Real Martial Arts are really connected! Good insight.

  2. Great analogy for real. I really respect the true MC's, they are like verbal real Martial Artists to me. I don't want to get killed either but I'm prepared for that day if it comes, it's always a reminder to live moment to moment as if you're on a battlefield, every moment needs to be appreciated.

    1. Yeah, when you live each day like it's your last, you appreciate it more.


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