Thursday, May 31, 2012

FMK Family Committed

   It is nothing new to the disciples who train regularly at FMK that I have truly become part of the Lee family. I wholeheartedly love them in so many ways. Shi zu has inspired me from the first day I met him and he continues to everyday since. I walked into the kwoon for the first time 5 months ago on a cold morning in late December; I was riddled with addictions, out of shape, and stuck in life. Although my heart was able to share love, I was not sharing it with myself. Sifu spoke to me about living the way and being a symbol for truth, honesty, beauty, and all that is good in this life. And I haven't looked back since. Yes I do have my occasional setbacks and discouraging moments but I know that I am loved and appreciated by my new family and that makes all the difference.

I want to be very clear, this post is NOT about how far I have come or anything to do with me at all. Rather my intention is to reveal to everyone how beautiful this family is and how equally amazing each individual within it is.

Sifu Freddie Lee- is my teacher, my adviser, and my friend. I can never repay him for what he has given me, but I promise to be there for him whenever, wherever, however, whatever he needs.

Jenny - has quickly become my close friend, we share ideas about nutrition, the community, health, relationships, and life. She is such a kind and generous woman. And she works full time while raising 4 kids with a 5th one on the way!

Brandon - is such a unique personality, he has a natural talent for comedy, art, and performance. He is also a very athletic and flexible little warrior. He will grow to be an amazing adult and bring smiles to everyone he meets.

Jet - is naturally gifted in the art of cinema and has an incredibly bright future in rock climbing and base jumping. Although he can pose a challenge on the entire family, there is no denying his beautiful spirit and his magnetic personality.

Angelina - she is my little kung fu panda, I grow more proud of her every moment I'm with her. She is the only girl in a family with 3 boys and its about to be 4. she has by far, the best kung fu skills that I have seen in a 4yr old. but it is her spirit and compassion that will make her a champion.

Keo - is the strongest 3 year old ever, the boy can do pull ups and chin ups! His kung fu is going to be very powerful and original. I enjoy seeing him grow stronger every day, especially because he loves the green dragon juice.

Ken - I have not had the privilege to meet him yet but in about 4 months I know he will be a cherished gift to this family.

Even tho as individuals these are incredibly loving, kind, and Compassionate humans. Their true strength lies in their functionality as a whole unit. And so it is because of the overflow of love that I receive from them that I am able to share my heart with all humans and all of life for that matter. I welcome you all to join us and become part of this beautiful family and continue to make this world a little better than we found it.



  1. Oh my goodness!!! Shunyuan, you made me cry/tear-up! That was such a beautiful blog about us. I read it out loud to Freddie, while we were filled with such appreciation from you. Thank you for such expressions with the perfect words each time. Freddie and I know how much the 4 kids love you and enjoy your love, affection, and fitness/martial arts lessons. They are always following you around like little puppies, and always crying when fighting for attention from you! It's pretty hilarious and cute. By the way, thanks for bettering our health by introducing us to the juicer machine, and always enjoying in preparing it for us too! Now the kids are enjoying the flavor too.

    It was so adorable how you broke up each paragraph about us, because we did not know fully how you felt or thought about us in detail. You're a great natural writer and Freddie and I really enjoyed reading your blog. We will continue to read it over and over again, because it was so sweet, funny, and it really touched our hearts. Freddie, the 4-kids, and I are grateful and very lucky to have you in our lives too. You connected immediately with our kids and we do see and feel that you love them so much as your own children. The kids love you too, and Ken Zen Lee will definitely love you too. Yes, he will be crying for your attention too as he gets older like his older siblings. Thanks for your expression, and it was perfectly well done. Thanks for letting us know that you feel loved and welcomed by our family, because we know that we're lucky to have met you!!!

    Take care and love always,

    Freddie "The Kung Master"

    Jenny "The Server and Food Bar Tender"

    Brandon "The Leader of the Pack"

    Jet "The Animator/Actor"

    Angelina "The Tom Boy and the Only Princess in the Family"

    Keo "Mommy's Little Boy and Mommy's Little Precious"

    Ken Zen Lee "The Dragon of the House, even though only 4.5 months in Mommy's Tummy"

  2. Sidai Shunyuan,

    I deeply appreciate the heartfelt expression. I feel much closer to you through your expression of realness. Sometimes you keep me guessing about how you feel inside, but I see that many times it is difficult to express deep emotions in person. I see that writing helps us to be real. I encourage you to continue writing to express yourself, you will go deeper & deeper to the core of your being. I applaud your willingness to share your writings to the public, by this way you are not just helping yourself grow, but you are helping others grow as well.

    The yang energy that you have brought into the kwoon has taken it to a level that I would have never imagined in such a short amount of time. Your creative ideas & your inner motivation to help the kwoon grow to success continues to fuel me with added energy in which to take it to the next level. Meeting you for the first day I would have never guessed that our connection would grow so strong. I truly value the connection that we have gained as well as the connections I have gained through the other Todai’s of FMK within the kwoon & online.

    I am very glad to see that the FMK family has had a positive influence in your life towards the Way. The entire family has grown very close to you. Being so busy with work & training, it makes it very difficult for me to give the little ones the attention that they need & deserve. I am very thankful that they are able to spend quality time with you while I am working. You are like the uncle that they never had. You have quickly reconnected with your inner Kung Fu since the time we have met. As these little ones grow, I very much look forward to having your assistance in helping the little ones develop their Kung Fu.

    With the energy of Shi lao, the kids, you, me, & all the other Todai’s & supporters of FMK, I very much look forward to a bright future in helping this world become “a little better than we found it.”


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