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Kung Fu Artist - Respect for Elders - RR Fight - Blinded by The Mind

Kung Fu Artist

I've decided that they can take the "Martial Arts" label, they can have it, I'm not fighting for it anymore, all the Fighters and Combat Sport Fighters can have that label. I have decided to express my Art with another label, I don't need their approval or their acknowledgment in anything. Getting the support from people like you is what's important to me. I am not a "Martial Artist" because a "Martial Artist" is essentially seen as a Fighter in the public's eyes, and I am clearly not a Fighter. So my new label for myself is a Kung Fu Artist, I'm not a "Martial Artist", I'm a Kung Fu Artist. Like Bruce Lee's book, "The Artist of Life."

Respect for Elders

Much respect needs to be given to the elders, they have been through more, they have experienced more, they have given life to the young. We live in a culture that disrespects elders and that is a shame. In the Chinese culture it is the opposite, elders are given the greatest amount of respect and the young are taught to be very humble. There is much that America can learn from China in this respect.

RR Fight

I have never been a big fan of Boxing or any combat sport for that manner, I have always been interested in studying the Chinese Martial Arts and the Way of Bruce Lee. But seeing some of these Boxers such as Floyd Mayweather, I am very impressed with his level of skill and development. Recently, I have also seen the records of a lot of other well known Boxers such as Muhammed Ali, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, Sugar Ray Lenard, etc. And I see that pretty much all of the greatest Boxers have proven themselves over and over again in nearly 50 fights or above. There is even a Boxer named Roberto Duran that has a total of 119 fights logged. Now that shows the skill level of Boxing. Winning 10 fights is nothing, winning 20 is nothing, Boxers have to win about 30 or 40 fights in a row before they become recognized. Compare this to RR 12, that is nothing.

Another thing I wish to mention is this. How many women do you personally know seriously train how to fight? Of all the women I've met in my entire life, I don't even know one personally! That just goes to show you how easy it would be to dominate that field if a woman put all her energies into perfecting the Art of Fighting, basically, if you are a woman, there is no competition, that is the only reason why RR could win 12 in a row, because simply stated, there are not many women in this entire world that even have the interest in becoming world class fighters.

Boxing has been around for a long time, it has an established history, that is why you will find much more talent and skill in that Sport, because it has been around for so long and millions have tried to become the best and only a few have built a name for themselves to become considered one of the greatest, that is why UFC will never be able to compare, they cannot overcome history.

RR is talented in the ground, but she could not even prove to be the best in that field, as far as I know, she did not win the olympics in her specialty. If she cannot even prove to be the best in her very own specialty, how can she possibly prove to be the best in something that is not her specialty, such as stand up fighting?

Boxing and Wrestling are two completely different sports. Mixing them together like what they do in UFC just creates a big disorganized mess, a bunch of rejects from both sports. Stand up fighters don't want to fight on the ground and ground fighters don't want to fight standing up. In a competitive context, people will always learn towards what they are good at. All they are proving is something that is already obvious. A Boxer will lose if you force him to wrestle and a wrestler will lose if you force him to box. A basketball player is not meant to play football. A football player is not meant to play basketball, these sports are separated for a reason.

Never will there ever be a single person that will be considered the Best Boxer of All Time and then at the same time be considered the Best Wrestler of all Time. Both sports need their time to perfect in which to gain great skill and proficiency within that sport. Like trying to be the best Doctor in the world and also the best lawyer in the world. You can't, you don't have the time to do both, you need to choose one or else become mediocre in both.

The biggest hype RR of the UFC gets completely demolished by a humble unknown Boxer, goes to show how fake the UFC really is. RR was even challenging Floyd Mayweather, the Master of Boxing who is a man, and here she gets completely demolished by another woman whom is even older than her.

Blinded by The Mind

If someone who is unconscious is assessing your consciousness, there is no way that he can assess you from the proper perspective because he is unconscious himself, it is like the blind leading the blind. Enlightenment cannot come by the attainment of some degree, but the society has no other way to assess between whom is qualified and whom is not so they inevitably become dependent on these degrees. But $80 is considered cheap over here, normally they charge $300/hr and up where I live, and the insurance pays for most of it, they makes lots of money.  

I give them much credit for all the handwork that is required to obtain the degree but all that hard work is only of the mind, none of it is about meditation, and that is where they go wrong. Their minds keep growing stronger and stronger, their Ego's get so strong that it becomes a barrier towards their spiritual growth and the development of wisdom, the result is someone whom is blinded by his own mind and ego whom has a respected degree but yet no inner spiritual transformation within.

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  1. Good feedback on the RR fight. It is just amazing how people are putting her on a pedestal when in fact, she is not even the best at her specialty which is groundfighting like a freaking worm. Now she is beaten by a boxer who is older than her. It shows how much she really does not understand the science of combat. She is beefing with Mayweather with only 12 fights? Are you kidding me? What even piss me off about this beef is that since Mayweather is a man, he may not allowed to say she is going to beat her ass. People would call him a womanizer for that. But when RR said she will whoop him up, everybody starts cheering. Women are not being put in check in this society. Yes, as man we should not be violent towards women but RR wants to be treated like a man. I mean she is a feminist, what else should I expect?


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