Friday, November 27, 2015

I Train For Survival

Bruce never did full contact sparring on video. I am not trying to be Bruce, Bruce has taught me to be myself. Being Bruce is not good enough, I need to aim to go beyond Bruce. Full contact sparring is not really full contact when you have gear on. I would rather fight for real, no gear, no nothing, that's the real. I don't deal with the false, I only train in the real. I will never fight for real with my students. If a stranger tries to kill me on the streets, then I will protect myself by how the law will allow me to with or without weapons and potentially to death. 

I want to make a clear distinction that what I practice is not combat sport, only combat sport fighters will use gear. I do not use gear. Combat sport fighters fight to win, I fight to survive. Combat sport fighters fight in the ring or cage, I will only fight when my life is threatened. I train how to shoot and kill but I hope to never have to shoot or kill anyone. Sport Fighters train to fight to win a game, to me, real fighting is never a game.

I only used gear as a beginner, as I have advanced, I will never use gear again. By my expression, it will be very clear, I do not train in combat sport, I train for survival. You can have a bunch of combat sport athletes in one corner, and I'll be in the other corner with all the trained civilians who are legally authorized to possess and carry firearms. Real survival deals with firearms, all unarmed combative training is just a fun way to exercise, those who make it out to be more lethal than it really is have still yet to mature.

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  1. That's what I mainly train in the combative techniques for: survival.


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